Is it Just Me, Or Did Obama Surrender on Gun Control?

Citizens! Turn in your weapons!

Citizens! Turn in your weapons!

It appears that us Constitutionalists were wrong about the number the of Executive Fatwahs that we feared President Obama would unleash on the Republic. According to inside sources, he was going to enact 19. Instead, he announced 23.

At first, I started frothing at the mouth about his audacity. Then I started to read them. Excuse me, but a lot of these are will o’ the wisps. Some (those dealing with mental health) I actually agree on.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these EOs are idiotic, especially those which seek to dragoon the medical profession into asking questions about gun ownership. In fact, they’re pretty infantile. They remind me not so much about a Soviet commissar looking menacingly at you but as a Mr Rogers-type figure asking you questions that have nothing to do with your health. (“If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”) Others however are risible as they intrude on the patient-doctor relationship since the gathering of this information is to turn it over to a third party.

Of course we shouldn’t be surprised as Obamacare in its essence was about controlling the people from cradle-to-grave. One way to do this was by gathering as much information about patients in general and placing it in national data bases.

Regardless, the fact remains that the Congress will not allow the banning of semi-automatic “assault” weapons. Senate Democrats from Red States like Max Baucus of Montana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia have said as much publicly. Even Sen Jay Rockefeller –who is a proponent of gun-confiscation–read the tea leaves and announced that he’s not going to run for reelection. The votes just ain’t there, even in a Democratically controlled Senate.

So what was this really about? Two words: political theater. Obama needs a bogeyman to rail against. What better way than by a massive, non-stop Oprahfication in which scared women and adorable children are the props. Also, it’s a great diversion from the Debt Ceiling and the fact that a comatose recovery is heading back into recession.

The numbers are troubling. In 2008, unemployment numbers were grim and painted the picture of a recession. In 2012, the unemployment numbers are essentially the same, although if you tease out the demographic components, they have gotten much worse for African Americans. If America is in a recession, it could reasonably said that black unemployment is no different than a depression. Is it any wonder then that Pew Research did a poll and found out that twenty percent of black men under the age of thirty voted for Romney? (What do they know that we don’t?)

Anyway, it’s all going to backfire (forgive the pun) on the President. Rather than govern as a uniter, he’s decided to pick fights a la FDR and Nixon. That’s his right, after all he won reelection. Trouble is fewer people voted for him the second time around. Even George W Bush increased his vote share by 2 percent when he was reelected. Be that as it may, there is a method to this madness.

As Pat Buchanan recently wrote, these strategically planned fights were designed to create lasting coalitions which outlived their originators. Unlike Roosevelt and Nixon though, the Democrats have now proven that they can make this coalition without the votes of whites. As such, predominantly white, vaguely right-wing groups have been focus-grouped as being useful foils. People like Evangelicals, Christians who believe in traditional marriage, Mormons, Observant Jews, entrepreneurs, and Tea Party activists.

The trouble with this strategy is manifold. First, when you demonize groups they tend to coalesce into an intense opposition. Second, the people who are coalescing know a thing or two about fighting. After all, they built this country; in fact, they built Western Civilization. Third, the previous coalitions mentioned were made up in large part by these very same people.

Let’s be honest, grievance groups were just along for the ride. You think FDR would have won reelection three times without The Solid South? Ever wonder why he soft-pedaled civil rights or ignored Jewish activists who begged him to loosen immigration laws? Does anybody really think that Nixon and Reagan likewise would have won forty-nine states without the solid support of the Historic American Nation?

Now I’m not foolish enough to not believe that frothing-at-the-mouth Liberals, milquetoast metrosexuals, and upscale country-clubbers and their wives will get all weak in the knees every time Obama shows up with weepy-looking children in front of a poster with scary-looking “assault weapons” splattered all over them. It’s all about emotion for these types. They’ll actually think he’s doing something, or would be accomplishing something if it wasn’t for the Wascally Wepublicans who hate black people, Jews, and Hispanics, and won’t let gays get married.

Wishful thinking though is all they’ll have. There is no way that real gun laws that actually make a difference are going to pass. And if the Executive Orders really have any bite to them, then it’s going to get mighty lonely in the West Wing.

Molon labe – μολὼν λαβέ.

P.S. The guy who painted the above poster? Once he saw how wonderful Lenin’s rule was, he high-tailed it back to Latvia. Then when Hitler invaded Russia, he went to work for the Nazis, making the same type of posters.

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  1. Artakhshassa the Great says

    At my age, i feel I should warn George about the perils of strain as we get older. Ordinarily, I’d be polite enough to ignore it, like one ignores an embarrassing breaking of wind in mixed company. But when someone’s health and the possibility of hernia, rupture, etc., through undue strain is at stake, all such niceties must be ignored and a suitable caution uttered. So, please, try not to strain so much. Spinning is also contraindicated as we get older because the ensuing falls, once trifles, are disastrous in the aged.

  2. Did you call them “Fatwahs” when George Bush signed Executive Orders? Just curious…

  3. Michael James Kinsey says

    The agenda of the NWO is world government, Obama is their man in the US and the UN. No one in the UN or US is calling for disarming the Swiss, who by government decree are required to have a machine gun in every home, as well as be drafted to be trained to use them.You can imagine the murder/crime rate? Google it.
    That being said, I wish to follow the money. As the scripture states, he will have power over gold and silver and all the precious things of Egypt.It is the NWO primary concern which will fund the rest of their agenda.Fractional reserve banking is the pryamid scam that enabled the elite 1% to cream off 90+% of all money as thier private holdings and assets, aided by the world reserve currency status of the US dollar. Floated off gold, in 1932 and 1970, this fiat currency was forced upon the rest of the nations.The fraction reserve banking has allowed quadrillions of dollars of unpayable debt on the whole world. This system will collapse as all fiat currency pryamid schemes in all history have.NWO wants to crash and reboot the same scam with a fresh start. He will hopen them with a small hope, a scripture. The mark of the beast will be touted as a solution to enable world economic recovery after the crash.The new world reserve currency will be cashless, gold based, then floated to fiat, which allows those with the money to make, and take all wealth out of the system. The inescapabe taxes of the mark will function to keep a required cashfow in the system as the IRS did for the dollar. This is by far the most profitable system for the wealthy. The government, culture, and world religion also in thier agenda require these funds.It is a kingdom the devil sought to tempt the Christ with. Love the Lord, thy God and Him alone shalt thou serve.
    Obama, obviously, expects rightly, Christians of all demoninations will refuse to recieve the mark. Therefore, the feeble executive decrees may suddenly have more sinister applications, if, as is thier prefered method, a new 911 false flag attack is performed by the US shadow government. Hoover Dam is noised about on the internet as the next likely target. A world economic crash is a certainty. If the banking powers who fought to install a central banking system in the US throughout all it’s 200+ history were diabolical to do it then, they are just as diabolical now.The will not suffer the loss of thier cash cow, and will kill anyone who gets into thier way. I need not list examples, you know who they were.The bowls of God’s wrath start with the appearance of the mark. Don’t show this to your kids. Let them enjoy some of thier young lives.

    • Michael James Kinsey says

      I just noticed my misspelling of denominations, a typo, missing the n and the m is relatively easy. Please note it was just a typo, the other word demonination tends to imply an intent I do not agree with. Lord have mercy.

      • Interesting…I think at the rate things are going with very few of any Christians refusing to fight any of the malevolent programmes of Bilderbergers —
        [read “The True Story of the Bilderberger Group” by Daniel Estulin
        if one thinks this is all lunatic – then see if you think that group has no teeth. Of course they are not mere molars : they are FANGS !] — that few will resist any of these highly invasive and demeaning laws which may require citizens to be microchipped.

        Hoover Dam ? I hadn’t heard that one yet.
        Well, let’s pray that all this and ALL these evil schemes are THOROUGHLY FOILED due to the intercession of the Heavenly Queen.

        We have to pray for ALL the horrible scenarios
        to be stopped in their tracks – not just a couple of the more obvious possibilities.

        • Ladder of Divine Ascent says

          Nothing new under the sun so the usual traditional prayers (p 1792 at back of Orthodox Study Bible for instance) work as good or better than praying against all the various horrible scenarios that one could imagine (which could be Unseen Warfare by demons to encourage thinking and fearing the Mystery of Iniquity rather than something more profitable).

          • Orthodox Study :Bible gets explained says

            December 10, nice discussion among the folks, clergy and laity:

  4. “There is no way that real gun laws that actually make a difference are going to pass.”

    Make what a difference how? Stopping mass shootings? Only 100% confiscation with 100% compliance by force would succeed in that outcome, and only for the first few days after the confiscation as more guns would be acquired. The potential river of blood that would flow if total confiscation were attempted makes that option undoable for the crying crowd.

    Changes to mental health laws might make a dent and removing access to weapons for those on certain psychiatric meds might help as well.

    But, George, you are correct. This list of 23 things to do amount to telling the federal government to do their job and enforce existing laws.

  5. The Quote of the Decade:

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ‘s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America ‘s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, “the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

    ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

  6. At first, I started frothing at the mouth about his audacity. Then I started to read them.

    Or, as the Red Queen declared: ‘Sentence first – verdict afterwards.’

  7. Carl Kraeff says

    I think Ed Morissey of Hot Air is dead on:

    “Obama’s “executive actions”: tyranny or impotence?
    posted at 11:41 am on January 17, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

    Maybe Barack Obama’s attempt to bypass Congress with nearly two dozen “executive actions” is both — a kind of “tyrannical impotence,” or “impotent tyranny,” but I see a lot more impotence than tyranny or even an abuse of power. Either way, it’s hardly impressive. My column today at The Fiscal Times points out the anti-climactic essence of Barack Obama’s little list of 23 orders that purport to take action about the kind of gun violence we have seen in mass shootings like Aurora, Tucson, and Newtown. Some of them actually just show how little attention Obama has paid to his regular job in the first four years:”

    Read the rest at

  8. Regarding the debate over executive orders, Obama has issued executive orders at a much lower rate than other Presidents:
    Ed Morrissey, as quoted by Carl Kraeff above, can’t even get the number of potential gun-related executive orders related to guns correct – it’s 19, not 23.
    And you should watch Jon Stewart’s segment on the limitations placed on the ATF’s ability to enforce existing gun laws:

    And finally, a fatwa is a ruling by a qualified cleric on a legal question in sharia law. It can be contradicted by a fatwa from a different qualified cleric. A fatwa is not analogous to an executive order.

    • macedonianreader says

      An executive order to change the WH Silverware is one thing, using it to circumvent the US Constitution is completely another. We’ve noticed great use of the latter from Clinton on.

      Besides, President Obama’s kill lists and utilization of Drones makes this point even more irrelevant.

  9. Sanctity of Life March says

    route map

    The Sanctity of Life March is on Friday, January 25 at noon. See map for gathering place for rally, General website is

    Thursday evening before the March, a Vespers will be held at 6 PM St. Nicholas OCA 3400 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. This is too early for a lot of people getting off work and then acquiring transportation to the cathedral but there will be some coffee hour type refreshment following so that you may meet some of the visiting Orthodox participants..

    Another Vigil is likely to take place across town on Thursday for those unable to make the OCA Vespers. Will keep informed of other sanctity of life Orthodox services.

    • Michael James Kinsey says

      The March for Life will continue marching until the end of time, or the pro-aborts finally find than they also have a conscience.We, I have attended, have taken to heart the parable of the widow, going unceasingly before the unjust judge to obtain justice. Father delivering up the son unto death, the first descritpion the Christ gave His little ones concerning the last days;is the most dire departure from what once was, Christian Western culture.It is impossible to consider people who don’t understand why you don’t murder your own innocent flesh and blood, trustworthy, concerning any humane regard for people they consider rivals, or enemies, or just strangers.They can relavitize anyone’s worth and rationalize any abuse to anyone, they deem necessary. Christianity was peopled with individuals who strove for harmlessness, kindness, and self control. Manners too! Mayve Met Jonah will show, he will be welcomed. Most pro-lifers realize this just cause is above religious differences, in this all obey the Lord. It is a great feeling being surronded by active Christianity professing crowds.

  10. cynthia curran says

    Yes, the Us could have less gun violence but compare the US to what went on in anicent societies, we don’t have a Nika Riot. Street gangs don’t get so out of control in modern societies that in order to keep the order you have to use the military to kill thousands of them like in the Nika Riot.