Carlo Maria Viganò: A Call to Action

This video was done for all of us and it’s going to take all of us to accomplish what Archbishop Vigano has charged us to do.  We don’t have the time to think about it.  Beginning now, we have to push and challenge ourselves to be a little braver and little stronger.  There may never be such a time as this.  Speak the truth in everything you say.  Share your truth with others.   

Speaking out is never wrong,  And you’re not alone.  When you speak up, the rest of us will surround you with our presence and form a protective circle around you.  Certainly, on this blog.   If you want to share it.  We want to hear it.


  1. I beg you, readers of this blog, read SAINT OF THE PRISONS.

  2. “We stand now on the precipice of world calamities of several different constructions: the genocidal vaxx; the economic maelstrom brewing in the markets designed to usher in the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and with it enslavement by a social credit system; World War III growing increasingly powerful in Ukraine that’s likely to end in a nuclear exchange; the rising power and arrogance of the Satanists demonstrated by the Grammys, of all ridiculous things.

    We are here. We are left. We are the ones called on by our ancestral brothers and sisters in freedom to fill the gap in the front lines, to take up that position vacated by a bullet from a communist muzzle. We are healthy, because we saw through the enormous propaganda of the whole world trained on us. We are prepared with stores and supplies. We are armed with some of the most sophisticated arms and valuable training. We are legion in number and most are guided by a faith in God.

    Most of us have known this offensive would come for decades, it’s been on the horizon like a brewing storm. We’ve had the time to write the wills and settle the debts

    The only question left is: “On which hill will we die?” Because, die, we will.”
    TLDavis substack

    As for me, I will never concede, obey, or consent to the power mongers’ demands. It just ain’t going to happen. That’s the hill I will die on. I think the Monomakhos blog is a worthy place to network for all of Christ’s soldiers.

  3. While I’m glad he’s getting on the bandwagon, it sounds like he’s calling for the establishment of some sort of organization like . . . oh, I don’t know, . . . maybe . . . BRICS? Or the Eurasian Alliance? Or some Western political counterpart to this like . . . I don’t know . . . maybe . . . MAGA? Or perhaps France’s National Front? Or perhaps AfD in Germany?

    Perhaps he is calling for the International Right to formally align itself, which would be a good idea. If so, I couldn’t agree more. Wonder how long he will last in Francis’ RCC?

    • Agreed, Misha. How can he ‘get’ it (does he?) and yet still remain unconnected to the Holy Church?

      • Well, God saves whom He will.

        Vigano was born into a very old, yet heterodox confession and such faiths are not like suits that one changes at will. Clerics are particularly attached to their confessions, in which they have been especially well indoctrinated, for the most part.

        But you never know. Where there is life, there is hope. It would be a very high profile conversion were it to happen. But he’s quite Italian and so it may be unimaginable to him.

        • If he is sufficiently Italian,
          he might well imagine it.

        • anonymous says

          Indoctrination is a strong word to use. If yhe Orthodox Christian people wish to ever have a better relation ship with the Roman Catholic people they must put aside some of their arrogance just a little bit. When you have the truth then you have confidence and have objectivity therefore you have humility as well. There’s nothing to fear. Orthodox Church is the price of pearl and maybe the most true but it does not mean that the Roman Catholic Church is not almost the most true or even more true than you realize to the point where salvation may not be unknown there

  4. Hilber Nelson says

    Oh how I wish our Orthodox hierarchs were as awake as this man, and would courageously declare a call for godly resistance. Not sure of his tactics here, though, but am all in with joining faithful dissident followers. I recommend Rod Dreher’s “Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents.”

    • Dreher is on Substack now; I subscribed a couple of months ago and I’ve been hooked (I say this as someone who hasn’t read any of his books, and would only read him now and again over at The American Conservative). In any case, he could definitely use prayers as he’s going through a really rough patch in life right now.

  5. Our old friends at Public Orthodoxy [sic] are all for the persecution of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians because of course they do: