Count the Number of Times

Count the number of times Robin Williams offends the sensibilities of today.   –  And tell me it wasn’t funny!  We could laugh at ourselves back then.


  1. Thanks for a great laugh! I love both of those guys.

  2. George Michalopulos says

    The sad thing is, we can’t enjoy humor any more. We’re wound up tighter than a clock. Because of this, we are at each other’s throats.

    Unless we can start laughing again, the violence will only escalate.

    • When Puritans took over England
      the World was turned upside down
      and “Christmas was killed at Naseby fight”

      “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be;
      and that which is done is that which shall be done:
      and there is no new thing under the sun.”
      [Ecc 9:1 KJV]

      But the night will still pass and dawn will come again.

      • Oh dear! Ecclesiastes 1:9

        I’ve messed it up again. Truly:
        “…there is no new thing under the sun.”


  3. More than any other time since WW2, I feel it is vital that we bring laughter to the face of humanity. Thank you.

  4. Happy Elections!

  5. Went to vote today. Came out of the polling place and a woman in a red dress approached me with her phone out to record and stated that she was with the NYT and wanted to ask me questions about my vote. I replied without skipping a beat that I do not talk to the NYT.

    From what I’m hearing, today is going to be a tsunami. Even Biden is bypassing tight races and campaigning in D+10 territory. It’s going to be brutal. Maybe 54 in the Senate, God knows in the House, the sky’s the limit.

    • Well, I was wrong. Hard to say what happened at this point. But Tuesday was, for me, the litmus test if Trumpism was going to prevail or be allowed to prevail.

      Regardless of whether it was a fair election or not, Trumpism failed. If MAGA could not generate a wave under these conditions, it has been a wasted effort. Back to the catacombs.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        We didn’t know that he didn’t. Marshall Law time.

        • That’s “martial law”. Good luck with that.

          I sense the fix is in too deep. America is too corrupt to save absent a violent revolution, which I will not publicly endorse. Trump and Co. simply did not have what Machiavelli termed the “virtu”, or “prowess” to pull it off.

          The bright side is we can stop listening to impotent domestic politicians and focus on the international situation which still looks hopeful. If God is not with Trump, He surely is still with Mother Russia.

          The Establishment won decisively in this election. America is done. Time to move on.

        • I don’t think the guy from Tekken is going to help us.

          • The irony of threatening to drop the ban hammer on someone for making a joke in a blog post dedicated to how people need to be able to take a joke is somehow lost on you.

        • If you don’t believe that the wave was stolen, then you have to explain why everyone on both sides was openly bracing for a Republican wave and Democrats were nervous about D+10/+20 areas.

          There’s no explanation for that.

          Clearly it was stolen . . . again.

      • As Uncle Joe Stalin said:
        “What matters is who counts the votes…”

        We cannot expect the world to be sorted from the top down
        It will only be sorted from the bottom up;
        which is why the Lord was born in a stable.

        • Brendan,

          Just what I was thinking about the Stalin quote. The Gateway Pundit is doing excellent coverage of this. Robert Barnes thinks it was about 1/3 fraud and 2/3 targeted turnout effort by Dems. I don’t think his logic holds up though. He’s being too polite about an intractable problem. The discrepancies he describes are more easily explainable by voter fraud being engaged in unevenly between counties and precincts than by any other factor. In fact, that’s the only rational explanation. Turnout efforts simply do not explain the polling discrepancies given that we’re talking about blue areas and polls that normally overrepresent the Democratic vote.

          He does do an excellent job of dispelling the “blame Trump” meme and the “DeSantis is God” meme. Trump had a few clunkers, Oz being the most noteworthy. But that wasn’t Trump’s fault, that was the Pennsylvania Dem machine manufacturing votes for a zombie. And Barnes points out that DeSantis did so well because he could repress voter fraud in a state he controls. He can’t control the Dem machines in the northern states. All in all, though, Barnes still thinks both chambers of Congress will go red, just not by the margins that even most Dems expected. I tend to agree, though I’m more confident about the House. But I do think Walker will win the runoff in Georgia.

          This just drives home the point that I had missed but that now should be crystal clear to everyone: The Dems have lost all residual integrity. This is tribal now and they have no respect for election integrity at all. They will cheat wherever and to whatever degree they think they can get away with, all other considerations aside. It just underlines the fact that we have to demolish the two party system and put them out of business permanently if we want to avoid a “liberal” police state.

          Those are the two choices left: Right wing authoritarianism or left wing totalitarianism. Count me a right wing authoritarian. “Democracy” is officially dead.

          • Those are the two choices left: Right wing authoritarianism or left wing totalitarianism. Count me a right wing authoritarian. “Democracy” is officially dead.

            My theory has it that right wing authoritarianism or left wing totalitarianism are all the choices there every really were. And if that wasn’t overly clear for a time, thanks to the existence for a while of liberal republics and democracies, then that’s because the devil needed a device that would make possible the biggest left wing totalitarian state there ever was.

            I really don’t think that a one world digital gulag – which will one day successfully emerge – would be possible without everything that the liberalisms made possible, including anti-authoritarianism and religious slackness, and the latter’s attendant materialism.

            For that reason, I think the Muslims have a point (for once) about America being the great satan, or that sneakiest of all devils, appearing as an angel of light, seducing people away from at least a relatively decent way of living (and replacing it with something guaranteed to be increasingly fit for only goblins) so as to one day be in a position to institute the abovementioned mother of all left wing totalitarianisms, which no other system could have helped so much to produce.

            As to why the devil didn’t implement this kind of thing earlier, such as in India and the Muslim lands, for example, it’s because he knew then that there was still a lot of time (till the end of the world), and so needed something more stable, hence some conservative looking values – such as family – because of the longevity this could bring to his religious and societal creations – a longevity that’s no longer needed as much now that the end is getting nearer and the worst / most destructive side of evil can be unleashed.

            Therefore, while the likes of Hinduism and Islam are false and evil religions, they at least have aspects to them that could not only trick someone half sensitive into thinking that they’re good, but which ensured that they’d be around for ages, helping the devil weave his influence throughout the world. But the American religion is another matter. For while it also had for a time what seemed like conservative values, they were always grafted onto a more overtly liberal and materialistic base, ensuring that all pretense toward goodness would not have to be sustained for too long, while proving irresistibly attractive to so many, owing to its greater appeal to and encouragement of our lower instincts.

            This, then, in summary, and according only to my theory, is what America, even at its height, is for me: one of the devil’s biggest steps toward his one world digital prison. No other system could have helped produce so much spiritual apathy yet materialistic / technological progress for its people, which are both obviously hugely important for the final totalitarianism.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Danb: brilliant analysis!

            • Well, actually, China has been doing a good job of that already. If you’ve read Rod Dreher’s book Live Not by Lies, he thinks that is the direction we will go, too, a soft totalitarianism of addictive, pleasure-inducing technology, while wiping out all memory of the past.

              Can you explain what you mean by “American religion,” and what the liberal and materialistic base is? Are you talking about the American political system, or about Protestantism, or something else? I can guess at your meaning but I’m not sure. Thanks.

              • Yes, indeed, China is really leading the charge in this with all the technology and whatnot it’s borrowed from the liberal west.

                I would say a liberal base in the sense that it’s inherently anti-authoritarian.

                I would say a materialistic base in the sense that anti-authoritarianism, while at the same time not yet being overtly under the yolk of totalitarianism, naturally leads to sensuousness and all the materialistic desires that brings.

                As for the “American religion”, this means, in my opinion, that America (and the like) were essentially set up to be one big satanic sexual cyborg cult, but without the means (for the average person) to turn this debauchery into power, and regardless of whether the founding fathers knew what they were establishing or not.

      • There are too many people in positions of power with far too much to lose, who in no way would ever allow themselves to lose their power without a real fight, and I don’t mean an “election fight.”

        To us, COVID accountability and moving toward a multipolar world to avoid nuclear war in Ukraine sound like reasonable, good ideas. But to those in power, these are real threats to the world that they want — threats that they will never allow and will die over.

        Plus,we’re seeing regional changes in the country based on where post-protestant feminism dominates and where it doesn’t. In the Northeast and West coasts, the angry, boomer white feminist still carries clout (no idea why, but she does — who in their right mind would let Hochul of New York run anything?). In Texas and Florida, we think those women and the castrated men who serve them need intensive psychological therapy and shouldn’t be ever in charge of anything.

        The South demonstrated again that it isn’t afraid of the conservative Latino being in charge. Several states saw conservative Latino wins – this is very natural, since Latin American culture is conservative by nature and retains a healthy masculinity. In the Northeast and the West Coasts, the angry, boomer white feminists get angry if Latinos don’t stay down or “know their place” (racist, anyone?). These angry older women are also terrified of real masculinity, one of the reasons they’re terrified of Latin culture that’s not subservient to post-protestant American white feminist pseudo-culture.

        As a native Pennsylvanian, it’s beyond funny that a stroke victim who can’t put a sentence together, can’t grasp or understand deep concepts, and who’s lived off of his parents for 50 years is now a “statesman” in the US Senate representing my home state. Bravo (massive snark)

        Fetterman is the perfect Soviet apparatchik: a man who’s accomplished nothing on his own and is entirely dependent on the Party for everything he has. He will do the Party’s bidding till the day he dies, truly their “dream Senator.” Obviously he’s merely a placeholder in their deep power structure (what they want). The modern Democrat Party is truly the “coalition of the fringes” — like the Bolsheviks, they take people who otherwise build nothing, put them in positions of power, and then make these placeholders forever their compliant slaves. Demonic and diabolical. Lenin and Stalin used this system for decades.

        Texit now!

      • Anonymous II says

        The big takeaway is libs want crime, inflation, runaway homelessness & drug addiction, replacement migration. We all sort of assumed they would recoil at the brink – but no, they were like “Yes, this is what I voted for.”

        Besides, I just don’t know what the right runs on. If I’m a campaign manager, what do I tell my candidate to push?

        An anti-immigrant stance? My mother recently audited her old New York neighborhood, counting almost 100 houses. Despite being ~80% “White” in the census only about 35% of houses were Americans – rest were Jewish, Hindu or Muslim migrants. Good luck pushing an anti immigrant platform to them, though I agree with anti immigration policy.

        Do we run on covid? No, people are over that.

        Election security? People have demonstrated they don’t care. They just expect the system to work and don’t have the attention span to look into the details. The TV and their social media tells them it’s all alright.

        Staying out of Ukraine? People really really don’t care, they didn’t care enough to keep us out of WW1, WW2, or any of our pointless wars since.

        Energy independence? Good luck explaining to the laptop class the importance of energy. The people who care already vote Republican and the negatives of high energy costs are offset by the extraction of wealth from conservative blue to liberal white collar workers. Republicans can’t vote twice so they can exploit us as much as they want.

        Abortion? Forget it, young women want the right to murder their babies more than you or I want low gas prices and better demographics.

        Inflation? Maybe, but what is the actual response? People like the free money from stimulus checks, welfare, and debt forgiveness. Good luck telling people their free, increasingly worthless money is going to go away.

        I don’t see a path forward for republicans that will lead to them winning another presidential election or ever getting more than 51 or 52 senators outside complete collapse of the country and serious, I mean November 2022 Ukraine levels of poverty. I guess DeSantis might have a chance against a completely and utterly zombified Biden in 2024 if the economy is far worse for independent voters than it is now, but that’s a lot of ifs.

        In the end, it’s obvious democracy failed. It was a rigged casino all along. Someone very bright and determined once said, “Democracy is the system where the vote of two fools are worth more than one wise man.”

      • DeSantis did well. Which is a good thing, because he doesn’t just talk, he acts.

      • Well, when you fall, you get back up.

        But you don’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

        This is why I’m a monarchist. What the people want, at the end of the day, really should not be decisive. What is good and right are objective in Christ, not subjective as is the vox populi.

        Sometimes, the dragon wins . . .

        I suppose the wise thing to do is try to focus on what the Lord seems to be doing. Internationally, this is clear. Here, He seems to want America to continue being weak, or allow it to be weakened by the devil, until Eurasia has had a chance to establish itself. Evidently, America’s chance for a soft landing passed in 2020. I had hoped that 2022 would be yet another chance, but the Lord only gives so many.

        Never hold hands with a jumper . . .

        Consider the fact that even with MAGA in charge, American foreign policy would likely be f’ed up indefinitely. Republicans, even MAGA types, are almost as Russophobic as Democrats. Perhaps that is the source of the misfortune. Raising one’s hand against the Lord’s anointed is a no-no, as David taught us.

        Well, Republicans did well enough in the South to hold our ground, by and large. The Gateway Pundit says it all: stolen midterms.

        Scratch my initial reaction, America is not lost. No one’s going to believe this election was honest. We have a situation on our hands . . .

        It’s time to get harder. Pressure makes diamonds.

        Excuse the language:

      • George Michalopulos says

        I disagree. I plan on writing about this. Thumbnail sketch: the Red States got redder, the Blue States got bluer. The Blue States for the most part will continue to be blue because the conservatives will leave them. The future for them will be unsustainable for them.

      • It is easy to say what happened, but you guys are so obsessed with Trump, you’re not going to be able to see what happened, and me telling you is going to be an exercise in futility. Hopefully you’ll be able to see it on your own.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Constantine, for anybody to believe that it was Trump who dragged down the GOP is ridiculous. The House is well on its way to a 30 seat majority. As for AZ, 800,000 ballots are still not accounted for. As for Festerman, the only thing I can think of is that (1) there was a whole lotta cheating going on and (2) one can never underestimate the Yellow Dog Democrat demographic in large American cities.

          If anything, it is the large metro areas that are dragging down the Democrat Party. I like what Tim Pool said: “There are no Blue States, there are only Blue Cities.”

          • It is fascinating to the point of being comical to watch people on the right puzzle themselves over “what went wrong”. “Why did the electorate behave as they did?” “Was it abortion?”, “Was it Trump fatigue?”, “Were Biden’s spooky threat/speeches effective?”, “Did the Dems have a better turnout apparatus here and there?”, . . .

            . . . all dancing around and avoiding the elephant in the room. There’s only one single thing that can explain why everyone expected a Republican rout way up into New England, why it materialized here and there, but “fizzled out” in many places blue.


            Face it. I know it’s difficult to fathom that the Dems are totalitarians. But the evidence is so clear as to be obnoxious. Perhaps it is destabilizing for the national morale (whatever’s left of that). Perhaps people are avoiding the conclusion “for the good of the Republic”. “We won. Let’s just move on.”

            It’s co-dependent, enabling behavior.

            When anti-Republican polls, skewed with Democrat voters, predict a Republican tsunami of biblical proportions such that even the Dems acknowledge it’s coming and enter despair and angst – and then, nothing of the sort actually results, there can be but one explanation. Many Democrat controlled precincts are staffed by criminals. It’s that simple.

            And it’s necessary to acknowledge that if you want to defeat it rather than make up fairy tales about Monopoly money and unicorn farts making all the difference.

  6. Robin Williams in his TV Specials were full of comedy and satire. He was hilarious in Mork and Mindy. Sadly he left us.

  7. Watched JC with my Dad when it was on at 10 or 11 pm at night starting back in the 70’s… This clip…40 years ago…crazy!
    No profanities. Williams idolized Jonathon Winters…even had him on his “Mork and Mondy” as their son…born as an adult with infant reason and understanding-great set up. For a great laugh at our absurdities, check out this:
    Jonathan Winters Gay Moby Dick “Captain Arnold” + John F.
    Doxa to Theo, John D

  8. Nothing could possibly explain the R+4 polls and Democrat predictions of an apocalypse, even in blue territory.

    Yes, it is “easy to say what happened”. Things went about as expected in state apparatuses controlled by Republicans.

    But the question is what is to be done about it? A problem that has no solution is called a “condition”.

  9. The fundamental problem that explains it all is blue machine cheating – Tammany Hall. That’s the only way you get such uneven results. Polls skew toward Democrats, not toward Republicans. Usually that is because Dems are oversampled in order to suppress Republican vote. So when you see an R+4 environment in the polls, despite the skewing, EVERYONE knows it’s going to be a huge red wave, even the Dems.

    And that is exactly what happened – but for Democratic cheating in blue controlled areas. Now, sure, there were a couple of outliers in Latino districts in Texas. But mostly it fit the paradigm.

    The evidence is not totally circumstantial, to be sure. Gateway Pundit is reporting forthright about it. Yet the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming and compelling. Though the media is trying to keep the peace at all costs, everybody knows it. Dems themselves are openly surprised at how well the “overperformed”.

    The problem is what to do about it. What the Dems are saying is that they’re willing to cheat boldly in areas they control and unless Ole
    Red can stop em, they will continue to do so with impunity, all the while lecturing the rest of us about democracy. It’s the most corrupt thing imaginable. It’s a sort of criminal use of federalism. Corrupt AG Garland will do nothing but help it along and corrupt state machines can hold their own electorates hostage to the emerging Yankee police state. The perfect crime, the perfect weapon.

    Now the question is whether disgruntled voters in blue states who voted Republican but were disenfranchised will rise up. Hard to say. Congress can hold hearings on the whole mess, but obviously MAGA has not consolidated its power within the Republican party yet and hearings are not prosecutions which would require an honest AG.

    Yes, it’s a sick, hot mess. But something tells me it is inherently unstable and doomed.

    • Steve Turley finally came to the same conclusion I did yesterday. He says it much more nicely than I have, but it amounts to the same thing. It’s at the end of the linked video.

    • Personally I see this as the nail in the coffin of the Balkanization of America. Red voters in Blue states have been moving in droves to other Red states, hence why Red states have become more Red, and Blue states have become more Blue.

      I expect this to continue into the future. The “great divorce” is inevitable at this point IMHO.

      What do we do about it? Just let it happen. Red states will continue to be pro-life and pro-marriage and those who wish to escape their Blue hellhole can.

      • Yes, Petros,

        That is the silver lining. Federalism is helping the ‘balkanization”. While it is true that blue states can engage in massive voter fraud and totalitarian measures, red states can circle the wagons and protect themselves against an encroaching liberal-fascist federal government. Letting blue America implode is a sound mid-long term strategy.

  10. In Pittsburg, Tony DeLuca DEM (deceased)
    won reelection to the State House of Representatives
    a month after he died of Lymphoma.

    In the Scots Ballad of the Battle of Otterburn, the finest lines
    come from the mortally wounded James, Earl of Douglas,
    recounting the dream he had had the night before the fight:
    “I saw a dead man win a fight
    and I think that man was I.”

    Did Tony DeLuca dream?

  11. The outcome of this “election” was absolutely predictable ever since 2020, I have been saying it in private constantly (sometimes to the ire of those around me), as obvious to me as the nose on my face. The only surprise is that anyone is surprised. Though I am blackly disappointed to have been, well, right. If only our enemy had turned out to be a paper tiger easily vanquished by the ire of voters.

    And it will be worse in 2024, they have the levers of control and will only grip them more firmly. Or so I anticipate, if things keep going in their present course. Having a GOP house will make no difference in what they’re doing behind the scenes. And I believe they’re doing a lot.

    What it will take to get us out of this mess I don’t know. Maybe a collapse and reformation. I don’t want violence. But this country has not dragged itself out of the moral quagmire God despises, and now entire states have enshrined abortion as a right through all nine months of pregnancy. While everyone was dancing that Roe was overturned, I was sick to my stomach the court – the Catholic justices on the court – did nothing to define and thus protect unborn life, rather tossed it up to the subjective will of voters. Perhaps that’s all they could do. But God will not reward this, is more likely to withdraw His protection in the face of our stubbornness – if He hasn’t already. I think an argument can be made for the latter, actually.

    Why I keep telling people: get your prayer life straight. This is a spiritual battle. The times are not good and that may be our only recourse. Not to be a harbinger of doom, but we need to be ready for the worst, even while hoping for the best.

    • George Michalopulos says

      What can I say? You fight with the army you’ve got. Ideally, you’re correct, it would have been better for the six Catholic justices to not only turn Roe but to illegalize (or at least define) when life begins.

      If I may expand a little on the abortion question. According to Steve Turley, abortion was an issue for the millennials/GenZer’s at least a close second to the economy. This was the high water mark for abortion as ever becoming codified into law. The Dems had fifty years to codify abortion (in some form) into law; either abortion-on-demand or European-style restrictions on abortions (say not after 20 weeks).

      But they were both foolish and evil. Foolish because their feminazi shock troops wanted nothing less than abortion even up to the moment of birth (i.e. infanticide). These idiots were the Outer Party. The Inner Party was not stupid –they knew that there was no way in hell a Democrat-controlled Congress could pass it. But they were evil in that they allowed abortion to fester as a political issue to rile up their Outer Party minions and the wide swath of Normies to vote Democrat.

      Even if the Democrats take the House (they didn’t but leave it aside for the moment) and had a filibuster-proof Senate AND a Democrat President, they still wouldn’t be able to codify abortion, even abortion with restrictions.

      So, too all those who voted for Democrats because of abortion and thought that you may have blunted the Red Tsunami, it was all for naught. Tactically, in overturning Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court gave the liberal voters a 2×4 when they needed a battering ram. It looked bad for the GOP but in the end, it didn’t matter. The GOP took the House, solidified the Red States, and in the end, made sure that abortion would remain with the States.

      A further irony (a prediction if you will): those Blue States with mixed demography (IL, NY, MI, MN, CA) will eventually have to address the abortion question themselves. Even though their Blue component is being fortified (because of loss of population to abortion as well as out-migration), saner heads in the Inner Party will prevail upon them to modify their unrestricted abortion access. It’s inevitable. Otherwise, they will continue to lose out to the Red States in the distribution of Federal largesse.

  12. On the subject of Millenials and GenZers, you may well be right. However, do not underestimate the enormous impact of the quisai-promise/hope of student loan forgiveness offered by Democrats.

    It was a politically genius, albeit wicked and morally destructive, move on their part that doubtless bought them many votes courtesy of responsible, tax-paying citizens.

    • George Michalopulos says


      • George Michalopulos says

        BTW, yesterday, a federal judge struck down Biden’s loan-forgiveness plan for the college students as unconstitutional.

        Delicious irony, even if 1 day too late.

        • Antiochene Son says

          Meh, it’s just money. It would have helped a lot of my family members who are trying to start families in this economy.

  13. Nothing would have pleased me more than to see the party of evil take a massive hit in this election. But had their been a red wave I held out no illusions whatsoever that positive change was likely…or perhaps even possible at this late stage in our national decline. It may have slowed the decline a tiny bit, but the Republican party as a whole is every bit as wicked as the Democrats and with few exceptions only pretends to care about our values.

    Having listened carefully to those Republican leaders who either will (in the House) or would have (in the Senate) filled key committee positions, it was clear to me that we are/were in for months of political theater intended to make the Democrats look bad (as they truly are) on all sorts of subjects we care about (political weaponization of law enforcement, government collusion in censorship, etc.). But no firm promises of prosecution or substantive action of any kind were ever actually made.

    Moreover, there are the matters of foreign policy (in addition to our domestic wickedness) that, if left essentially unchanged, will destroy us economically and/or continue to lead us into endless wars that have absolutely nothing to do with defending justice or engendering goodness in the world and everything to do with endless greed. With an extreme few individual exceptions the Republican party is bent on pursuing a course that differs in only minor details from the Democrats and portends the exact same disastrous results, both for us and for anyone who dares to challenge American hegemony.


    Saudi Arabia (that ever so “faithful ally” of the Great and Powerful Wizard of the deep state) will be the next target for regime change for daring to consider joining the BRICS while Ukraine magically recedes from memory. Look for a dramatic increase in reports of “human rights abuses.” Watch for “popular protests” among the Saudi people being “brutally suppressed by an evil dictator” along with reports of “internal chaos and instability” in the royal family. Women suffering for their rights, persecution of LGBTQ, blah.. blah…blah… And finally calls for a righteous war for “democracy” to free the Saudi people from tyranny! (Get your Saudi flags now while their still cheap)

    The point?

    Republicans are by and large every bit as on board with this deep state evil as Democrats. And although they may execute this evil with greater skill than the Democrats, they (again with an extreme few notable exceptions) are every bit as evil with results every bit as tragic and senseless for our country and for the world.

    Much like the British empire in centuries past, the world is forced to tolerate us, but the world increasingly despises us – for perfectly legitimate reasons. And much like the British empire, the world will throw off our shackles the moment it is in a position to do so.

    The utterly stupid, reckless, self-absorbed, narcissistic, and thoroughly unjustified stance against Russia has revealed our true weakness to the entire world, and we are in the process of reaping what we have sewn. The world is learning that they don’t necessarily have to bow to our every wish.

    And although I truly wish it were not so, the Republican party has every intention of doubling down on this stupidity, secure in the delusion that America is still morally great and thus unconquerable
    economically and militarily.

    She is about to learn the hard lesson that God will not bless an America that has not only abandoned Him, but is bent on dominance, exploitation, and greed at the expense of others’ lives and livelihoods.

    Lord have mercy. I weep for my country.

    • So many “there, they’re, their” typos. My wonderful English teachers would be horrified. Apologies to Mr. Baron and Mrs. Chang. You deserve better; and yes, I do know better, but my old eyes are failing me trying to type on this tiny phone screen.

  14. I’m with you, Brian, you stated things very well. I have not had a good feeling about things for quite a long time, and things are playing out alarmingly as I feared they might so far. Where it will all go, I cannot say, but I don’t believe we can go back to how things were before, that is unrealistic, any more than my parents and grandparents could go back to how things were before WWI and WWII. The world is changing too much and too fast, with serious implications for the future.

    Now, maybe a new and better model will emerge in time. Perhaps it will be multipolarity, perhaps something else. That is entirely possible, if God so wills. I am no predicter of when Christ might come again, and for those who say we are in the Last Times, well, we have been in the Last Times ever since His death and Resurrection. In that respect the evil of our day is nothing new, though it is very bad. Are we in the last Last Times? I don’t know. We will see.

    But we do know that God can keep things going for the sake of even a few faithful, if we remain true to Him and implore Him. We have great spiritual power, if we will use it and not give in to fear and despair. So, although I am fearful, I am not a fear-monger. Our hope is in Him – but we do have to let go of our worldly expectations and let Him arrange things as He sees fit.

    • Theo,

      Absolutely! Regardless of how America fares…or the world for that matter…

      The Lord will give strength to his people
      The Lord will bless His people with peace.

      But “…not as the world gives…”

  15. A win’s a win. Yes, I’m a “sore winner” in that the wave was stolen. But in all likelihood, we won Congress, by whatever margins. It may be December before that’s confirmed, but so be it.

    Now the “we” is what’s tricky since “Republican” does not yet mean “MAGA”. But a healthy infusion of MAGA where there was very little will go a long way. And all the momentum is with MAGA. It is the inevitable future of the Republican party because even if the elites have not had enough Uniparty, the base has.

    But it is right to step back and remember that this is only incremental progress. For example, a number of these MAGA candidates are women. That is not very patriarchal regardless of whether they are pro-life. Very little progress can be made against feminism/matriarchy under these conditions. It is more like a stoppage of progressive advancement by the left and a beginning of reversal and remission, not a broad cure all at all. America is so far gone that that is all that we can hope for at this point.

    To see the real potential, you have to look at the international situation. MAGA, or Patriot Republicans, are more receptive to the rightist wave that is moving abroad. There will be an increasing synergy as this progresses. Already the wall in support of the Ukraine effort is cracking on the American right.

    Patience. Baby steps.

  16. Don/Ron ’24

    “The cure for the Donkey Pox.”

  17. Deacon John says

    I think that this will be the last time I vote. Chaos seems to reign no matter who is in charge. All I see is people floundering around trying to solve their problems without God. Maybe voting doesn’t really make a difference but I know what does! Prayer! So I’m going to focus my energies on that. I watched Man of God yesterday and it has inspired me. With all the chaos and hatred going on today, I’m going to try to be more like St Nectarios of Aegina. He reacted with love to all of his trials and tribulations. It seems like evil is everywhere but I have the Lord and His Church. Worldly people can have the world but I think I’ll focus on the Heavenly Kingdom. Thank you for letting me speak my piece and if I’ve offended anyone, please forgive me

    • Deacon John,

      I’m almost there myself, but not quite. The primary issue that keeps me voting is abortion, not only for the babies’ sakes, but for the many souls that are almost irreparably wounded by it. This is one political act that can actually do some good in the Christian sense.

      On the state level, now that Roe is overturned our votes are more impactful than ever. On the Federal level SCOTUS judges (of course); but above that preventing enough of a majority for them to pass the “Women’s Health Protection Act.” Look it up. It is draconian, outlawing even prolife counciling. The Dems fully intend to pass it if they can.

      This one issue on which we can still be salt and light.

    • But, as you said, above any and all of the small things we can can do, the greatest of all is prayer. I am eternally grateful for yours, and you can be assured of mine.

      God is with us!

    • Deacon John, I totally understand, and it is why as of 2020 I am no longer affiliated with any political party. And I was active in my state GOP for years, including as a state delegate. But all it taught me in the end is just how corrupt and manipulative our own GOP state politicians and wealthy families are. Frankly, I’d rather let the whole thing collapse than try to build on such a corrupt foundation. If I were in a true red state I might feel differently, but I’m not.

      Like you I have turned to prayer, and repentance, as our best and perhaps only real recourse. But I do still vote, even if it feels a little futile, as I’d feel I were abandoning the unborn otherwise. Not to mention children, young people and all who are unwittingly subject to and brainwashed by the evil in our midst. But prayer is the most powerful weapon in our hands.

    • Deacon John, I completely empathize with you and feel the same way. I believe, though, that even if we know how corrupt our election system is, we are still called upon to vote. Case in point: there is an election in Nevada right now where 200 votes could sway the election one way or another. While we may not see our votes count in elections of high level offices, our votes indeed count on our local school boards,which honestly to me has the same importance. These are the folks helping to keep LGBTQ+ porn, critical race theory, abortion access, etc. out of schools, and the good ones need our votes. Similarly we can vote for local judges, the folks helping to uphold the law of the land. We can vote for or against local and state propositions. Was it not totally shocking that Montana of all places just voted to allow the murder of babies born alive after a failed abortion attempt? The Montanans who stayed home from the ballot box let that happen and bear some responsibility for this horrific outcome. I urge you and everyone to continue to vote.

  18. It seems that the vitriol for the Republican underperformance may be turned from Trump to McConnell and McCarthy. Wouldn’t that be precious? They deserve it. Underfunding MAGA Republicans was an issue.