Do You Want Fries with Your Nothingburger?

And the hits just keep on coming.

Folks, we are witnessing nothing less than the complete implosion of the Corporate Media.

In the video below, someone from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has captured CNN’s Van Jones giving up the game. Which is that the whole Russia Collusion thing is a fantasy or as he puts it, a “nothingburger”.

That word has caught on recently and is quickly becoming a meme. It certainly explains the nothingness of the Democratic Party and the entire progressive agenda at present.

We’ll write more about the paucity of “the resistance” in due time and as events warrant. For now, I’d like to spend a little time on O’Keefe’s gonzo style of journalism. It’s not elegant by any means but it’s where we are at now. It’s the only investigatory journalist enterprise going. Corporate Media, what you see on the cable “news” networks is basically infotainment (as I’ve already mentioned).

O’Keefe on the other hand is doing what journalists should be doing.

Now, I’m not saying that he’s not bending a few rules, or even worse. He probably is. In some states, it’s against the law to secretly tape another person but given the near-totalitarian state of affairs, one in which the media is essentially an arm of the state, then such methods are called for. Much like samizdat in the Warsaw Pact countries. It’s not elegant, it’s not ethical and it might very well be illegal but it’s necessary nonetheless.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ve been thinking long and hard about how O’Keefe gets away with things. As you can see from this video, Jones appears to know the reporter or at least he’s familiar enough with him to be acquainted. He’s relaxed enough to talk offhandedly and in a truthful, no BS manner.

This tells me that Project Veritas has more than a few operatives, some of which have cultivated relationships with Corporate Media types going on for several months (if not years). It’s obvious that there is some serious money backing up this organization. It may have started out as a bootstrap guerrilla outfit but it’s way more polished now.

The fact that O’Keefe has the luxury of revealing his bombshells at a leisurely pace and at a time of his own choosing proves that he has some seasoned pros advising him.

If I were an Establishment shill, I’d be shaking in my boots now wondering when the next shoe is going to drop. And yes, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.


  1. Well now, there were 17 agencies, count them one seven I mean that is 10 agencies
    and on top of that seven more. All “indicating” .. meddling .. interference .. and and
    collusion. How can you argue with that? So many agencies. Why bother with proof,
    evidence, specifics, don’t’cha believe it .. SEVENTEEN (17) government agencies ascertaining. If it were only six or seven well, not so overwhelming, if twenty agencies all said the same thing well then we know they are all Obama’s “apparatchiks.”

    Breaking CNN ABC News !! It wasn’t 17 agencies, …. after all!! Always knew it wasn’t so many. Just 4. The usual suspects. NYT admitted it was CIA FBI NSA and CNN. Talk about “collusion” now Trump has to tweet Putin make some funny joke Vlad your pecs look like pan cake sheets something along those lines Putin will tell Trump his tie is too small. Now can you give us back the Uranium Hillary was not authorized to sell. Also,
    we would like an 18 hole golf course in the Crimea overlooking the The Black Sea like Pebble Beach then maybe we can lift a couple sanctions.

    • The New York Times has finally retracted its assertion that 17 US national intelligence agencies had unanimously agreed that Russia organized cyberattacks against the US.

      On Thursday, the New York Times issued a correction of a June 25 White House Memo report by correspondent Maggie Haberman: “The assessment was made by four intelligence agencies – the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. The assessment was not approved by all 17 organizations in the American intelligence community.”

      Democrats were hemorrhaging 17 agencies for months on end …. fake news ….