Dear George . . .

Honey, I am not going to be leaving the United States of America.  I know you haven’t asked me to but just in case you’re wondering, I want to be clear where I stand.

I love this country.  The United States of America is my home; not theirs.  She does not belong to Soros or to the UN or to any other agency that would knock her down into second place.

It is the United States that sets the direction.  She is the linchpin and with God’s help, I intend to see that she stays that way.      

So, I will be staying here and I will fight for our county with every fiber of my being.  I’m an American girl, which is why you love me, and I am stronger and smarter than any one of them in the swamp.

I will follow Trump’s lead and if it comes to the point where we have to fight in the streets, then like Bonnie and Clyde, you and I will fight in the street, together.

At the end of the day, I am willing to die for our country, as have so many others who lost their lives in countless wars to protect our way of life.  I would be spitting on their graves if I were to give up on this country, after they fought so hard to preserve it.  

Trump is a street fighter.  He will remain in office.  And once this particular battle is won, we will go to all out war with the elites.  They have shown their cards and we will will shove our flag right down their scrawny little throats, beginning with the school system.  We will tear it down and rebuild it.  We will do the same with the scientific community.    

Sure, they are liars and cheaters but what they aren’t is tough.  We outrank them in this regard and as the Americans who have gone before us, we will prevail.

So be of good cheer, my love.  We’ve got this!

P.S.  What would you like for dinner? 

Mrs. M     



  1. Philhellene says

    We Got This

    A short speech by Steve Bannon yesterday…

  2. Love your fighting spirit, Gail. Part of me wants to stay and fight, but, part of me wants to leave. After the Bolshevik Revolution, and like the German Jews prior to 1939, many saw the writings on the wall and knew what was to come. I am hoping that being in Alaska and being geographically isolated will help, but, if things come to pass as the Dems want them to, there will be no escape. 
    If we thought Lockdown #1 was bad, if Biden gets in be ready for an even worse Lockdown 2.0. The idea of being able to physically go to church will be a pipe dream and we will legitimately have to start having liturgy in our homes…I hope people are ready to find one, again, I think I am fortune in this regard given my location, but others will not be so lucky. 
    I need your mindset to stay and fight, which I 100% would, but, either way I think dark days are on the horizon because IF Biden actually did win (and that is a huge if), then that means that Americans accepted communism by vote…it wasn’t even thrust upon us…how can that version of America be saved?  Russia came back from communism because it had centuries of Orthodox Christian phronema in its veins, it was part of the culture…America does not have that, we have a vague notion of Christianity (mainly protestant) and civic freedom, will that be able to stand the test of time and persecution like Russia did? 

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Oh, I want to leave, Petros! Who wants to go through something like this? I’m not going to do it, though. I’m going to fight for my home.

      • NIce words, Mrs. M. How do you think Trump will be staying in office? Numbers are pesky things.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. When Trump concedes, I’ll believe it’s over.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Gail is correct. We have seen so many black swans this year that nobody could anticipate anything.

            While I do believe that the Oligarchy wants Trump out and will do anything to make it happen, even the brazen theft of votes in broad daylight, and though many GOP eminences are encouraging him to grab the ankles, I still believe that the old boy has some fight left in him.

            If nothing else, he can completely lay Biden’s resume open for all to see.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Petros, while Biden did get millions of votes, he did not receive a majority, of that we can be sure. The fix was in, the fraud is plain for all to see. So therefore, I can’t accept your premise that the people themselves voted in Socialism. Not a majority anyway.

      Think of it: Obama, who was young, smart, handsome and had charisma to burn, got 69 million votes. Does anybody in their right mind believe that a demented old man who can barely speak got 3 million more votes than Obama?

      Think of it: Trump increased among all demographics: in 2016, he got 52% of the white women vote, this year he got 54%. In 2016 he got 4% of the black women vote & 15% of the black man vote, this time around he doubled each one. His Hispanic vote share increased as well.

      • George Michalopulos says

        So my answer is “no, the American people did not vote for Socialism”.

      • Agreed, George. I was saying that if Biden had gotten those legitimate votes, which he did not. I don’t believe we legitimately voted for Socialism, but, if we had then that would be very depressing 

    • If he’s Prez, Biden could not order national lockdowns. Maybe the country will finally understand that once a D is president. He can say whatever he wants. But in our system, he’s not Caesar. 

      We will see reinvigorated states’ rights. Because disease patterns vary so much from locality to locality, it makes zero sense to have the covid posture in Casper, Wyoming, equal the covid posture in Boston, for example.  
      Pols damn well know this, but they say what they need to to get the election result they want. 
      Biden can say “national lockdown” or whatever, but the states have every right to exert their muscle and say “bugger off, no way.”  Aside from sending in the Army, the feds can’t and won’t enforce it. 

      I can see it now – Massachusetts and California humbly bow to Biden’s lockdown order and crush their economies even more than they are now. Texas and Oklahoma and others say “heck no” and continue to thrive. 

      Think the media will then blame Biden?  I know the media will still figure out a labyrinthine way to blame the Rs, even if the Ds hold the presidency. 

  3. George Michalopulos says

    I am glad you are of this mindset my dear! I have no intention of not fighting. In fact, I believe we won’t have to do too much. Why do I say this? Because I believe the Left will devour itself.

    In any event, “lock and load”! (As for dinner, I can pick up Chinese on the way home if that’s OK).

  4. Stay grounded in faith. Martyrdom is a one way ticket to heaven. ?

  5. This is a good video with Jim Jatras on Orthodoxy First. The interview starts at 55:16
    As you know Jim is pretty well informed so I take him a little more seriously 

  6. Also George & Gail, do you think this is actually legitimate? I’m always a little leery of Inforwars:

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Looks like it was banned.

      • You should still be able to watch it through the Infowars website, Banned.Video is what their video section is called. If it still doesn’t work let me know and I’ll try and find it! 

        • Gail Sheppard says

          I did see it!!!!

          • Good deal. What’r your thoughts? I guess we’ll find out over the next couple of days if it’s actually true. Hopefully so since Biden will allegedly be addressing the country letting us know he is the new president-elect

            • Gail Sheppard says

              He seems credible.

              This is what I know:

              1) Trump is a street fighter from Queens
              2) Trump anticipated this
              3) Trump has told us he has it under control
              4) Trump has proven himself to be true to his word

              Until Trump tells me differently, I believe he has this under control. This guy, Pieczenik, was a former psychiatrist and US State department official. If he says they’re running a sting, it could be true.

              • CNN has just projected Biden the next President of the USA, with leads in Pennsylvania, Arizona (!), and others.. Sure that other networks will follow. Sounds like our national nightmare is coming to an end. Trump could have won this, but his ego, disdain for early voting, and his disrespect for science all helped to come to this. He did not listen to his advisers or scientists. It’s a shame, because he had a lot of business acumen to bring to the country, but his monstrous attitude and actions got in the way.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  CNN!!! (Seriously?) No, thank you. I’ll wait for Trump to concede.

                  • None of the dog and pony show on the legacy media and Fox amounts to a hill of beans.  SCOTUS will decide this one, somewhat like in 2000.  Pennsylvania courts clearly violated the Constitution in rewriting their own election statute.  It will go to Trump.  Tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of ballots will end up being invalidated in battleground states.  The circumstantial evidence of a massive dump of illegal ballots around 4am is overwhelming.  Tens of thousands of ballots from one area all cast for Biden.  Votes far in excess of the number of registered voters.  That’s not even beginning to address the problems of excluded election observers and whatever remedies the courts may impose.

                    And after all of that, the evidence can again be presented to the state legislatures and they can order their electors to vote for Trump.  A number of these are controlled by Republicans.
                    The legacy media is loud but powerless in this.  And the Left should really be grateful that they’re not going to get away with it.  If they did, and given the evidence already out there on the web, you would probably have a violent insurrection in the South and Southeast.  

                    Do not be fooled by transitory appearances.  Transitory appearances are designed by the legacy media to create the impression in gullible people’s minds that Biden’s “victory” is real and that it is being stolen from him. That lays the ground work for the insurrection to follow the inevitable court decisions addressing all the fraud.

                    It will be a battle royale. But Trump will have won and not have to worry about another election. Gloves off.

                    Wait for it.

                  • Amen Gail!  

    • If true, it’s the funniest and most effective coup de main in history.

    • Here’s a good rule of thumb: if it’s banned, it’s probably truthful.

  7. Dean Calvert says

    Hello All,

    I’ve been as despondent as the rest of you…however last night a calm came across me.
    A few minutes ago I received this link to INFOWARS from my cousin.

    I can only pray it’s right.

    Judge for yourself.

    • I read Pieczenik’s bio.  Interesting guy.  Don’t hold me to this, but just as a guess, if I had to say yay or nay, I’d say he’s probably telling the truth.  Trump knew this was coming.  I suspected they would have had some undercover operation in place to deal with this knowing the facts in advance.  If you know the battleground states, where the votes are counted, if you have control of the ballots initially, etc., you can draw up something to catch the mice.  Sounds like they did. 
      BIG ole RICO op.  

      As time goes on, I have to say that I suspected earlier that FSB was involved in all of this until I looked into QAnon.  Obviously I don’t believe all the hype surrounding Q.  Much of it is actually probably designed to be disinformatsiya.  But I think at the heart of it there is a kernel of truth.
      Military Intelligence would be the most logical support factor.  It fits.  

      A civilian like Trump would not be able to deflect the massive barrages of crap flung at him from all directions for over four years.  That much is clear.  He is playing against domestic intelligence services and they are big league with big league tools and capabilities.  

      FSB could have done it, and I thought for awhile that there must have been some type of informal stuff going on.  But it would be hard to hide and potentially politically devastating if exposed (not for me, I couldn’t care less).

      But Military Intelligence has the capability and the motivation.  They are probably disgusted by the level of corruption in the Democratic machine and the alliance and involvement with China.

  8. Christine Fevronia says

    Love this, Gail!

  9. Johann Sebastian says

    What we should be doing is playing their game and giving them a taste of their own medicine. It may take a couple of generations to do this, but I think the most effective approach would be to infiltrate and subvert.

    Just like they’ve been doing for at least 60 years.

    I realize this is effectively a type of deception, but if counter-deception can be used to introduce truth and ultimately crush evil, is it justified?

    • Ah, so tempting but so wrong. Reminds me of that stupid dance from the Clinton administration, ” Hey, Machiavelli”….oh, no wait, that was ‘ hey, Macarena’

  10. A GOOD HOSPICE IS HARD TO FIND: With Obamacare death panels likely imminent after 4 years of DJT protection (and yes Nancy, I read the wording), Ron Panzer RN, the champion of pro-life beneficent “original” hospice since 1999 has just written with links to his INVALUABLE and UNIQUE website archives as he retires from maintaining them.  I urge you to study both the recent and past archive links below closely to protect yourself and your loved ones:

    “We just wanted to let everyone know that the Hospice Patients Alliance latest web pages are now backed up and available at the Internet Archive at the following web location/URL: 
    That is the latest back up of the HPA website pages.  That is where people should be referred if people are asking for the information that has been provided to the public.
    (Earlier pages are backed up through the years all the way back to 1999 and can be seen by visiting:*/
    If you know of any websites that have links to the HPA website, they should change their links to the most current backup of the site at the Internet Archive:
    Please note that Ron Panzer’s email address is now: rpanzer AT    If you wish to be added to Ron’s email list for any future emails sent out by him, send him an email with the Subject line: Subscribe”