Well, We Have a Bishop

That’s about the best way to explain yesterday’s announcement about the new Bishop of Dallas and the South, given as it was announced in such a passive, off-handed tone. It literally couldn’t have been more underwhelming. Please understand, I have no ill-will towards Bishop Alexander Golitzin of Toledo and the Bulgarian Diocese. I imagine few […]

More Pithy Thoughts From the Protodeacon

There is something unseemly about men who claim authority for their specious arguments because they studied under great teachers. They believe that because they were dutiful students that their ideas carry a weight that in fact they do not have. It’s self-indulgent, rooted in the belief that pedigree elevates them as spokesmen and as leaders. […]

“Gay Friendly Churches”

Fr. Robert Arida ‘Wonder Blog’ Essay — Gay Activism

The article “Never Changing Gospel, Ever Changing Culture” written by Fr. Robert Arida of Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Boston, MA and published on the OCA Wonder Blog has been removed from Monomakhos after complaints to our web host by Arida.The article was first removed from the OCA website after large public outcry. It has […]

Puhalo Strikes Again

Words continually fail me when it comes to His Eminence Lazar Puhalo.  Perhaps a picture (left) will do justice instead; and maybe a screenshot (below) as well.  Perhaps both. Below are his musings regarding the “courage” evinced by Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner –winner of the 1976 Decathlon, husband of three wives and sire of six children–when […]