Children Getting Respiratory Illnesses in the News

China recently reported a spike in respiratory illnesses in children.  It’s called mycoplasma pneumonia, or “white lung disease.”

Parents are naturally concerned.  If it happened before COVID, it would probably be a “nothing burger,” but now we worry about these things, especially if it affects our little ones.  Misinformation is being circulated.  Yet states like Ohio, as an example, are saying the respiratory infections they’ve been seeing are different viruses and not what they’re seeing in China, even though it’s being reported all over the news. 

Respiratory illnesses can be both viral and/or bacterial.  Sometime viral infections turn into bacterial infections which require antibiotics. 

Interestingly, increasing Vitamin A can help with these infections, as well as Vitamin D, and Zinc. 

In China, Asians are particularly low on Vitamin A which may explain the outbreak.   In the U.S. this is less likely to be the case because so many foods are fortified with it. 

But with my children, I had a hard time getting them to eat when they didn’t feel well.  They especially didn’t want to eat foods that were good for them.  I can see where it might make sense to supplement their diet with Vitamin A if they had a respiratory illness.  Not long term, but until they feel better.  Certainly, something to discuss with your pediatrician.   

The WHO recommends oral administration of 100,000 IU (30 mg retinol equivalent) of vitamin A for infants aged 6 to 11 months, and 200,000 IU (60 mg retinol equivalent) of vitamin A every 4 to 6 months for children aged 12 to 59 months (WHO 2011). Vitamin A supplements are associated with a significant reduction in the mortality and morbidity of children under five years of age. Zinc combined with vitamin A can reduce the incidence of URTIs in preschool children.

There are many types of vitamin A supplements, such as vitamin A in oil basis or water‐soluble formulations and β‐carotene, usually in gelatinous capsules.

This is a pretty good video.




  1. Thanks for the info. Well, now – more than ever – it’s vital for people to CONTINUE their self education to protect their own health and those they care for.

    • I just read that there have been 10M deaths attributed to the vaccines. They do say, however, that many of the vaccines were saline, as I’ve said before, and if you don’t have a problem within a few days of getting a vaccine, there is a good chance you’re OK. (For those of you who want to know about the batch you got, there is a way to find out.)

      I hate scaring people because there is some real suffering going on, not the least of which is anxiety and fear.

      What’s done is done and they’re now finding some of the same issues in the unvaccinated so no one has escaped this. It’s now a matter of going forward and taking care of your immune system.

  2. Gail, do you think this is the beginning of the next Dem plan for the elections?

    We’re 11 months out and given how wildly “successful” mail-in ballots were for the Dems in 2020 I’ve been trying to figure out what their plan is for 2024 since they have found their magic formula, especially considering the prospects of a Trump p[residency which seems all but inevitable. Because of this they’re going to pull out all the stops, no way they are going to just give up. These people are sinister.

    Another virus?

    Hot war with China?

    • Mail-In Ballots

      Their plan is to take Biden out and find someone who the country would vote for. But it has to be one of them. So far they’ve got Newsom but after what they found in San Francisco, that may not happen.

      I suspect they’ll cheat through harvesting. They’ll change the laws so anyone can vote and then set up these crooked NGOs who will find people to get signatures from those who are too old and sick to understand what they’re signing, don’t speak the language, or are deceased. They’ll offer incentives. In other words, they’ll still cheat but without machines.

      As near as I can figure, Trump wants:

      1) Paper ballots with watermarks
      2) People coming to a voting location
      3) Military presence overseeing the process
      3) One day for voting and counting

      When Trump starts showing the ways they cheated, no one is going to want things to stay the same. After all, next time it could be them.


      No war with China. China is really hurting financially. Plus, they’re part of BRICS. China has changed. They used to be “all in” for the UN, WEF, WHO etc. but have seemingly turned a corner when BRICS became a reality. They even got rid of the head of the CCP. (Note: We may have a different UN, WEF, and a WHO in the future, but it won’t be like what we have now. People think these organizations are so powerful, but they’re not. They’re just private NGOs.)

      I do think China will take over Taiwan for a while to help Taiwan get rid of the tracking which some say is particularly bad. It’s so bad, people are saying the Taiwanese won’t object.

      An all-out war is probably not going to happen. China needs Taiwan’s chips so they’re not going to put too much negative pressure on them. The Taiwanese may want a relationship with China. China can protect them. They’re like sitting ducks out there in the water. Finally, Taiwan is part of China’s ancestral lands and the idea behind BRICS is to put them back together.

      I think there may be a fight over the Philippines, though.


      This White Lung virus in China may be tied to them,because it’s different than it was before. People don’t cough now. Very strange.

      I remember hearing talk about something similar a few years ago called RSV. It had also been around for awhile. Children get it all the time but they usually don’t get that sick. It’s like a cold. – But now, all of a sudden, kids are starting to fill up the hospitals again. (They used the PCR test so who knows what was really going on.)

      They tried stating there was a pandemic with monkeypox so you know they’ll try again. The next thing could be marburg. If you’re exposed to the body fluids from an infected person, it’s pretty contagious. They do have vaccines at the ready but if they wanted to, they could put marburg in the vaccines. We’ve seen how serious they are about reducing the population and now that the world is changing they’re desperate. They may call for another lockdown. I would not take their vaccine. But that’s me.

      The WHO has total authority over determining whether or not something is a pandemic. They can expect a country to use military force putting people in FEMA camps if the WHO says it’s necessary. If the country does not comply, they’ll send in troops from the UN. BTW, these people from the UN are already here. They have their own FEMA type camps.

      • Michael Martin says

        BTW, these people from the UN are already here. They have their own FEMA type camps.

        Really? Where are they? Has anyone actually seen them?

        Big troop presences are pretty hard to hide, even in a landmass as big as CONUS. These troops would need to be fed. They would need medical care. They would need PX facilities. They would inevitably circulate with the “locals.”

        All that stuff would be pretty hard to hide.

        I will believe these stories when I see evidence, not rumors.

        • I always forget it is easier to call someone out than do the work to prove them wrong. No such thing as giving “the benefit of the doubt” to a blog that has been around for 10 years.

          If we couldn’t back up what we say, I doubt we’d be having this conversation.

          Anyway, in this picture, do you see a man with a UN badge unloading a box labeled USAID with an an American soldier, in front of a U.S. helicopter with a air force roundel. The logistics of the agreement is attached.

          The UN is now operating out of New York. (See question below.) In the following link, it shows the top 10 duty stations in the U.S. No one is trying to hide anything.

          Do you now agree that the people from the UN are already here?

          They have camps set up for them to live in. They look like FEMA camps with the UN logo on them. My problem is why they set up security camps in the U.S. in the first place. They must think we’re going to start trouble and the WHO has given themselves the authority to call in UN security personal (soldiers) if they think there is a medical problem (pandemic) that we’re not taking seriously. They expect local troops to take care of the problem. If they don’t, then the UN can send in their own troops to force the matter and do whatever with us. Essentially, this takes away our status as a sovereign nation.


          Might be helpful:

          Question: Are U.N. security personnel in the U.S.?

          Answer: Nope. But there are UN security very, VERY close to the United States. Go to New York City and head to 1st Avenue and 42nd St. That’s where the UN Headquarters are. Walk to the visitor’s gate. On your side, you’ll see NYPD. On the other side, you’ll see UN Security. Why? The UN has what’s called extraterritorial status: the UN isn’t technically in the US! The NYPD, therefore, doesn’t have jurisdiction in the UN; the UN provides its own security. When you walk onto UN headquarters, you’re technically leaving the United States and entering international territory.

          Greg Hodgin, Ph.D. in Political Science & International Relations, Georgia State University (Graduated 2018); former translator at United Nation .

      • Their plan is to take Biden out and find someone who the country would vote for. But it has to be one of them. So far they’ve got Newsom but after what they found in San Francisco, that may not happen.

        Not to mention that Trump will rip Newsom a new one. I can already see Trump’s new name for him “Gruesome Newsom.” Let alone the fact that California has the highest exodus rate of any state in America because they have become so economically detrimental to companies, I don’t really think Newsom stands a chance. Not to mention the left (and the right) have demonized China so much that Newsom standing with Xi is not going to do him any favors. All of this is stuff I’m sure Trump will pounce on.

        Who do they put foreword then? I honestly have no clue because there is no one in the Democrat apparatus I could see beating Trump in a fair election (and I emphasize “fair”).

        I suspect they’ll cheat through harvesting. They’ll change the laws so anyone can vote….

        If this is the case then I say that’s officially “lights out” for America. They’ll use the same system over and over and there will never be another legitimate president. Even if it’s exposed (which it already has been) then it still wont matter. But that’s a totally different discussion. The 2024 election will be very telling, and if the same thing happens next year that happened in 2020, then I’ve already prepped to leave America because there really is no point. But that’s just me personally and I totally understand people staying.

        But economically, socially, culturally, politically I see zero reason to stay here because we’ll officially be a banana republic.

        • Gruesome Newsom – I LOVE it!

          • George Michalopulos says

            I gotta give it to DeSantis, when he pulled out the “San Francisco Poop Map”.

            Hey, here’s a thought, maybe we should elect President Xi to be governor of California?

  3. High income North Americans have a much lower prevalence of vitamin A deficiency than places like Asia or Africa. Our diet here is higher in dairy and pigmented fruits and vegetables. I do agree that any further guidance regarding supplementing vitamin A, especially in children , be done with a medical professional. The article Gail provided a link to, and I’m glad she provided a link because we shouldn’t just make statements without backing it up with citations, was fascinating!!

  4. Just for clarity sake….. viral infections never “turn into” a bacterial infection….. while the body is fighting a viral infection a bacteria has an easier time gaining ground…. Like being in a one on one fist fight…. And then suddenly when you’re facing your opponent you get sucker punched in the back by a 3rd party. Also FYI…. ADEK…. You’re body can build up toxicity to vitamins A, D, E, and K….. so more isn’t always better. Your body will get rid of vitamins C and B with no problems (in general). I know you mean no harm…. I’ve been an ER nurse for almost 20 years…. I too am just trying to help.

    • Nurse,

      I never said viruses caused bacterial infections, as you are suggesting. I said viruses can “turn into” bacterial infections. A cold can turn into sinus infection, as an example.

      With regard to Vitamin D, I specifically said (1) not long term, (2) something to discuss with your pediatrician, and (3) the recommended dosage. I never said “more is always better.”

      I’ve been in healthcare for 40 years.

      • Touchy, touchy.
        Evidently I struck a nerve. Like I said, I’m just trying to help. What you said is “increasing Vitamin A can help with these infections, as well as Vitamin D, and Zinc” with no other specifics on dosing other than those applicable to Vitamin A. “Healthcare” is a term that people love to use to justify their opinions when they’re not a nurse or a doctor. I noticed that you did it a lot during Covid times. It was annoying then, worse now that you don’t seem any more knowledgeable after all this time. Seriously, you could be a speech therapist, or a dental hygienist, neither of which really qualifies you to spout health suggestions to the general population on a public stage. It’s as if somehow “healthcare” professional lends credibility to their opinions that were likely formed from a YouTube video….. or WHO recommendations…. Who, by the way, also recommended taking the Covid “vaccine” that you are very much opposed to (with good cause). You never struck me as the “a la carte” type, nor the type to be so quickly offended.
        Isn’t your husband a pharmacist? I think he’d probably agree that if you’re going to throw advice out there that you should just explain the whole picture a little better (unless, of course, you just can’t because you’re not knowledgeable enough on the topic), you could inadvertently do more harm than good….. and what’s worse, to people in your own church! There are plenty of people speaking in vagaries using terms like a “cold,” don’t be one of them. Sinus infections can be bacterial or viral, maybe both, but you wouldn’t know unless you did cultures or other testing. Better to remain silent and presumed ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Truth is truth, viruses cannot “turn into” a bacteria any more than a man can turn into a woman. Then again…. Anyone who takes medical advice from an online Orthodox Blog probably gets what they deserve…. The thoughts and opinions of a bona fide “healthcare” professional. Stick to serving up the Orthodox dish, you do a great job of it and you’ll be less easily offended.

        • I’m going to let others answer you.

        • George Michalopulos says

          I reread Gail’s earlier response and I don’t think that Gail was being sensitive.* Last year, Gail & I attended a lecture given by Dr Peter McCullough. He suggested an OTC regimen that included Vit D, Quercetin, Melatonin, Famotidine & Zinc.

          Personally, I think adding Vit A is a good idea in general. Especially in regards to ophthalmic issues.

          *Believe it or not, Gail & I regularly critique our responses to our commentators, to see where we might have been wrong and/or too sensitive.

        • There are facts and there are methods of communicating facts.
          Some methods can communicate more facts than others.
          and some methods communicate none at all.

        • Madame BBQ says

          Where hospital bureaucrats are authorities and actual doctors are ignored.

  5. Sometimes the good guys win:

    Judge Dismisses Robert Malone’s $25 Million Defamation Lawsuit
    Against the Breggins and Jane Ruby. Orders Malone to Explain
    Why He Should Not Be Forced to Pay Defendant’s Attorney Fees.
    Judge Moon had previously threatened in writing
    to declare the Malone v. Breggin suit frivolous.

    12 DEC 2023

    On December 11, 2023, a court proceeding by Judge Norman K. Moon in the Virginia Western District of Federal Court convened on the issues of jurisdiction in Dr. Malone’s defamation lawsuit against Dr. Peter Breggin, Ginger Breggin and Dr. Jane Ruby. The judge ended Malone’s lawsuit, stating it “has not met his burden of proof as to jurisdiction.”[1] That is, there was no justification for bringing the suit in Virginia.

    But this was no mere technicality. Of critical importance, the Judge then granted a request by defendants’ attorneys to consider whether Dr. Robert Malone should be forced to pay the attorney fees of the defendants.

    [continue reading below]

    Judge Moon had previously threatened in writing to declare the Malone v. Breggin suit frivolous, and to force Malone to pay the legal fees if he did not stop pursuing it.[2] In what seems like direct defiance of the judge, Malone continued the suit until it was dismissed today, which underscores the possibility that Judge Moon might order the repayment of the legal fees of the Breggins and Jane Ruby.

    The Judge’s warning to Malone was over two months ago when the Judge dismissed Robert Malone’s defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post. He directed the clerk, “STRIKE this case from the docket.” The Judge stated at the time “if Plaintiff [Dr. Malone] continues to bring defamation actions like those that have been dismissed, there will come a time when his lawsuits might fairly be deemed frivolous and awarding attorney fees is appropriate.” In a footnote, the judge indicated he was specifically mentioning Malone v. Breggin as well as Malone v. Twitter.

    We estimate it will take at least another 45 days for the judge to resolve whether or not Malone must pay the legal fees for the Breggins and Jane Ruby. But Robert Malone’s case against the Breggins and Jane Ruby has been terminated by the judge.

    [1] Document-64,-Dec-11-2023-19114810498.pdf (

    [2] Judge Dismisses Robert Malone Vs. Washington Post Defamation Lawsuit

    Here is Jane Ruby’s description of the case:


    [Video – 43:11]

    Following Malone’s attempts to silence the Breggins and Jane Ruby,
    the question needs to be asked: Whose side is Malone on?

    • He’s an enigma. I wonder if Malone realizes that when he stepped into the limelight, he made himself a public figure. Defamation does not apply.

  6. McCullough reviews evidence on vaccines and all-cause mortality,
    COVID, autism and transgenderism – and a tour-de force it is!

    Dr. McCullough: ‘Hyper-vaccination’ of children
    likely behind rise in autism, transgenderism

    In a comprehensive speech, the renowned cardiologist documented
    the crimes of the ‘biopharmaceutical complex,’ including the ‘skyrocketing’
    of ‘all-cause mortality’ around the world which continues even after two years.

    (LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Peter McCullough, an eminent cardiologist and prominent critic of the COVID medical establishment, provided a comprehensive well-documented presentation to colleagues regarding crimes of the “biopharmaceutical complex,” the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causes of the hundreds of thousands of deaths from the COVID “vaccine,” and how studies now show a connection between the “hyper-vaccination” of children, high rates of autism, and individuals going forward for transgender surgery.

    McCullough, who has made the case that no one in the world has more authority on the topic of COVID-19 than him, provided detailed analysis of multiple scientific studies and data reports (many linked below) demonstrating the government’s intentional suppression of effective early treatments for the virus, the best course of preparation for the projected next pandemic (nasal sprays), and how children “going natural with no shots” have better overall health outcomes “based on contemporary analysis.”

    Addressing the annual meeting of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons on October 27, the epidemiologist and internist focused first on the unnatural origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its apparent subsequent cover-up drawing from a report by a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives titled, The Proximal Origin of a Cover-Up: Did the ‘Bethesda Boys’ Downplay a Lab Leak?

    Under chairman Dr. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), the Select SubcommIttee on the Coronavirus Pandemic documented its case on how Drs. Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins and others fraudulently sought to “disprove” the “lab-leak theory” of the virus by publishing a March 2020 paper based on “fatally flawed science.” Titled The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2 the report proposed to establish “that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus.”


    Keep me updated via email on this petition and related issues.
    Sign this Petition
    Yet McCullough highlighted how two papers by Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina (UNC) in 2015 and 2016, published in Nature Medicine, announced that his university, the EcoHealth Alliance and the Chinese government together created SARS-CoV-2.

    “It’s memorialized in the 2015 and 2016 literature that they created a chimeric virus merging bat and human coronaviruses and clearly showing it could infect and invade humanized respiratory epithelial cells in a mouse model,” he said. The fact that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a lab is “cited in the reports!”

    It’s even obvious given one of the paper’s titles, SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence, he said. “They had created it and it was ready to emerge into human populations as soon as it was released or got out of the lab. The papers are clear.”

    Therefore, it’s more than evident that “Anthony Fauci, a key player in this… orchestrated a cover up that the virus, SARS-CoV-2, was engineered by U.S. and Chinese researchers in the lab in Wuhan, China,” McCullough explained. “Fauci organized a cadre of scientists and other regulatory officials to lie to the United States and the world for three years and say that it came out of nature. He conspired to conceal a worldwide global health threat.”

    COVID-19 virus created to be ‘lethal to the human body,’ vaccine coded for spike protein, by the same biopharmaceutical complex.

    Furthermore, as part of the virus’ creation in a lab, “the genetic code for the spike protein was intentionally manipulated to make this spike protein invasive and lethal to the human body.” McCullough revealed.

    And the records show that gene-based “vaccine” manufacturer Moderna “had the code to the spike protein years before the pandemic,” including a “material transfer agreement” with Baric and UNC. And before becoming the CEO of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel was CEO of BioMérieux, which also built the Wuhan lab’s biosecurity annex for the Chinese.

    Therefore, “the lab that created the virus, and the man and the company that created the first vaccine with the U.S., are all working together,” McCullough emphasized. “This is a biopharmaceutical complex. This actually is a crime.”

    “And people are numb to this mind-blowing reality that a virus could be engineered, then ultimately infect the entire world and get people sick. And that a vaccine is coded for the lethal part of the virus, the spike protein,” he said. And further, “that we would actually create the genetic code for the lethal part of the virus and then inject that genetic code into the human body [to produce the spike protein]. Everybody should be alarmed with that notion.”

    An estimated 636,000 vaccine deaths so far in the U.S. alone, and counting
    Recalling how he found himself a lone voice raising alarm about the “great gamble of COVID-19 vaccine development” as early as August 2020, and with a group of 57 authors in 17 countries ten months later demanding answers regarding safety concerns from every government administering the injections, McCullough admonished, “from the very beginning, these vaccines should have been strongly questioned by any doctor worth their salt. Based on these considerations, there should have never been a presumption by any medical school or any academic medical center that these would be safe.”

    “And remember, we always discuss safety before efficacy, always,” he stressed. “The presumption that [the injections] were safe, and then the even more tenuous presumption that they would work was ridiculous.” Additionally, this baseless presumption was made “by every single dean of every single medical school in the United States. Shame on them. Shame on them for not having the insight and the courage and the intellectual strength to just question this entire endeavor.”

    From the beginning of the vaccine roll out, “the safety review has been a disaster” continued McCullough, who has himself authored 691 articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals and remains the most published individual in his field in history.

    “By April of 2021,” the injury reports for the shots were “off the Richter scale” on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he said citing a paper from that time demonstrating the enormous spikes in vaccine harms that year.

    While showing current deaths from the injections in the U.S. alone, as voluntarily reported in VAERS, counting 18,188 at the time, he emphasized “this is a gross underreporting” citing a testimony of Dr. David Wiseman whereby the FDA advisory committee “accepted an underreporting factor of 35” which “means the real number of Americans who have probably died after taking one of these vaccines is over 636,000… in the last three years.”

    Even this estimate can be seen as significantly conservative since a 2010 Harvard-executed study commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealed that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events” are reported to VAERS, and vaccine manufacturer Connaught Laboratories calculated at least a “fifty-fold underreporting of adverse events” in a confidential study.

    “We’ve heard lectures concerned about abortions, concerned about [the] ‘brain dead,’ concerned about euthanasia in the elderly. Where’s the concern over 636,000 Americans dying after a vaccine under our watch? You can see the lack of recognition, the cloudiness to this” in the minds of those in the medical field.

    ‘The batches are not the same,’ variability in mRNA concentration, contaminated DNA, impurities with no inspections behind heavy injuries
    Citing a March 2023 paper by Max Schmeling and co-authors, McCullough affirmed that “the batches are not the same” showing that fortunately, around 30% of batches provided virtually “zero side effects, not even a sore arm,” while another two thirds cause modest side effects and 4.2% where “the side effect rate is quite high.”

    Proposed reasons for this include some vials having a hyper-concentration of mRNA aggregation, including lipid nanoparticles, while other studies have reported finding contaminated DNA in the substance. A third possibility is simply impurities in the products for which the Japanese “returned millions of vials,” though “Americans have not returned them,” he said.

    “Pfizer says they do 40 inspections of each vial, but they haven’t produced a single inspection report,” the public health expert said. “Moderna doesn’t even say they inspect it. The FDA has said they’ve never inspected the vials. We’re three years into this. Where’s the FDA, contractors, and others to inspect for quality, purity and safety? We inspect Tylenol for crying out loud [and we have] no inspections of Covid-19 vaccines mass administered to Americans?”

    Fatal dangers persist at least up to two years following injections. Over 3,400 peer-reviewed papers on vaccine injuries, disabilities, and death.
    With such failures of inspection, “the news on the vaccines every day is bad,” McCullough continued. “There’s not a single piece of good news since they’ve come out. Four major areas of proven damage to the body with these vaccines [include] Cardiovascular, neurologic, hematologic and immunologic,” with cancer not yet being proven, but “emerging.”

    In order to illustrate this point the cardiologist went through the health damage done to a variety of public figures including former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians (myocarditis), Justin Bieber’s wife (blood clot to the brain), Jamie Fox (stroke), Kirk Herbstreit (multiple blood clots), and Megyn Kelly (autoimmune problems).

    In fact, “we have over 3,400 peer reviewed papers on vaccine injuries, disabilities, and death. The literature is loaded with this, and there’s a strong bias against publication of any of these papers. It’s very hard to publish a paper on vaccine side effects. Very hard. And yet there’s still 3,400,” he said.

    Such papers include one from Harvard studying children in the hospital with COVID vaccine myocarditis. “No vaccine should wind American kids up in the hospital with myocarditis. It’s wrong.” And considering that the extremely low risk of young people to the COVID-19 virus, they could only be subject to risks with no real benefit.

    Another study by Jessica Rose and McCullough revealed that the chances of getting myocarditis increase with each additional injection.

    Furthermore, “if someone is following the U.S. government instructions right now from the CDC and FDA, they’re on their ninth shot. Ninth!” he said. And “these vaccines are given with no caution at all for damage to the human body.” Yet, another paper from Yale indicates “damage to the heart is not repairing in 80%” of the patients.

    Providing evidence for such damage, the cardiologist commented that as soon as a single fatal case of myocarditis was confirmed in 2021 these injections should have been pulled off the market.

    Taking a closer look at the documentation of one incident of a “perfectly healthy” 22-year-old young man who died five days following a Pfizer injection, McCullough explained he died seven hours after arriving at the hospital. Despite all the resuscitative measures, his heart is destroyed with inflammation, the conduction system, everything gone. They can’t save him. The hospital can’t save a 22-year-old young man,” due to this shot.

    Two other autopsy reports of teenaged boys who died in their sleep were examined by experts at prestigious American universities and conclude these adolescent boys died of “Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine induced myocarditis.”

    Other examples, including a 44 year-old pastor named Andrew Dunnigan who died in his sleep, and the sad story of basketball player Oscar Cabrera Adames, reveal that heart damage from the injections persists for at least two years. A press release said Dunnigan “died of natural causes,” McCullough regretted. “Do you know that this term ‘died of natural causes’ has been extended down to five-year-olds and seven-year-olds?”

    “There is no other explanation for the massive numbers of sudden deaths that we are witnessing all over the world. All-cause mortality is skyrocketing. There is no other explanation. It is clear. The Covid-19 vaccine is responsible for excess death,” he said.

    Explaining a large study from China which found “a fourfold increased rate of arterial and venous embolism in the retinal vessels in the back of the eye,” McCullough said “people who take the shots are prothrombotic. We are seeing in our office people coming in with blood clots two years after taking these shots.”

    Furthermore, after conducting an autopsy study which found 74% of the cases clearly indicated “the vaccine was contributing to or causing the death,” the Lancet pulled it off their server following “record downloads,” he recalled. And yet, “the consent form [for the vaccine] doesn’t warn somebody that they can die of a fatal heart condition … or a fatal blood clot. They’re not safe. And it’s your responsibility to talk to each and every one of your patients, your colleagues and others.”

    Correlations between ‘hyper-vaccination’ of children, spikes in autism, and transgender disorder
    McCullough went on to lay out the mounting evidence that the enormous increase of childhood vaccine regimens has dramatically increased the rates of autism, which in turn may explain the rise in transgenderism as those going forward for such damaging treatments tend have this disorder.

    “We know that there’s been an acceleration of the vaccine schedule with no attention to safety of the combined products,” he explained providing multiple reports for backup. “And now we had very good data from one study demonstrating that once we got to multiple vaccines in combination, the rates of autism began to come up in the United States.”

    While the exact cause of autism remains elusive, the epidemiologist observed that when he was a child the rate was 1 in 10,000 and now it is 1 in 36. “The biggest change that’s occurred with the immune system is hyper-vaccination of our children. When I was born, there were five shots. A kid today faces 180.”

    Furthermore, McCullough named five studies that show “going natural with no shots during childhood” equates to “better outcomes” including “lower rates of asthma, allergic dermatitis… attention deficit disorder, Asperger’s disease and autism.”

    Therefore, “it’s safer to take no shots based on contemporary analysis.”

    Regarding to the LGBT phenomenon, with the exponentially increased rates of autism, it remains relevant that high percentages of individuals “going forward for transgender surgery tend to have autism,” which is supported by multiple studies.

    And further studies show that “transgender programs increase the burden of psychiatric care. They don’t reduce it. They increase it,” he explained.

    Citing another paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), McCullough summarized that so-called transgender medicine “increases mortality for homicide, suicide and other causes.”

    “Transgender medicine is bad medicine. Period. And it should have been banned everywhere. We shouldn’t even have a ban because no ethical doctor would perform bad medicine,” he said.

    Thus, in summary, “we have twin epidemics of autism and related transgenderism. The vast majority of kids volunteering their bodies to change gender have autism or autism spectrum disorder. You have to realize that they are being preyed upon and they are being indoctrinated,” he concluded.

    For supporting figures and references, see original article on:

    • I was literally shock this week when I saw a Pfizer commercial to vaccinate your child because the COVID vaccines were safe and effective! How is it possible, when 2 nations AND COUNTING, are going after the people in their own countries for distributing these vaccines? – In the U.S. only 16% of adults and 2% of children are getting the boosters. Even the general population has caught on. I suspect it is the millions of migrants coming over who have a language barrier who are getting the vaccines, but the rest of us have caught on. How can these drug companies, the CDC and FDA keep pushing this stuff?

      • “How can these drug companies, the CDC
        and FDA keep pushing this stuff?”

        Money. The Folding Stuff.
        Entries in a digital ledger…

      • Here is the sad story of the demise of a Scottish sporting hero:

        Celtic legend Frank McGarvey: Pancreatic cancer ‘was missed’

        The words ‘COVID’ and ‘vaccine’ do not appear in the tale.
        I do not wonder why.

        • Turbo cancer? I have a close friend who was incredibly healthy have 3 unknown cancers pop up at the same time his wife had 2 strokes. Same day. Same vial.

      • How can these drug companies, the CDC and FDA keep pushing this stuff?

        The short but nearly comprehensive answer: $$$$$$

        That and they are devoid of conscience.