Don’t be a “dupnik!”

DupnikAs an avid follower of the blogosphere, I have been fascinated by the preposterous career of a certain magistrate in Arizona. This man has a curious name and has become quite the celebrity to those deranged individuals on the Left who cannot think in a logical manner. How he got his job is beyond me. Regardless, his forays in psychology and historiography lead me to one of two conclusions: either he is a fool, or he’s a liar. (Given his age, it’s possible he’s getting senile.)

Regardless, let us thank Providence for his instant celebrity and use his name as a moniker for assorted clueless Leftists who are jackasses as well. I ask all who read this to start using his name as a pejorative. Let us from hereon call officials and pundits who don’t know what they’re talking about and who demand further government control of society even though there is no good reason for doing so, “dupniks.”

Dupnik (DOOP-nik, n.) 1. A government official or commentator who for reasons beyond his control has gained a measure of instant celebrity in certain deranged precincts and begins talking out of his ass, thereby proving to all right-thinking people that he clearly doesn’t know shit from shinola. 2. A quindling* who has been thrust into the spotlight and lionized by certain failing media outlets and has been accorded a measure of moral credibility even though neither he nor they can explain in three sentences or less (or even an entire 5,000 word essay) why he is deserving of it.

*NOTE: a “Quindling,” is a person who has been affirmatively acted upon beyond their means. Someone who was given their position because of their sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., and not because of their merits. (The original quindling is Anna Quinland, an editorial writer for the defunct Newsweek magazine.)

So, don’t be a dupnik!


  1. nice post. thanks.