Dancing with the Devil

It’s bad enough that Globalist puppet and billionaire oligarch Volodomyr Zelensky is outlawing the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  Watching the people gathered at the Kiev Caves Lavra for the last time, chanting “Christ is Risen!” filled me with profound sadness.  I imagine it did many of you as well.  (You can access this story here: https://orthochristian.com/150335.html)

The evil is spreading.  

As you will see from this short (8 minute) video below, Jackson Hinkle of The Dive explains about the upcoming Satanic festival (Satancon) to be held in Boston, Massachusetts.  The Fordhamites could not be reached for comment.

I am aghast.  Words fail me.  What we are witnessing is what Elder Ignatius of Harbin, China predicted back in 1930:  “What began in Russia [in 1918] will end in America.”

Lord have mercy.


  1. The “Fordamites,” as you call them, are in Greece for the IOTA conference with 400 hierarchs, priests and theologians from across the world, mostly Orthodox, gathering in worship, fellowship, and learning from one another through hundreds of short presentations followed by Q&A.

    • Oh yes, the useless progressive drivel must be formalized via another Mega-Conference where liberal academics and clergy enjoy a nice holiday getaway, eat and drink on their organizations’ dime, pat each other on the back and pad their CVs so they get paid more by their progressive institutions and be proud of their “academic” works.

      Here’s what this glorious Mega-Conference is focusing on:


      On January 11, 2023, the second Mega-Conference of the International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA) held its formal opening at the Volos Academy for Theological Studies.

      Once again, Metropolitan Ignatius welcomed the participants and expressed how the Orthodox Church preaches the Gospel to a world marked by the war in Ukraine, the coronavirus pandemic, fundamentalism, a climate crisis that threatens the planet, and economic uncertainties. In light of the current war, the Metropolitan called on those gathered at the conference—and the broader Orthodox world—to take on the task of “offering a word of hope and apology.”

      • Gail Sheppard says

        And guess what? Someone at the conference said there were people foaming at the mouth over Monomakhos! We should all be proud.

        • George Michalopulos says

          M’lady, you cause me to blush. Oh, to have been a fly on that wall!

        • Amen to that!

          May that thorn endlessly multiply!

        • “Someone at the conference said there were
          people foaming at the mouth over Monomakhos!”

          Perhaps they will all bite each other…

          • Gail Sheppard says

            It’s been known to happen! They could save themselves a few bucks and a lot of aggravation if they got rid of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Then they could find a Grandpoobah to head the GOA and be done with it.

        • On an unrelated note, I think this tells us all we need to know about what the new GOA charter is going to look like based off of who is chairing the “committee:”


          In the Patriarchate, today, January 13, 2023, the opening session was held under the chairmanship of Rev. Metropolitan Elder of Chalkidon, Mr. Emmanuel of the establishment of a competent ten-member Joint Commission on the subject of the revision of the current Constitution of the Holy Archdiocese of America.

          The entire discussion and exchange of opinions was informative and creative and took place in a fraternal and constructive spirit.

          The need for amendments to the text of the Constitution to serve the spiritual needs of the beloved Orthodox flock in America and for the purpose of strengthening unity within the Holy Archdiocese of America and its canonical bond after the Mother Church was recognized by all the members of the Committee. of Constantinople, as well as the alignment of the liturgical act of the Archdiocese with the formal order of the Holy Church of Christ the Great.

          It was decided that the work of the Committee will continue on Wednesday, March 8, in the Holy Metropolis of Chalcedon.

          …..” and for the purpose of strengthening unity within the Holy Archdiocese of America and its canonical bond…..”

          I take this to mean bring all Metropolitans under complete and total control of the Archbishop and bring the monasteries who are “divisive” to heel.

          Emanuel is a very dangerous and cunning man (so I’ve been told)

      • How much would I rather hang out with or share a beer with any of the Eastern European Orthodox coal and steel immigrants in small town Pennsylvania or Ohio from 100 years ago — who used their tiny salaries to construct hundreds of churches, from only faith, hope, and love — than with any of these “Orthodox pseudo-academics” any day!!!

        The highest faculty of man is not his logic or intelligence, as most modern universities would tell us. The highest faculty of man is the nous, his noetic development. Tragically, most of the western world has completely forgotten about the nous and knows nothing about noetic development. May God help the Orthodox Christians of this world to remember that the nous matters more than “intelligence”!

        The Orthodox steelworker in Pa. from the 1900s could easily have far greater noetic development – and thereby be far more advanced on the human faculty spectrum – than a modern university professor.

      • Reading the above article makes me question what they mean or whether they even understand each other. Such as this statement from some guy with ‘DR. in front of his name:…” mission theology that does not assume the flesh of its time is equally as inconceivable, just as it is inconceivable for the church to be insular, refusing to be drawn out of itself to meet the world and history… ‘ what does he mean assume the flesh of it’s time??? What is this flesh he is talking about?

        Then you have the new calendarist Phanar bishop of Korea still complaining about a Russian parish. Somehow the jurisdiction of Korea belongs to the Phanar even though the phrase “all the East” belongs to the Patriarchate of Antioch. Somehow this greek bishop in Korea sees ethnophyletism when a Russian bishop ministers to Koreans but not when he as a Greek does so. The cognitive dissonance of these intellectuals is quite astounding.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          That’s a good word for it.

          Every thing we’re confronted with today just doesn’t make sense. Like I just found out we were arming Somalia. Aren’t they the country that pirates ships? The State Department warns: Do not travel to Somalia due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, health issues, kidnapping, and piracy.

          So why are we giving them weapons? https://www.militarytimes.com/news/2023/01/11/us-military-donates-weapons-and-military-equipment-to-somalia/

          • Just a dad says

            “…why are we giving them weapons?”

            To be honest, trying to reason it out and tie it to some sort of strategy or lofty anti-terrorism program is giving too much to the US DoD officials. This is all about them spending their budget so they can get more budget, and for the military industrial complex to keep the money flow going.

            Defense contractors pad the pockets of congress/president, big budgets are set (in the interest of national defense), budget is spent by purchasing weapons that are then donated to third world countries. Rinse and repeat, over and over and over. We can vote whomever we want into the WH and Capitol hill, but this cycle ain’t changing anytime soon.

            “…..The weapons donation included light and heavy machine guns — and were purchased by Defense Department funds, according to the embassy. Other equipment provided included construction vehicles, explosive ordnance disposal kits and maintenance equipment for weapons and vehicles.”

            (I guess Gail, one could reasonably ask why Somalia and not Uganda, Nigeria, or any other small country to launder our money – fair question I suppose. Maybe just to make sure there is enough chaos in the system to further justify keeping the system rolling along.)

        • ‘ Somehow the jurisdiction of Korea
          belongs to the Phanar even though the phrase
          “all the East” belongs to the Patriarchate of Antioch. ‘

          For similar (RC) geographical nonsense,
          see this article on The Treaty of Tordesillas:

        • “Inconceivable”!

          “They keep using that word…I do not think it means what they think it means…”

        • One need not wonder whether…

          Metropolitan Ambrosios [also] described the effects of the establishment of a [new?] jurisdiction in [Ukraine], violating the canonical order of the Orthodox Church—and one that had uniquely been in place in [Ukraine] for [over 400 years]—of one bishop for all the faithful in a place, “regardless of race, language, ethnic and cultural identity.” [Did] He [also] note the casual dismissal of the canonical order by the [Phanariot] Church when questioned about this development…?

          Of course not.

      • Wow, I have never been so uninspired by a list of conference attendees and themes. Seriously, almost everything being presented here by these “theologians” seems to have AGENDA written all over it.

  2. Michael Bauman says
  3. Deacon John says

    I’m of the opinion that if this country does not repent and turn back to Christ and His One, Holy , Catholic and Apostolic Church. Than the fate of this country will be the same as the Laodiceans

    • I’m thinking more like the fate of Sodom & Gomorrah….

      • The reason why “the new calendarist Phanar bishop” is “complaining” is because of the particularly ugly way the Korean situation played out.   A little history for people who may not know:  The Korean mission was founded by the Russian Church in the late 19th Century.  In the aftermath of the Revolution, the Korean Mission was in limbo, with MP priests coming and going, and its status being unclear.   The MP were ultimately barred from the country, due to their ties to the Soviet Union and fears of KGB infiltration (a sad story that played out everywhere).  North Korea of course, didn’t allow ANY religion.   The Korean Orthodox were left with only one native priest, who disappeared during the Korean War (he was never seen again).   It was the chaplain of the Greek Expeditionary Force who found them, and took it upon himself to minister to them.  The Greek soldiers took up a collection, and built a Church for them (as Greek people tend to do).   After the war, the Greek army stationed in the South continued to help them.    It was during this time, that the Korean Orthodox decided (unanimously) to regularize their situation, and petition the Ecumenical Patriarchate to receive them.   From the end of the Korean War up until this nasty business in Ukraine, there has been one united Church on the Korean peninsula.

        It is a particularly bitter situation, because for years there was true unity.   Everybody worshipped together.   Metropolitan Sotirios of Korea (later of Pisidia, the bishop who this very website asked for prayers for some time ago) laid the foundation for the Missionary Ethos that you see in Korea.   HE Sotirios (Memory Eternal +) learned Slavonic, and ministered to the Russians and slavophones who came to Korea.  A chapel was later built dedicated to St. Maxim the Greek, and staffed with a full time priest from Russia.   Not a hint or whiff of ethnophyletism.   Later, HE Sotirios went to Antalya in Turkey, to minister to the Russians there.   Ask the old expat Russians in Turkey and Korea about HE Sotirios.   A beloved father in every sense there is.

        To add to the bitterness, the Bishop in charge of the “Russian Mission” in Korea is the very priest who served in St. Maxim the Greek Chapel for many years, Theophan.   Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the MP tried to “re-establish” its presence in Korea.   The Korean Metropolis provides a Church, priest, AND a Sunday School—in their languages (be it Russian or Ukrainian).   Everybody was together.   What purpose does having a “Russian parish” serve, except to sow division where there was none before?  That is the anguished question being asked.  

        I write this, because the situation in Korea is not what has been insinuated here. The Mission Churches suffer most of all in these political battles, and ugly things are said which throw many good people under the bus.   Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea has done much to continue HE Sotirios’ work, and people who don’t know about the situation shouldn’t be making snide comments.  Christian charity demands no less.   HE Ambrosios is speaking from personal experience, as a spiritual child and advocate of the Missionary Ethos embodied by HE Sotirios and His Beatitude Anastasios of Albania (which is what his keynote address is about—-MISSION).   

        In regards to Ukraine, division already existed. Even if the EP was wrong, it still does not excuse perpetrating on others the very thing they accuse HAH Bartholomew of. What did the MP offer disaffected Ukrainians but gaslighting and contempt? A missionary and pastoral ethos is sorely lacking here.

        • David,

          Thank you for posting this. Terrible situation all around. I won’t try to justify anything, but I still believe none of this (Korea. Africa, etc.) would have happened if it were not for Bartholomew’s unilateral meddling. His steadfast refusal to submit to conciliar solutions with his peers has cost us all dearly.

          It is shameful. Even today he talks about concilliarity, but he himself behaves as though he is above it all. It didn’t have to be this way. Had he been willing, little or none of thus would have happened, and he would likely have gotten what he says wants. But I do agree that even his obstinance doesn’t justify Russian ‘revenge’ of any sort.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            And I get this feeling his about to do something big here like announce his claim on America. It’s coming.

            • If they have indeed removed the title “Greek” from the name of the Archdiocese as you have mentioned, then you may be right, perhaps that “I” means “Independent.”

              But I’m just spitballing.

              I will say though: Tell God your plans and He will laugh.
              But…there is a better chance of a pig flying over the moon in a Hell that is frozen over than that happening. They can say it’s so on paper but that doesn’t mean a thing.

              – Good luck getting the other hierarchs to go along with it

              – Good luck getting ANY of the laity to go along with it

              I think the GOA massively underestimates how much the laity in the AAOA, OCA, ROCOR, etc., distrust them and want nothing to do with being under the EP or Elpi.

              The next meeting of the Assembly of Bishops is taking place next week so it will be very interesting to see what is talked about.

              If they even remotely tried it, three things would happen:

              1) The laity would chase the bishops out
              2) The laity would ignore the bishops
              3) Most Likely: The laity, and tons of clergy, would wholesale leave for ROCOR.

              The bishops of the various jurisdictions know this.

              We are witnessing the dying breaths of a dying Patriarchate who is grabbing at anything to remain relevant.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                And that is the answer to the question regarding the role of the laity. That’s what we’re for. When it comes down to it, we’re the last (but most powerful) line of defense when it comes to protecting the Church. We just won’t have it.

            • He already claims America (at least in his own mind) because we are “the barbarian lands,” part of the great uncivilized, unwashed masses who live outside the historically Byzantine Empire’s borders.

              Even the current GOA charter makes this assumption of his jurisdiction over “all the Orthodox faithful in America” abundantly clear.

            • Gail, the EPC and his little minions don’t even have any legitimate claims on Baklava sales in the U.S., let alone a claim over Orthodoxy—in our neck of the Barbarian Lands. I see a reality show coming down the pike. Maybe Ancient Faith Radio can produce?! 🙂

          • Both Greeks and Russians trying to lay claim in Asia is silly as both are horrible at it. I’ll give you one example back when Monachos forum existed I befriended an ethnic Chinese Orthodox member residing in Shanghai (some may remember whom I’m talking about). There was a tiny group of Orthodox in mainland China who were ethnic Chinese. The Greeks and Russians are in Hong Kong but dare not go into the mainland. They are both cowards where they notify a Serbian monk from America to sneak in once in a blue moon to baptise or chrismate them in secret. Anyhow due to no support from Hong Kong and Taiwan official Orthodox jurisdictions they have all reverted to Buddhism, it was hard enough for them while it saddened me when she told me I understood. Any Chinese who converts is simply left stranded. I think there’s a Orthodox service at the Russian embassy but you need a passport showing your not a chinese national to attend. They have no priests to minister to them ever as ththey are too cowardly to go in and expect these poor Chinese nationals to make an annual trip to Hong Kong or Taiwan to receive communion. I was shocked when I hheard it was an monk who would come in from America who knew Chinese culture (I think you may know who this monk maybe he’s neither in a Greek nor Russian monastery )

        • What unity in Korea? A single new calendarist parish of ex pats ? No one has jurisdiction in Korea as it’s part of the diaspora (although Antioch can make a case) Any jurisdictions can go into Korea and assign a priest if there’s a need . Just like every other “barbarian” country. Greeks sulking as usual.

          • Kosta,

            At the risk of being the “Well, actually…” guy,  The Korean Metropolis has SEVEN parishes of KOREAN faithful, a fully functioning publishing house, Retreat Center,  and a Convent.  Liturgies are all served in Korean, with the exception of some Greek and English peppered here and there, depending on who is serving and in attendance.  The expat number is very small, with the majority of expats (being from Eastern Europe) attending St. Maxim’s Chapel for Liturgy—which celebrates ON THE OLD CALENDAR, with a Ukrainian priest who has served there for over a decade now.  When Theophan was made a Bishop (which HE Ambrosios traveled to Russia to participate in the consecration), the MP refused to send a replacement, despite repeated requests to do so.  The EP responded by directly ordaining a Ukrainian and sending him to Korea.  So there has been an uninterrupted ministry to Russians that continues to this day. 

             When the Ukraine mess happened, it divided the Russian expat community in Korea.  The older and long-term expat Russians, who considered HE Sotirios their Spiritual Father and helped build up St. Maxims, remained with the Metropolis.  Others went to the Russian “mission.”   That is all the MP succeeded in doing in Korea—dividing their own people.   What was once united in love is now broken.

            This is why HE Ambrosios speaks as he does.  What was built in Korea (and an example to the entire Church of what could be done in “the Diaspora”) was destroyed because of politics, of which ethno-phyletism plays a big part (Churches for “compatriots”).  

  4. Regarding “satancon,” I have spoken with our parish priest and we have begun planning a “retreat” (but we’re going on the offensive) for those same three days. Concentrated prayer, confession, akathists, processions, fasting,etc.

    I encourage others to do the same.

  5. I remember these accusations going on for years like over a decade. Is the Ukraine mess your referring to from the time of the Maidan or from the time the OCU was invented or from last year with start of military operations?. But I still don’t see what division there is. If I go to a Greek parish one week then to an OCA what’s being divided? All I hear is a Greek bishop sulking about a Russian mission or parish operating in Korea. It be a good thing if the Antiochans have a mission as well.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Someone has hacked our system again, messing with our comments. My apologies. I obviously didn’t write all of this in this way. Never used the word ckbone, whatever that is.

    • Kosta,

      The Founding of the OCU. The Maidan revolution didn’t break the Korean Church’s unity, and even after the Tomos, many Russians remained with the Metropolis.

      You don’t see the problem? Why build a Russian church when the current one provides what is needed? Each ethnicity gets their own church? THAT is ethnophyletism.

      There are two things going on here that are uncanonical and not Orthodox: Ethnophyletism AND Jurisdictionalism. These are just as wrong as Papism, and just as contrary to the “Canonical Order.” The Canons apply everywhere, and it isn’t “anything goes” in the Diaspora. All of the Orthodox Churches agreed that Jurisdictionalism was uncanonical and wrong, and that it should be “fixed.” That nobody can currently agree on that fix does not negate the issue.

      Are we Orthodox or Protestants? The MP has long been pushing a pseudo-Anglican “federation” ecclesiology, with the EP acting as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

      On the more basic level, it is an ugly thing to do to a brother Bishop, to set up shop in his Metropolis just because Russians want to be Russians. Is that Orthodox?

  6. President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kyrill have a God-ordained spiritual connection. Let us accept the hand of the Almighty at work in raising up the true Orthodox leaders of today:


    O Lord, grant victory to the Orthodox Christians over their adversaries.

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