Who Says We Can’t Deport Anchor Babies?

elian-gonzalesHer Exaltedness stepped into it the other day when she said that we can’t deport Anchor Babies and/or break up families of “immigrants.” Why, it’s just not done.

Unless you’re a Democrat and then –load up the boxcars!

To paraphrase Mel Brooks: “it’s good to be the Queen.”


  1. I didn’t recall that he was born in the US. And he didn’t have a parent or sibling in the US. Clinton wouldn’t have done it had his father wanted him to return to a Latin American country with a right-wing government, but nevertheless, I don’t see what this has to do with anchor babies.

  2. cynthia curran says

    Just fine companies for hiring the parents. Also, new technology how many conservatives start up a company where robots are involved in the cleaning process. I recently wrote on a libertarian blog Cato that 3-d printing could lead to cheaper housing. There are countries that have already did 3-d printed housing like China, Holland and Dubai. Dubai has done an office building. A follower of Bernie Sanders replied what jobs will construction workers do. This is a good question because in 3-d printing you need less construction workers and it takes less time to built a house. I replied that some construction workers will need to return to Mexico. Instead of having someone in the Republican Party with money support using more robots in service work or start up a 3-d housing project we get Donald Trump that had to import immirgrants on work visas to work in his hotels. Once, the job magnet is care by hitting the companies that hire them. Japan already has a hotel stuff with robots.

  3. Mark E. Fisus says

    Deporting anchor babies requires a crap ton of documentation. How far back do people need to prove the citizenship of their ancestors? What about adopted children?

    You can’t deport anchor babies. The best you can do is to grandfather in as a citizen all those born by some future date, and even that is a stretch.

    We’re all immigrants to the Kingdom of Heaven, and as sinners we are all illegal to some extent. This whole business of deporting U.S. citizens is just thinly veiled racism.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Actually Mark, deportation of babies, children, families, etc. happens all the time. To those who say deporting 11,000,000 people is impossible, please research “Operation Wetback.” Back in the early 50s President Eisenhower (you know, the guy who planned D-Day) had zero problems deporting 1,000,000 illegal aliens back to Mexico. All he did was go after about 40,000 of them and the rest deported themselves.

      • George Michalopulos wrote
        had zero problems deporting 1,000,000 illegal aliens back to Mexico. All he did was go after about 40,000 of them and the rest deported themselves.

        There is an important distinction between “1,000,000 illegal aliens deported themselves” and “the government said 1,000,000 illegal aliens deported themselves”. The latter occurred, without really providing evidence for the former.

        In short, you’re accepting blind propaganda numbers to peddle a historical fantasy.

        • cynthia curran says

          It happen recently as well back in 2009 a lot of the construction jobs were no more so about a million Mexicans return this is data from the Pew Hispanic which is more in favor of them staying here so it most be true, they self-deport when they don’t have jobs.

        • Mark E. Fisus says

          Not only is it historical fantasy, even if it were true, circumstances have changed. Unlike the 1950s, Mexico is now overrun with violent drug cartels. No one is deporting themselves back to Mexico unless forced to. Neither are the anchor babies who grew up here and view Mexico as an alien country. If you want to deport 11,000,000 people, you will have to use force on most of them, which seems like the moral conundrum (or just the optics) you want to avoid.

          11,000,000 people. That’s more than five times the Greeks that Turkey deported back in the early 20th century, Mr. Michalopulos.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Well, we’re gonna have to get busy, aren’t we? How about starting with a wall. Israel has one and it works fantastically.

            • George Michalopulos wrote
              Israel has one and it works fantastically.

              Leaving aside the small matter in differences of length (and the Israeli wall system isn’t a monolithic one), this is an idiotic comparison due to the not-insignificant manner that Israel effectively controls all the territory on both sides of its internal walls.

              For your comparison to be a fair one, your plan would have to include the US invading and occupying say the top 100 miles of Mexico and creating not just a wall but an entire buffer system and a bizarre shadow state where the existing occupants are no longer Mexican citizens, but aren’t American citizens either.

              I suppose, for added authenticity, you could provide tax incentives for Minutemen, militias and evangelical doomsday preppers to build settlements in this new “South Bank”.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Again, not really. Illegal aliens self-deport themselves all the time. And again: please bone up on Operation Wetback. It worked splendidly.

          • Yes, after all the work the aliens have done for the right wing business owners; it would be wrong for them to become citizens.

      • cynthia curran says

        Well, things have changed, the Mexican government didn’t protest when their people were deported in the 1950’s, they have a different view today since a lot of money is sent back. The best way is deport criminals, fine companies and developed a better visa tracking system. Some of Trump ideas that were better about taking away travel visas for Mexican Ceo’s and diplomats or putting a trade tariff to make Mexico detain their people is a good idea. I doubt they would be made to built a wall. The wall is somewhat good but some racnehers opposed it. Also, many good in on tourist visas or have a coyote smuggle them. Also, as I mention technology is going to eliminate a lot of low skilled jobs as robots that over maid jobs or farm worker jobs in 10 years.

  4. cynthia curran says

    The US is a safety valve for Mexico granted the current president their has sign about 42 trade agreements and is trying to make it more like Chile. The problem is more the rural states where its basically farming. In fact a state like Baja while having poverty problems actually has more young adults become engineers than they do in California. Mexico needs something that stands out, granted they have several foreign car companies and some aerospace in Baja but it needs like Chile had with Copper.

  5. M. Stankovich says

    Mr. Michalopulos,

    Apparently everybody’s back is dry and tan, choking the ER’s of San Diego’s largest and most prestigious research hospitals for basic-medical-services-turned-emergency, to the point where they are continuously threatening to move their emergency and trauma services to their outlying hospitals – less accessible to public transportation – unless they get more funding. The county policy is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for the treatment of infants & children for any illness, and the law is “treat any true emergency, regardless.” Drive on US5 (highway running from the Canadian border to the Mexican border) and you see massive signs draping entire building: “Scripps Healtcare, Rated #5 in US News & World Report…” UCSD Medical Center Rated #…” “Sharp Healthcare…” and you would presume they are located in the (La Jolla) area, but they are not. They overlook Mission Valley and “valley” means dense native growth covering hillsides, highway overpasses, meaning hidden places to live with shelter. There is a serious drought here so no worries about bad weather until December. When it rains, get under the highway overpasses. Schools are “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell”; you can now get a CA Driver’s License even if you tell them you are illegal. The Border Patrol is never, ever seen is San Diego, and unless there is a “problem,” SDPD is never going a quarter mile into dense vegetation looking for illegals (who’s gonna cut their now brown lawns?) unless they’re dead. I read all this stuff and I think, a man gets up in the morning at sunrise, rides his bike to work (the preferred form of transportation for illegals), works until nearly sunset; his wife gets the kids ready for school, walks them to the bus stop, they stay in school and several hours after in an Hispanic after-school program while she works “under-the-table” as a house-keeper” for a maid-service; she bikes to the kids at 5:00, goes home and feeds them and they do homework; he comes home and eats, they count their cash, and all to bed. On the same day, at the traffic light on the off-ramp of US805 & El Cajon Blvd. what appears to be a man in his early 40’s, sitting in a beach chair smoking a cigarette, reading a book, with 2 cardboard signs. One says “Donations please. I’m too dumb to steal, too ugly to prostitute.” And the other says, “At least acknowledge me by giving me the finger.” Honestly. Mr. Michalopulos, given the choice, who would you deport?

    (Man! I wish you would move those “thumbs” when you can still edit – I accidentally click “like” when I mean to “edit”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Dr S, I’ve made myself very clear about that half of the blame goes to Big Business. Their greed is unconscionable. What’s the excuse of the Democrats? You know, the “party of the working man”?

      • Daniel E Fall says

        No Jorge, small business.

        Hotel owners
        Home owners

        Sorry, but Joe Plumber hires Mexicans for odd jobs, too.

        My neighbor could not believe how cheap his roof was to redo.

        They need to be above board and pay taxes. The lot.

        Deportation is the impossible bs dream of do nothing.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Mr Fall, are you a businessman? You should know that in the cutthroat world of making a living, small businessmen have to fight to compete with big business, otherwise, they can’t make it. So yes, I do blame Big Business for driving this train.

          • Daniel E Fall says

            It is important to define big business. Most American big business doesn’t give a hoot about Mexican workers.

            I have seen illegals in just about every portion of res construction here in Mn-mostly roofing. They pay no taxes, live ten to a house, work fast.

            My point is they need to all be above board.

            Obama not enforcing the law is calculated. The Congress should have given Obama a bill. They failed.

            I really am blaming the right for the big nothing on immigration. Trump is calculated and gets that nothing thing. If the Dems get the Congress; remind me and I will blame them.

            Finger pointing a government does not run.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Now you’re being tendentious. There’s no business bigger than Agri-business and their use of illegal Central American migrants is legendary. That’s one way that small farmers were driven out of production. While most construction firms are smaller-scale, there are very large construction firms that drive that entire sector of that business.

              That being said, I have absolutely no problem with the government fining all businesses which knowingly hire illegal aliens.

              • M. Stankovich says

                Mr. Michalopulos,

                And you will end up paying more for lettuce – in fact all CA-grown fresh fruit & vegetables – than a gallon of gas. What’s more American than apple pie? A bushel of apples will be measured against a barrel of oil. Who do you imagine will spend day after day of backbreaking work under the summer sun of CA’s central coast picking green beans? White people? And a mere 10-minute drive from the beautiful city of Monterey, where I could not afford to purchase a home! I saw acre upon acre of luscious strawberries – which no machine can pick – and long lines, what seemed to be a 100 people per row, of presumably illegal workers bent over under the hot sun picking from 6:00 am as I drove to the prison in Salinas, and still picking as I drove past returning at 6:30 pm. In the “cut-throat” world of satisfying the consumer, Mr. Michalopulos, the grocer will begin stocking fruit and vegetables imported from Mexico and South America and placing them alongside the “US Certified No-Illegals” products. My thought: apples is apples.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Well, let’s be consistent then and bring back slavery, if what you say about the prices of commodities is accurate (and it is).

                  • M. Stankovich says

                    This is a leap of logic perhaps too nuanced for me to grasp. I am more of a mind to say expedite their access to the citizenship process rather than indenture them. We certainly seemed to have fattened ourselves at their expense to the point of epidemic, and Lord knows they earned the right.

                    • Daniel E Fall says

                      I wouldn’t credit George for logic dances. The idea we would underpay migrants to make strawberries cheaper is an excuse used by those justifying doing zip on immigration. Get them aboveboard…buy more local berries. C’est la vie…if Driscoll’s can’t make it. Farming is close to pure competition.

                      And yes George, there is big ag in this game. We don’t see it here in Mn so much.

                      Fine them all…increase the fines for future violaters…get them aboveboard.

                      The New York blowhard is full of bs.

                    • Daniel E. Fall, would you like the blowhard better if he were a sodomite?

                    • Roger S. (September 16, 2015 at 4:43 pm) says:

                      Daniel E. Fall, would you like the blowhard better if he were a sodomite?


                      Attitudes such as are expressed here were important to me in my decision not to do politics.

                      It’s hard for me to imagine that a christian conscience could survive unharmed in such a toxic atmosphere as politics routinely seems to require.

                      Can’t we Christians be more kind to one another and respect each other as God’s children, brothers and sisters in Christ, even when we disagree? Can’t we give a good example to the world?

                      Could we please calmly engage even disagreeable ideas and discuss them rationally instead of attacking each other personally? Could we avoid referring to each other by demeaning epithets and insulting each other with bad names?

                      May it be so, Lord!

      • cynthia curran says

        This is true,in fact Mexico now has 300 aerospace firms so why do they have to come to the Us for decent wages. Companies like Airbus, and Boeing who are in Mexico can to pay the workers better money. Most of the aerospace companies are American or European. Also, its not just companies in Mexico but US companies as well. Mexicans and Central Americans will work for less money for construction work because of the wages in their home countries. Yes, Mexico can developed if they have all those car companies and aerospace companies. The biggest problem is in the rural states. In Mexico if you get to graduate from high school, college is basically free and Mexico has nationalized health care and does some welfare for the very low income. This is why extreme poverty has dropped in Mexico and not regular poverty. I found out about the number of aerospace firms from a website on a conference in Mexico Aerospace companies have grown in Mexico from 100 to 300. People think that Mexico doesn’t have the industry or the resources. It has lots of oil which the government was going to sell off to foreign companies before the dropped in oil prices. Its has Lithium mining, in fact Elon Musk is going to have two mining companies in Sonora provided the Lithium for his battery factory in Nevada.

      • cynthia curran says

        As for Trump he mention some people could come back if they returned to their countries and apply on work visas. He uses work visa workers, so he may expand the number for some categories.

  6. M. Stankovich says

    Mr. Michalopulos,

    I am mildly amused that you, among others, presume I’m a “Democrat,” “Progressive”, or liberal. Affiliation does not seem to bring any paticular benefit that I can see, and I fully agree with Michael Bauman’s point that one party is as corrupted and objectionable as the other. So, your question is pretty much wasted on me if you are looking for “information” (which you were actually not), nor am I a worthwhile foil for political repartee, such as it is. I’m an observer, pure & simple, and one who is frequently left to mop up the consequences of injustice perpetrated by the “suits” and their mandate to keep it out of your sight. This is a hardcore military town, the home port of the Ronald Reagan Carrier Fleet at North Island Naval Base, & Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Mr. Michalopulos, and more illegal Mexicans in San Diego County than registered Republicans. Like it or not, the economy is too dependent on them to really want them gone. $$$

    • cynthia curran says

      Not really, most of the jobs they do in San Diego could be done by the native Americans they are not farm jobs. I know of even non-Latinos that do construction work and cleaning jobs even in California and even some dishwashers are not all held by Latinos. M. Stankovich refuses to believe that even service jobs can be effective by robotics in the next decade, there is a book written by M Ford called rise of the robots where robots are use now in construction work in Australia and 3-d printing housing is done in the Philippines. An Oxford study fears that too many robots or automation in the future will wiped out too many jobs. Mr Stankovich takes the usual liberal stand well they live in cardboard housing in Mexico so they should worked in the Us. He ignores that several major car companies and aerospace firms are in Mexico, why not support the rise of wages in Mexico instead of them coming to the US for a better life. They also have a lot of oil and Lithium but Mr Sankovich wants them in San Diego because they make 9 to 15 an hour rather than .90 cent to 3.50 per hour like they do in Mrxico.

  7. cynthia curran says

    Another thing is when immirgration was limited by the Quota system a lot less Greeks and Italians came over, so guess what their economies eventually developed better compared to the period when they came heavily from the US. I worked to redefine legal immirgration again and slow that, so the countries that come here all the time would be pushed more to changed.

  8. cynthia curran says

    Well, George like many of Trump followers thinks of the same old things. He should think of the new sex robots in Japan This is worst than sex between two gay men it involves sex with something that is not human just like sex wtih animals. Conservatives are focus too much on the past and present to deal with the ethical questions that are coming up.