A Contribution from One of Our Readers, “Citizen of Antichrist West”

[Editor’s Note: The following essay was submitted to Monomamkhos several days ago (before President Trump’s executive action against General Qasam Soleimani) as a comment by “Citizen of Antichrist West”, expressing his frustration American foreign policy. We welcome contributions from our readers here at Monomakhos but we reserve the right to retain full editorial control. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors.]


As a veteran of the US Army who joined during the first war with Iraq under the first President Bush (even though I didn’t do it to build his New World Order, but to help oppose Hussain and others like him as I rationalized to myself back then), I am sickened to see my beloved America become what I joined the military and swore an oath to oppose. 

When I was young back in the 70s and 80s we grew up believing we were the Christian West opposing the Evil Soviet Antichrist Empire of Atheist Communism and used to say “Better dead than Red.” Go Rambo!

I can’t believe that I have watched my beloved City on a Hill become the Red Beast of Antichrist and now I watch Russia turn into the defender of Righteousness (though still imperfect and far from holy when compared to the Kingdom of Heaven). I still have my doubts and concerns about Russia and its leaders, but if one puts aside all the propaganda spouted by our media and politicians, it is not hard to realize who is serving the devil today and pushing his agenda upon the world.

For those “patriots” of the west, whether you are an Obot or a Trumpster or in between, whether you oppose MAGA or give your heart and mind to MAGA, whether you are an honest investigator or just a troll, I encourage all you readers to read The Anglo American Establishment by Carroll Quigley and The Fire in the Minds of Men by James Billington and you will understand the historical background to what has happened in the west and why the Western “flame of freedom” has turned into “Strange Fire” rejected by the God of Hosts.

Before I continue, let me say to all before the attacks begin, that I am no Saint and have no credentials to brag about. I am the lead sinner and have no holiness to claim reason for you to hear me out. But, the truth I speak does not get negated by my sinfulness. Foolish are you who assault me without educating yourselves on the information I mention or choosing to negate my words by discrediting me. I’m just a sinful jackass speaking my mind. For what it is worth, to him who has ears…

For those of you ignorant of the books and men mentioned above. Quigley was one of Bill Clinton’s favorite mentors and yet even he warned Americans of what was taking place early last century when he published his book. Obviously Clinton didn’t agree with Quigley’s warnings but rather championed what Quigley opposed.

Billington’s book was referenced by President Bush Jr in his second Inaugural Address and missed by the overwhelming majority of the world that listened. After you read these 2 books you will understand how the West has fallen and you will also understand how both political parties in the USA along with their candidates for office are sold out to the devil they say they oppose, “in the name of Jesus.”

I do not want to argue with trolls or devout followers of Trump or his opposition, but I do want to warn you all to honestly consider your reasons for supporting him or them. None of them are what they pretend to be!

Today’s West, led by America, is blind and dumb to history and truth sad to say. As the prophet Isaiah proclaimed of Israel in his days, we are stupid and brainless in the West and blind with our allegiance to falsehood. Charles Finney is rolling over in his grave. I’m sure some “Orthodox” will attack me for using Finney, but even he stood up to the corrupt U.S. government of his day and called them out for doing what our politicians are doing today.

As much as I’d like to believe Trump is what he cons his followers into believing he says he is, if one stops listening to his hypnotic tweets and speeches, the dots are easily connected. 

For my first submission of evidence of how stupid and brainless we in the west have become, especially “Christians” (including Orthodox) who somehow think Trump is the answer to America’s prayers, let me mention that one word that is no longer allowed to be spoken and brings out the vehement roar from those who have accepted their new programming and submitted to their new Antichrist Master. That word is Zionist.

Can you hear the stampede? Hear they come. Worse than being a homophobe is being someone who dares to call out Zionists, regardless if those Zionists are not Jewish. (Interesting how so many Jews oppose the Zionists but get silenced and swept out of site so those ignorant won’t see or hear them.)

Why is Trump NOT the savior many wish or believe he is? Because he is 1000% a Zionist. Before the fury begins flaming my way, let me suggest all of you use the sources of those who originated Zionism and the very word itself. Before you sling the bigot word at me and champion the newly passed Executive Orders and soon to be International Laws outlawing such speech I now espouse, be sure you do your research and have an honest discussion with me. If you are going to imprison me or slander me, at least be honest about your definitions and words.

Start with the words of the Zionists themselves. Do your research and you will understand that Trump is no friend of Christ, but rather the champion of Antichrist. Didn’t say he is the Antichrist, but I do say he is no different than his predecessors in what he truly is. They are just playing king of the mountain with the Empire.

Not enough time or room for all that can be covered, but a few things I’ve seen mentioned in this and previous blogs I browsed today come to mind.

In no particular order, just the order that I recall them and think of them.

First name that comes to mind after VP Biden and his son is Pyatt. The fact that Trump has not exposed all those behind the Ukranian coup starting with Pyatt and Obama shows that his “seeking to expose corruption in Ukraine,” is a sham and truly what the Democrats accuse him of. As much as I despise the Democrats, especially that witch Pelosi, (I’m a life long Republican) Trump’s interest in Ukraine are most definitely for himself and not “truth and righteousness.” The Impeachment show is nothing more than their Game of Thrones or King of the Mountain gaming each other.

Why is Pyatt still in Greece? Why are none of his associates exposed for what they did in Ukraine? Why is he allowed to remain in Greece? Because Trump is not opposed to the swamp like he has convinced his followers that he is. He is a con artist.

Forgive me for not recalling the exact names and dates. I’m getting old and my mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be. But I recall from my readings of some of the Church Fathers back when I had more time to do so and wasn’t working as much as I am now, that I think it was Julian the Apostate that sought to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. I’m sure someone will correct me if I got the wrong Emperor, I don’t mind being corrected. If I am not mistaken this concerned some believers and a certain leader (I forget his name at the moment) told them not to worry about it and told them God will not allow for such to happen until the time of Antichrist.

This past century we have seen the Zionists finally arise and via the Balfour Declaration obtain legal right to their new State of Israel. Since then we have heard many a preacher back when I was a kid warn of what was on the horizon to today where we hear many a preacher (and politician) proclaim how great this is and that God is with Isreal (even though most Israelis are atheist according to the Messianic Rabbi who informed me of this years ago) and that if you oppose Israel you oppose God himself. 

We have just witnessed the very first President to actually move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and are watching other countries follow suit. This President is now the Champion of Israel and defender of Jews and enemy of bigotry. Remember, this same President told us at the GOP convention at the astonishment of all present as they hesitantly clapped for their new Champion when he proclaimed his support for LBGTXYZ, which appears to be one of the modern day “signs” of Antichrist being imposed upon the world “or else they will not be allowed to buy and sell” globally. No, I’m not saying it is the mark of the beast, but it sure appears to be one of many marks of the beast more and more each day. Be honest, can you really disagree?

As a matter of fact as I stumble upon this blog while watching a nice show about Pizzarias in Italy, my 12 yr old son and I are assaulted with commercials propagating same sex marriage and homosexuality. My wife homeschools them for various reasons, one of which is to avoid them being indoctrinated with the LBGXYZ mantra being imposed upon our culture today. But now we can’t even watch television without being assaulted by it today. Where will I be able to move to to escape this “Soviet Gayness” being opposed upon us now? But I digress.

I have listened to Senator Cruz (actually have a picture of him with me and my kids from when I went to listen to him at a campaign rally in 2016) espouse how those who do not support Israel do not have his support along with many politicians and preachers today. 

I have grown weary of listening to Pastor Jeffress of Dallas get on Foxnews and proclaim how Trump is God’s man and that God has given him a blank check to do as he pleases include wage war. Amazing! Amazing! and Appalling! 

I cannot believe how quickly my beloved America has become so dark and evil by God’s definitions. It’s not about MAGA economics. Will you sell your soul for a better economy? How sad.

Hillary is not in jail. Epstein’s clientele are not exposed and brought to justice. Obama’s people are still everywhere still doing what the “Deep State” Anglo American Establishment seeks to accomplish…build their Anglo American Zionist Empire. This is the spirit of Antichrist and Trump is just a much a part of it if not more so. 

For more to investigate, Trump has just recently declared (against International Law) that the Golan Heights belong to Israel. Look deeper. Who is on the advisory board of Genie Oil which is on the Golan? Names not allowed to be mentioned, specifically the Zionist Champion Rothschild name.

As noted on Wikipedia’s site, “Genie Energy’s Strategic advisory board is composed of Dick Cheney (former VP of the USA), Rupert Murdoch (media mogul and chairman of News Corp), James Woolsey (former CIA director), Larry Summers (former head of the US Treasury), Bill Richardson (former Governor of New Mexico, ex-ambassador to the UN and US Energy Secretary), Michael Steinhardt, Jacob Rothschild, and Mary Landrieu, former US Senator from Louisiana.”

Things that should make every MAGA American go “hmmmm?” Anybody wonder how Trump got so much free campaign press in 2016 from Fox News courtesy of Rupert Murdoch? Geesh, does one really have to have a whole brain to see the dots connecting. Let’s not forget that Ivanka dated a Rothschild before marrying her current Jewish husband who is very close friends with Israeli leaders. 

But who cares? I think God cares and will hold all accountable.

When I first discovered Orthodoxy I began reading the writings of St Athanasius. It was back when the Ukraine and Syria were making the news under Obama’s Puppet Regime. A young lady in the parish I was attending had friends and family in and from Syria. She enlightened me to things our media would not and will never tell us. One thing all Western “Christians” need to ask themselves is “why do the Christians in Syria fight for and with the ‘evil dictator’ Assad”? Things few will honestly ask and answer in the west.

Just shut up and follow orders and accept your new LBGTXYZ Zionist empire citizen!

I was amazed at the parallels I was witnessing in Syria with what St Athanasius was dealing with in his days via the Orthodox Arians. How much more so are those in the Ukraine and Montenegro today?

In America we cherish our Freedom of Religion and oppose tyrants who oppress others. Yet, what happened before our very eyes and with our tax money and our votes? We the People of the USA just backed a new Ceasar in the Ukraine (Poroshenko) and rally behind our Congressmen, President, and military as that Ceasar, with the help of the Anglo American Establishment “pulled an Arian” on the Orthodox in that country, proclaiming that all must now “pinch incense” to the new “Bishop” of the Ukrainian Church blessed by the Ruler of the Phanar and all who have denounced truth.

Amazing! We the People of American Exceptionalism and Democracy opposed to tyrants and for religious freedom have imposed a Ceasar and State religion on another state. Can you believe this? Can you justify this? 

God forbid! Though he was not Orthodox, as I stated earlier, Finney is rolling in his grave and would be the first in line to call out this heinous hypocrisy in our land. Will Trump and his false prophet Jeffress lead the charge? Nope. Don’t count on it.

Before Trump took office, Chistmas of 2016, Senators McCain and Graham were leading a pep rally at a Right Sector rally in the Ukraine pledging the backing of the USA! I thought we defeated fascism back in WWII? Seems we don’t mind it after all. Go Right Sector! Go Ceasar! Go Antichrist! We got your back. We are America!

Let’s not forget that before Hillary slept while our Ambassador was murdered in Benghazi, McCain, Graham, along with their little apprentice Rubio were there leading the meetings to destabilize the middle east and run the guns to Syrian “rebels.” But who cares. Republicans can do no wrong, right?

It’s a game of King of the Mountain amongst our politicians as they compete against each other on who will decide on the policies of the Anglo American LGBTXYZ Zionist Empire.

Hmmm. So many thoughts. So little time. I could talk about the Brzezinski family and their connections. How the sons have carried on the scepter of their father, one in the Ukraine and the other in the North Atlantic, leading the charge against the country they hate most, Russia. But who cares? As Daddy Brzezinski made clear in his books, We the People of the Western Empire are just a mass of hedons who need to be be led by the elite who know what is best for the Empire.

I could talk about the Oligarchs who ransacked Russia after the fall of Communism and via the drunk western hack named Yeltsin wheeled and dealed with the Western powers and became filthy rich and powerful in their service to their new masters in the west, until a guy named Putin came along and disrupted all of that. What an evil guy, that Putin! 

Now, our western media plays the oligarchs as Putin’s stooges and ignores the Clinton Foundations atrocities and financial geopolitical activities. Nope. The Empire will never allow those things come to light and to justice. Nope. The Russians were our stooges, so they thought when Obama came to power. Damn that Putin for messing up the Empire’s plans.

Now we have the Chinese paper Tiger growing claws that can actually hurt the Empire. Forget how the Technocrats via the Deep State think tanks, NGOs and government offices helped to build the Technocratic Chinese Empire. Americans aren’t interested in that, neither is Trump. Nope, we got us a Trade War, and weezu gonna win it, because we are MAGA.

This trade war with China isn’t about better trade, it’s about global finance. And Zionizm isn’t about standing with God via Israel, it’s about making Jerusalem the capital of the world and building a new temple. Only a matter of time, whether we see it under Trump or after him. But it is soon and it is real.

I’m sure I forgot something I should have included, but does it really matter? What can I do about it? I’m a slave to my debts and trapped in a land I cannot escape as I see darkness fall darker and thicker. Where could I go to escape anyway. Russians might attack me because I’m not Russian or Russian Orthodox. My fellow Americans will attack me for being a “Ruskie lover” and opposing the Mighty MAGA and whoever follows.

But who cares?

Just shut up and follow orders and accept your new LBGTXYZ Zionist empire citizen!

Lord have mercy.


  1. I read the whole article. He expresses an intense disgust towards deceit, that is practiced massively world wide. The ball of lying stings makes an honest man justly angry. He condemns false religion and false patriotism. But, the Scriptures predict that the last days would be like this. These days are being shortened by the Heavens, for our sake.I advise him and all others to google Arctic News 7 January 2020. The whole world will be affected by blue ocean arctic ocean. Also look at the list of tops in there field climate scientists and researchers. He stated Trump is Jewish, which does fit the ancient Holy Father’s description of antichrist.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Michael, that’s incorrect. Trump’s ancestry is Scots on his mother’s side and German on his father’s side.

    • He never said he was Jewish; he said he was a Zionist.
      But he definitely is from… the Tribe of Don.

      • @ Basil:
        Bwahahahaha!!! I like that.
        If I may attempt to share my silly sense of humor, when I read your comment about “Tribe of Don” the picture in my mind was a mixture of The Godfather and Van Damme the martial arts actor who is known for his ability to do the splits with a hint of the Sound of Music sung by the Von Trapp Family Singers. 
        Just picture the Body of Van Damme doing the splits with Von Trump’s face on it, as he sings My Favorite Things…
        Forgive me for my simple humor. Thought I’d lighten things up for some. LOL.

  2. He did not say Trump is Jewish.
    He said Trump is Zionist.
    The two are not the same.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Read the last two sentences again.

      • I just did. He did not say Trump is Jewish.

        • The sentence reads, “Let’s not forget that Ivanka dated a Rothschild before marrying her current Jewish husband who is very close friends with Israeli leaders.”

          • And where does that appear in the ‘last two sentences’ of the article?
            And where does it say that ‘Trump is Jewish’?

            After all, the Moabitess Ruth married the Hebrew Boaz.
            Does that mean her father was therefore a Hebrew?
            I don’t think so.

            • To you all.  We had coffee with friends today who had friends, young couple from Oklohoma here on visit ( Bulgaria)  The husband is bulgarian and wife is  of italian blood.   She told us that attending  the local bulgarian Orthodox church in their city in oklohoma, before they flew here, ,  as they left the  Church with the priest in his robe and beard and monk’ soft cap, a car draw up and stopped. Window was wound down and two guys shouted at the priest, ” You FILTHY JEW “, and then they drove on. 
              Obviously they confused the wrong Orthodox but as the couple said, most Americans have not a clue. 

              • The Church they attend is Antiochan 

              • Gail Sheppard says

                They don’t. Father Josiah’s parish in Riverside CA, has had to deal with this and one worries that these “drive-bys” will materialize into something a whole lot worse.

                • Gail that is my worry too.  People may think I am being  too emmotive,  but the gas chambers of Treblinka etc were built  on foundations of  the boycott and window smashing of Jewish shops in 1933 onwards, in Germany and elsewhere.. 
                  What horrified me is the anti- semitism. I as u know am critical of state of israel as I may be of uk or USA or even Greece., re actions they do,  but that is nothing to do with anti -semitism. 
                  If the cry had been ”FILTHY Muslims”,  EQUALLY DISGUSTING,  but in context of events,  making a sick  sort of sense.  But this tells me, And I leave it for others to put the blame, that the language and thought, and soon the actions???,  of the 1930s, are out of the bottle and what the genie might do, I shudder to think.  Especially with such ignorance. I shudder to think.  God save Us  all. 

        • George C Michalopulos says

          I was responding to Michael, not the guest commentator.  

  3. This is very, very encouraging!
    “Visiting the Holy Virgin Mary Orthodox church, the oldest Christian shrine in Syria, Putin met with Antiochian Patriarch John X. As a Christmas gift, he presented the patriarch with an icon of the Mother of God, painted in Russia.
    “Were it not for the Russian military aid, terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or some other militant chief would have stood in the place of this temple today,” Peskov relayed the patriarch’s words to reporters.
    Here’s a link: https://www.rt.com/news/477648-putin-visit-syria-assad/

    • If not for Putin there would now be no Christians in the Street called Straight.

      • Erasmus Doglin says

        Nov. 26, 2019 Moscow Times:
        According to Levada’s latest results, 53% of Russian respondents aged 18 to 24 would like to emigrate.

        • E M Cimmins says

          Hi Erasmus Doglin,

          I’d like to point out that the ‘Moscow Times’ isn’t considered very highly by many respected Russia-watchers. I even recall the criticisms of MT mentioned in their Wikipedia article from Israel Shamir and others back in 2014.

          Here’s a shortlist of writers and sites I’ve come to respect (more-or-less) over many years for those that might be interested, in no particular order. I’d appreciate people’s input of they have any more!

          Gordon M Hahn (at Russian and Eurasian Politics)
          Paul Robinson (at Irrussianality)
          The Saker (at The Vinyard of the Saker)
          Dimitry Orlov (at Club Orlov)
          Hal Freeman (at Between Two Worlds)
          John Helmer (at Dances With Bears)
          Anatoly Karlin (at Unz)
          Israel Shamir (at Unz)
          Union of Orthodox Journalists
          Strategic Culture Foundation
          Andrew Phillips (at Orthodox England events blog)

          Thanks so much!

          E M Cimmins

    • Antiochene Son says

      God bless President Putin. For all his flaws, he is doing God’s work in the Middle East, which is more than can be said for perhaps any US president in history.
      The Church is the true Israel of God, and those who bless this Israel are blessed.

  4. Monk James Silver says

    Only certain sects of people variously defined as ‘evangelical’ Christians seek to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem,   In their delusion, they think that their bizarre and unhelpful interpretation of Zionism will somehow cause the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  What arrogance!  They think that by doing (what amounts to) magic, they can make the Son of God appear.  They’d better hope that they’re mistaken.
    As it is, the Jews have moved on from being a religion centered on animal sacrifice to being a religion of study and learning and helping each other and the world.  Of course, there are Jewish fanatics, too, but they’re not representative of the general population.
    In practical terms, second-temple Judaism is as different from rabbinic Judaism as rabbinic Judaism is from Christianity.  The misunderstandings of certain ‘evangelicals’ have nothing to do with any of these three, none of which envisions the rebuilding of the temple.

    • ***
      Only certain sects of people variously defined as ‘evangelical’ Christians seek to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem
      You are literally 100% completely wrong, but it is the difference in experience that separates us.  I grew up in a predominately jewish (by practice, I make no assertion as to ethnos) area, and a certain class of mine, each year, received a visitor which asked us to volunteer for labor for the ‘Holy Land’.  Research later revealed to me that this would be for labor in settlements in the occupied territories.
      I could cite other resources but would quickly identify myself.  That being a dangerous proposition, and understanding that the boomers are not of the culture of hiding their beliefs from the uberculture:  This effort is not a merely evangelical endeavor.  Perhaps your j-contacts have assuaged your conscience, or perhaps you believe otherwise for other reasons.  Regardless:  You are wrong.
      ‘Max D’ 
      (Max D)

      • Michael Bauman says

        Are they “Evangelicals” or Dispensationalists? Dual covenant folk or what?

      • Monk James Silver says

        In response to ‘Max D’, I’d like to admit that I am far from infallible and I make my share of mistakes.  But it is not at all clear here just exactly how I am so wrong.
        Foe example, this paragraph from his post dated 7 January makes no sense at all:
        ‘You are literally 100% completely wrong, but it is the difference in experience that separates us.  I grew up in a predominately jewish (by practice, I make no assertion as to ethnos) area, and a certain class of mine, each year, received a visitor which asked us to volunteer for labor for the ‘Holy Land’.  Research later revealed to me that this would be for labor in settlements in the occupied territories.’
        Perhaps ‘Max D’ could attest a single example of the Israeli government’s  —  or any other Jewish Zionist organization’s — intentions to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem.
        That is, if he can do so without exposing himself to whatever dangers he thinks might ensue a possibly accurate guess as to his identity.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Monk James, please forgive me but Max D is correct on this issue. As there are several religious organizations which are predicated on the rebuilding of the Temple. They have created the vestments for the priesthood/Levites, liturgical instruments (such as the laver, etc.) and are quarrying rocks. As well as raising the money to do so.

          The only obstacle is the Dome of the Rock, that Islamic shrine that sits atop Mt Zion. Many have prayed for its destruction by an errant Arab or Iranian missile. I actually knew a few evangelical Christians who lived in Israel and who prayed for this eventuality.

          • Monk James Silver says

            Once more, I must ask: How am I wrong here?

            I am aware of only one nutter, a Jew who lives in Jerusalem, who leads a small group of Jews and fellow-travelers — mostly the latter — who have indeed begun to re-create the liturgical items needed for a revival of the temple. Some of them have even bred the red heifers whose ashes are needed for ritual purgations.

            What must be established — as a corroboration of an assertion in the rather odd essay which initiated this thread — is that there is a Jewish Zionist movement to rebuild the temple. I mean a real effort by a legitimate Jewish group, not some few crackpots whose very Judaism is questionable.

          • Antiochene Son says


            They have a new Ark of the Covenant made of hammered gold and everything.

            • Manny Contripas says

              So, if we want Constantinople back, why shouldn’t they have a united Jerusalem. The same globalists who say there are no real Jews left also say there are no real Greeks and that somehow Tridentine and Teuton are competent substitutes. How can you call for a one-state solution in Cyprus and not Israel? Netanyahu has long been a phil-Hellene who said all the Arab armies had Turk generals and his Herzl Institute advisors have long supported dismantling Turkey and redrawing the borders of 1919:
              Do not forget that America’s founders were both Christian Zionists as well as Christian Hellenists.

              • Antiochene Son says

                Because there is no moral equivalent among civilizations. The world is the inheritance of Christendom, not Jews or Muslims. 

            • Monk James Silver says

              Antiochene Son (January 9, 2020 at 11:19 am) says:

              They have a new Ark of the Covenant made of hammered gold and everything.

              The ‘Temple Institute’ is generally regarded as a liability to peace and good order by the State of Israel, since official Israeli policy, reaffirmed in law several times, is to protect the sites sacred to all religions —  especially the ‘Temple Mount’ — from irreverence and desecration.  Thus, official Israeli policy does not anticipate and legally opposes the rebuilding of he temple on Mt Moriah, no matter how many/few fanatics insist on it, whether Jews or Christians.
              The TI’s recreated ‘Ark of the Covenant’ is a fine exhibit in their museum, which just about the only real contribution Rabbi Yisrael Stieglitz Ariel and his people have made.  It’s on exhibit there  along with other implements they have reproduced as being needed for divine worship in the temple.  This is all very interesting and educational, but they have nothing to put in their ark, at least not the articles which Moses originally placed there, so the empty container is a bit pointless, and reproductions simply do not share the numen of the originals, neither their ark nor its contents.
              And the TI’s version of the ark might be unneeded, anyway, since Jewish tradition holds that it still exists, either hidden  by the prophet Jeremiah in a Judean cave, or artfully concealed by priests in the massive stone foundations of the Temple Mount, where some modern archaeologists claim to have located but not excavated it.
              If the actual Ark is somehow important to God’s plans, it will be revealed.  In the meantime, though, Orthodox Christian tradition is content to see it, like the temple itself, as irrelevant now, having served its purpose as a pale foreshadowing of the Holy Ark which is actually the Theotokos, the all-holy Mother of God, who contained within herself the God Whom nothing can contain, and in human time gave birth to Him, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

        • Please follow the link in my earlier post mentioning “red heifers.”  The article contains multiple references to the Temple.  For instance,
          “As Lott read the Bible that day, he realized that the Second Coming and the fate of humankind now depended on the red heifer. In order for the Jews to rebuild the Temple and prepare the way for the return of the Messiah they must be purified with the ashes of a red heifer.”
          It goes on to discuss organizations within Israel that are seeking to rebuild the Temple and for whom red heifers are an important element in being able to do so.  I do not know whether these organizations would qualify as “zionist” as that term is being used in this comment thread.  One can draw one’s own conclusions.

        • Monk James Silver: “Perhaps ‘Max D’ could attest a single example of the Israeli government’s — or any other Jewish Zionist organization’s — intentions to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem.”

          How about this: “The Temple Institute, known in Hebrew as Machon HaMikdash (Hebrew: מכון המקדש‎), is an organization in Israel focusing on the endeavor of establishing the Third Temple. Its long-term aims are to build the third Jewish temple on the Temple Mount, on the site currently occupied by the Dome of the Rock, and to reinstate animal sacrificial worship. It aspires to reach this goal through the study of Temple construction and ritual and through the development of actual Temple ritual objects, garments, and building plans suitable for immediate use in the event conditions permit its reconstruction.[1] It runs a museum in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel.[2] It was founded and is headed by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel.[3] Its current Director General is Dovid Shvartz, and the International Department is headed by Rabbi Chaim Richman. New York billionaire Henry Swieca has supported the institute.[4] The Israeli government has also provided funding.”

          • Don’t you come here presenting your truths like that. They’re the chosen ones, don’t you understand? It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for them to do ANYTHING wrong and if you think otherwise, you’re obviously a crank.

          • The “Temple Institute” is mentioned prominently in the article to which I linked before, at https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/apocalypse/readings/forcing.html.

            Now, as to whether the “Temple Institute” can be considered a zionist organization or not, I have no opinion. But it does seem that organizations in Israel do seek to rebuild the Temple, and do consider a pure red heifer as being essential to that plan.

    • Then there’s the question of “red heifers.”  See, https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/apocalypse/readings/forcing.html

    • Antiochene Son says

      “They think that by doing (what amounts to) magic, they can make the Son of God appear.”
      This is why I have come to call them “Evangelical Twelvers,” after the Shiite belief in the messianic return of the Twelfth Mahdi which can be forced by a global war. That is basically what these Evangelical cultists believe; they relish the thought of sparking a global religious war over Jerusalem and that Christ will return just in the nick of time.

      • Josiah Crivens says

        Some American Black students youthfully misread that because, on November 1781, John Hanson became the first President of the United States in Congress Assembled, under the Articles of Confederation; he was the same as the as John Hanson, Oldenberg Moor who helped found Liberia, and that, Like Elijah and the Mahdi (the 12th Imam, not Mahdi), Obama was Hanson come back. 

  5. The thought occurs to me that, whatever he may have done or been under the Soviet a-Theocracy or the Yeltsin Kleptocracy, now that he has been given his head, Putin is proving to be a very great man.

    • George C Michalopulos says

      Very much agreed. 
      One of the core principles of leadership is knowing when to bide your time and tailor your principles when your times comes accordingly.  
      Putin has mastered that brilliantly.

      • The clearest exposition of the Modern Theory of Leadership Principle was by Marx (Groucho, that is; not Karl):
        “These are my principles; and if you don’t like them, I have others.”

      • Agreed re  Putin.  AGREED. As do Russian friends. 

    • Perhaps “The Yeltsin Kleptocracy” might be better named “The Yeltsin Methyocracy”.

  6. Warning to Orthodox Church:
    False Teachers and Deceitful Venues
    That Contradict and Distort Church Teaching

    by Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

    Orthodox Church is being attacked by false teachers and deceitful venues that question, challenge, mock, deconstruct, contradict, and distort Church teaching, practices, and theology.
    With help from the Orthodox editors, I have compiled a list of articles, essays, and petitions written by Orthodox Christian priests, deacons, professors, and writers warning the Church about false teachers and deceitful venues (especially Public Orthodoxy, The Wheel Journal, Orthodoxy in Dialogue, Fordham University’s Orthodox Center, Lazar Puhalo, Sister Vassa) that question, challenge, mock, deconstruct, contradict, and distort Church teaching, practices, and theology.
    These links summarize the extensive true and public witness of approximately fifty-three (53) Orthodox Christians (mostly priests) all of whom are in good standing with the Orthodox Church (spanning multiple jurisdictions). They represent Orthodox priests, archpriests, hieromonks, seminary professors, and two deans of Orthodox Christian Seminaries. These preachers and teachers speak and write from within the Moral Tradition of the Orthodox Church. They speak with the authority of the Church, the Apostles, Fathers, Theologians, and Saints. Their words align with Scriptures and exemplify the true and universal teaching, theology, and practices of the Holy Orthodox Church across two millennia.
    The same cannot be said of those fomenting rebellion inside the Orthodox Church.
    The ranks of the false teachers include academics who openly promote the homosexualist agenda and oppose the Orthodox Church sacred Tradition. Some of these individuals openly and proudly self-identify as “homosexual” or “LGBT.” Many are not Orthodox Christians. Some are women “married” to other women. Others are men “married” to other men. Some were deposed by the Orthodox Church. Others abandoned the Orthodox Church to become priestesses in other churches. All want to radically change the Orthodox Church teaching and Tradition to accommodate distorted and corrupt ideas.
    List is provided in reverse chronological order, beginning in 2012, the earliest article we could find.
    The Orthodox editors on this blog will continue to add more articles and links as they become available to warn the Church and the faithful about the false teachers who pridefully consider themselves “wiser and smarter” than the Apostles, Fathers, Theologians, and Saints of the Orthodox Church.
    2020——————————Orthodoxy, LGBT, & Spiritual Sedition [re: “Orthodoxy in Dialogue” scandalous LGBT rebellion]1/3/2020 – Rod Dreher
    2019——————————Ukraine Schism: What is a Layman To Do?11/23/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Trying to Make Silk Purses Out of Sows’ Ears (Response to “A Theology of the Erotic”) [refuting Aristotle Papanikolaou false teaching]11/15/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Discernment or Scaffolding? [refuting Aristotle Papanikolaou false teaching]11/8/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Contrary to Nature: A Response to “Would the True “Nature” Please Stand Up?” [refuting Public Orthodoxy false teaching]11/1/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Ed Sullivan Canon – Response to “Meeting Michelle” Part 2 [refuting Public Orthodoxy LGBTQP+ agenda]10/23/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Response to “Meeting Michelle” Part 1 [refuting Public Orthodoxy LGBTQP+ agenda]10/18/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Don’t Dialogue With Sin10/9/2019 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius
    Heresies and Schisms Will Appear in the Churches, in the Last Days10/7/2019 – St. Ambrose of Optina (1812-1891)
    Blasphemy and Open Rebellion by Nik Jovcic-Sas the “Orthodox Provocateur”10/5/2019 – Jennifer Davis
    Request To All Orthodox Bishops In America To Take Action Against False Teachings9/29/2019 – Petition started by Elizabeth Dunbar
    Transgender Ideology is Anti-Christian, Anti-Science, & Marxist9/15/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch
    Moral Heresy? [refuting Aristotle Papanikolaou’s false claims]8/30/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    What Modern Churches Are Missing [on Sister Vassa’s confusion of St. Paul’s teaching]8/6/2019 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Trust Faithful Orthodox Elders, Avoid Modernist Liberal Academics7/18/2019 – Fr. Michael Wood (Hieromonk)
    “Two Men in Bed Together”: a Failure of Exegesis [Sanfilippo’s homosexualist obsession]7/12/2019 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    On Ecclesiology, Humility, and Love7/8/2019 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    The Sin of Divorce7/4/2019 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Resolution to Petition the Holy Synod to Correct Errant Clergy and Lay Persons on Issues of Same-Sex Erotic Relationships7/2/2019 – Multiple Senior OCA Priests (six priests and one bishop, authored July 2018)
    Protodeacon Feldman’s Old Testament6/25/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Theodore Feldman: Scriptures, Orthodox Church, and Holy Tradition are Wrong on Homosexuality and LGBTQ Issues6/25/2019 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius
    Protodeacon Theodore Feldman boldly spouts nonsense6/24/2019 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    More on the Question of the Toll Houses5/22/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    David Bentley Hart and the Toll Houses5/8/2019 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Modern Judas Supports False Brethren in Ukraine2/23/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch
    The Wheel asks “What Dialogue Means”2/12/2019 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    Demonic Autonomy and Divine Obedience The Anthropology of Antichristianity (Part 8)1/23/2019 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Silence [“progressive” death march desires to silence all opposition]1/18/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch
    The Moral Heresy of Sexual Immorality1/13/2019 – Fr. Zechariah Lynch
    An Orthodox Appraisal of Political Correctness, Sexual Anarchy, Cultural Deconstruction and Conforming the Church to the World1/10/2019 – William E. Porter, Jr., M.Div.
    2018——————————Why God is “He”, Not “She”11/27/2018 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse
    The Age of Morality The Anthropology of Antichristianity (Part 7)11/6/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Dishonest Dialogue of Orthodox Liberals and Deconstructionists10/13/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Public Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy in Dialogue, The Wheel = Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing10/9/2018 – Fr. John Parker
    Lazar Puhalo Attacks Monasticism10/13/2018 – Pillar of the Truth
    Of Tolerance and Tyranny11/6/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 3) – Tradition, Fundamentalism, and Modernity7/222018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 2) – The Church and Modernity7/20/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    On Allegations of Orthodox Fundamentalism (Part 1) – On the Holy Fathers and Holy Tradition7/16/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    The Pursuit of Happiness7/12/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Morality and Truth in a Secular Age7/11/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Unitarian Morality With a Little “Theosis” Sprinkled on Top7/5/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Response to Giacomo Sanfilippo7/1/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford
    The Living Church 2.06/28/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Headscarves, Modesty, and Scolding Modern Orthodox Women6/25/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Truth, Compassion, and the Transgender Movement6/25/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Against Modern Legalism6/25/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    The Unbearable Essentializing of Being: Metropolitan Kallistos Ware’s Sorrowful Joy of Sex6/18/2018 – Reader Dr. Alfred Kentigern Siewers
    Met. Kallistos Clearly Implies that the Church Should Bless Committed Same-Sex Relationships6/16/2018 – Fr. Juvenaly Repass
    Anatomy of a Foreword: Metr. Kallistos on Sexual Morality6/16/2018 – Fr. John Cox
    Policing Orthodoxy’s Borders6/16/2018 – Rod Dreher
    The Rise of Antichristianity The Mystery of Lawlessness6/13/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    The Church and Homosexuality: A Meditation6/13/2018 – Fr. Herman Majkrzak (Hieromonk)
    Metropolitan Kallistos and The Wheel6/13/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Met. Kallistos Ware on the Ordination of Women and Blessing of Same-Sex Marriages6/12/2018 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius
    Met. Kallistos Ware Comes Out for Homosexual “Marriage”6/12/2018 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius
    On Priestesses and Ecclesiological Deism [on Sr. Vassa dangerous nonsense]5/21/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Dr. David Ford: An Open Letter to an Advocate of So-Called “Gay Marriage”5/20/2018 – Dr. David C. Ford
    The New Christianity5/14/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Dishonest Dialogue5/9/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Public Schools and Antichristianity5/3/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    Sister Vassa on the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood4/28/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Sr. Vassa: There’s no ontological impediment to priestesses4/24/2018 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    The Defence of the New Deaconesses and the Rest of the Story4/20/2018 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Progressives Use the Terms “Dialogue” and “Fundamentalism” to Attack and Subvert Orthodox Tradition4/13/2018 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse
    ‘Fundamentalism’ & ‘Dialogue’4/13/2018 – Rod Dreher
    Fighting the Wrong Battles2/14/2018 – Fr. Gabriel (Hieromonk)
    The Continuing Validity of the Moral Law of the Old Testament [Rebuke of Lazar Puhalo]2/12/2018 – Fr. John Whiteford
    What Do Our Friends at Fordham Have to Say About This?1/24/2018 – George Michalopulos
    Fordham University’s Orthodox Center receives grant to study LGBTQ rights1/23/2018 – OrthodoxChristian.com
    2017——————————The Hart Idiosyncratic Version12/29/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford
    More anti-fundamentalism pap from OCL11/21/2017 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    Ashley Purpura: Orthodox Church Needs Women Priests and Bishops11/13/2017 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius
    Public Orthodoxy: Promoting Cultural Marxism and LGBT Blasphemy11/11/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Cultural Marxism and Public Orthodoxy11/11/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Fr. Robert Arida: Why Don’t You Become Episcopalian?11/5/2017 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse
    A Response to “A Response”: Sanfilippo’s Latest Broadside11/1/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    St. Vladimir’s Seminary Reacts to Amsterdam Conference, OCA Bishops Remain Silent8/30/2017 – Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse
    The Abnormal Cannot Dictate What’s Normal8/29/2017 – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius
    Fr. Thomas Hopko: Homosexual Advocates Should be Denied Communion in the Orthodox Church8/21/2017 – Fr. Thomas Hopko (book excerpt)
    Gay Iconoclasm: Holding the Line Against the Radical LGBT Agenda7/25/2017 – by Fr. Josiah Trenham
    ROCOR Synod of Bishops responds to Sr. Vassa’s letter7/19/2017 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    Sr. Vassa not retracting, rejoices in increased attention and money7/8/2017 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    Sister Vassa on Homosexuality7/7/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Sr. Vassa’s words on gay teen dating continue to reverberate7/7/2017 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    New, but not improved… A Response to Public Orthodoxy, on the Creed6/28/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford
    The Amsterdam Symposium: An Abuse of Authority?6/19/2017 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse
    Uncovering the Truth: Head Coverings and Revisionist Biblical Interpretation6/19/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford
    A Letter From Russia on an Article Defending Same-Sex Marriage and Defaming Fr. Pavel Florensky6/3/2017 – Russian Orthodox Academic
    Soft-Pedaling Christian Morality: A Review of a Curious Review5/31/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Part Two: Of Homosexual Christians and their Struggle5/8/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Bourgeois “Conjugal Friendship” and American Ethnophyletism5/5/2017 – Reader Dr. Alfred Kentigern Siewers
    Sanfilippo’s “Conjugal Friendship”5/3/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Part One: Of Gay Sex and Leaven5/1/2017 – Fr. Lawrence Farley
    Fr. Michael Courey: Orthodox Church Must be More Inclusive, Welcome Same-Sex Couples4/20/2017 – Orthodox Editors
    Three Trojan Horses: Insider Attempts to Disorient the Orthodox4/17/2017 – Fr. Alexander F.C. Webster
    Fundamental Errors: A Response to “Tradition Without Fundamentalism” by George Demacopoulos3/17/2017 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Christian Pastors Must Stand for Truth, Righteousness, and Morality in the Public Arena1/17/2017 – Fr. Josiah Trenham
    2016——————————Orthodoxy and LGBT “Inclusiveness”12/7/2016 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    Culture Wars Threaten the Orthodox Church, Our Freedom, and Our Families8/7/2016 – Fr. John Whiteford
    2015——————————Demacopoulos vs. the Russians… again11/18/2015 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    Met. Joseph’s Directive On So-called “Same-Sex Marriage”10/31/2015 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    “Orthodox Fundamentalism” Discussion on Ancient Faith Today7/14/2015 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Puhalo Strikes Again6/7/2015 – George Michalopulos
    The Strange Theology of David Bentley Hart5/14/2015 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Deeply Disturbing Concerns – Homosexual Militancy Threatening the Orthodox Church3/27/2015 – Fr. John Guy Winfrey
    Response to “Orthodox Fundamentalism” by George Demacopoulos2/2/2015 – Fr. John Whiteford
    2014——————————You may not be interested in Culture Wars, but Culture Wars are interested in you12/10/2014 – Fr. John Whiteford
    Mattingly: Two clashing Orthodox takes on doctrine – past and future11/14/2014 – Terry Mattingly
    Texas Orthodox Priests Reject Fr. Arida’s Scandalous Teaching on Homosexuality11/13/2014 – Twenty-Three (23) Texas Orthodox Priests
    OCA Wonder blog: Change and the Church11/5/2014 – Fr. Joseph Birthisel
    Priest vs. Priest on Homosexual Orientation4/10/2014 – Fr. Johannes Jacobse
    2013——————————Puhalo rants again… on Transgenderism and Intersexuality12/11/2013 – George Michalopulos
    2012——————————Lazar Puhalo spouts blatant heresy… again1/15/2012 – Fr. John Whiteford

    • Nice list, thanks. I only recently heard about Sister Vassa from a friend of mine who likes her, watched one video but something about her seemed “off,” and I haven’t been back. Now I might alert my friend about issues with her, as I don’t think my friend is aware or would like that.

    • Thank you Fr Ioannes for that list of sources. Lots of names I respect on there, not the apostates of course.

  7. Ronda Wintheiser says

    I am completely lost.  I do not understand much if not most of what the “Citizen of Antichrist West” wrote. 
    I will only ask one question, though.
    First, I did look up the word Zionist since that was the challenge.  The definition? 
    A supporter of Zionism; a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.
    Now my question.   What is wrong with Zionism?
    What am I missing?

    • That is neither the working definition being used here by its critics nor a universal definition shared by even the first few results from search engines.

      Even reusing your definition (from Oxford Reference): Do you suppose that, when used here, ‘Hellenism’ means “a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Hellenic nation in what is now Greece”, or are there perhaps deeper historical developments and (geo-)political consequences encapsulated within a single word for brevity?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Rhonda, I think the definition of Zionist falls short in explaining the way it is being used in this context.

      Trump does talk a lot about the support of Israel:

      Some of it is because Evangelicals are very supportive of Israel and I suspect he is closer to being an Evangelical than perhaps anything else.

      Some of it is because Israelis more look “sane” (more reasoned, less reactive) than the people who surround them in many circumstances, although I’m sure there are those who disagree with me.

      Some of it is because he probably has a good relationship with the leadership of Israel.

      Some of it is probably because Trump’s daughter and her family are Jewish.

      But primarily, it’s because he knows a good part of his voter base supports Israel, which is somewhat different than supporting the Jews.

      The fact that the writer sees Trump as “the Champion of Israel, defender of Jews, and enemy of bigotry” is because there is bigotry against the Jews. Trump, like most of us, HATES BIGOTRY, I don’t care who the perpetrators are or to whom it is directed. Especially on campuses and who could be blind to the fact that the Jews have more than their share of violence?  This has got to stop and I’m glad Trump is doing something about it.

      Many Jews are very liberal so comments about them ushering in things like the LGBTXYZ movement are not inaccurate. However, I think what is more important about this piece is the anger and frustration that comes from living in an upsidedown world.  S/he states this pretty well. It’s not just about the Jews or Trump’s loyalty to the Jews.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Gail, you pretty much nailed it.  

        If I may add this proviso as well:  most Old Stock Americans (the white Protestant of northern European descent) like Israel because that country (like America) was founded by settlers.  

        It used to be OK in America to be proud of your settler/pioneer/pilgrim heritage.  Unfortunately, thanks to political correctness, the majority of white people (even those who are not Old Stock but immigrants) have been taught to despise everything about America’s founding (as well as the Antebellum South, European civilization and Christendom in general).  As such, we’ve transferred our normal, civilizational inclinations to those doughty Jews who tamed the desert in Palestine and won wars against the tens of millions of Arabs who sought their destruction. (Gross oversimplification but you get the idea.)
        This is not unlike what the American settlers experienced with the Indians (whom Thomas Jefferson called “the pitiless savages” in the Declaration of Independence).   Likewise, we have been taught that the Indians were victims when the reality is that from the founding of the Republic until the 1890s, whites who lived on the frontier were regularly massacred by the various Indian tribes.  Mind you, such atrocities were normative for most of these tribes, especially the Plains Indians who regularly massacred the other tribes.

        Anyway, that’s a story for another day.  Growing up in Oklahoma, I’ve known many Indians and they never viewed themselves as victims; they would view such an attitude as an affront.

        Of course, there’s a religious element for many of the Protestants as well, being as they are unversed in the Church Fathers.  And there are subsets of Protestant sects who believe that they are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and thus they see the reinstitution of the state of Israel as a religious mandate.  

        • Kent Prendle says

          John Carroll, first Catholic bishop, in 1785 estimated Catholics at 25,000: 15,800 in Maryland, 7,000 in Pennsylvania and 1,500 in New York. Maryland was originally founded as a haven for Catholics, who eventually moved westward, to Kentucky, and then to Indiana and Missouri. With the Louisiana Purchase, Catholicism was already found in Alabama, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Irish Americans complain the British sent them enslaved to America, while the truth is they were drunk homeless vagrants on the streets of English cities, punished by being sent to America as indentured servants, whose servitude, like the original blacks, e.g. Phylis Wheatley, ended in seven years.

      • Joey Carmichael says

        Trump used to attend marblechurch.org, as did Nixon. It is one of the oldest Dutch Reformed churches that practices infant baptism, unlike the Presbyterian  firstchurchjamaica.org where he grew up. His father was Bavarian Catholic, but his mother Scots, descended from Cromwell.  His education was remarkably rounded giving him broad insight into various tribes surrounding him: He was expelled from kewforest.org for carrying a switchblade and graduated from  nyma.org to learn casuistry at Fordham before he learned Ivy ways at Wharton. His developer father wanted him to stay under the radar in Queens, but he felt his Ivy credentials earned him Manhattan.

        • “…his mother Scots, descended from Cromwell”.
          You are misinformed.
          Donald Trump’s mother was Mary Anne MacLeod, from Tong in the parish of Stornaway, on the island of Lewis, in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. She was descended from neither Thomas nor Oliver Cromwell; the first of whom was executed by Henry VIII of England and the second of whom executed Charles I of England and of Scotland.

  8. Rhonda,

    I applaud you for asking the question. The short answer is that it is a Satanic Trojan Horse that aims for the destruction of Christianity and the establishment of a One World Government to subjugate all of mankind. Like all Satanic movements – the greatest victims are in fact those who are born into, tricked, duped and imprisoned by accepting and abetting the false premises of Zionism. The only acceptable mainstream info available on Zionism is almost always 100 percent in support of this movement. It relies on complete control of all media and information and the crushing of all dissent under its greatest weapon – the word “Antisemetic’. When is the last time you saw a television story or heard a commentator sympathetic to Palestine. All political candidates must grovel to the ADL to be elected. It has lead to endless deaths of our soldiers (our collective children) and of course the decimation of the Middle East – Eastern Christianity included. It is the reason all leaders in both parties continue these endless foreign wars. If we truly love the Jews and all mankind we need to destroy this Satanic ideology that will lead to the subjugation of all.

    I recommended reading E Michael Jone’s “The Jewish Revolutionary Spitit” to better understand that which is kept from us by our Zionist controlled system.

    Just remember – mostly all of what we have been taught and “know” has come to us via the greatest Zionist propaganda machine the world has ever know. The term “Zionist” is relatively new in history but the ideology goes back to the Death and Resurrection of Christ. The Jews who accepted Christ became Christians. The Jews who rejected Christ became revolutionaries. Zionism is the modern day version of the Jewish revolutionary movement. It must be watered down and papered over to be sold to the mostly naive masses. We are kept busy with bread, circus, sports. fear, anger and suspicion so that we don’t take the time to ask such important questions as yours – and more importantly- take the time to prayerfully dig past the usual media sources for an answer.

    May God bless us all with a love for and a pursuit of His Truth – all in a spirit of love for all mankind.

    In Christ, Mike

    • George Michalopulos says

      Mike, while I agree with your assertion that the Jews who followed Christ are “the true Jews” mentioned in the Book of Revelation (2:9, 3:9), I find E Michael Jones’ critique of Rabbinicism/Talmudism rather simplistic. Indeed, I have long been troubled by the schism between Church and Synagogue, so much so that I finally wrote my rather lengthy essay just a few months ago. Hopefully, I struck a historical balance that was more sensitive.

      In reality, I think that the hostility that existed between Church and Synagogue was mostly racial: I showed for example how the pagans of old thoroughly disdained the Jews as a people in much the same way that modern Europeans have an innate hostility for Arab Moslems (who are likewise Semites) but have a greater affinity for Moslems who are of Indo-European descent (or quasi-Indo-European descent such as the Uighers).

      We are seeing this type of inter-racial hostility being displayed in America today by African-Americans who are spontaneously going on rampages against ultra-Orthodox Jews.

      • “…quasi-Indo-European descent such as the Uighers”?
        I think the Uighurs are of Turkic stock.
        Quasi-Mongolian perhaps,
        not Indo-European.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Actually, I stand by the qualifier “quasi”:  there is a heavy percentage of European-appearing physiognomy among the Uighers.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Both; Turkic-Mongolic and Caucasoid features are present in their physiognomy, displaying a continuum from reddish/blondish pale skin with ruddy cheeks to more Mongoloid features.

          • The so-called Turkic peoples have always interested me. They have a real variety of ‘looks,’ from pure Asiatic to semi-European to pure Slavic.

            • Jenny Bardinas says

              Turkishness is not a nation, it is a mental disease of nomadic schizo-bipolars who could not live within civilization – kindof alike a perpetual homeless woodstock: “archaeologist Ursula Brosseder of the University of Bonn in Germany. The Huns developed as a political movement that picked up members from various ethnic groups as it spread, she explains. Brosseder suspects the ‘Hun phenomenon’ formed on the grasslands of western Eurasia, a territory that includes regions cited by Hakenbeck. The earliest evidence of Huns in that region dates to about 2,400 years ago” [Science News, 4/29/2017, Vol. 191, No. 8] This political movement movement derived from the Ural Ataics HLA DR1 schizophrenia gene [Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 30 (2006) 423 ? 428] and the Mongol 3’VNTR Dopaminergic Bipolar Gene [Human Biology, Vol. 68, No. 4 (August 1996), pp. 509-515].  Broadberry [LSE WP184 11/2013] shows that the Great Divergence of world economies manifested in 1348 due to Ghenghis Khan whose Tatar Magoguery decimated China, India, Russia and Greece. Fan Tsing fuh Ming was the call of the San Ho Hwuy and indeed Sun Yat Sen blamed the Manchu Magog for decimating China and thought the west was enlightening and liberating. But Mao instead used the Opium War as a foil to revert to tatarism. Note the cognates morphing:Magog, Mongol, Magyar, Hungar, Uyghur, Hangook, Gog. American Indians, Koreans, Japanese, and Turks are the true heirs of the Gog and Magog.   See 

              • Michael Bauman says

                Well now, according to folks who study such things, evolutionary biologists, the DNA of Attila is the most wide spread DNA ever identified. Therefore it is the most successful, i.e. fewer genetic weaknesses that lead to lower levels of propagation. Plus he spread it around all over the place.

                Darwin and all of the ….isms that come after him, plus his forbears were racist, misogynistic Christophobes. But the real jewel in the hate crown goes to Ernst Haeckel the proto-Nazi who systematized and weaponized Darwin’s bias and loathing.

                Darwin’s hatred of God and Christ was crystallized when his daughter, Anne, died at age 10. It no doubt fueled the fire of his desire to create a paradigm to replace Christianity a project traditioned to him by his grandfather.

                The desire of Darwin and his Bulldog to attack Christian sexual morality (present in many philosophical Darwinists since) cannot not be discounted.

                Whatever the intellectual tree, the late 18th through the entire 19th century vomited up a miasmic cesspool of philosophies that paved the way for the destruction of the what remained of the Christian world order in the 20th. A great many of these despicable, dark and dangerous wanderings came from Germany. That BTW includes the philosophical foundation for the public school movement in the United States courtesy of another hater of God (because He did not do Horace’s will), Horace Mann. Before him Ralph Waldo Emerson advanced the cause infecting American letters since.

                All of the ideas that form our current culture arose from a systematic denial of and rebellion against God yet somehow all of the hatred and failure the ideas engender is still Christianity’s fault somehow.

                Ah, if Adam had remained steadfast …

            • As the Bulgarians from typical greek, to pure blooded, blond  Slav, to wide cheekboned hawk nosed turkic. 

              • Estonian Slovak says

                Niko, why bother to respond to such racist nonsense?  We are not Hitler buffs here( well, I think we have one here, but George lets him keep posting).
                    But, then I’m just an untermensh; not only one eight part Jewish, but through my Slavic heritage, I have Mongol blood in my veins. Plus, I have Celtic ancestry, they seem to be untermenshen as well.
                    I believe it’s much easier to be a racist if one is a Darwinist. Both Hitler and Stalin were Darwinists. Hitler sought to breed a master race; whereas Stalin had one of his crazy scientists seek to create a slave race. This scientist attempted to impregnate women with gorilla or chimpanzee sperm. Let any racists here note; the scientist could not bribe a single African woman to be a part of the experiment. But there were Soviet women all too willing to volunteer.
                  Oh well, what do I know? I’m just an untermensh.

                • Estonian Slovak,
                  (“Ich bin nur ein untermensch”)
                  Enter the Holy Spirit… 

                • Estonian slovak. Yes I know.  And you raise a good point that Darwin had sone pretty typical 19c racist  views and nazi slaughter of the jews was not based on religion or came from it.   U could be baptised ten times and still be a Jew for the oven. It was based on Darwinism. To be fair to Darwin, on misuse of his theory,but still as eugenics, on Darwinism . 
                  Where as in Tsarist Russia, once baptised, u were part of Orthodox society.  I am not defending anti – semitism but just stating facts. Of course hatred based onn religion played into nazi hands and they used it so to speak, but the central plank of their ideology was Racist and only racist. 

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Indeed, pure Darwinism (atheistic, random species-formation) can offer no critique against genocide.  Period.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  ES, Hitler is not to everyone’s taste (certainly not mine) but I’ve always believed in free speech.  As long as no one slanders anybody living or incites violence, then they are free to post.

                • Estonian Slovak: “I believe it’s much easier to be a racist if one is a Darwinist.”
                  Theory of evolution evolved since time of Darwin and Lamarck.
                  First, Darwin formed his theory before genetics became known. The present  popular understanding of evolution is formed between  Mendelian genetics and discovery of DNA, culminating in Jurassic Park paradigm. In the last couple of decades or so, new discoveries and insights led to the partial rehabilitation of Lamarck.
                  Basic knowledge of genetic pool dynamics, undermines classical racism. Genetic pool can change quite fast, leading to different racial characteristics. If for example high IQ is correlated positively with acquiring PhD degree and negatively with number of children, the natural selection is going to purge this negative traits from the population 😉
                  The race is an adaptation to the environment, different in nomadic steppe or jungle or medieval village, from the modern city. Changes always occur. Add  genetic engineering and we enter uncharted territory.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Yes, but none of what you write explains speciation. Nor does it (or any evolutionary theory) explain biogenesis.

                    • …or genesis.

                    • “Yes, but none of what you write explains speciation. ”
                      It is a different story.

                    • Note that, when I say ‘you’ in the below, I actually mean “y’all” or the plural You, a structure unfortunately abandoned in 21C English.
                      I cannot help but laugh that, in response to The Question of Adolf of Heidl, we are to also call into question an extremely basic construction neither of philosophy nor of metaphysics but of empirical mathematical physics:  The idea of biochemical instability across mechanical sexual reproduction and the premise that some external factor may introduce a bias upon this biochemical propagation.
                      ***paragraphs of uncharitable rhetoric deleted by the author***
                      It is exceedingly facile for any of us to handwave away the complexities of reality merely because we choose to leave unstudied the dynamics of His creation.  One of my co-parishioners believes that nuclear power is a Satanic illusion; the obviousness of the situation to him is that your lights turn on and the internet allows you to post your nonsense on a Greek man’s webforum because He Wills It So, and to consider the matter further is, frankly, laughable and possibly anti-Christian.  I disagree.
                      (I am grateful for a space to dissent, however)

                    • George Michalopulos: “Nor does it (or any evolutionary theory) explain biogenesis.”
                      Biogenesis is a subject of biological research, although less advanced, because the material artifacts are scarce.
                      Now the genesis or Divine creation belongs to a different order. When God willed the beings into existence, He endowed them with physical characteristics. Physics may study these characteristics, but does no have tools to detect the fingerprints of Divine hand. God said “let there be light”, but the physical light probably does not contain the echo of His voice as His super-essential voice is not physical.
                      The path toward God leads from different direction than through science, although scientific discoveries can inspire people to find the Source of all.
                      Just my educated opinion.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      And a good one it is!

                      My point is that ever since Darwin, society has been hornswaggled into believing that the meaning and generation of life has been explained and that there is no room for the divine. Strictly speaking, Darwin tried to explain speciation (i.e. the formation of species). However a very clever bait-and-switch was soon “accepted as a given” by all, and that is biogenesis –the formation of life in the first place.

                    • For an excellent discussion of the problems with Darwinism see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noj4phMT9OE

                  • Michael Bauman says

                    Martin, also note Estonian Slovak’s word choice: Darwinist. That is an ideological belief. DarwinISM as apposed to any sort of scientific exploration of biologic diversity and changes over time has always been racist and is today. DawinISM has always been anti-Christian too.

                    If one assumes a loving creator God that Incarnated as in Christianity, the selection, evaluation and interpretation of the same physical evidence will produce significantly different results than if one begins with an antipathy toward an incarnate, loving creator God.

                    Mechanism vs providential guidance.

          • 🙂

        • The homeland of the Uyghurs was known as Eastern Turkmenistan when the Chinese annexed it over a century ago. It is actually the birthplace of the Turk/Magog/Mongol race.


        • Uyghurs have admixture of Tocharians – the eastern Indo-Europeans.

      • I think the fact that, historically, the Jews have been on the receiving end of violence from just about everyone they come into contact with probably puts much of the blame on them and their behavior. Similar communities with an extensive global diaspora and mercantile leanings (Greeks, Armenians) have basically been left alone by everyone, with the exception of the Turks, but that is a different situation.

        • George Michalopulos says

          As I pointed out in my essay, the main difference between Jews and other “middleman minorities” (e.g. Greeks, Armenians, Levantines, Chinese) has their employment as arrendetors, publicans and usurers.  Often because they were forced into these positions by elites.  

          • And Armenians and Greeks didn’t kill other peoples’ children.

            Before the outrage erupts: consult Ariel Toaff’s book (available as a free PDF in some places) and see how he confirms the so-called Blood Libel as something that actually happened, although he tries to pass the blame onto the Ashkenazim (he is Sephardic).

            • George Michalopulos says

              The blood libel is actually true (as far as it goes), though greatly exaggerated in scope and frequency. Toaff and others, even authors such as Kevin MacDonald (who is decidedly unsympathetic to Jews), believe that these atrocities were perpetrated by certain fanatical subsets of Ashkenazim. Not unlike like the jihadist subset of Islam which carries out all of the terroristic acts and ascribe it as foundational to Islam.

              • According to Apion, Antiochus Epiphanes found a Greek in the Temple who was being fattened up for a cannibal feast. I have no idea of the accuracy of this report, but am inclined to doubt it. Antiochus would surely have made more of it if it were true.

              • Tim R. Mortiss says

                Libels are true.
                Orwell was right. But then, we knew that all along….but it was always the other people.

                • “Libels are true.Orwell was right.”
                  Orwell? Please explain.

                  • Tim R. Mortiss says

                    For starters, Big Brother in 1984 said:
                    ‘War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength”.
                    George tells us: “Libel is true.”
                    (Remember: the definition of libel is falsehood. That’s why it’s called ‘libel’.)

                    As for Basil, who tells us that Jews are his friends and only Zionists does he anathematize; he returns with mendacity to the subject of the Jews regularly, as a dog does to its vomit. (Or, as he might have it ((as a dog does to its vomit)). ) Hebrew scriptures, don’tcha know…

                    • Correction: Zionists and Talmudists.

                    • Tim R Mortiss: “Remember: the definition of libel is falsehood. That’s why it’s called ‘libel’.”
                      Not necessarily. Not in Scotland. Here a libel can be a formal statement of complaint – an indictment.
                      Still, now I know what you mean.

              • I’m inclined to say that the jihadist subset of Islam is Islam. Muslims not going all-out for violent conquest of the infidel are not Muslims at all, like Christians not loving their enemies.
                The only reason Islam has been relatively quiet (I stress relatively) in the 20th c. is because Western imperial powers put the kibosh on Ottoman (i.e. Caliphate) power and effectively subjugated most of the global Islamic population to Western hegemony.
                Now that the West has weakened and the Moslems have started moving in… well, watch this space.

                • The Hindus and the Chinese are biting back,
                  so they can’t go East.
                  If you want to know what’s coming,
                  look to Nigeria and South Sudan.

                • Before I found Orthodoxy, I fell in love with the Shajarians* of Persia.  I am willing to (and do) believe that there are conquered peoples whose faith was warped or precluded under the various caliphates into a form that Orthodox Christianity cannot accept as true, yet whom do believe — despite these errors — in Him.  Orthodox Christianity does not, in fact, teach that those who believe incorrectly are condemned to hell (at least until they understand their error and willingly reject the truth**).

                  Per C.S. Lewis and The Abolition of Man, whose arguments therein I also came to incorporate into the deepest reaches of my soul before I found Orthodoxy (and have not since rejected), I do not hate other cultures … or perhaps I should say empires … or perhaps I actually mean races.  To me these things are necessarily intertwined.

                  I am hostile towards the aggressions of Zionism / Third Temple-ism.  I am hostile towards the conquering forms of Islam (truly, are you threatened by the Sufi?).  I am hostile towards most of post-Western Empire schismatic Christianity for exactly the same reasons.

                  Yet why should I hate Persians or Shia Iraq?  Are the Shia a threat to Christianity?  To Orthodoxy?  To Europe?  To the Americas?  To Mars?  No.  They are a threat to the Third Temple project and to none other.  The Levant itself must be pastoralized before the Temple Mount can be reset.

                  And, for what it is worth:  I believe that the Cult of the Third Temple will achieve their aims.  Within the United States, the anti-war movement of the right-wing is vigorously suppressed, and the anti-war movement of the left-wing is impotent.  The captured empire will push forward unto its detriment and destruction, for the pilots care not for its origin but for its destination.


                  I will not defend this here; attack me if you wish.

                  • I have no wish to attack you.
                    So I won’t.

                  • I find nothing to disagree with in your statement. If the Shi’a and Sufis are truly seeking the Logos, then He will reveal Himself to them, just like He did to Archimandrite Daniel in Indonesia, himself a former Muslim. The fact that the Shi’a, the Alawites and other Muslim ‘heretics’ are aligning themselves with Russia and Vladimir Putin, while the fanatical Wahhabi-Sunnis generally work in tandem with US-Israeli imperialist-Zionist goals says a lot. Non-fanatical Sunnis tend to get caught up in the maelstrom and suffer as much as non-Muslims, as we see with ISIS, et al.

      • According to several leading Jewish leaders, hate is a Jewish virtue, and abortion a Jewish rite-of-passage.
        The magazine Jewish Currents, founded in 1946, claims to be “committed to the rich tradition of thought, activism, and culture of the Jewish left.” An article here literally instructs girls how to murder the child in their womb with a recipe, and then tells us this is good, necessary and fun. 
        And Rabbi Meir Y. Soloveichik, resident Scholar at the Jewish Center in Manhattan, writes:
        “Judaism, I would argue, does demand love for our fellow human beings, but only to an extent. ‘Hate’ is not always synonymous with the terribly sinful. While Moses commanded us ‘not to hate our brother in our hearts,’ a man’s immoral actions can serve to sever the bonds of brotherhood between himself and humanity. Regarding a rasha, a Hebrew term for the hopelessly wicked, the Talmud clearly states: mitzvah lisnoso—one is obligated to hate him.
        He goes on:
        “A theological chasm remains between the Jewish and Christian viewpoints on the matter. As we can see from Samson’s rage, Judaism believes that while forgiveness is often a virtue, hate can be virtuous when one is dealing with the frightfully wicked. Rather than forgive, we can wish ill; rather than hope for repentance, we can instead hope that our enemies experience the wrath of God…Judaism does not deny the importance of imitating God; Jews hate the wicked because they believe that God despises the wicked as well.”
        Indeed, the synagogue of Satan: 

        • George C Michalopulos says

          LonelyDn, that’s why I am very leery about using the word “Judaism” anymore in the religious sense.  Personally, I view Judaism as I do Anglicanism or Hellenism, a socio-cultural phenomenon with religious rites as a spiritual cover.   Think of what Teddy Roosevelt said about the Episcopalian Church:  “the Republican Party at prayer”.

          Now, I’m not being flippant but am quite serious.  Religion often serves as a proxy for ethnicity, which is totally understandable.  Sometimes overtly as with the Nation of Islam (no non-black Africans need apply), or sometimes covertly, as in Mormonism, for which most LDS people are overwhelmingly Northern European/Scandinavian.

          Likewise with Judaism:  it is an ethnic phenomenon which embraces many different beliefs, even atheism.  Hence my growing insistence for using the word Yahwism to describe the religion of the Old Testament.  And even here, there were three different sects:  Saduccees, Pharisees and Essenes, none of which agreed on many basic doctrines regarding the afterlife.

          Forgive the tangent but I wanted to set up context.  What you describe is not the Yahwism of the OT in any way, shape, manner or form.  The OT is for all practical purposes defunct as far as post-Temple Judaism is concerned.  Since then, we are talking about Talmudism or Rabbinicism, which are really legal systems.  For spirituality, one goes to Kabbalism, which is a relatively modern phenomenon.  The last true OT-believing and adhering Jews were the Karaites but they are mostly extinct.

          For this reason, we can find modern Jews (even observant ones) who do not adhere to the spiritual ethos of Yahweh.  Sacha Baron Cohen for example, is a “devout” Orthodox Jew but he is unmarried to the mother of his children.  And he makes movies like Bruno in which he appears naked and extolls the homosexual lifestyle. I read the other day about a somewhat famous pornographic actress who is likewise an observant Jew.  Jenna Jameson, perhaps the most famous pornographic actress of our time, converted to Judaism in order to marry her husband. (I do not believe she has given up her career.) And of course there are observant Jews who actively campaigned for the legalization of gay marriage.  There is also the “Hot Chani” subset of the Ashley Madison scene, which is married Hassidic Jewish women who engage in adulterous affairs only with married Hassidic Jewish men and is likewise expedited by the internet. 

          All of these examples are in direct defiance of the OT and indeed, are punishable by death.   The OT, for all its violence, was still the historical narrative of an ethical people striving to live under the revelations of a God who demanded obedience to an absolute moral code.   Yahweh gave them prophets whenever He saw them lapsing into idolatry and paganism.  And if they didn’t listen, He would send pagans to punish them.

          Anyway, sorry for the long digression but I wanted to get it out there that when you see rabbis extolling gay marriage or abortion as a “rite of passage” for young women, you are not seeing OT Judaism in its proper form but a subversion of it.  Not unlike what the false messiah, Shabbtai Z’vi preached in the seventeenth century.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Needless to say, none of this was the Judaism to which Jesus Himself was born into.

            • Of course, Judaism essentially died with the destruction of the Temple, and it was and is impossible from a variety of reasons, now, to practice because, namely, no priest, no temple, no sacrifice. What happened afterwards? The vast majority continued seeking ‘Ceasar’ on their on terms, wanting a military conquerer – who will be the antichrist – and they incited rebellion and chaos (since they reject Christ, who is Logos, and the pattern) and gave us satanic Bolshevism and communism, and now international communism known affectionately as globalism, etc. We see communism became the new jewish religion. The others converted and formed, in part, the Church.
              Of course violence isn’t the answer. Repentance is the answer. 

          • “Anyway, sorry for the long digression but I wanted to get it out there that when you see rabbis extolling gay marriage or abortion as a “rite of passage” for young women, you are not seeing OT Judaism in its proper form but a subversion of it. ”
            You’re seeing tikkun olam in action. That’s why Talmudists are so heavily involved in ‘social justice,’ ‘gay rights,’ ‘open borders,’ ‘pro-choice,’and similar movements, while they by and large prevent anything of the sort from happening in their own (closed) communities.
            Making the world a better place!

            • George C Michalopulos says

              This is one reason why we should pray for the conversion of the Jews, because we love them.  At any rate, compulsion and/or violence should not be tolerated.  
              P.S. strictly speaking, from a post-exilic point of view, the Noahide Laws are a legitimate way of looking at the world as to making a decision for a Jewish community where to live.

              • Antiochene Son says

                Indeed, for the conversion of the Jews. But not, as many evangelicals believe, the rehabilitation of Judaism or the granting of a fig leaf. 

          • The Anglican church was  formerly described as the Tory ( conservative)  party at prayer. 

    • Zeb Napter says

      The one world government that defies the Tower of Babel is the evil empire that killed Jesus and stole his religion, now manifest as Bru666elles. Anyone who knows the cruel, vindictive ending of Vercingetorix, Spartacus and Carthage knows who really killed Jesus.

  9. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Very good and interesting article. Two thumbs up!
    Peter A. Papoutsis 

  10. Michael Bauman says

    The difficulty with studying history is understanding various narratives and ideologies and how each, in its own way, the selection and interpretation of the data we know.

    Also it is critical to know your own bias. Even more to avoid thinking of history as linear cause and effect.

  11. Trump isn’t a Zionist.  Trump just wants to be re-elected.  Although the Jewish population is only 2% of the USA, 127 out of 240 Electoral College votes come from the four states with the largest Jewish populations (NY, NJ, FL and CA).  Trump can’t win NY, NJ and CA, but he can win Florida.    Israel is an important issue for candidate choice among Jews, so Trump has been strongly supportive of Israel.

    ….from the Scriptures it is clear that, whatever its use to God in the days to come, the State of Israel has nothing to do with the prophecies of the Bible. Christian Zionism therefore may take its place among the discredited detritus of history, alongside such classics as The Late, Great Planet Earth.

  12. Thanks for all the comments on my article. To sum up a few things, for those who actually believe Trump is not a Zionist, let me remind you that actions speak louder than words. In his case, his words and actions match quite well. Whether he is just one arrogant naive fool or a calculated devil inspired enemy of the cross doesn’t really matter. The fact of the matter is everything about his words and actions are Zionist.
    When scripture speaks of the mark of the beast being on the hand or the forehead, is one to take this literal? Many have argued this over the centuries, so I doubt we will come to unanimous agreement on what it really is until it is imposed upon us. To understand what I am talking about in this context is to understand the mark of God upon those who are His. 
    Ezekiel was shown a vision and heard God tell one of the men in his vision to “Go through the midst of Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the lawless deeds taking place within her.”
    What is the “mark of God” on the forehead? Can you show who has the mark? Can you see the mark? 
    Obviously this mark is not seen in this dimension. What makes us think that the “mark of the beast” is any different? There very well may be a literal mark placed upon billions of human beings in the future, however, hear what I am saying.
    What do the hand and forehead represent? When the ancient “jews” of Moses and David’s days were told to “wear God’s law” upon their forehead and their hand, was he actually telling them to wear a Tefillin on their heads and arms?
    Bottom line, the forehead houses the part of the brain where our moral faculties function. Thus, when people have motorcycle accidents injuring their heads or brain cancer victims have that portion of the brain being eaten by the disease, they are known to have moral lapses, doing or saying things most would not do. When my dad was fighting lung cancer and it got into his brain, we were warned of this occurring and told to prepare for outbursts or such out of the normal speech that comes with it. He passed away in 2008 shortly after the cancer getting into his brain. It is very deadly when that occurs, just as the thinking of Antichrist is to the mind and heart of man.
    The forehead represents our beliefs, morals, and faith. The hand represents our actions. Thus, in short, what I am getting at here, is that many will follow antichrist with either their minds accepting and believing and/or they will simply follow the mob with their actions even though they may not really believe. Get in line or sanctions will be imposed upon you citizen of the world.
    So, some as Eliza, will say Trump is just wanting votes and doing whatever to get elected. I say this is wishful thinking. 
    Unlike Obama who was groomed to be a puppet in the White House by his handlers, Trump is a mystery who has been grooming himself for this day. Whether out of his own selfish greed and ambitions or something demonic does not matter. His actions and words reveal what he is, a Zionist.
    What 3 places overseas did Trump visit as President revealing who he was to the world? Saudi Arabia (the central state of Muslim Zionism), the Vatican (the central state of Christian Zionism), and “Isreal” (the central state of “Jewish” Zionism). (Misspelled on purpose to play on words. Is it real? or is it Memorex? or is it “jews who are not jews, but the synagogue of Satan”?)
    Much can be said about Saudi Arabia and their Wahabi Extremism which has inspired and committed much more terrorist activity around the world than Iran ever has, including in America (9/11 obviously), yet how they have never assaulted Israel how many decades. Bottom line is they tote the Zionist agenda. They are the leaders of Muslim Zionism.
    The Vatican is the Woman who rides the Beast and the Mother of Harlots, most any recognizes this. Europa and her mythical story is obvious for all to see who are willing to look. The very painting of Europa riding the Beast is on a wall in Brussels for the world to see. Even the RC prophecies including Fatima speak of the Pope’s coming demise with the Vatican, just as the Beast turns on the Woman who rides it. She is also the Mother of Harlots, which is clear to any willing to honestly see how she gave birth to all the heresies that have come forth from her womb via the “Reformers and their Reformation” giving us thousands of denominational harlots tickling the ears of any willing to listen to their songs of seduction and enter their sanctuaries of deceit and corruption. Now most of them have given themselves over to the perversion of LGBTXYZ including the Orthodox as Fr Ioannes has posted earlier. Even of late, the United Methodist are splitting over this very topic.
    Then we have “Isreal” with a ? mark. 
    Regarding many of the pervious comments, not to downplay them, but what I was getting at in the article was the bigger picture. It’s not about one little group or subgroup. As Stanley Montieth sums it up in his book, “Brotherhood of Darkness” which is about all the secret groups everyone wants to argue about which is in control of which, it is “all the above.”
    Zionism is more than just one group or cause. It is the embodiment of Freemasonry, which many in Congress are members of, along with the Kabbala occult aspect of modern Judaism, which many a rich and famous “jew” is a part of, including Madonna, along with the Scottish Rite and their go cart riding old men wearing the red hats dipped in Christian blood (hint: history lesson on Muslim slaughter of Christians in North Africa some time ago), along with all the bankers who none of the politicians, preachers, or news pundits want to name by name who finance the Fed and the War Industry, which our military serves and fights for “in the name of Jesus.” 
    Reminds me of a song from World War II days. (I like to listen to the 40’s big band music station on XM Radio.) Along with that catchy tune about Constantinople being nobody’s business but the Turks, is that famous song we need to start singing at Trump rallies now after Pompeo/Trump’s declaration of War on Iran for the Zionist Masters…. Sing it with me now…
    “Praise the Lord, Pass the ammunition. Praise the Lord, Pass the ammunition.Praise the Lord, Pass the ammunition. And we’ll all be freeeeeee!”
    Much more could be said, but time is short and I gotta go to bed and then to work again, and again, and again. 
    Before I say goodbye, I found this website I did not know was in existence until tonight and this article on it that ties in perfectly with what the true heart of Zionism is all about. Happy reading.
    I’m sure I forgot something, but I think I hit most of the main ideas. Oh, for those who still don’t get it, be sure to read those two books I mentioned in the main post or you will continue to be lost and clueless.
    Thank you all. Lord have mercy on us all.

  13. Coming soon to America…
    “Appeal court rules father must refer to teen daughter as ‘him.”
    The British Columbia court of appeal ruled Friday that a 13-year-old girl was old enough to consent to testosterone shots despite her father’s objections that his troubled daughter had been influenced by transgender advocates and did not understand the long-term consequences of her decision.
    The appeal ruling released January 10 also placed the father under a “conduct order” effective until April that directs him to acknowledge his now 15-year-old daughter as a male, to use male pronouns when referring to her, and to call her by her chosen male name.
    See: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/appeal-court-rules-father-must-refer-to-daughter-as-him

  14. Debra Sheppard Quay says

    Scripture is enough to explain ‘Kings and Kingdoms’ We are intuitive if wise enough to be Watchmen over these End-Times. But, the ‘Protesting Sisters’ of different religions will rage on… regardless. Who is right in their practices will be battled, well, at least until whatever AC will force upon the world, am I not right?
    I appreciate Michael Rood, going back to truths, before Constatine screwed it all up. Nice to watch somethings that make some sense, wish all to examine, Aroodawakening. 

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Constantine didn’t screw anything up. Leo IX, the heresiarch, did. It’s been downhill for the Western Church ever since.

      • Debra Sheppard Quay says

        Perhaps… But yes, you get the jist if it. The early church was already established, its laws and ordinances were fixed, it had been given its commission to “go, … teach all nations,” and the teaching was “to observe all things whatsoever I  have commanded you.” Any subsequent change in how, when, where (ie: the Sabbath) by either Greek or Roman followed in the apostasy which engulfed Christendom during the Middle Ages.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Debra, thank you for your thoughtful reply.  Like you, I accepted much of the Reformist critique of the post-Constantinian Church.  (Even though I was born into the Orthodox Church, growing up in Oklahoma, I imbibed much of Protestantism.)

          But then I delved more deeply into the historical writings, both Biblical and secular, and found that from the very outset of the Church in Jerusalem, the Lord’s Day was on Sundays and that’s when The Way would come together to worship.

          Anyway, thank you for your participation.  I trust we will learn from each other.  

  15. Michael Bauman says

    Jewish, Greek, male and female, Russian, American, black or white they are all false dicootomies.   
    Each and all are required to submit to the love of Jesus Christ, repent and be saved by His Grace.  
    God is good.  The rest—–not so much.  

  16. Michael Bauman says

    Ms. Quay, I think your interpretation suffers from a view of history in general that is too linear and too rigid. There always has been and always will be an on-going interrelationship between The Church, the institutional manifestation of the Church and her people. The latter two components will always have a varying degree of sin and error present which require healing.

    No matter, “who screwed up” a “screw up” was going to happen. We have to always take that into account. The Church’s ongoing call to repentance is the key. The call is not for someone else to repent, but for me to repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Right here, right now, pressing on us and welling up within us. “Everywhere present and filling all things.”

  17. George Michalopulos says

    This really doesn’t belong here, but it is of a piece that deals with the destructive forces that are being waged against Western civilization:


  18. This is how far off the cliff we’re diving: In a world gone insane with transgenderism, menstruating ‘men’ must fight for ‘period equity:’

  19. I really do believe homosexuality is a disease along th elines or Socarides. But this recent literature has upset me and made me doubt.


    • Gail Sheppard says

      The thing is, we live in a fallen world and see all sorts of behavior but I’m not sure it makes sense to think that “it’s natural because animals do it.” I realize you’re not making this case.

      I have long believed that sexuality is imprinted. When aberrant behavior (could be a fetish) is experienced or observed during a period when hormones are being released as part of adolescence, we form an attachment to that behavior.

      We see the same sort of thing in baby chicks. They follow the first thing they see after they’re hatched as the “mother.” If the first thing they see is a coke bottle, they will follow it, as if it were the momma chick. That’s why I think it’s SO dangerous to normalize homosexuality in our homes and schools because it opens up a child to the idea that it’s a legitimate choice. However, it’s not an adaptive choice from the standpoint that it makes life harder, not easier.

      If kids think two women being together is normal and two men being together is normal, I believe they are being primed to open themselves up to it in the future. Making homosexuality an acceptable choice encourages children to think it’s alright to engage in the behavior if/when it presents itself. If normal hormones are released in the context of being with a same-sexed person, that experience will be perceived as being “normal” for that individual. They’ll think it is just the way they are. However, if we didn’t normalize it and say it’s a legitimate choice, I think young people would be less likely to expose themselves to it, perhaps preventing it from being cemented in their psyches.

      Plus, as a Christian, it’s one of the many things we’re asked to avoid. So if I were a parent of a young child, I would not talk about homosexuality as a perfectly acceptable choice. If asked, I would say it’s one of those things that makes life harder, and therefore, not something to be pursued.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Wise words.  All in all, prudential advice.  

        If I may go further, not all that happens in the animal kingdom regarding sexuality is benign.  Male dolphins often gang-rape females.  Cuckoo birds destroy the eggs of other birds (usually warblers) and lay their own eggs there to be raised by the warbler hen.  Female pigs will literally eat one of their young in order to reduce the size of their litter (and get much-needed nourishment to feed the rest).   Many species are polygamous.  

        Chimpanzees practice cannibalism and then there’s the rogue lion which after he kills another lion, eats his cubs.  The mother of the dead cubs will immediately present her pudenda to the “murderer” in order to be inseminated by him.  (The killing of her cubs immediately brings her into estrus making her immediately fertile.)
        All of these sexual & quasi-sexual acts occur in nature.  To the extent that they exist in human societies, those societies are extremely violent and/of unviable.

        • Steven J. M. says

          In tackling this question (about the sin of homosexuality) once, it occurred to me to write that, because we still live in a world that sees abominable acts like bestiality, necrophilia and paedophilia for what they are, it can still be said (in a way that everyone will understand) that there must be limits to human sexuality. 
          With that established, the question is then where do we draw the line? At heterosexuality or at homosexuality?
          In favour of heterosexuality – remembering that we might be talking to irreligious people – the fact that it’s so obviously practical should suffice. 
          Against homosexuality, we can not only point to its impracticality, but also to those justifications for it which are similar to whoever would try to justify the above (and widely agreed upon) abominations. Of these shared justifications, I can think of “love is love”, “live and let live”, “be who you want to be”, “freedom” and “God is dead”.
          With that, see how heterosexuality requires consent between two adults and is practical, whereas (popular) homosexuality only requires this same consent, while being at the same time impractical and having justifications in common with unspeakable acts. 
          Everything points to heterosexuality being the line at which normal human sexuality is drawn. The only thing (popular) homosexuality ‘has going for it’ is that it also requires consent between two adults, but that’s just not enough to outweigh the perversity.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Steven, unfortunately I think your premise is wrong. The worldly mind no longer accepts limits on sexuality.  That some remain outwardly is a product of a residue of Christian moral understanding and inertia.  Your approach was tried about 50 years ago and failed dismally.  

      • I would say that the range of behaviours termed ‘human homosexuality’ is generally a sign of arrested emotional development. By ‘loving’ the same but not the other sex, homosexuals are really only pleasing themselves and not the other – which does not suggest well-adjusted adults. Such emotional arrest may be caused by imprinting of adolescents, not enough testosterone in the womb, too much estrogen in the diet (soya?), other toxins (the Wikipedia article cited by Joe refers to methylmercury as a factor in American Ibis homosexual behaviours), or a hundred other factors. Nevertheless, whatever the cause in any particular case, arrested development is as good an analysis in layman’s terms as any.
        In religious terms, if sin really does mean missing the mark, what more accurate description of homosexual behaviour is there?

        • Paraphilia
          It is a framing which I really have no desire to expand upon here, but:
          If you need to express your understanding in worldly terms, rather than the Antichrist / Satanic framework which I believe to be actually true but impolite, then for those of us relatively youthful who have seen the ‘best’ of what the internet reveals about the newly-exposed state of fallen humanity, I find it helpful to use the category of ‘Paraphilia’.  Being all-encompassing and yet somehow abstractified … well I’m sure it will be a banned word within 18 months.
          In more definite terms:  I would argue against your (understood to be ephemeral) thesis in that I don’t believe homosexuality is either about pleasure nor the pursuit of it but about rebellion, transgression, and suffering.  Accordingly I don’t believe this is a hormonal issue, being spread not by genetics but by action and choice.
          This position being bad-think, I offer as evidence (to any reader) to investigate the laws being passed in the deepest-blue urban centers.  Do the laws, written by the carriers of an undefinable multitude of paraphilias, suggest that the constituents they seek to protect are victims of genealogy or of behavioral consequence?
          ‘some guy on the internet who calls himself by his Christian name foolishly’

      • Gail,
        if you don’t believe in Christ, you can do anything,
        homosexuality is only the beginning…

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Ioannis, there are those who believe in a Christ that embraces the very thing scripture tells us to avoid. They think they know God better than the Bible. The evil one works overtime twisting the truth in the minds of those who do not want to accept it.

      • Gale as always words of meausure and wisdom.Without hysteria or hate.
        What would we do without you!!  You make the very important point that homosexuality is not adaptive, because inspite of all the celeb life style ‘have a baby stuff,’ ( male abortion rights soon???!) as we all know, growing up is difficult enough, growing up aware of being outside mainstream, can be hell. No one would chose it even today, and the lonliness it brings. I would say the very warped, pseudo – heterosexual,promiscuous  gay scene, is an attempt to hide this with noise. 
        I think in end the nature or nurture debate  is erroneous because as you say, the nurture is as powerful as the nature. 
        In end we are looking at the human fall and fault in our nature. Nothing our secular our of control Culture is going to face any day soon.  
        What is interesting is that young gays are as or more stressed, than before all this ‘ liberation’ and when older and the music stops,  in the Silence, where will they be.?   But in any account, hate hysteria is never called for but only the balance you bring to the debate. 

        • And the balance and meausured words that  others here  bring too.  When we begin to see it as part of our fallen nature, we see all.  Hence the frenetic drive at moment, for activists,  how I hate that word, to make us deny any gender difference and rest.  They have long departed any rational thought.  Still we can look forward to Megan and Harry to bring ‘woke’ enlightement. 
          By the way we learning that the recent events are very much her decision and demands on him . Sure he hating journalists due to his late mum’s death. Although though must be said, she courted them when suited.

          But at some stage if it all goes through, he will turn and I have a feeling this Marriage will not last, even if for form sake they keep the appearance going.  He is acting too much out of his natural self.  Normal service will resume. He has no idea what ‘ normal’ means, if daddy cuts the purse strings, as Charles will. This is just the first chapter.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Thank you, Nikos. I think we’re all on the same page here. . . at least on the blog. People have said in the past that we harbor hate toward homosexuals which is blatantly untrue. We do have sympathy for them and we see their challenges which is why we wouldn’t choose it, to the degree that it can be chosen. It seems that sympathy and understanding are no longer enough, however. We are expected to embrace it, which is why they start so early indoctrinating children through things like story hour at libraries, with lewdly dressed (or undressed) characters sending the not so subtle message, “This could be you. This should be you. It is fun and outrageous to be different in this way.” The suicide rates, however, tell a different story.

          • Gail, Blimbax,
            “However, if we didn’t normalize it and say it’s a legitimate choice…”
            Actually there is a number of alternatives gradually stronger than the above, e.g.:

            1. It’s legitimate (see above)
            2. It’s legitimate but we don’t do it
            3. It’s legitimate but we don’t like it
            4. It’s legitimate but God doesn’t like it
            5. It’s legitimate but it’s a sin
            How far can we go? Up to 4?,
            Is 5 illegal to say?

      • Gail, you wrote, “However, if we didn’t normalize it and say it’s a legitimate choice, I think young people would be less likely to expose themselves to it, perhaps preventing it from being cemented in their psyches.”
        By saying “less likely,” are you acknowledging that there would still be some people who would still expose themselves to it or otherwise be affected?  Is there not always going to be some small fraction of the population that will fall outside what we consider the normal categories of sexual attraction?

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Well, I can’t say, Blimbax, as this is just a theory of mine. This imprinting idea has never been explored to my knowledge. However, if I’m right, being diligent about not normalizing it, i.e. saying it’s OK to be this and it’s OK to be that, may prevent kids from acting on it if/when the opportunity presents itself and if they don’t act on it at an early age, they may gravitate and “bond”, for lack of a better word, to that which society considers more “normal.”

          In statistics, there are no universals or absolutes. There will always be some that fall outside the norm. No parent can completely control what their child is exposed to. An example would be molestation. If a child is molested at an early age and they associate the activity with physical pleasure (many do, interestingly), that can change their whole path and often does. The same would be true seeing certain things on the Internet. That’s why I think boys who come from families with gay siblings are more likely to be gay (which has been proven) because they see gay paraphernalia belonging to the sibling which serves as a stimulant.

          • Gail, you seem to be the master of following all things on the Orthodox gossip sphere. What happened to the the Orthodox Transparency site?

    • Linda Albert says

      Gail is right. Human sexuality is extremely dependent upon the context in which juveniles are first exposed to sexual response. So much of the context is cultural as well as personal experience. How else do you explain the fetishism of tiny, broken , deformed feet in pre-Westernized China? How do you explain the so called sex appeal of 5 inch heels? Victorian wasp waists deformed by corsets to the point women could not engage in even light activity without becoming short of breath? Once the culture enforces the fetish, it becomes self perpetuating because the male, and it is usually the male, because they are more stimulated visually than by the other senses, is conditioned to being aroused by the fetish. Female makeup is geared toward arousing the male gaze. How many of you single  male readers here would look twice at a woman of plain, in made up appearance? Maybe in the context of being in church, but on the street?
      so if homosexuality, bestiality and trans genderism are normalized by our society such that young children and young adolescents at a psychologically imprintable stage of their development are routinely exposed to and encouraged to participate in such behavior and lifestyle, it will be a Herculean task to undo such imprinting later in life, causing much anguish, confusion and delusion in the meantime. 
      but to the young person who was seduced by an older person and lead into this persuasion, I would say “No, this was not your choice, but neither is this what God intended or intends for you now. This is a malfunction and you must deal with it for the rest of your life now if you want to live the life God wants to give you, a life abundant. The world’s way is death,both now and forever. ”

  20. Michael Bauman says

    Martin, I do not like your approach because it smacks of a certain kind of dualism.  You say science lacks the tools to detect the fingerprint of the Divine hand.  Is not human observation and perception a tool of science?  
    I have corresponded with a scientist who while not at all religious, certainly not Christian was conducting an experiment in physics.  She described her observation as “seeing in the data the death and Ressurection of Jesus Christ”.  She went looking for a theology that reflected what she had observed and found the Orthodox Church. 
    I think your premise serves to maintain the fiction that there are two realms and that anything can exist and be known absent God. 

    • Michael Bauman: “ I think your premise serves to maintain the fiction that there are two realms and that anything can exist and be known absent God.”

      This is a misunderstanding as I come from different angle.
      God is not absent, He is everywhere in the immanence and in
      the transcendence and above them, as He made them both and sustains them in existence.   He is maker of all beings, but He is not a being and He is above being. We can commune with His uncreated energies, but cannot reach His essence. He gave us reason, but our reason cannot grasp Him.
      All our descriptions are at best approximation. Contrite heart and childish simplicity come closer to Him than quantum mechanics, as we are made in His mysterious image, and quants are not.

      If there is a Divine fingerprint in the Creation, it might the beauty, goodness and harmony present in it, better expressed by art than science. Or perhaps by science too if we see them there.

      For start, I recommend cycle of homilies “On the Incomprehensible Nature of God” by Saint John Chrystostom.

  21. ‘She described her observation as “seeing in the data the death and Ressurection of Jesus Christ”.’
    Was she investigating the Turin Shroud?

  22. Michael Bauman says

    No, just conducting her normal science duties performing an ordinary scientific experiment similar in type and protocol to many she had done before. She was a data driven scientist, so what she saw confused her and created a cognitive dissonance in her for some time. She rechecked the data but it kept telling her the same thing.

    The point being is there simply is no separation between scientific data and religious data. There is no separation between God and man. It is only our sin and adamant refusal to see and participate in a truly sacramental creation that keeps us in the life of nothingness.

    The best science can only be done with the assumption that God will reveal Himself in the data because He is the data or at least He made the data. It is incredibly self-limiting to believe that science does not have the tools to see it. The reason the tools do not perceive it is because of the assumptions with which they are crafted and used.

    I have always been taught in my study of science that the primary tools of any scientific investigation are the mind, intelligence and perception of the scientist.

    • Ah. Ok. I was just curious. I have come across scientific sceptics
      who have become convinced by study of the Shroud.

    • Michael, excellent explanation.
      BTW Werner von Braun the rockets scientist has said that our faith in God is:
      “wissenschaft der wissenschaften” i.e. 
      “science of sciences”.
      He also said that, what we call “miracle” is simply God’s intervention in his own creation.
      So much about the faith in science.

    • Michael Bauman: “The point being is there simply is no separation between scientific data and religious data.”
      This is not about separation, but about the content. Let us take some set of scientific data, like the periodic table of elements. It is not about God, although it is awesome and elegant.
      “There is no separation between God and man. It is only our sin and adamant refusal to see and participate in a truly sacramental creation that keeps us in the life of nothingness.”
      Yes, I agree about the sin, perhaps creation is sacramental too.
      “The best science can only be done with the assumption that God will reveal Himself in the data because He is the data or at least He made the data.”
      You can study a shoe, how much will you deduce about shoemaker from it? Certainly something, but not enough.
      God chose Himself the Way to Him, as it pleased Him to reveal Himself to us by taking human visible nature in flesh. Who sees the Son, sees the Father. Science, busy with analyzing created things can help somehow, but the Way is a Person.

      • Martin and Michael,
        It’s funny, but I agree with both of you.
        It’s kind of saying the same thing (about God’s Creation) using different vocabularies or points of view.
        Please allow me a few comments in arbitrary order:

        If the shoemaker, without asking you any specifications, makes a pair of shoes for you 

        with the exact size/contour/shape for your specific AND unequal feet
        and he gives them to you absolutely free
        Then you can clearly deduce 3 very important things about the  shoemaker:
        He is very intelligent and experienced
        He is very good-hearted
        You will not need to find another shoemaker
        Is that not enough information?  

        If you believe in God with all your heart….
        then data is not important to you.
        However you can use data from the created world around us to tell non-believers about God.

        By way of example here is a brief variety of data and/or points:

        It has been said that the whole Creation is made-to-measure to serve the human race.
        Atheists say that e.g. the Earth came out spinning from a bursting star (kind of sun). Somehow, similarly, the moon was formed. However they cannot explain how the Moon reduced its  spinning to a small precise rotation so that people on earth always see the same side of the Moon.
        Why does water at zero Centigrade increases its volume and thus floats.

        How come the phases of human life if analysed purely mathematically prove that after death there is Eternal Life,
        just like the Holy Bible teaches?

        “The angel Uriel, who had been sent to me, replied,
        2 “You can’t even understand what happens in this world. Do you think you can understand the ways of God Most High?”


      • Ioannis: “Then you can clearly deduce 3 very important things about the shoemaker: He is very intelligent and experienced He is very good-hearted You will not need to find another shoemaker”
        Yes, you can deduce it. But when you are doing an actual scientific research, for example you try to discern the intricate interactions between the enzymes in a human body, you use the samples, reagents, the chromatography etc,  followed by a tedious analysis and discussion with your peers, whether you are a believer or atheist has no major bearing on your work. Same way when you try to create a better algorithm for finding prime numbers or for pattern recognition.
        The key difference might be, that while an atheist might be hoping that in some moment of his work, the door of surprising illumination will open to him through science, the believer already has it, from elsewhere.

        • Martin, I agree with you, any difference between us is in the examples used and the “technical” terms.
          From the shoemaker and his product, I can deduce the quality of his  products, his honesty and his friendliness. However if you happen to hate the particular shoemaker you will manage to “deduce” a different explanation, e.g. he is pretending he is good etc.
          From the study of the enzymes themselves you can deduce  completely  OTHER things than from the shoemaker.But deduce you will.
          Now if you were asked what can you deduce not from the enzyme data themselves,
          but from the FACT (facts are also data) that there are enzymes in nature? (Who created them and why?) Much more difficult analysis! In this case,  “whether you are a believer or atheist DOES HAVE a major bearing on your work”. 
          The key difference is that  the “devoted” atheist (who has already decided to discard any possibility of there being a God, or Creator) will not be prepared in practice to HONESTLY analyse the data. In other words he hates God’s illumination, and God respects his choice and the person cannot understand, he is blind in discerning the true result  from the analysis of data.
          If a different “atheist” is HONESTLY looking for the truth, then he will receive the illumination from God to understand the true meaning of the data.
          Please have another look at the first  link written above:
          If the cool-blooded, precise  and honest “atheist” needs scientific data for a proof, why does he not believe the above scientific mathematical proof?

  23. E M Cimmins says

    I deduce I think and feel differently than my fellows.

    The sexual revolution was founded on the right belief that the government has no business in our bedrooms, and thus with the activities of consenting adults therein. It began with the straights. The only proper cause to invade this private matter in another’s life was if a crime had been committed.

    This didn’t prompt the people of that time to parade and demonstrate their sexualities, nor does it prompt straights to do so now (mostly). Accepting that we now live in a society where people have conflicting standards on the expression of sexuality, is necessary. It’s the law. But the public demonstrations and parades of today are nothing less than sex performed or alluded to in public places. Somewhere, decriminalization of private sexual activity became permission to parade/display and/or allude to it publicly. This is overreach and in many cases a crime. Sex in public is still illegal, as it should be. It hasn’t been necessary for straights to need to ‘recruit’ or ‘educate’ by way of parades, demonstrations, drag queen story hours in public libraries, or other public activities.

    So the ‘alt-genders’ should be allowed just what the straights have: the freedom to come out of the closet into the bedroom (and no farther) in the practice/demonstrations of their ways, and to stay the hell off the streets and out of the libraries at the very least. Nudity and sex acts are permitted, but only privately, for every consenting adult.

    These are crimes when committed publicly, as they should be. The law is failing when commission of sex acts in public by a single individual is a crime, but committed en mass is a liberty.

    E. M. Cimmins

    • Gail Sheppard says

      No one is talking about other people’s bedrooms or said anything about crimes.

      • E M Cimmins says

        Hi Gail,

        Sorry if what I’d written confused you. I decided to review the thread.

        The original poster, CoAW, repeated the label ‘LGBTXYZ’ and ‘Zionist’ throughout his post. The topic of homosexuality and transsexuality came up again with Ioannis’ post and with the last several posters.

        I just wanted to point out that the sexual revolution that eventually ‘inspired’ the LGBTQ movement began with modern society rebelling against government laws intruding into the private lives of heterosexuals, ‘straights’, the vast number in this country who are not Jewish. The original poster (the OP) was linking LGBT with Zionist/Jewish influences a la Henry Makow et al. I am pointing out the original ‘sexual liberation’ movement was an anti-government movement, not pro-gay, not pro-abortion nor necessary feminist, and certainly not Zionist nor Jewish. If people have qualms about the sexual revolution, they need to be laid at the feet of normal, heterosexual Gentile society, Pandora’s Box and all that.

        Furthermore, this heterosexual nonJewish effort at government reform wasn’t followed by mass ‘pride’ parades and the like. The ‘straights’ kept it in the bedroom, kept it what it was originally intended to be, a private matter.

        Yes, the sexual revolution certainly led to feminism, pro-abortion stances, and eventually gay-plus liberation; but I can’t really see a Jewish or Zionist hand behind these sociocultural movements, either.

        I added a little of where I draw the line on this matter, where I think the law has failed our society. It’s in permitting the raunchy, exhibitionistic and frankly indecent anti-family parades, demonstrations and rhetoric. I have carefully reviewed the newer Russian laws on the matter after the condemnations from western society, and find myself in agreement with the Russian approach. But I really don’t see a Jewish/Zionist ‘hand’ behind these LGBT excesses, either, neither in promoting them nor permitting them.

        Concerning Jews and Zionism, I tend towards thinking of them being the world’s ‘enfant terrible’. Having read Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Two Hundred Years Together’, I was deeply moved by this master philosopher’s summation in his final chapter, in essence that they are a brilliant but deeply flawed people, often suffering from nothing more than the tragic consequences of their own horribly ill-advised actions.

        E M Cimmins

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Thank you for the explanation, EMC. I will defer to George on this. He knows more about it than I do.

        • Michael Bauman says

          E M Crimmins, your second comment is more clear but I find you perspective to be historically incomplete.  I think you over stress the Libertarian component. Although used as a rationale it was never central to the “cause”. 
          I am 71 and lived through the early days of the latest iteration of the “sexual liberation”.
          I also lived in San Francisco for a short time near the homosexual epicenter at the time. 
          There is much more conscious intent to disrupt and overthrow the established moral order than you consider in your comments.  
          In that sense there are a goodly number same sex attracted people who are as much collateral damage as the rest of us.  
          It is quite a complicated social phenomenon. The actual history of it would be fascinating and illuminating.  
          Many many threads involved.  But for Orthodox Christians it is key to recognize that the intent is to release, exacerbate and in force the passions as the norm (which includes inciting hatred in the opposition).
          There seems to be an active consciousness with a strategic plan behind it all.  
          The Libertarian component to keep government out of personal decisions has been cast aside in favor of using the coerceive  force of the government to require the rest of us to submit to immorality and soul destroying beliefs.

          • E M Cimmins says

            Ah, I see I have to apologize to you as well, Michael, for my initial post. Sometimes trying to be concise leads to just being cryptic.

            I certainly respect your years and experience ( I am a greybeard also), but I’m actually referring to the ‘sexual revolution’ beginning with the ‘Roaring Twenties’, the Weimar period in Germany, and the first ten years of the Soviet Union. These are the first examples of a more worldwide phenomenon in modern times. I hope this fills in any incompleteness on my part. No, I’m not old enough to have witnessed any of them.

            I had entertained a lengthy reply. But, in order to keep the OP’s opinions at the forefront and address them, I again refer to the previously-mentioned work by Solzhenitsyn. I also recommend Yakov Rabkin’s ‘A Threat From Within’ for a dense and scholarly rebuttal of Zionism generally.

            Michael, I can’t get a sense what you mean by “(a) much more conscious intent to disrupt and overthrow the established moral order”, or by “there seems to be an active consciousness with a strategic plan behind it all”. If you mean our mutual Adversary, yes of course. If you mean the LGBT community linked with Jews and/or Zionists as our OP does, I disagree. I see them as dupes and tagalongs for the most part, and should be pitied. There is no triumphalism here. Any dupe, any tagalong of a soul-destroying pursuit should be pitied if we have any heart at all. And I have serious doubts the “established moral order” was ever really very firmly established within the families of man. It has been more of a noble quest or a highest aspiration; dreamed of, but never attained.

            Orthodox Christianity does indeed warn us to be very wary of the Jews (and I think a familiarity with Gilad Atzmon’s works may be helpful in understanding how ‘Jewishness’ has changed over time). The Church also warns us of a great many other things with which to be wary. But she does not advocate for paranoia, for seeing millenia-long plots and intrigues where simple human vice and weakness are the real culprits. Christ has indeed overcome all this. We are to be vigilant yes, but also of sound mind and of good cheer.

            E M Cimmins (and not ‘Crimmins’, my man!)

            • Michael Bauman says

              EM my mind and fingers do not do well with names any more.  I am a bit dyslexic.  Sorry. Sometimes I think it is a way of inducing some small degree of humility. I actually tried several times to make sure I typed your name correctly. I failed. Irritating to both of us.

              I have no knowledge of the International Jewish/Zionist Conspiracy nor do I care to. There is only one conspiracy and it is the rebellion against God led by the evil one.

              Unfortunately, we all are part of that.

              While not a conspiracy per se, I do think that after the Stonewall Riots, there was a conscious effort by homosexual activists to change the culture.

              My parents were alive in the 1920’s. My mother was part of the Modern Dance community and arts community in NY. They were out to push the boundaries of expression which also included sexual expression for some. Government and politics were not their concerns. So, I still think your emphasis on “getting government out of decisions” is misplaced.

              Mark Twain once quipped in a letter to a friend: “I apologize for writing such a long letter, I did not have time to write a short one”

              • Mark Twain was spot on. Long poems are much easier to write than short ones where wasted words too easily spoil the point.

              • E M Cimmins says

                “EM my mind and fingers do not do well with names any more. I am a bit dyslexic. Sorry. Sometimes I think it is a way of inducing some small degree of humility. I actually tried several times to make sure I typed your name correctly. I failed. Irritating to both of us.”

                No problem at all, Michael! I’m bad with names myself. It wasn’t irritating in the least. My comment was a friendly nudge in the ribs from a fellow oldtimer that has similar issues.

                “I have no knowledge of the International Jewish/Zionist Conspiracy nor do I care to.”

                Bravo! Most of it is hysteria anyway, and decipherable by the way many ethnic groups successfully support and advance themselves within a larger society.

                “There is only one conspiracy and it is the rebellion against God led by the evil one.
                Unfortunately, we all are part of that.”

                Ruefully agree.

                “While not a conspiracy per se, I do think that after the Stonewall Riots, there was a conscious effort by homosexual activists to change the culture.”

                Also agree. It was quite overt. And I’d hope the OP will take our input into consideration.

                My parents … for some. Government and politics were not their concerns. So, I still think your emphasis on “getting government out of decisions” is misplaced.

                I could have articulated this better. I think the emphasis (and the effect) from the twenties, (with broad acceptance from both the liberal and conservative people) that private matters were private, were evidenced by the depolicing and de-emphasis of laws pertaining to private sexual matters. It was not an overt political campaign, nor did it cause laws to be removed off the books (that would still take many years). So, it wasn’t political or governmental changes from any obvious social activism. It was simply a noticeable change; change evidenced by the wholesale abandonment by law enforcement of pursuing sexual immorality among heterosexuals during (and beginning at) that time.

                Maybe it’s comparable to the toleration of marijuana, although less so. At some point, society generally came to accept marijuana use as widespread and fairly normal, although admittedly there was an overt political effort for decriminalization at the same time. I’m talking about general shifts in societal toleration as opposed to political campaigns for government reform. Laws are often disregarded long before they are actually expunged.

                “Mark Twain once quipped in a letter to a friend: “I apologize for writing such a long letter, I did not have time to write a short one”.”

                Indeed. Well said. I might have taken his advice and answered the OP with a much more thorough response when I got involved in this thread initially. Lesson learned.

                Thank you for your comments,

                E M Cimmins

        • Monk James Silver says

          E M Cimmins (January 17, 2020 at 10:32 pm)says:

          Concerning Jews and Zionism, I tend towards thinking of them being the world’s ‘enfant terrible’. Having read Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Two Hundred Years Together’, I was deeply moved by this master philosopher’s summation in his final chapter, in essence that they are a brilliant but deeply flawed people, often suffering from nothing more than the tragic consequences of their own horribly ill-advised actions.

          While Solzhenitsyn isn’t here to explain himself, we might legitimately ask E.M. Cimmins why he writes to agree with this idea.
          After all, apart from the mere effort to survive as individuals and small communities in alien and often hostile environments, until the Jews reestablished their ancient homeland in Israel in 1948, there was no unifying common effort among the Jews as a people for nearly twenty centuries.  And, truth be told, not all Jews are ideologically supportive of the modern state of Israel, either.  So what universally Jewish activity is being considered here?
          What sort of ‘horribly ill-advised actions’ might some Jews have taken to cause Solzhenitsyn to characterize all Jews in such a way?  Why does Mr Cimmins agree with this notion?

          • Their unity is, you might say, apophatic in nature: not so much a common goal, but a common tendency to subvert the nations in which they are dispersed.

          • E M Cimmins says

            Hello Monk James Silver,

            “While Solzhenitsyn isn’t here to explain himself, we might legitimately ask E.M. Cimmins why he writes to agree with this idea.”

            “After all, apart from the mere effort to survive as individuals and small communities in alien and often hostile environments, until the Jews reestablished their ancient homeland in Israel in 1948, there was no unifying common effort among the Jews as a people for nearly twenty centuries. And, truth be told, not all Jews are ideologically supportive of the modern state of Israel, either. So what universally Jewish activity is being considered here?”

            “What sort of ‘horribly ill-advised actions’ might some Jews have taken to cause Solzhenitsyn to characterize all Jews in such a way? Why does Mr Cimmins agree with this notion?”

            I my only answer to these comments is that I have read his book. It is a lengthy read, scholarly and detailed and without prejudice, and backed by some 1500 footnotes to primary documents. It’s also his last work, pursued over many years while living in the US in exile. I therefore suggest you read it also. It will certiainly answer your questions. Then, both of us having read it, we can discuss the merits together if you like. I enjoy George’s forum here. Maybe he’d enjoy it also?

            And may I also suggest reading the two authors I recommended in my post to Michael Bauman, above? Both authors are Jewish; Atzmon’s most noted book is “The Wandering Who?’ and Rabbi Rabkin’s book is one of the best I’ve read ever. All are highly recommended!


            E M Cimmins

                    Monk James, you suggest “there was no unifying common effort among the Jews as a people for nearly twenty centuries…so what universally Jewish activity is being considered here?” Are you kidding?
            Have you studied the history of bolshevism and communism in Russia? Masonry? The Talmud? The ADL and the ACLU?
            Even Elie Wiesel admits, “We have to make revolution, because God told us to. God wants us to be communists.” And German Zionist Franz Oppenheimer (1904) remarked, “nothing is more certain than that the contemporary Jew in eastern Europe is a born revolutionary.”’ Or take yet more testimony – Polish Nobel laureate Isaac B. Singer – who spoke Polish with difficulty and won the Nobel Prize in literature for writings in Yiddish, who claimed “the communists in Warsaw were almost exclusively Jews, and that they brought fire and sword to all parties. They also claimed [after the October revolution] that social justice could only be found in Russia.””
            We can trace universal Jewish activity – if we define Jews as St. John defines them, and the Israeli Supreme Court defines Jews – as those who refuse baptism – we can trace universal Jewish activity to their rejection of Christ. Not a small matter.  
            Again, I’m trying to quote Jews, and examine what THEY say, and not make accusations. But even according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Talmud is “the supreme authority in religion…for the majority of Jews.”   What do we find in the Talmud that is common to the ADL, bolshevism and communism, and, globalism?
            I’ll quote another. On January 6, 1948, the chief rabbi of Palestine announced “Eventually it [Israel] will lead to the inauguration of the true union of the nations, through which will be fulfilled the eternal message to mankind of our immortal prophets. The great ideal of Judaism is that … the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations – a greater Judaism in fact – all the separate races and religions shall disappear.”‘
            All this goes to say, we’re not talking about a race, but an ideology, and speak generally yet firmly. For instance, we can say, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The Germans were responsible for the destruction of much of Europe. The homosexual community lobbies for pornography and laws relaxing social norms around pedophilia. Do we mean every single homosexual? No. But the majority – and their leaders – and the passions they identify with certainly behave as a dangerous movement and force. A force that must be met with humility, love, firmness, catechism and baptism. 

            • Monk James Silver says

              That is a vague and insupportable assertion, ‘S.D.G.’
              Perhaps write again with something a bit more specific,  Maybe adduce a few fact and figures attestable in reality.

            • Monk James Silver says

              My thanks to ‘Lonely Dn’ for his detailed reply, although it ranges rather far afield from the point I was raising, since it adduces mere shards of ideas and splintered movements which cannot be attributed to the Jews as a whole people even in the fragments of history when they occurred.
              I’d ask ‘Lonely Dn’ to reconsider  my question in the specific context of the Solzhenitsyn quotation adduced by Mr Cimmins:  ‘…they (the Jews) are a brilliant but deeply flawed people, often suffering from nothing more than the tragic consequences of their own horribly ill-advised actions.’
              To be a little clearer, about my concerns here, I read these words as suggesting that Solzhenitsyn thinks that the flaws (as he sees them) of the Jews are responsible for whatever ‘horribly ill-advised actions’ the Jews have taken as a people, and that they are therefore to be blamed for their own condition.  I assume that Solzhenitsyn  means their recurrent vilification and persecution, including the nearly complete annihilation of European Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators.
              This makes it sound as if the Nazis and everyone else who mistreated the Jews gave them only what they , by their  ‘horribly ill-advised actions’. deserved.  I find this idea repugnant and unworthy of Christians.
              Now I want to know why Mr Cimmins or anyone else agrees with Solzhenitsyn on this specific issue.

              • Michael Bauman says

                Monk James, Biblical reasons to agree with Solzhenitsyn:
                Galatians 6:7; Matthew 7:16 and John 53:6

                In family dynamics it could be called “natural and logical consequences”.

                … or even what is talked about in The Screwtape Letters: evil devours its own.

                None of those references posits a human conspiracy or cabal of any kind but folks ruled by a certain identifiable set of passions which actively and intentionally deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ. That is to say, rebellion against God. Is it really a stretch to believe that those who inherited a tradition of the active denial of the Jesus Christ as King and Lord would not work together in opposition to Christendom and its decaying remains seen in late 19th and early 20th century Europe and Russia?

                Of course, those are hard sayings and in today’s world that tends to a quasi-universalist, egalitarian approach they are quite unpalatable. If considered at all they are trivialized by making them generalizations, not the specific comment on the human soul that they are.

                None of that requires that they be destroyed,

              • ‘Monk James,’ perhaps to best address your concerns around Solzhenitsyn we may want to read an authorized translation of 200 Years. This will provide more context and clarity. This said, I think its safe to assume Solzhenitsyn isn’t advocating violence and punishment. The problem, likely, is our understanding of his words, and our inability find an authorized English translation. The English edition, strangely, hasn’t been published.
                We do have this article, however, regarding Solzhenitsyn, Russia, the ‘revolution’ and his 2-volume final work, 200 Years : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/jan/25/russia.books

                • E M Cimmins says

                  Monk James Silver,

                  Firstly, I am very grateful to Michael Bauman and Lonely Dn for their valuable points above. It is good for me to see that the spirit of inquiry and open discussion is very much alive concerning one of the most controversial and censored topics of our time, the nature of Jewish and Zionist life, beliefs and history. I am also thankful to George (and whoever his moderators might be, if he has them) for being willing to host such a discussion on his site.

                  I do not believe there are any human beings, or groups of human beings, that are free from error, sin and weakness. And when we attempt, or the prevailing culture attempts, to place any person or people above or beyond honest inquiry into their motives and actions, how well do I hear the attributed words of Voltaire ringing in my ears: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

                  Let me be clear that I do not hold Jews or Zionists in contempt. But neither do I grant them any special regard; and I consider it a healthy, normal and important response to what I perceive as a taboo subject, one that has been heavily mythologized, exaggerated, and even censored, to examine them; especially given the outsized importance the topic has been in modern times.

                  And one of the features of this mythologization, this exaggeration and censorship is that the Jews are somehow merely victims. I know something about human nature, I have one; and when this supposed eternal innocence, this guilt-free trail of tears is passed off as the whole life of the Jewish people, I suspect demagoguery and falsehood. With all due respect, this is where you seem to be coming from to me, Monk James.

                  With a very ordinary curiosity over many years, I have examined the issues and evidence about many topics as I have found them. I have no special axes to grind, merely questions. I follow the threads of open inquiry to where they lead until I am satisfied. I am satisfied for the most part that the Jews simply have a very good PR department, but beyond that they are like everybody else. From what I can gather from your replies, the thing that seems to bother you is that I don’t consider them all that unique, especially nowadays. This is why I consider them the world’s ‘enfant terrible’, they simply don’t shut up about how special they are.

                  Have you read the contents of the Talmud? Have you come to understand what the Kabbala is? Do you know about the dozen or so false prophets they have followed, thinking each time he was their Messiah during and since the time of the Diaspora? Rabkin spells these out, so does Atzmon, so does Solzhenitsyn, and much more.

                  So please, give me references, bodies of work you have actually read or studied. Tone and intent are hard to cipher in the written word sometimes, and I may misunderstand you. But you have had ample time to share with us any references you prefer. I’d like to see them. In the end, a simple and vague imperious negation is not refutation.

                  Therefore, please be more forthcoming. I’m all ears. Really.


                  E M Cimmins

                  • Very well said E M.

                  • Monk James Silver says

                    Mr Cimmins, thanks for your detailed response and for your thoughts about A.I. Solzhenitsyn, but you seem to be addressing someone other than me. 
                    I wrote nothing to ‘negate’ anything you had written, nor did I ever suggest that any nation, including the Jews, was ‘free from error, sin and weakness’. 
                    The fact is, though,that the Jews tend to be rather self-critical, and there’s a strong current of thought among them that the  Assyrian annihilation of their ten northern tribes, the destruction of both their first and second temples, as well as their Babylonian exile and Roman diaspora were all aspects of divine punishment for their sins.  To my knowledge, though, no Jew seriously suggests that their persecution and near extermination in Europe by the Nazis falls under that rubric.
                    It might be good not to challenge me about the Talmud and other Jewish theological literature, since you have no way of knowing what I have studied, and my acquaintance with the sacred books of the Jews  is not at issue here.
                    Rather, returning to my original question to you, I wish you would just explain what you meant by your summary of Solzhenitsyn’s words here on 17 January:  ‘Having read Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Two Hundred Years Together’, I was deeply moved by this master philosopher’s summation in his final chapter, in essence that they are a brilliant but deeply flawed people, often suffering from nothing more than the tragic consequences of their own horribly ill-advised actions.’
                    What ‘horribly ill-advised actions’ do you think the Jews, as a nation, took?  What were the direct results of those actions?  Why do you agree with Solzhenitsyn in this matter?
                    I would appreciate it if you would be specific in your response rather than write in vague generalities or discuss other matters.

            • Michael Bauman says

              “Eventually it [Israel] will lead to the inauguration of the true union of the nations, through which will be fulfilled the eternal message to mankind of our immortal prophets. The great ideal of Judaism is that … the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations – a greater Judaism in fact – all the separate races and religions shall disappear.”‘

              Lonely Deacon, sounds a bit like Islam to me. Further you say:

              “But the majority – and their leaders – and the passions they identify with certainly behave as a dangerous movement and force. A force that must be met with humility, love, firmness, catechism and baptism.”
              (emphasis mine).


    • Tim R. Mortiss says

      Right, and when Pandora opened her box (I think it was originally a clay vessel) all of the ills and evils of the world ‘overeached’ when they came all the way out and went where they willed to go….
       Should be ‘against the law’…. they shoulda stayed in the privacy of the box! But they didn’t….

  24. About five years ago,I read “200 Years Together”(with my LaRouse in hand). I found Solzhenitsyn to be very, fair and honest with no malice to any group. As an example of his fairness, he was  disappointed in the many Jews who became Bolsheviks and brought the horrors of communism to Russia, but at the same time he was even more upset with the Russian Orthodox who joined the Bolsheviks. Solzhenitsyn challenged the prevalent narrative about the relationship between Russians and Jews, and consequently upset many people. Reading the book, reinforced my assessment of Alexandre Solzhenitsyn as a rare, noble person, highly developed spiritually, and probably the greatest writer of the 20th century. I say that because he was able to describe man at his highest development and also the depths to which he can fall. In his writings we see good people remaining good under horrible circumstances. May his memory be eternal!

    • E M Cimmins says

      Very well said, Peter, very well said.

      And it’s a much better synopsis than my own feeble attempts above.


      E M Cimmins

    • George C Michalopulos says

      I agree. Solzhenitsyn was the most powerful writer of the 20th century.