Counterflow Part II: Internet Orthodoxy or Orthodoxy on the Internet?

And now we present you with Part II of Counterflow podcast, hosted by Buck Johnson with Fr Turbo Qualls, Alex Brazsko and yours truly.



  1. I enjoyed the video. It’s helpful to me to understand in greater depth how Orthodox Christian bloggers feel about the work they are doing. We are all being bombarded by bloggers on the web that pervert scripture and sedate humanity. As stated in the video, not everyone has the time to read Orthodox Christian blogs or listen to podcasts but they certainly can tune in once every few days or so to harvest truth.

    We must constantly seek Christ. We must be willing to lose everything for the cause of Christ; otherwise we are false disciples. It’s important for me to read this blog and Helleniscope to stay alert about the corruption taking place within the GOA. We must never allow rebellious sinful acts of the hierarchy to be hidden from view.

  2. Might I add, the priest stated we have entered an Apocalypse. God help us , save us, and have mercy on us. Yes, the priest is right. The waters are rising. There is little time. The AI beast system grows exponentially by the hour.

  3. Zelon Parankis says

    All these sub-sub-deacons in blogging away in their sub-sub-basements with parish envy,
    passive aggressives who attack anyone actually doing anything real. Blowhards, who after telling everyone else how they should do things, go home abuse alcohol and opiates and then their families. Most of the holy rollers are old ladies trying to escape their drunken, abusive husbands.

    • Serious overreach, my friend. People with problems tend to magnify the problems of other people. Reality is all but lost.