Creepy Joe & the Greedy Hunter

Hunter Biden

Sounds like a bad Grimm Brothers fairy-tale. But it’s not. In the best Third-world fashion, Plugs Biden has done a solid for his son, Hunter. Thanks to Daddy’s connections, Hunter has made out like a bandit in China and the Ukraine (where he sits on the board of directors of a major oligarch’s shale oil company there). Not bad work considering that Hunter was dishonorably discharged from the Army because of his cocaine habit.

What? You didn’t hear about that? For some reason, the Corporate Media decided to sit on that story. You see, neither Hunter nor his dad has an “R” after their name. So, nothing to see here, move along!

Anyway, where was I? The China connection explains why President Xi is hanging tough for now in regards to the trade war with the US. He’s betting that Creepy Joe will be taking the oath of office on Jan 20, 2021. And, he’s got some reason to hope for that outcome. After all, according to the polls, Creepy Joe is well on his way to winning the Democratic nomination for President.

I myself have some problems with the polling methodology but I can see how there is a wide swath of the Democrat electorate (probably 35 percent) which is not insane. And since there are twenty-two other Democrats (I’m not counting Tulsi Gabbard) of varying degrees of insanity vying for the other 65 percent, then yes, I can see how Obama’s former veep has the inside lane.

Basically, he’d be pulling a Trump, who at 22 percent or so back in 2015, had the largest share of the Republican vote going into the 2016 election –seeing as it was divided up by sixteen other contenders. Slowly his 22 percent became 27, then 35, then a majority as the others started slinking off into oblivion. (Of course, Joe really needs to watch his back because Hillary isn’t going anywhere but waiting to find the chink in his armor and then, all bets are off.)

Anyway, there are many troubling signs on the horizon for Uncle Joe. And they all center around Ukraine and his son’s involvement with oligarchs there. (See? There’s always an Orthodox angle to these things.) All of a sudden, Zelinskiy, the new president of Ukraine is making noises about how he wants to cooperate with our Justice Department. Who knows? Justice may very well come out of it.

Back to my main point: isn’t this how politics operate in the Third World? You know, career politicians sending their kin to feed at the public trough until the next election when the other oligarchic family and their hangers-on replace them? Anyway, the next time some pundits talk about Putin and the corruption in Russia, tell them we need to tend to our own knitting.

Anyway, Creepy Joe just can’t quit:


  1. Thanks for this interesting information, George.

  2. Greatly Saddened says

    Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, absolutely nothing should surprise us any more. Especially, when it comes to politicians and the Church. Nowadays, our children no longer seem to have any role models to look up to. How sad!

  3. Imagine if all those old Democrats calling for impeachment of President Trump, were put under the same standard of scrutiny, and had to prove they were not guilty of high crimes such as insider trading, back room deals, collusion, and treason. I still scratch my head how Obama got away sending billions in CASH, to Iran, and sold our rare mineral mines in Nevada, to China, or Madame Clinton helping promote Uranium One to Russia. Top it off, what a story with the FBI, DOJ, and Obama colluding to influence the election that backfired, and the fact that the MSM won’t investigate one of the biggest scoops in our nation’s history. Freedom of the press, is neither free, nor balanced. In fact nothing colludes more than the Democrats and MSM, on a daily basis, down to the word or phrase of the day.

  4. Constantinos says

    Dear George,
    Biden has no chance whatsoever of winning the presidency. As the saying goes, “Winners win, and losers lose.” Biden is a loser. He has already run for president three times before his latest exercise of tilting at windmills. Serving two terms for a very corrupt president does nothing to burnish one’s reputation. He’s also a draft dodger. Obama was one of the least successful presidents in US history. If Biden couldn’t win when he was a much younger man, how does he think he can possibly win at this old age, and, believe me, he’s really old. If by some curse, he won the presidency, he would be seventy eight by the time he took office. The grind of the race for president is going to wear him to a frazzle. If he were so unfortunate to be Trumps opponent, by the time of the debates, he will have resorted to his childhood malady of stuttering. His new nickname would be Stuttering Joe Biden. It’s Trump race to lose, and he won’t lose.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I don’t dispute you Costa but our society is completely debased and our oligarchy is evil. The only chance he has is for a RINO cuck like Bill weld to run and split the GOP vote.

    • cynthia curran says

      He Biden gets mayor Pete B to run with him. Kalma Harris even does bad in North Carolina and Florida against Trump in polls, but mayor Pete B a little better than Harris.

  5. Lon Calefas says

    I’d say these are the best shots:
    Booker, O’Rourke, Klobuchar, Hickenlooper, Yang.

    • Tulsi Gabbard has a better shot than most of those if the objective is to defeat Trump.  She has more military experience than Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams, Kristol, . . . . combined.  On foreign policy, she is excellent.  On domestic policy maybe not, but let’s get some of those trillions of dollars wasted on regime change wars back to the U.S. and start actually rebuilding infrastructure.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Tulsa Gabbard is the one bright spot in the Dem field. Yet the Corporate Media have gone to herculean efforts to make sure that she gets no attention at all.

      • Don Jose says

        She is an opportunistic idiot, trying to placate both sides. That is why the support she receives is non existent. Especially here at home, in Hawaii. She has absolutely no chance.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Yes, but at least she’s not a warmonger. Seriously, what the hell happened to the Democrat Party?

  6. I would like to see this ticket: Tulsi Gabbard President, Condoleeza Rice Vice President, or vice versa! The only way to break this sham of a two party system in our current political climate is to bring reasonable and moderate people together from both sides, and shake it up big time. Those two as one ticket would appeal to many people, and they would get my vote.

  7. Zane Caridas says

    Ya gotta love how Phil Christopher does the Creepy Joe on Nita Lowey