The respite we have experienced since the confirmation of Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is now over.

The left, instead of learning their lesson (that Americans don’t much like totalitarians and that we really do believe in the presumption of innocence) is now doubling down. They are becoming even more shrill, more hateful and more evil. This despite the fact that the Covington kids are lawyering up and will probably become quite wealthy thanks to the unjust defamation (and worse) they have received.

Harsh words I know, but what other adjectives could you use to describe the behavior of our political class in the wake of what transpired on the National Mall a few days ago?

In the video below, I will comment more expansively as to the singular nature of our political culture and how they are beholden to the cultural Marxist narrative. Special obloquy however will be heaped on those so-called conservatives who I will now and forevermore drum out of true conservatism.

I will freely and without reservation call them what they truly are: cuckservatives. For they are not men but soulless handmaidens of evil. C S Lewis called men such as these “men without chests”, ever ready to be patted on the head by their intellectual “betters”. Real conservatives would know better.

These boys deserved a fair hearing and they didn’t get one, simply necause of who they were –white, Catholic, well-educated, pro-life Trump supporters. They checked all the wrong boxes. Regardless, the rush to judgment is most decidely not conservative, in any way, shape, manner or form. And the cucks over at National Review Online should know better having gone down this road before more than once. Once a cuck, always a cuck, I guess.

Folks, it’s only going to get worse. You wanna know why? Because the fight isn’t between conservatives and liberals. Or the left versus the right. It’s even beyond those who are patriots and those who are globalists. Covington proves that it’s between those who love liberty and those who are totalitarians.

Gird your loins.



  1. Greatly Saddened says

    Great video! We continue our descent to an all time low. And sadly, as you so eloquently stated, it is just going to continue to get even worse.

  2. Yeah things about to get much worse is of course right. See the below link on the current situation in China. The writer seems strangely unaware of the parallels between their (left wing news agency) world-view and China’s. Surely the West is but bee’s ‘you know what’ away from adding something like this to it’s current repertoire

  3. Gus Langis says

    The west is suffering from mental illness. It is psychologically damaged. Our women have been brainwashed by feminism and are no longer trustworthy. The church has been hijacked by political interests and Her very authenticity of Christian expression are in question . Sad times…

  4. Hi and yes agree re Catholic school lads. I’m a psychologist and that lad looks bemused, embarrased, why smiling like that. Let alone what we know now.
    Now i will be blunt I do not like trump or his made in China hats as he is an ignorant boorish oaf and you want peace so u have Bolton, yes quite. And i don’t see difference between an elderly white male elite and the elderly white female, no did not mention clinton, pelosi! Oops, elite. But that irrelevant to things.
    In Uk a man who owns a company was interviewed by police and cautioned for hate speech and the policeman said he is being cautioned about ‘HIS THINKING ‘ YES HIS THINKING. No he had not actually committed a crime but someone had objected to his twitter posted limerick, which was not his but quoted and was an ironic take on being a pretend man in this gender lunacy madness we are in. 1984 meets Things to come.

    By the way that is my criticism of yr Great leader. He has no beliefs, HAPPY HOLIDAYS ANYONE, no morals and no brain. The crisis in yr Politics is money turning yr democracy into a two party kleptocracy. I would vote for none of them, either with chinese made hats on or amer – Indian COSTUME. As for dancing, well across the pond May does a good one too
    The crime of those lads was to be in a pro -life demonstration. That is the mega crime, to not be jumping up and down for abortion on demand.

  5. Nathan Phillips has been exposed as a fraud and liar multiple times over. However, NBC and other media outlets still provide him cover and portray him as the victim. The interviewer on the Today show is a liar as well when she said that she never heard him claim he was in Vietnam. The media has sunk to new lows with this whole story.

  6. Ronda Wintheiser says

    Thanks, George.

    Just a few more details to flesh out the character of Nathan Phillips.

    He was a Marine during the Viet Nam war. He was never deployed to Viet Nam. He went AWOL several times. He was a refrigerator repairman.

    He claimed, later, to have come home from Viet Nam to experience being spit on and called a baby killer.

    He allowed himself to be described as a Viet Nam vet by an organization in order to raise money, and he allowed a poster/photo of himself created by the Indigenous Peoples (the group he was with who were marching at the Lincoln Memorial) to describe him as a Viet Nam vet.

    And he also has claimed to have been a “recon ranger”.

    He has a criminal record from years ago, when he was just a few years older than Nick Sandmann.

    I do have links to document these things if you want them.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Much appreciated, Rhonda. Please send any links at your convenience.

      • George are you aware that there is good reason to believe Denisenko is implicated in not only corruption, 3 billion missing roubles in 1993/5 and trade in illegal goods etc, but in MURDER, certainly the murder by poison being , favourite KGB method, of Vladimir Romaniuk the so called Patrarch in 1995 in Kiev, who wanted to depose Denisenko and return to cannonical obedience and several other bishops in similar circumstances. Do you know about this that this man is a tbug and crooked let alone the rest?
        This is even ever before you get into the ecclesiology of the issue.
        Even if Bartholomaios was totally in clear in terms of ecclesiology in the Ukraine, it is totally negated by this man.
        Just as he controls from behind, via his wife, he does the same now with his puppet Metropolitan. This man is a KGB mafia tbug. And Bartholomaios is his willing dupe. What damage this is doing to the Church.

  7. Since when do we call all senior citizen American Indians; elders? Or is this brain drained Americana media back flipping for their white privilege shame?

    American Indians sacred, American Christians evil?

    Why are Christians expected to show the “elder” Indian space and respect? Does the “elder” Indian show space and respect to Roman Catholics when he disrupts worship services at their church?

    Banging on church doors, and their drums while attempting to bust into The Nation Cathedral during a large Catholic mass, and not allowing church members from entering, is respectful?

    No outrage from the media? Thankfully no death threats from offended Christians and triggered social media persons, as was the case with the white BOY, with the RED hat.

  8. Most of the conservatives who jumped on this were Never-Trumpers. They were enraged by the MAGA hats. The rest should have known better than to trust the media. Always question the narrative. Never virtue signal.

  9. Gus Langis says

    Elder Indian with the white European name of Nathan Phillips? I usually dont believe in conspiracy theories but perhaps RBG is on her deathbed and the media is pre-emptively slandering the Latins due to the rumor a Roman catholic woman is a leading candidate to be nominated to the Supreme Court as her replacement

    • George Michalopulos says

      I’ve thought about that myself. At my age I’ve developed the ability to “look around the corner”, i.e., to anticipate the unexpected. Ive had this feeling for 2+ weeks that Notorious RBG is semi-comatose in some hospice setting.

      Right now, it’s in nobody’s interests to pull the plug. Trump is waiting for the 3 week temporary opening to play itself out before declaring a national emergency on the wall. Then when the 9th circuit stays his order, his new atty general files for an emergency hearing before scotus.

      By then, Amy Coney Barrett will be on the Court or there will be one liberal vacancy. 5-4 one way or 5-3 the other.

      Regardless when RBG kicks the bucket and Trump nominates Barrett, it’s gonna be apocalyptic.

      • George shares an ongoing clairvoyant premonition:

        I’ve thought about that myself. At my age I’ve developed the ability to “look around the corner”, i.e., to anticipate the unexpected. Ive had this feeling for 2+ weeks that Notorious RBG is semi-comatose in some hospice setting.

        Right now, it’s in nobody’s interests to pull the plug

        I was rather struck by this one; it gave me goose bumps. So I just thought I’d re-up it for the riveted fans, lest it get lost amid all the other gems here lately.

        I’m sure that live interview I saw with her last week was a hologram.

  10. Constantinos says

    Dear friends,
    In my humble opinion, I have offered many fresh ideas, and original thinking on this forum, but now it is time for me to go. I’m sure I will be missed. Ahem. cough,,, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, etc. Ahhh, it’s nice to be loved!!! Adios, and I pray God’s richest blessings on each and every one of you.

  11. Ronda Wintheiser says
  12. Let me see. I am going to wear the hat of a man who carried a torch against Obama, aka birtherism, for many years (and still have believers despite it being disproven), and I am going to carry a torch against the impoverished Hispanics entering the US illegally and my hats will not become a symbol of any wrong.

    Maybe I should shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City or say something like ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ to make my hats not seem a symbol of chauvinism, machismo, racism, hell classicism even run wild. Then I will blame the feminists.

    In this case, you wear a political hat and things get political.

    So, what is wrong with a hat?

    What the news outlets fell short of saying is the hats represent nothing great at all. What would ‘make America great again’?

    Parse the statement for a moment, friends. The implication is that America is not great or was not great or had a great misstep with the word again. It is a brainy statement, but when you dice it up and digest it; it implies something negative happened. But I will save you the inference (you all know what it is), visions of Trump on a horse come to mind. Seriously, words matter and the word again is at the root of all the problems.

    Here is a thought. Shoot the messenger when you don’t like the message. Call it, I dunno, fake news. Or condemn the person who pointed out the absurdity of ‘again’.

    Maybe you need to start keeping a private version of your diary Winston because the public one isn’t too thoughtful about the facts. It wasn’t the kid; it was the damn hat with ‘again’. It could have been any kid with any facial expression.

    To be fair, what does ‘again’ mean to you?

    O’ Brien from Dystopia

    • George Michalopulos says

      Things were very dystopic under the Wicked African and Mohammedan who ground our faces in the dust from Jan 20, 2009 until our deliverance at 12:01, Jan 20, 2017.

      Still, I’m very philosophical about that lost decade. I believe that as America is the most powerful nation on earth, no Mongol horde could conquer us. Therefore, the Good Lord in His mercy used this wicked Mohammedan to chastise us for our sins.

    • It means before the far far nutter authoritarian left wing took over and started coveting power more than they cared about US citizens.

  13. Antiochene Son says

    The posters that once said, “It’s okay to be white” now say “It’s okay to smile.”