Crossing the Rubicon: Indictment Day

In 49 BC, Gaius Julius Caesar “crossed the Rubicon.”

The Rubicon was a river that served as the boundary between Cisalpine Gaul and Italy proper.  No Roman commander was allowed to take his army across it.  It wasn’t a law strictly speaking but more of a protocol –a well-defined and observed one at that.  

Upon reaching the river on that fateful day, it was said that Caesar threw a die to determine whether he should take that momentous step and so, once “the die was cast,” he, at the head of an enormous army, proceeded.

The rest as they say, was history.  He became Dictator and in time, his grand-nephew Octavian would become Emperor.  The Republic, for all intents and purposes, was over and Rome was now a monarchy, something which the Romans vowed would never happen once they gained independence from the Etruscans hundreds of years earlier.

All governments have laws; they also have customs.  It is in protocols where these two meet and strive to make an accommodation on how bests to govern, a modus vivendi if you will. 

This is especially true of republics, even those with written constitutions.  In order to keep the peace, protocols are often used to prevent precipitous legal actions.  They are ways which prevent unfortunate consequences from occurring down the road.  Ours is no different.

For almost 250 years (that’s one-quarter of a millennium), the political classes of the United States abided by several strict rules, one of them being that political opponents are not to be prosecuted.  In other words, the law is not to be weaponized against a politician from another party even when the parties in question were bitterly opposed to one another. 

This of course has never been the case with Third-World countries.  In those benighted states, presidents, ex-presidents and candidates are regularly thrown into prison on the mere suspicion of criminality (which is always loosely defined).  And you can see from the history of these benighted banana republics why they are called “banana republics.”

And so today, the United States of America joins this sorry roster of failed states.  Make no mistake, the prosecution of President Trump is based on the flimsiest set of circumstances that have ever been contrived.  The legal case is that specious.  (Please see the interview with Robert Barnes on Viva Frei below, it’s well worth 30 minutes of your time.)

We know where this will ultimately lead.  In the meantime, what’s the political upshot? 

In the short term, Trump’s approval rating will go into the stratosphere.  He has already made close to $8 million since he broke the story of his pending arrest two weeks ago.  I look for him raise millions more on the merchandise that’s going to roll out later today as soon as his mug shot becomes available.  

In the medium term, it will cram his opponents for the GOP nomination into a rhetorical box.  Not only will he suck all the oxygen out of the campaign, but they will be forced to defend him at every turn.  How can one run against a rival while defending him at the same time?  

Long term?  I’ve often stated that Trump is the 800 pound gorilla of 2024.  Sure, he’s long scrambled the brains of the Democrats and their RINO lackeys but if anything, he’s gotten more prominent since his “loss” in 2020.  In fact, given Biden’s disastrous performance on everything from the economy to war, Trump’s stock has risen.

In other words, even the political class (that is to say those not driven insane by his mere existence), has a very real fear that he will win reelection in 2024. That is the only thing that explains the constant stream of unforced errors that they have made since he retired to Mar-a-Lago two years ago. 

And unforced errors they have made.  But this one takes the cake.  Because this one has effectively turned this once great Republic into a banana one.  There is no way that this genie is going to be put back into the bottle.  And so, the Democrats, who are in the grips of a demonic hysteria, have sown the seeds of their own destruction.

Make no mistake, this will happen sooner or later.  Until that happens, Trump will be seen by all of his supporters as the only thing that will stand in the way of that eventuality.  If a country is on the road to disruption, then what difference does electing a disruptor make?  

Of course, we Orthodox Christians should not be surprised.  After all, we’ve been around for two thousand years and have seen a lot.  And let’s be honest, all rules, protocols,  gentlemen’s agreements and whatnot expire sooner or later.  They are only as good as the parties who abide by them.  All it takes is one party to break the rules and it’s off to the races.  

So we shouldn’t be surprised that the Deep State’s very real fear of Trump would cause them to roll the dice and hope for the best.  Of course, it won’t work out for them as they hope.

It didn’t for Caesar.  


  1. Can’t say I’m anything but encouraged.

    The Dems are pulling out all the stops and the MAGA crowd is beginning to get the message that you have to fight fire with napalm. On one level it is sick because it will all be driven by the passions. On the other hand, anything that destroys the liberal borg is, by definition, a good thing.

    They will use lawfare and the security state developed since 9/11 to destroy each other. Out of the anarchy and chaos, a stability will arise but it will be unencumbered by the rule books which both sides will have torn up and discarded.

    God willing it will be right wing. I doubt anything on the center or far left could seize power. They can’t even govern their inner cities.

    Viva la Revolucion!

  2. Gail Sheppard says

    Please email me if you’d like to see the actual indictment.

    • Alvin
      Bragg knows
      Leaked the indictment

      Alvin Bragg did you do dat?

      • I don’t know who else could have leaked it. It originated with him.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Of course it did. And guess what? That’s a felony. My prediction? That Bragg will be disbarred when all this is said and done.

  3. Anonymous II says

    On the one hand, this could be all a show for demoralization purposes. I’m convinced Trump won’t spend a day in prison, this is basically WWE entertainment. Even if he did spend time in prison, did he visit any of the Jan 6 prisoners? Did he pay their bail? Or pardon any of the ones arrested before he left office? Not that I’m aware of.

    It’s a shame this is happening but it’s not our responsibility to defend this man. He had an opportunity to cross the Rubicon, so to speak. Imagine if Julius Caesar, instead of crossing the Rubicon, told his army to go march on Rome without him and without their weapons (during this chaos, sending messengers to the city and urging his people to disperse and then disavowing the whole thing), and then Caesar (after the best of his soldiers were arrested), was asked to voluntarily go to Rome to face criminal charges – AND HE GOES.

    Some people are saying these actions help his reelection chances in 2024. Sure, I won’t argue that point, but maybe he should have made some decisions that would have been best for his nation instead of himself. Decisions that involve not submitting yourself to one of the most corrupt Babylonian cities in one of the most degenerate countries ever to exist with a – literally – illegitimate government.

    On the other hand, so he had four years as president, fine. But can it be said that President Trump actually had any real control over the power structure so as to effectively carry out his mandate? In other words, which institution or group comprising the power structure, listed above, was there willing to act in service of the MAGA agenda? Sure, you could find prominent figures here or there within these groups that were on Trump’s side. But no honest person on this board can say that at an institutional level, any of them were.

    Compare that to Putin in 2000, who inherited a collapsed Russia and was facing a task not too dissimilar to what faced Trump, or any other president who is serious about restoring the US. Putin was able to effectively combat the oligarchs (aka incite drama), because he had other institutional actors on his side. He actually could wield the power of the state against the oligarchs, which meant they could be neutralized, which allowed Russia the platform to recovery. Meanwhile Trump couldn’t even get the National Guard to stamp out lawless rioters in DC. “But he’s the President of the United States! He should have fired Milley!” Ok, maybe he should have. But then the Pentagon retaliates, the DOJ investigates him, congress impeaches and likely removes him, with the media propagandizing the public all the way through that justice is being served. You simply cannot hand-wave away these handicaps.

    Even if Trump being indicted is a ploy to prop him up and distract from domestic and foreign failures, it is still a losing play. Those failures are not going to vanish, they will be in the background steadily driving us down that path of collapse even if the public is distracted. What’s more, the play itself being blatant political persecution via the justice system is harmful to the status quo because it chips away at its legitimacy, which ultimately is its currency.

    • Anon II, of course you are correct –as far as it goes. What you are describing as necessary is Trump exercising supreme executive authority. During his first term in office, he was constantly hamstrung by the Congress or the courts. And that doesn’t count the permanent bureaucracy that thwarted him at every turn. It’s a wonder he got anything done.

      In comparing Russia to America, however, you are comparing apples to oranges. Trump as the head of the Executive Branch had only so much power at his disposal. Putin on the other hand was in a far more enviable position; he could right the Russian state not only because he had near-supreme authority but because the Russians as a people look up to and expected a strong central authority. They wanted him to crack skulls.

      That has been the case throughout their history. When they didn’t have a strong leader, as in the aftermath of the tsardom of Boris Godunov, their state was torn apart by the Poles.

      The only time Americans countenanced such dictatorial powers (and such powers are going to be necessary to save the Republic) was during the War Between the States and the Second World War. In both cases, however, once the crisis had passed, the party of the President in power lost the next election in either the Congress or the Presidency. (You could say it’s an Anglo-Saxon thing: once WWII was over, the British electorate threw Winston Churchill out on his ear.)

      In other words, there’s only so much dictatorship that the American people can stand.

    • Yes, however, notwithstanding all of the above, Trump is the best bet America has. Though that is not exactly wholehearted enthusiasm talking.

      Trump is not a quarter of the man that Putin is. We should establish that at the get go. He should have seen how godawful corrupt the Swamp was before ever entering the fray and should have had a plan to drain it, clear it and replace it with a functional nationalist government. Liberalism/the DNC/the Uniparty is a cancer with which America cannot continue to live/coexist.

      Evidently, he did not have such a plan. Perhaps he will have one if re-elected in light of all that has transpired pursuant to the Steal, the raid on Mar-a-Lago and his current persecution. He has said he wants to clean out the DS and Intelligence Services. That is a very tall order. I am quite skeptical. However, he is the only one discussing it seriously. But he must not be dissuaded by anyone regardless of what is thrown up against him. He did not have that type of fatalistic resolution during his first term. My hope is that the gauntlet he has had to undergo has instilled that level of – well – bushido, for lack of a better word. But again, whether he has or not, there is no other contender on the horizon committed to burning Tammany Hall to the ground.

      That is why he is the only one for whom I will vote in 2024, regardless of whether he runs as a Republican or Independent.

      But even he is a dark horse longshot at turning America around. You want to say you did everything you could, and that’s pretty much the sentiment behind supporting him. But we should hedge our bets inasmuch as in all likelihood the ship is sinking regardless of how the deckchairs are arranged.

      Buy gold. Stay armed. Pray. And wait out the vengeance of the Lord.

      • Anonymous II says

        Who actually benefits from the Trump indictment circus?

        An objective analysis reveals two primary beneficiaries:

        1) Joe Biden/the Democratic Party
        2) Donald Trump and his 2024 campaign

        Both benefit from the indictment for different reasons. In the case of Joe Biden, the Trump indictment steals the spotlight and gets people talking about something besides the massive incompetence of his administration and his increasingly difficult to hide history of corruption. Instead of focusing on inflation, the death of the petrodollar, the disastrous and unpopular war in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s obvious senility or the fact that multiple members of the Biden crime family have recently been busted receiving payments from China via banking records, people are instead talking once again about Donald Trump. And this also benefits Trump greatly, since prior to the indictment he was, so I’ve seen, losing SOME ground in the polls to DeSantis. He has also benefited by raising an enormous amount of money off this story.

        Literally ANYONE could have (and did) predict that indicting Trump on such ridiculous charges would only ENHANCE his popularity. So the idea that the Dems have somehow blundered by persecuting Trump is completely idiotic. They did this on purpose, knowing that attacking Trump in this manner would strengthen him politically. But this is exactly what they want.

        This does not require a conspiracy or that Donald Trump is somehow controlled opposition and is “in” on the whole thing. It simply requires that he continue to predictably act in the same manner he always does. In my view, Trump is not controlled opposition for the Dems, he is contained opposition, in the sense that the Dems and the Deep State now regard him as no threat to them whatsoever, and can take advantage of his predictable behavior for their purposes (by using him as a distraction – as in this case currently – or as a boogeyman to scare their voters with, as is their hope in 2024).

        The indictment of Trump was a very calculated and savvy political move by the Deep State – they simultaneously boost Trump with his own base and make him more likely to be the nominee (believing that they can once again easily steal the election from him), use him a distraction from Joe Biden’s incompetent and corrupt administration, and further tarnish Trump’s reputation among left-leaning moderate voters, who would otherwise be likely to shift Republican in 2024.

        Just as they did while he was in the White House, the Deep State continues to run circles around Donald Trump. And just as they did back then, Trump’s credulous supporters continue to defend him, simply because the man goes around giving speeches and mouthing the same old tired platitudes. And yet the war between Trump and the Deep State remains, as it has since the beginning, as one-sided as Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. He just never can quite get his foot on it, can he? But he’s gonna get them next time, you’ll see! He’s learned his lesson! The Deep State is really in trouble once Trump gets back in office!

        To be clear, I don’t think Trump is bad so much that I think he is not good, meaning not effective at taking the necessary actions to effect meaningful political change. This is due primarily to the combination of his personality and his general lack of understanding with how executive political power is best exercised (in a nutshell, Trump has the mindset of a star player, not a coach).

        It seems to me that most of the good that came from Trump’s term in office was a product of him simply doing nothing, because he was so stymied and hamstrung by his opponents. And a President who does very little in general can, by definition, do very little wrong, which by default made him a great President compared to the other men who’ve held the office over the past few decades (and currently), all of whom pushed the country in the wrong direction in one way or another. Trump’s tenure in office was basically just a pause button in that regard, a happy interregnum in which the United States was miraculously able to enjoy a President who genuinely wanted good things for the country, even if he couldn’t do much to accomplish them himself.

        In regards to winning, I also view Trump as a much weaker candidate than DeSantis, mostly due to the fact that he has been the victim of a non-stop media villainization campaign for the past 8 years, which has permanently destroyed his reputation and image in the minds of half of the country. This is not fair to Trump, but IS the unfortunate reality we are faced with. The man’s brand has become toxic, which would enable the 2024 election to be stolen from him without a fuss, because the people will be expecting such an outcome at this point. Trump’s own actions in the wake of the stolen 2020 election also give me no confidence in him in this regard.

        In contrast, Ron DeSantis is realistically as ideal a candidate as you could ever find if you hoped to unseat a President like Joe Biden. He is a stunning contrast in every regard, a living rebuke to the corrupt old husk of Biden that currently stands in for the man who once, if ever, had an honest or idealistic bone in his body. Given DeSantis’s impressive track record of success and demonstrated independence of mind (no, he is not a GOP stooge or a neocon) there is no reason not to take a chance on him at this point. We can at least be hopeful with DeSantis. Trump is just guaranteed to be a disappointment. We know that because we’ve seen him in action for years now, and the man is simply too old and set in his ways to learn any new tricks.

        Just my two kopecks.

        • The Dems are terrified of Trump 2.0 or they wouldn’t have been the first to prosecute a former president. You profoundly overestimate this bunch of Keystone Kops. They don’t do three d chess, just checkers and poorly.

          The evidence of this is abundant. They staged a fedsurrection which was utterly transparent and meant to preclude deliberation on the challenges to certify the Electoral College votes. They retreated from Afghanistan so shamefully that they left behind many US civilians. They have blundered the Ukraine into a meat grinder which will mean the end of Ukraine as we know it while plunging Europe into a recession, deindustrializing Germany and causing a rejection of the petrodollar, ending US global hegemony.

          And I’m just getting started.

          They have no great plan other than white replacement. Don’t overestimate them. They are a dying ideology run by geriatrics who are living in the past. They can’t shoot straight and they can’t think straight. That should be obvious to the casual observer.

          Now, Desantis might be ok for VP or in 2028. I still don’t know what he’s made of. But Trump ended Roe and put a plethora of good judges on the bench which will pay dividends for decades. Moreover, for a time, he reversed the manufacturing exodus and made us energy independent. I could give you a list of accomplishments but you get the picture. Poo pooing him to benefit Desantis will not go too far.

          It is far more plausible to conclude that Desantis is the DS preferred Republican nominee and that they’re making futile efforts to take Trump out because he is so heavily favored over Desantis in the polling. They know they risk creating a martyr-king but are all out of options inasmuch as nothing else has worked and Trump still appears to be the favorite going into the primaries.

          They don’t trust in their ability to steal another election in the face of Trump and GOP resolve to engage in ballot harvesting where it is legal. Indictment is meant to take Trump out because they fear what he will do, and has now said he will do, to the DS.

          But, like many plans of these amateurs, it will backfire against them since they are working against God.

          • Misha, if I might add this little tidbit: if Trump is damaged goods which makes Biden inevitable, then why did RFK Jr throw his hat in the ring (on the Democratic side).

            I’ll tell you why: because 2-3 months ago, the DS activated their agents in the MSM and started a propaganda campaign against Biden. Why? Because they know he’s damaged goods. So what did Biden’s people do? They laid low and dared the anti-Biden forces within the DS to find anyone –anybody–else. And there was nobody. Now emboldened, the Biden people felt they could do this against Trump. The problem is that Biden is still a demented old criminal.

            So now, the anti-Biden forces within the DS have asked Kennedy to step in and save the party.

            Long story short: if Trump were such a doomed-to-failure candidate, they wouldn’t be doing this. Outside of Kennedy there is no one on the Democrat side who can replace Biden as a candidate. It just goes to show you how thin their bench is.

            As for the GOP, they’ve got a bench that’s both wide and deep. Unfortunately, they’re all bought-and-paid for DS shills. The most we could expect from DeSantis is maybe some decent judges. But even here it’s no sure thing. The reason is because the GO{ in the Senate is in DS hands and it’s doubtful ordinary donors will pony up the money to get out the vote if the leadership keeps on squandering the moolah on “quality” candidates like Murkowski and Romney. (I keep on getting emails from the NRSC asking more my “insights” and contributions. After the last one, I emailed Cocaine Mitch and said “why don’t I just take out $100 and flush it down the toilet?)

            As I write these words, even I’m astonished to see how the odds are overwhelmingly in the Establishment’s favor.

            • Yes, George, exactly.

              There are those who can abide the old Uniparty arrangement and those who cannot and will not enable or prolong the cancer. Unless he full frontal takes on the intelligence services and the DS, I have to assume Desantis is like McConnell – ok on traditional conservative issues like judges, but at the end of the day an Establishment enabler.

              The objective is not to coexist with the Dems, but rather to ruin them decisively and end the two party faux wrestling match once and for all. Knowing what we do after Trump pulled back the curtain, voting for an Establishment Republican is a waste of time. Vote Democrat and accelerate the destruction rather than merely rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.

              • Merely voting for a GOP candidate (other than Trump) is useless now, especially since the Senate will likely be in the hold of Dems for the foreseeable future (as I’ve already stated). Even a bare majority would not be adequate:
                Unless the GOP can pick up at least four Senators, the conservative movement would be held at the mercy of a Romney and/or Murkowski (in much the same way that the Dems are at the mercy of Sinema and Manchin presently).

              • “Vote Democrat and accelerate the destruction rather than merely rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.”

                (my italics)

                Well, that’s a cynical recommendation! Ought we to do as St. Paul taunted, “Let us do evil, that good may come?” (Romans 3:8) For God’s sake, no!

                Misha, your comments are always full of insight and fascinating in that way. However, I think your disillusion with the state of affairs in the United States may have gotten the better of you here. Don’t you think you’ve jumped the gun in your assessment of Ron DeSantis?

                DeSantis has countered the Establishment by opening Florida during the “scamdemic”, pulling the rug out from underneath the wokemeisters at Disney, firing the Soros D.A. in Tampa, turning New College around with a new administration, responding quickly with hurricane recovery and flying illegal aliens to Barry Obama’s second favorite island. (I live on his favorite.) The people of Florida love him! Does that sound like an establishment candidate to you?

                Now in the case of Robert Kennedy, jr., I will say this. We have open primary elections here in blue Hawai’i. Hawai’i voters know that nine times out of ten – especially in national races – the Democratic candidate will win the general election. So, that means that the real battles happen in the primaries. If a Republican wants any say at all in who represents him, then he takes a Democratic primary ballot in hand and looks over the Democrats running that year. He chooses the candidates least offensive to his olfactory glands, and votes for those in the primaries, since the Democrats are likely to be elected in the general races anyway.

                That happens in August. Then, in November, the conservative voter, eg. moi, takes a ballot and votes Republican right down the line. Come to think of it, I accused you of being cynical when I must admit that this method sounds positively Macchiavellian, but it is the only way to my mind that a Republican has a small influence in a state that stumbles along under the Democratic yoke.

                I said that to say this, having read R.F.K., jr”s book, The Real Anthony Fauci from “kiver to kiver”, I am grateful that RFK had the gonads to do the research – very thorough research – and expose Tony Fauci, Bill Gates and the other Drs. Mengele that brought the world to its knees recently. Given a choice between our current sorry excuse for a president, and R.F.K., I’ll gladly fill in the box next to R.F.K.’s name in the primary. Then, I’ll vote for Trump or DeSantis – or a winning combination of the two – in the general. I certainly won’t vote for another stooge like Brandon – either the one in Chicago or the one in D.C. – who is likely to lead the nation further into the Slough of Despond.

                • At this point, my sole concern is with destroying the DNC, the Uniparty and the DS. I don’t want peace or coexistence. The best way to destroy them at present is to let them self-destruct under the weight of their own insanity. They don’t really need our help to do it.

                  Desantis is a hot dog, no doubt. But he is a conventional, parochial hot dog and easily fits within the Uniparty framework. If he were to distinguish himself in some way, that might be different. But as of this moment, I wouldn’t vote for him even if he got the Republican nod. I’d either write in Trump or just ignore it.

                  There is something serious to be said for letting the Democrats really run America into a hard landing. In fact, part of me is glad that Biden was appointed rather than Trump 2.0. Biden is the perfect character to preside over the steep decline of America. He has done more to ensure the end of American global hegemony in two short years than all of the Democrats and Republicans since Reagan.

                  If one is no longer loyal to America (and I definitely am not), it should be no wonder that having a horribly self-destructive Biden presidency seems not only like just desserts for the US, but actually facilitates the rise of the Eurasian Alliance which bodes well for Orthodoxy and humanity. If Biden were re-elected, it might well be that the republic would collapse and American influence would be much more restricted in the world than it is currently. And that would be a good thing.

                  Keep critiquing and you’ll talk me out of supporting Trump.

                  PS: America has become the focus of evil in the modern world. That being the case, the two really moral choices are to either a) only vote for a Republican/MAGA candidate who vows to take down the DS, or b) let the demons run it into the ground as soon as possible. Prolonging America’s malevolence through electing a Uniparty friendly establishment Republican type is not an option. That only feeds the schizophrenia. Christians voting for Desantis will only end up continuing neo-con policies abroad.

                  It needs to burn to the ground.

                • Lawrence, everything you say about DeSantis is spot-on. The problem is the context. DeSantis is the governor of an ultra-red state with near super-majorities in both houses.

                  Florida has a lot going for it, including a booming population, no state income tax, etc. Nobody in Florida wants to rock that boat.

                  Now I’ll grant you that DeSantis took decisive steps and behaved in an audacious manner when it came to COVID and he deserves credit for not caving. All GOP governors who didn’t cave deserve credit as well.

                  My concern is that when it came time to cut his ties with the warmongering wing of the GOP, he flinched.

                  I realize that that might be something a President DeSantis could use to his advantage, i.e. give in to the neocons in the foreign sphere while going the full Attila on the domestic front but that’s hope speaking. My fear, based on the war-fighting presidents –LBJ, Bush 41, Bush 43 especially–is that once the war party gets what they want overseas, they’ll swallow their anointed boy, depriving him of any domestic accomplishments.

                  That even went for the antiwar Obama: once he was in, the MIC used him to destroy the antiwar movement completely and short of the disaster that is Obamacare, deprived him of any meaningful domestic accomplishments.

                  Anyway, that’s my take. At this point, any random half-naked drag queen reading fairytales to five-year-olds would make a better president than the demented, incontinent criminal that’s in the Oval Office at present.

            • George: “the anti-Biden forces within the DS have
              asked Kennedy to step in and save the party.”

              I don’t think so, George.
              If there is one man on either ‘side’ the Deep State fears
              as much as (if not more than) Trump, it is RFK Jnr.

              If Trump gets in the FBI is screwed.
              If RFK Jnr gets in, the FBI is screwed.
              If Trump gets in the CIA is screwed.
              If RFK Jnr gets in the CIA is screwed.

              But (and it’s a big, the biggest, BUT),
              if RFK Jnr gets in, Big Pharma is screwed.
              But if Trump gets in: ” …it ain’t necessarily so.”

              • I hope RFK, jr. gets the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Then the Democrats will be forced to vote for an alternative to Trump who actually has something to offer to help rescue the country. Kennedy is a lawyer who has a history of suing manufacturers who ignore environmental laws and pharmaceutical companies who make harmful medicines. That history should appeal to a lot of Democrats.

                Add to that the lingering allure of the Kennedy name made exceptional by the political martyrdoms of Jack and Bobby – no matter what you think of Teddy’s long career as a senator – and you have name recognition and a strong political appeal. At this point in time, Bobby, jr. would have a good shot at holding the CIA responsible for his uncle’s assassination sixty years ago.

                On the other hand, Robert Kennedy, jr.’s exhaustive research exposes to the last detail the treachery of Tony Fauci, Bill Gates and the deep bench of traitors with M.D.s who orchestrated the pogrom of Covid pandemic mandates. Now, that research does NOT appeal to the “urban atheists” like my relative, who “believe in the Science”, the demigod whom they worship with such misguided enthusiasm. With their ubiquitous face masks and vaccination stickers, their virtue signaling was on parade…every day for the last three years, but they would have nothing to do with scientific research that ran contrary to their unspoken philosophy.

                I have a close relative who has spent most of his life working for a couple of genetic research laboratories on the lily-white, liberal coast of Maine. He used to admire RFK, jr. for his legal work, but when I offered to send him a copy of The Real Anthony Fauci, he demurred. The indictment that the tome levels on our corrupt medical establishment runs contrary to his political and scientific views. He would most likely NOT vote for Kennedy, even if only to stop Trump. As Comedian Dennis Miller used to say, “That’s my opinion, but I may be wrong.”

                I wouldn’t be surprised if most Democrats now have deeply ambivalent feelings about RFK, jr.. And, given his chronic disease and resultant speech impediment, the race to win the nomination will be an uphill battle for him, even against that decrepit old demagogue who now occupies our White House, who slurs his speech. Incumbency carries a frustrating advantage in politics.

                • If Trump could beat Hillary Clinton,
                  Bobby Kennedy could beat Biden.

                  Whether he will or not is (of course) another matter.
                  It may all come down to who counts the votes…

                  • Anonymous II says

                    Exactly, Brendan.

                    The globalists will install whoever they choose. Look at Zelensky, Trudeau, Biden, most anywhere. I mean, the governor’s of California, Washington, Arizona, etc. They’re figureheads, car salemen. Someone else owns the lot.

                    • I think you misunderstand me.

                      “It may all come down to who counts the votes”
                      does not equate to
                      “The globalists will install whoever they choose”.

                      As Aragorn (in the film) says: “There is always hope.”

                    • That said, the fact that Trump upset their apple-cart in 2016 and has scrambled their brains ever since, means that they aren’t all-powerful. That they can be defeated.

                      Aragorn was right.

                • Lawrence, thank you for this, I really enjoyed it. (BTW, can you tell me what RFK Jr’s disease was that caused his speech impairment?)

                  If I may, I’d like to add this to my previous assessment of Trump and that is this: I would vote for a GOP candidate who won the nomination against him fair and square, provided that this person was not a RINO (Romney), cuckservative (Asa Hutchinson) or neoconservative warmonger (Haley, Bolton, Pompeo).

                  If one is able to break free from the DS/GOP matrix (Vivaswamy[sp?] or another dark horse, then I’d be forced to cast my vote for him. DeSantis I would vote for, especially if he were able to break out of that fetid matrix but I’d know that in doing so, he still doesn’t have the throw-weight to go tell the matrix to go pound sand. They would always have the capability to “pull him back in” (in Michael Corleone’s famous phrase from Godfather III).

                  Another caveat: I will be looking to see how far Trump continues to push the Overton Window to the right and see who follows him in that direction. Even the DS is known to make accommodations to historical winds if that’s what it takes to stay in power.

        • George Michalopulos says

          A very well thought out analysis. In the main, I don’t disagree with your assessment of the DS’s thought processes.

          The problem is that it’s a sign of desperation on their part. Once “gentlemen’s agreements” are violated, then things will go to sh!t for all concerned, including the DS.

          As for DeSantis, he talks the talk and walks the walk but only to the extent that the DS allows him to do so. I wouldn’t say he’s “controlled opposition” so much as to say that the DS “has his number” and thus it’s their hope that he gets the nomination and if elected, can be controlled by them.

          Trump, for all his faults, is the ultimate Disruptor.

  4. Nate Trost says

    Counterpoint: In a healthy democratic state operating under the rule of law, even the most powerful current or former politicians are not immune from prosecution if they break the law. For all its flaws and imperfections, the American justice system has not yet fallen into the ‘rule by law’ degraded state of an authoritarian mafia state like Russia.

    The NY case is probably the least important compared to the other indictments Trump is likely facing this year, although it is perhaps the most sordid.

    To support Trump, no matter how factually established his misdeeds might be, well we could call those people the real Banana Republicans.

  5. Sir Thomas Beecham: “Too much counterpoint;
    what is worse, Protestant counterpoint.”

  6. Nor should we forget about the banks which are behind the banking cartel:

    • I’ve watched this video, George. Good find.

      Whitney Webb’s ability to unravel such a convoluted “web” (pun intended) is just brilliant. It’s clear that she has done her homework. One can see that she was nervous during this interview and should be commended for her moxie for making these matters public. The breathtaking arrogance of Jamie Dimon, Jeffrey Epstein, the Crown family and the other “banksters” and gangsters that she talks about is utterly appalling. Let’s hope that the Congress will first be able to make the connections and that they will hold Dimon’s feet to the fire and more of the darkness that is Epstein’s legacy will be revealed to the nation.

  7. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s Coulter’s take:

    In reading her analysis, it’d be good to remember: she supported Romney in 2012.

    • It would also be good to remember that Trump appointed John Bolton as National Security Advisor in April 2018.

      • Yes he did. It’s also good to remember that the Swamp has a deep and wide bench as well. Outside of Kash Patel, Doug MacGregor and K T McFarlin, I was absolutely shocked as to how fetid and humongous that Swamp was.

        Seriously, I’m astounded. It’s like I fell off the turnip truck, walked in to the local church and found the parson having at it with the choir-mistress while the organist was playing showtunes and the board of elders had turned the inside into a saloon.

        I mean, there is nothing good at all about DC. Nothing. If Trump gets back in, he’s going to have to govern from Bedminster and do everything by executive order. He may have to storm every govt agency with Marines and frog-march every last bureaucrat out.

    • Poor Ann! Bitter and proud of her defection. How the mighty have fallen! She wrote some good, meticulously footnoted books decimating liberalism. However, she was always a Swamp creature. It was the faux wrestling match from which she made her money.

      That’s the key to understanding NeverTrump, Inc. All the Never-Trumpers are bottom feeders who make their living off of the professional wrestling match that is the Uniparty. Trump intends to destroy the dynamic which puts food on their table because it is sick and a betrayal of the interests of the American middle and lower classes.

      • I don’t think it’s fair to lump Ann Coulter in the same group as the “Never Trumpers.” There is a difference between her and them.

        The “Never Trumpers” didn’t like Trump because of the promises he made.

        Ann Coulter doesn’t like Trump because he didn’t keep those promises, and also because he undermined Republican efforts to elect members to the Senate from Georgia.

        • In the end, that’s where she ended up. I’ve never been convinced by the unkept promises meme. He did about what it was in his power to do. His main flaws were that he settled for more conventional Repubs when he needed personnel and that he wasn’t hell bent on destroying the Democratic Party as a matter of American self defense.

          I trust he’s learned his lesson on both counts but having supported Romney, Ann has no room to criticize. She clearly supports the Uniparty for commercial reasons.

  8. This is Robert Barnes’ analysis of the indictment (first 35 minutes) in exquisite detail. Bottom line is that there is no “there” there.

  9. Here’s an analysis of another crime:

    Dr Mike Yeadon: Why I don’t believe there ever was a Covid virus

    ‘ I’VE grown increasingly frustrated about the way debate is controlled around the topic of origins of the alleged novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, and I have come to disbelieve it’s ever been in circulation, causing massive scale illness and death. Concerningly, almost no one will entertain this possibility, despite the fact that molecular biology is the easiest discipline in which to cheat. That’s because you really cannot do it without computers, and sequencing requires complex algorithms and, importantly, assumptions. Tweaking algorithms and assumptions, you can hugely alter the conclusions.

    This raises the question of why there is such an emphasis on the media storm around Fauci, Wuhan and a possible lab escape. After all, the ‘perpetrators’ have significant control over the media. There’s no independent journalism at present. It is not as though they need to embarrass the establishment. I put it to readers that they’ve chosen to do so.

    So who do I mean by ‘they’ and ‘the perpetrators? There are a number of candidates competing for this position, with their drug company accomplices, several of whom are named in Paula Jardine’s excellent five-part series for TCW, Anatomy of the sinister Covid project. High on the list is the ‘enabling’ World Economic Forum and their many political acolytes including Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern.

    But that doesn’t answer the question why are they focusing on the genesis of the virus. In my view, they are doing their darnedest to make sure you regard this event exactly as they want you to. Specifically, that there was a novel virus.

    I’m not alone in believing that myself at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’, but over time I’ve seen sufficient evidence to cast strong doubt on that idea. Additionally, when considered as part of a global coup d’état, I have put myself in the position of the most senior, hidden perpetrators. In a Q&A, they would learn that the effect of a released novel pathogen couldn’t be predicted accurately. It might burn out rapidly. Or it might turn out to be quite a lot more lethal than they’d expected, demolishing advanced civilisations. Those top decision-makers would, I submit, conclude that this natural risk is intolerable to them. They crave total control, and the wide range of possible outcomes from a deliberate release militates against this plan of action: ‘No, we’re not going to do this. Come back with a plan with very much reduced uncertainty on outcomes.’

    The alternative I think they’ve used is to add one more lie to the tall stack of lies which has surrounded this entire affair. This lie is that there has ever been in circulation a novel respiratory virus which, crucially, caused massive-scale illness and deaths. In fact, there hasn’t.

    Instead, we have been told there was this frightening, novel pathogen and ramped up the stress-inducing fear porn to 11, and held it there. This fits with cheating about genetic sequences, PCR test protocols (probes, primers, amplification and annealing conditions, cycles), ignoring contaminating genetic materials from not only human and claimed viral sources, but also bacterial and fungal sources. Why for example did they need to insert the sampling sticks right into our sinuses? Was it to maximise non-human genetic sequences?

    Notice the soft evidence that our political and cultural leaders, including the late Queen, were happy to meet and greet one another without testing, masking or social distancing. They had no fear. In the scenario above, a few people would have known there was no new hazard in their environment. If there really was a lethal pathogen stalking the land, I don’t believe they’d have had the courage or the need to act nonchalantly and risk exposure to the virus.

    Most convincingly for me is the US all-cause mortality (ACM) data by state, sex, age and date of occurrence, as analysed by Denis Rancourt and colleagues. The pattern of increased ACM is inconsistent with the presence of a novel respiratory virus as the main cause.

    If I’m correct that there was no novel virus, what a genius move it was to pretend there was! Now they want you only to consider how this ‘killer virus’ got into the human population. Was it a natural emergence (you know, a wild bat bit a pangolin and this ended up being sold at a wet market in Wuhan) or was it hubristically created by a Chinese researcher, enabled along the way by a researcher at the University of North Carolina funded by Fauci, together making an end run around a presidential pause on such work? Then there’s the question as to whether the arrival of the virus in the general public was down to carelessness and a lab leak, or did someone deliberately spread it?

    I also need to point out that the perpetrators have hermetic control of the mass media via a Big Tech and government stranglehold documented in part here, here and here. That’s why they’ve found it so easy to censor people like me. If a story appears on multiple TV networks, it’s because they’re either OK with it or it has been actively planted. It won’t be genuine. They never tell the truth. I don’t think they’ve told the truth since this coup began and probably much earlier. Most so-called journalists have lost sight of what truth ever was.

    I believe that the perpetrators (who could be all or any of Gates, Fauci, Farrar, Vallance, CEPI, EcoHealth Alliance, DARPA and numerous others) planted the controversy about the origins of SARS-CoV-2 because a little embarrassment of the establishment was a small price to persuade most of us that there surely must be a novel virus when there isn’t. (And they have got away with it to date.)

    I have colleagues who do not believe what we’ve been told (i.e. that a virus has been experimentally constructed) is even possible technologically. I don’t have the background to assess that idea. But the rest hangs together for me in a way that no other explanation does.

    To this point, an ex-pharmaceutical industry executive Sasha Latypova, speaking with Robert F Kennedy Jr on his podcast of last Thursday, March 16, describes the extensive evidence of the contracts and relationships that were in place before the Covid era. Contracts were signed for billions of dollars in February 2020. Not only would the required production never happen (from a standing start, to sign such a large commitment is ridiculous) but it cannot be done. She estimated that approximately one kilogram of DNA was required. There isn’t that much medicinal grade DNA on the planet at any one time. That’s because it’s hard to do, very expensive, wholly bespoke and difficult to store for long periods. Also, the amounts of any specific DNA sequence required and held in store by commercial suppliers would be milligrams or perhaps grams at a stretch. So it was always completely unfeasible, regardless of how much money was thrown at the problem, to have accomplished what they claim to have done in a short time.

    Consequently, no other conclusion is supported by the facts than that it’s a huge crime, extensively planned. In itself, that rules out a natural emergence of a pathogen, unless divine providence occurred. Logically we’re left with a leak or, as I argue, a lie plus a PsyOp. The former may or may not be possible, but what isn’t arguable is that something like this could be done and would be likely to run smoothly, with a real pathogen. Almost any outcome but the one presumably wanted is likely if a pathogen is released. I can reach no other conclusion than that it’s fake.

    In closing, I’m not saying people weren’t sick or that they didn’t die in huge numbers. I’m arguing only about the causes of illnesses and deaths. People were made sick and some killed by all the pre-existing causes, amplified by fear, resulting in immunosuppression and then a host of revolting actions. Note even the official overlap of signs and symptoms of ‘Covid-19’ and existing illnesses. Notably, they chopped antibiotic prescriptions in the US by 50 per cent during 2020. They ensured large numbers of frail elderly people were mechanically ventilated, a procedure which, in such subjects, is close to contraindicated. Some were administered remdesivir, which is a poison for the kidneys. In care homes, they were given midazolam and morphine, respiratory depressant drugs which in combination are all but contraindicated in patients with breathing difficulties. If used, close monitoring is required, most usually automated alarm systems attached to vital cardiorespiratory monitoring, including fingertip monitoring for blood gases. That didn’t happen in care homes.

    I believe the main reason for the lies about the novel virus is a desire for total predictability and control, with the clearly articulated intention of transforming society; beginning by dismantling the financial system through lockdowns and furlough, while the immediate practical goal of lockdown was to provide the causus belli for injecting as many people as possible with materials designed not to induce immunity, but to demand repeat inoculation, to cause injury and death, and to control freedom of movement. I’m sure they’re pretty content with getting at least one needle into 6,000,000,000 people.

    Note that though an estimated 10-15million have been killed with poisonous ‘vaccines’, these are the but first of many mRNA injections to come. The indications are that ways to force you to accept ten more have been anticipated, because that’s the number of doses your government has agreed to purchase. Purchasing what? Well, it’s already been mooted that all existing vaccines are to be reformatted as mRNA types. If this happens, I don’t believe anyone injected ten more times is likely to escape death or severe, life-limiting illnesses. Inducing your body to manufacture non-self proteins will axiomatically induce an autoimmune attack by your own body. Your disease will be related to where the injected dose goes and of course the consistency of that injected product. They’ve been horribly erratic so far. It’s not certain they ever could have been made and launched if they had been subject to the usual quality requirements and not granted ’emergency use’ authorisations. Of course, as we now know, the regulators played an important role beyond lying for the US military, the organisation which made the original orders for ‘vaccines’, and set all the contractual conditions for companies such as Moderna and Pfizer.

    The chickens are coming home to roost right now in the banking system.

    As I always say, I cannot know much for sure. I don’t have a copy of the script of this, the greatest crime in history. But, whatever Covid actually is, I don’t believe that what was called influenza disappeared conveniently in early 2020. It’s another lie. It’s what they do. It’s all they do.

    To those who sense that all is not well but are unwilling to make the psychological leap to the diabolical world I believe we’re now living in, I point out the asymmetry of risk. If you follow the official narrative and I’m right, you and your children will lose all your freedoms and probably your lives. If you believe what I’m saying and I’m wrong, you’ll be laughed at. These options aren’t faintly balanced. A rational actor should cease believing what we’re being told. It’s not a safe position, keeping your counsel and your head down. It’s the most dangerous thing you could do. ‘

  10. Ed Dowd and Mike Adams discuss the devastating economic
    consequences of vaccine injuries, disabilities and deaths

    [Video – 38:58]

    Ed Dowd: “The FED is not going to be able to bail out asset prices this time”.
    “It was big rich people that caused the [Silicon Valley] Bank run”.

    Phinance Technologies: Humanity Projects

    Explore the site and check the US figures. They are horrendous.
    European and UK figures are unlikely to be any better…


    [Video – 19:44]

    The ‘Hermit Kingdom’ of Western Australia was isolated for two years.
    Almost everybody got ‘vaccinated’ in the COVID-free environment.
    It was the perfect vaccine experiment.
    Then the excess deaths soared…