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Putin and Russian Duma Complete Passage of Bill Banning Gender Change


The bill would bar Russians from changing their gender on official identity documents, which had been legal since 1997. Health workers would be banned from “performing medical interventions designed to change the sex of a person”, including surgery and prescribing hormone therapy.  https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/russian-duma-completes-passage-bill-banning-gender-change-2023-07-14/

From this to this:

Newsom Enables Transgender double-Murderer Jessica Marie Hann, Who Killed Her Two Babies, to Receive Taxpayer-Funded BREAST IMPLANTS in California Women’s Jail

Jessica Marie Hann, born Jason Michael Hann, was sentenced to death in 2014 for the murders of her [his] daughters Montana and son Jason.  The decomposed remains of the two children had been discovered inside separate storage units in Arkansas and Arizona in 2002. 

Hann is now said to be awaiting breast augmentation surgery after being taken off death row and placed in a women’s prison.

transgender murderer who killed both her babies and stuffed one of their bodies into a Tupperware container is to receive tax payer funded breast implants. 

Jessica Marie Hann, born Jason Michael Hann, was sentenced to death in 2014 for murdering her 10 week old daughter Montana and her two month old son Jason in 2001 and 1999. 

Hann was convicted over the killing of the two children after authorities discovered their decomposed bodies in storage units in Arkansas and Arizona.

Reduxx reported that Hann was originally held on death row at San Quentin following his trial but was transferred to Central California Women’s Facility after she began to identify as a women. 

After California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a halt to the death penalty in the state, Hann was allowed to move into the general population and is now reportedly awaiting a tax-payer subsidized breast augmentation, according to the outlet.



  1. Our Christian religion is a barbarous relic to the nanny state that has suppressed the Word of God by dangling tax exempt status in front of the “clergy” said David D.

    The clergy does nothing to speak out against this demonic plague upon us because they get a salary and lots of perks along with it. Wake up Christians. Bubbles come out of your clergy mouths. Who are they really obedient to in their silence?

    • LonelyDn says

      Not here in the Pacific Northwest. We celebrate the Divine Liturgy with many college age young people seeking sanctification and salvation, sanity and meaningful community. And we speak out against this demonic plague. Come see!

  2. Fr. Alban says

    This is one good reason why, if the neocon warmongers keep pushing war with Russia, we will be soundly defeated, as we have no moral or spiritual capital left from which to wage any war whatsoever, as well as a fully woke military which, along with things like this from Newsome’s disneyland called California, is a serious embarrassment on the world stage. If I were younger, I’d be taking Russian lessons and working on a move.

  3. Joseph Lipper says

    “Traditional Values” Are Russia’s Geopolitical Weapons


    “Whatever Putin instrumentalizes, he damages or destroys, be it culture, religion, or ideas. In unleashing violence in the name of traditional values, he has seriously jeopardized the very idea of values. It is not that the values that he pretends to stand for should be abandoned because Putin has weaponized them. However, everyone who cherishes these values should disassociate him or herself from Putinism. Putin’s values are the mutilation of values, just as his religion is a mutilation of religion.”

    • Joseph, isn’t it sad that we have descended to this state, where Putin is the defender of “traditional values” while the West believes in castrating young boys and ripping off the breasts of teenage girls? All in the name of “diversity”?

      The West should never have sunk to this level, should never have bought the shuck and jive of Liberalism. But we did. We believed that the end-state of the Reformation was Christian utopia, free of the “superstitions” of the Ancient Church.

      And yet, here we are: dancing with the demons, standing on the sidewalks as we celebrate grown men proudly displaying their genitals in front of children while they ride bicycles in broad daylight.

      What’s equally sad is that the author of this piece is not even capable of grasping irony. What’s especially horrible to me is that he seems to be recoiling in horror from what really are traditional values.

      Spoiler alert: I’m on the other side of what he believes.

      • George, I cannot improve upon your analysis
        (and refutation) of the twists of Mr Lipper.

        C’est magnifique!

    • I would not say that Putin single handedly saved Russia and revitalized the ROC; however, his tenure in leadership has gone a long way toward these ends. And in raising the banner of Christendom in defiance of the West, which is anti-Christian to the core (Enlightenment Liberalism, feminism, LGBT, etc.), he is reviving the real nature of Christianity and removing the veneer of contemporary Christianity, which is nothing more than the gutted corpse of Christianity filled with progressive substance.

      And his enemies will protest that he is harming Christianity when in actuality it is his enemies who have destroyed any serious Christian witness in the West. That is what they fear most – serious Christian witness. And that is why they disparage Putin and Pat. Kirill. Christianity has never embraced pacifism and Christians have always fought for Christendom as long as it has been established among nations. Putin is doing nothing out of character for a Christian ruler. Of course, the devil will lie and slander him ceaselessly. That is the nature of the devil.

      • Russia is the hope of Christianity, of Orthodoxy.
        Is Putin a war-leader? Yes;
        but so was St Alexander Nevsky.
        Did Putin want to be a war leader? No;
        but neither did St Alexander Nevsky.

    • Joseph. I read the article you posted from the archimandrite. What do you think he would do if a bunch of bullies tried to put some missiles across the street from where he lives? Do you think the holy man would fight to protect his home or would he just let them blow up his street?

      He hates Putin. Does he hate Joe Biden? How about Bibi Netanyahu or maybe George Bush? What about the million killed in Iraq for “American” treasure? Wow! This man is filled with hate. Maybe he is an intelligence agent? He certainly does not come across as a man of God to me.

    • Joseph Lipper: “Putin’s values are the mutilation of values,
      just as his religion is a mutilation of religion.”

      Putin does not support the mutilation of children.
      Do you support that, Joseph?

      • Joseph Lipper says

        Putin does not support the mutilation of children? Really? Isn’t that what inevitably happens in war?

        • This is nonsense, Joseph.

          • Joseph Lipper says

            When an invading military fires munitions into a civilian population, children are almost assuredly going to be killed and/or mutilated. That may not be the intent, and steps may be taken to avoid it, but it is inevitable.

            It is part of the package deal that must be accepted by those who support such military invasions.

            It is not just physical mutilation either. Children often end up becoming orphaned and/or becoming refugees, and they suffer severe psychological trauma. Whole cities were decimated in Ukraine. Where are those children now?

            • FWIW, the Kievan regime has been firing missiles in the Donbass for eight years, from 2014-2022.

            • I forgot to mention that the Ukraine was one of the major hubs or child and sex trafficking. Say what you will about the Russian SMO, but it’s put a stop to that (much to the chagrin of the satanic pedophiles who run the West).

              • Joseph Lipper says

                George, the Russian invasion has exploded the human trafficking problem for vulnerable Ukrainian women and children who are fleeing Ukraine:


                • Yes, of course it’s Russia’s fault. And before that it was COVID’s fault. Yet, what’s harder to explain is why Ukraine has been the trafficking center of Europe since at least as far back as the early 1990s. And then there are the nearly 1500 immigrant children we’ve lost track of at our own border. But yes, let’s single out Russia’s decision to protect their border from a hostile nation for the “explosion” of human trafficking and the exploitation of children.

        • Once again, you slip past the question.
          So, Joseph, I will rephrase it for you:

          Putin does not approve of the mutilation of children
          for the purpose of surgical ‘gender reassignment’.

          Do you?

          • Joseph Lipper says


            That’s not entirely true. Putin’s law still allows gender reassignment surgery for congenital physiological anomalies of sex formation in children.


            No, I don’t approve of that at all. That’s a very controversial issue, even in the United States:

            “The devastation caused by medically unnecessary surgery on intersex infants is both physical and psychological,” said Kimberly Zieselman, an intersex woman and executive director of interACT. “Despite decades of patient advocates putting the medical community on notice about the harm from these procedures, many doctors continue to present these surgeries to parents as good options.”


            • Once again Joseph, you focus on the mote
              (gender reassignment surgery in the context of
              congenital physiological anomalies of sex formation),
              while completely ignoring the beam
              (gender reassignment surgery in the context of
              gender dysphoria) in children.

              It is of the latter I solicit your opinion.

              • Joseph Lipper says

                Brendan, the transgender population in Russia represents a tiny fraction of a percent. For Russians, it is the proverbial speck of dust in their neighbor’s eye. The “beam”, however, is Russia’s prolonged invasion of Ukraine, going on 18 months now. People are getting really tired of it too.

                So the timing of this legislation suggests that its purpose is really to draw attention away from the “beam” by loudly pointing out the removal of the speck of dust. For people who live conservative politics like Sunday night football, this is intentionally designed to be a political victory for their team. Yes, Putin is championing conservative values, that is, as long as it deals with specks of dust. For example, he isn’t outlawing the “beam” of abortion in Russia (at least yet). My guess is that would cause too much political turmoil right now. Legislation outlawing transgender procedures in Russia is a much easier sell without much domestic backlash, and at the same time it gains the instant support of conservatives world-wide.

                Remember George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq? The invasion of Iraq was a tough sell to the American public. Bush basically used the same political playbook that Putin is using. A few weeks after the invasion, he banned partial birth abortion… and touchdown! Sure, partial birth abortion is a barbaric practice, but it didn’t matter that actual partial birth abortion rates in the U.S. were a tiny speck to begin with. Yet because of the distraction provided by this ban, it suddenly didn’t matter so much to conservatives the “beam” that innocent civilians, women and children, were being killed and/or mutilated in Iraq, or that U.S. troops being sent there could also end up being killed and/or mutilated. George W. Bush was the champion of “pro-life” conservative values, and this basically enabled support for the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

                • Joseph, I’d also add here that ‘Russia’s support for Orthodoxy’ is made all the more dubious by the fact that it’s ever working towards vaccinating its people to the hilt, and probably one day even microchipping them, such being its capitulation to the emerging medical tyranny and technocracy.

                  As someone once said, real support for Orthodoxy is much more than just allowing for the traditional Church, but includes allowing your citizens to remain unvaccinated and without microchips.

                  Simple, yet true.

                • Once again (under a screen of buzzwords and bogeymen)
                  you fail, Joseph, to state your opinion on the practising of
                  magic surgeries to turn female to male and male to female,
                  and on the indoctrinating of children that it is both possible
                  and desirable to change what God has made into what he has not.

                  From your consistent refusal to state your opinion,
                  I conclude you agree with these magic practices.

                  As far as I am concerned, this conversation is now closed.

                  • Joseph Lipper says

                    Brendan, yes, let’s not abandon traditional values because of bogeymen and buzzwords. I believe that’s exactly what Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun is saying in his essay. We can say no to the bogeymen and buzzwords, and still say yes to the traditional values.

                    So do I approve of the bogeymen and buzzwords? No.

                    Do I approve of the traditional values? Yes.

    • AnonymousII says

      Joseph, the cited article, and clearly your sympathies, are with a State-sponsored psy-op project Huffington Ecumenical Institute, whose visible ‘head’ is the infamous Chryssavgis. These guys, as you must know, support deeply anti-Christian goals.

      One has to wonder why your trolling continues.

    • Antiochene Son says

      This is just ad hominem, with zero argument as to why the author thinks this about Putin. “Putin’s actions are bad because he is Putin” is not an argument.

      • Sad, but this pretty much sums up how many Westerners view Russia: “We hate Russia because it’s Russia.” Not sure how much of this is a deeply held belief vs just a Western cultural thing… as in “good Americans are supposed to despise things Russian…. it’s just how it is!”

        I’m as American as they come, and I’ve never felt that I’m not being “American enough” because I don’t despise Russia.

        My guess is that much Western anti-Russia sentiment is the result of decades/centuries of propaganda-instilled fear.

        In particular, I don’t understand how serious Orthodox Christian Americans can despise Russia — so much of our American Orthodox Church history, so many Orthodox saints — and almost all of the American saints! — trace their roots back to the Russian land. Every single primate of the Orthodox Church in America, until Metropolitan Jonah was elected in 2008, had direct family lineage from the lands of Rus’, as did the patron saint of our North American land, St Herman of Alaska.

    • CS Louis says

      I take anything written by Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun with a large mountain of salt. It’s hard to forget that he also wrote this: https://publicorthodoxy.org/2020/03/23/covid-19-and-dualism/

  4. AnonymousII says

    The truth comes out: Zelensky Signs Law Rejecting Orthodox Christmas Date to ‘Abandon’ Russian Heritage

    See: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/07/30/zelensky-signs-law-rejecting-orthodox-christmas-date-to-abandon-russian-heritage/

  5. This is a good rundown of the Western theory behind the Ukraine war and its collision with the facts.

  6. Gonzalo Lira is alive!
    And heading for the Border!
    Pray God he makes it…

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    One commenter writes:

    ‘ Listen to me, Gonzalo, if you enter Hungary, don’t stop there and play asylum card with EU institutions, Orban might appear only one sane in current EU mad house, but Hungary has one of the toughest asylum procedures in the world… So, if you pass border with Hungary, go straight to Serbia, use your USA passport to enter (no VISA needed), and when you enter — you don’t need to do anything, just enjoy freedom. Serbia don’t have extradition agreement with USA, from obvious reasons, and that means you are non-existing for Serbian authorities even if USA government issue warrant for you. There you can relax, rest, eat, be a simple tourist, no need to endure administration asylum process, and in next few days simply go to airport and take plane for whatever part of Free World you want, Russia, China, Chile (thank God for that Chilean passport), even to USA if you are eager, but in your place, I would pick some country that is not in love with Ukraine, some no-NATO country, just in case… ‘