Do As I Do, Not As I Say: Bloomberg Edition

michael-bloomberg – One reason that many people join the Republican Party is because it is seen as a “law-and-order” redoubt. That’s ultimately the reason many keep on voting Republican even if they have to hold their noses to do so. An example of this was Rudolf Giulani’s second run for mayor of New York City. In his first run, people couldn’t stomach the possibility of a tough-as-nails Republican prosecutor running the city. The fact that he was an Italian who became a Republican made many of the New Deal coalition think of him as a traitor. (There’s a Yiddish saying: “in diesem Velt, in yenam Velt, Roosevelt.”). Pulling the lever for David Dinkins was a genetic mandate. However, things had gotten so bad under Dinkins that pretty much everybody had had enough. Even Liberals who couldn’t stand the very thought of voting for Rudy did so even if they could never bring themselves to admit it. Giulani of course went on to pretty much fix The Big Apple. He was so successful in polishing the GOP’s reputation that the opportunistic Mike Bloomberg felt it necessary to switch parties in order to succeed him.

Most people still associate the GOP with no-nonsense approaches to jurisprudence. Therefore they keep pulling the lever for whatever Republican candidate is on the ballot out of the very real fear that should the Democrat win, the prisons will be opened and the Willie Hortons of the world will go on rape-and-murder sprees throughout the suburbs.

I think the reality though is a little bit more complex.

In a previous post, “The Fix Is In“, we stated that the collapse of the Stupid Republican Party does not necessarily mean the collapse of law and order. Even though the Evil Democratic Party has long made common cause with the malingerers of society, thereby empowering criminality, a curious phenomenon of late has arisen. What we are talking about is that certain Liberal and/or Democrat mayors are taking over major American cities and doing that which waifish Republican WASP mayors are afraid to do. As noted in another essay (“Rahm Emanuel, Chicago, and Ethnic Cleansing”), the mayor of Chicago is closing down some fifty-four predominantly black schools, the net effect which will be to cause the people serviced by those schools to self-deport out of their neighborhoods. Since most of the other neighborhoods contiguous to them are more expensive, their only option is to leave Chicago altogether. This of course leaves well-connected developers (does the name Tony Rezko ring a bell?) to buy up inner-city land at rock-bottom prices and build high-rises catering to the wealthy.

In Washington DC, this is already happening with gays gentrifying depressed areas essentially pricing lower-income blacks out of the market. Cities like DC, New York, and Chicago are trying to mimic the success of Whitopias like Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland, who with their strict zoning laws make it all but impossible for lower-income people (read: Hispanics and Blacks) to live there. By the way, there’s a method to the madness inherent in the incessant harping of Liberals regarding mass transit; after all, how are the low-skilled going to get to Nob Hill to do the dirty work needed to make these cities sparkle? Anyway, anything to stop the creation of another Detroit. Can you imaging what would happen if these cities were run by Republicans? The howling by “Civil Rights” leaders would be deafening. Instead, nary a peep.

But now we have Hizzoner himself, Mayor Bloomberg (D, R, I, Nanny-stater) doing a reasonable imitation of a small-town sheriff, explaining why it’s ok to profile black and Latino young men. Because he’s Liberal, Jewish, and a Billionaire (and who probably has got the goods on the Mainstream Media), he can get away with committing Truth. Next thing we know, he’ll be going the full Bull Conner and turning fire hoses on black protesters. Meanwhile Chris Matthews will be spraying spittle at the camera commending him for his courage. New York is the financial capital of the world, there’s no way that the Globalist Oligarchy and their hangers-on in the Mainstream Media are going to let their hometown turn into another crap-hole like Detroit.

So what’s my point? Look at what Dems are actually doing regarding crime and not what they say, which is we should all just hold hands and sing Kum-ba-ya. And then ponder the irony of George Zimmerman, who was not profiling Trayvon Martin (he couldn’t see what color he was because of the latter’s hoodie) but who is on trial for his life while Mayor Doomberg gets nothing but a slap on the wrist.

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  1. cyntha curran says

    San Francisco, is about 36 percent Asian and about 14 percent Hispanic and 5 percent black. LA is about 49 percdent hispanic and 27 percent white and 9 percent black and 12 percent Asian. San Fran is a white-Asian town not a white town. In fact, San Diego might be more white, at about 28 percent Hispanic, 15 percent Asian and only 6 percent black. Phoneix is about 33 percent HIspanic and about 6 percent black and about 3 percent Asian.

    • Dear Cynthia,

      What is “white”.? I have taken the opportunity to answer such questions as race or color as other or utilized a paint store color wheel for creative descriptions of my actual color at the time (with tan, without tan, mid Winter, after a long bout of anemia, etc.). It denigrates God’s great variety and individuality in his design process, in my opinion, to lump sum categorize those He has created in his likeness and image. I do, however, like the Russian way of counting people in pre-Soviet times, as souls

      • George Michalopulos says

        Yo, that’d be nice, but the ACLU/Nazis and their fellow-travelers in mainline Protestantism (think Barry Lynn) would have a conniption fit.

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  3. I am offended at my ethnicity being reduced to “white”. I’m not “white” and to say that my forefathers had anything in common with a bunch of Anglo Saxons is frankly insulting.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Why? Most all the Anglo-Saxons I’ve known have been fine, upstanding people. They’ve provided more than a few saints for the Church by the way.

      • Will Harrington says

        Well George, its tied into history. Those fine, upstanding people come from a nation with, at best, a mixed history that includes the invention of reservations (Ireland) and concentration camps (the Boer wars). Countries and peoples that were victimized by Anglo-Saxon colonial imperialism do still hold some resentment.

        • George Michalopulos says

          I never said the British were angels. No nation is, was, or ever will be.

          • Will Harrington says

            No, you didn’t, but you did ask why someone would find it insulting to be lumped in with Anglo-Saxons. Being of Irish extraction myself, I can say that old resentments can become part of ones cultural identity, right or wrong. Like Greeks and Turks or Serbs and Croats, or the British and a large chunk of the world. You can’t create a British empire without creating long lasting resentments.

            • Tim R. Mortiss says

              I’m ethnically English and Scottish, and glad for the opportunity to talk about my ethnic background. Indeed, I am the son and grandson of immigrants! From British Columbia…..moreover, my granddad was a pilot in the Royal Air Force in the First (yes, First) World War.

              Language, literature, the rule of law, stable political liberty: these are among the achievements of the English. This country, its Constitution, and much besides, are the historical product of this great people! I could go on (you may be sure). Not the least of their virtues is that they are not embittered, they do not carry around and trot out historical baggage, much less historical grudges of various kinds.

              They were very wise to have their nation on an island, and their descendants were even wiser to found theirs upon a separate continent!

              The Irish are a great people. Irish-American anti-Brit feeling is more an east coast phenomenon than out West. As for your other list, I can attest that I’ve never heard anything like a sense of national persecution from the Croatians. Who are they going to be mad at– Austria? I speak as the husband of a girl whose maternal grandparents were both born on Dalmatian islands. The Puget Sound area is loaded with them; I count among my friends Juriches, Kriliches, Petriches, and many others. I think you must be thinking about something other than the Croatians…..

    • You mean Anglo-Saxons like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, dan? Scoundrels, the lot of them! Seriously, there is no such thing as a “white race”; what we have is a human race with individuals displaying a spectrum of genetic traits including skin colour, eye shape, hair type, etc. that that bespeak a particular ethnic origin. But, interestingly, the traits most often identified with a particular “race” are actually found in each of the major anthropological groups that are used for “scientific” purposes. Yes, there are “Caucasians” who have the epicanthic fold, kinky hair and even “black” skin! Thus I believe that when folk from the Indian sub-continent – anthropologically classified as Caucasian – first started emigrating to the United States they caused a lot of consternation for the racial profilers! Yes, MLK was right, America – people should be judged by the content of their character and not the colour of their skin. Get over the question of race!

  4. cynthia curran says

    Well, you are probably European and the Minoans one of the ancestors of the Greeks are related to modern western Europeans according to their DNA. Sorry for the white term.

  5. cynthia curran says

    Also, the Anglo Saxons and Jutes ancestors came from Eastern Europe before they settled in western Europe, not as much difference from the Germanic tribes and Slavic tribes as some here think. All European languages come from what is today Turkey. accordiing to recent research.

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