Can Somebody Help Me Here? I Didn’t Get the Memo

The Ukrainian Undead

That is the memo regarding Hitler and Nazism. Are they the good guys now? I’m confused.

Because here’s why: The new schismatic Ukrainian “church” (which is only recognized by Istanbul) seems to like the Nazi Party and its regalia. They have even constructed iconography which glorifies the Waffen SS. (We’ve talked about this before.)

Recently, a mass funeral was conducted by a false priest named Vassily Sagan. It was a reburial for several deceased Galician SS soldiers. He mentioned the possibility that they “might be numbered among the saints” in due course. You can read it for yourself here:

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I’m not a judgmental fellow. Outside of Jesus, His Mother, and the saints, I don’t know who’s in heaven. (And if I get there I won’t ask any questions.) But, here on earth, in the good ole U S of A, where Holocaust museums are sprouting up like daisies, I was under the impression that Herr Hitler was not a really good fellow. Hence my confusion.

The moribund Patriarchate of Constantinople has gone all out to try and get the rest of the Orthodox world to recognize the new “autocephalous Church” of Ukraine. So far, they’ve failed miserably. They had a chance with the Church of Greece but when Bartholomew and Epiphany ambushed the Archbishop of Athens last month in Istanbul, it left a bad taste in the latter’s mouth. That’s a story for another day, however.

Now we know that the State Department is neck-deep in its involvement with the Phanar. It was they which pushed Bartholomew to undertake this disastrous action. Now I’m not saying that he was a puppet, far from it. There was certainly a congruence of intentions between the two players; of this, there can be no doubt. But still, the Phanar wouldn’t have gone forward without the firm belief that Pompeo had their backs.

Regardless, the point remains, for both the State Department as well as the Phanar: Is the recognition of this new body as a church worth the whitewashing of the Third Reich? Because that is what is happening on the ground.

And make no mistake: The schismatics as a rule do not repudiate their Nazi-affiliated past. Indeed, it’s a central tenet of their anti-Russian animus.
(For a translation of the highlighted passage, please click on the link above.)

Now we all know why the US is turning a blind eye to all this glorification of the Nazi past. For the Neocons I suspect it’s a little trickier given what their grandparents’ said about those horrible Cossacks and their pogroms. I imagine that if this is what it takes to foment discord with Russia, they will play the role of Henry IV of Navarre, who thought that Paris was worth a Mass. That’s probably why nobody raised a ruckus when we didn’t send an American military contingent to march on the 70th anniversary of VE Day back in May of 2015. (You know, when we and the Russians teamed up to fight that evil Hitler fellow.) It’s really 1984 all over again if you ask me.

Most of us Americans have very little control over what the State Department and the Corporate Media do or say. As an Orthodox Christian however, I do have a question or two for the Patriarchate of Constantinople. First, how with all the academics employed by the Phanar, there wasn’t somebody at HQ who knew how corrupt the “bishops” and “priests” of this schismatic body were? And more ominously, how devoted to the Nazi past the votaries of this religion are?

Secondly, doesn’t all this glorification of the Ukrainian regime fly in the face of the heresy of ethnophyletism? Or is the Phanar’s rote condemnation of this nationalist heresy just a horse to be trotted out whenever it’s in Constantinople’s interests? You know, look at the map, throw a dart and wherever it lands say “Canon 28! What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine because after all, you’re barbarians!”

At any rate, do they really think that information like this would not get out? Or are they willing to take the momentary embarrassment hoping that nobody will pay attention? Consider: The source for this story is a Russian-based website. And we know that the Russians are great at playing the long game. If they were able (with very little effort) to get this scandal exposed, do the Phanariotes not think that this will be all, that is to say that the Russians do not have more waiting in the wings?

They say that history doesn’t repeat itself but that it does rhyme. As five hundred years ago, when the Church of Constantinople burnt through its reservoir of goodwill, it seems intent on doing so again. In 1453, it reaped the whirlwind when the armies of Sultan Mehmet II were swollen with thousands of Serbian Orthodox Christians eager for revenge. Today, it is alienating even the Greeks.

And all for what? A Ukrainian “church” that has been vouchsafed for only by Western diplomats who don’t know the first things about Orthodoxy?

P.S. I am curious whether those left-wingers in American Orthodoxy who condemned the American ethnonationalists who marched at Charlottesville two years ago will also condemn the Phanar for unleashing the nationalist demons that are part of the new Ukrainian sect? Consistency would demand it.


  1. Austin Martin says

    You know the Holocaust is a massive exaggeration, right? And that the Nazis weren’t the only group of people to massacre another?

    Yes, the top leadership was bad, sure, whatever. Your common Nazi soldier was a scared 18-year-old with a gun, and your common middle manager was just a bureaucrat with a government job.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Austin, the point is not the individual guilt of the average soldier or the extent of the Holocaust but the blatant hypocrisy of the United States. One the one hand we are always going on about this event while at the same time turning a blind eye to it in order to solidify the ethnogenesis and Russophobia of the new Ukrainian state. And not for Ukrainian interests but for Western ones.

      The other point of course is this: Leaving aside the nuances of the pro-Hitlerian Ukrainian resistance, the Phanar constantly caterwauls about “ethnophyletism”. Yet the new Ukrainian “church” is hyper-ethno-phyletistic! Am I the only one to get that incongruity?

      The hypocrisy of the Phanar is stunning. It’s so bold a blind man can see it.

      • Stefan Evgenii says

        George, being from that part of the world Americans don’t have a clue what is behind the nuttiness of the Phanar. Ukrainianism is a 300-year project still in the making by the Vatican. That it coincides with present-day State department policy is fine and dandy with Pompeo.
        As Metropolitan Onufry said recently politicians don’t see Christ sitting on the throne of the Church and try to set it in it themselves.–net
        My family is personally affected by the goons that are buried in the video. 
        See George, we did not fit in the Ukraine that the Vatican and Greek Catholics wish to create. My Great Aunt took bread to her Polish school friend hiding in the woods, a Greek Catholic farmer saw her and reported her. Thirty members of my mothers family were butchered that day with axes.  The babies were nailed to the door alive and my Uncle had his guts nailed to a tree and forced to circle the tree till his guts were wound around it.  That Black Bart comforts a coddles this filth that are enemies of all Orthodox is a slap in the face of Christ.
        Click the EN in the right-hand corner for a translation.

        • Estonian Slovak says

                 I certainly believe the atrocities you describe. What happened to your uncle is precisely one of the methods the Soviets used on priests. It is demonic, no matter who is doing it.
                My nephew through marriage came from the Lemko region, though his family was one of those deported by the Poles to the Western territories which the Poles recieved from Germany after WWII. In his father’s village towards the end of the war, Ukrainian partisans entered the Orthodox church, where the priest was already vested to begin the Paschal services. “Are you Ukrainian or Moskal(Russian)?”, they asked him. “Ja Pravoslavny”(I’m Orthodoxy), he answered. They proceeded to beat the crap out of him.
                  The Croatian Fascists committed similar atrocities against Orthodox Serbs. That is little known outside of the Serbian community. And few Croatian Nationalists have denounced these acts. When one does find a Croatian moderate, chances are he or she is married to a Serb.

          • George C Michalopulos says

            Lord have mercy.  Honestly, I don’t know how the phanariotes can sleep with themselves.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Stephan, still trying to absorb what you told us.  It’s a lot to take in.   Lord have mercy.   

    • No. I do not “know” that the Holocaust is a massive exaggeration. 

        • Monk James Silver says

          Holocaust deniers might be ranked among those who believe that the moon landing was faked and with members of the Flat Earth Society except for one serious characteristic which the other groups, silly as they are, do not share: Those who deny the historical reality of the Holocaust are antisemitic. They hate Jews in addition to their suffering from delusions about history.

          They haven’t yet explained what happened to six million European Jews if they were not exterminated by the Nazis. And they’d have a hard time dealing with a British high court’s relatively recent ruling against those who claim that the Holocaust never happened.

          Google ‘Lipstadt Holocaust denier’ and read all about it.

          • Now now.  The Earth IS flat!  the fact that it is mapped to the surface of a sphere is beside the point.  We humans live out our lives on a flat, as in 2D, earth.   Any engineer or scientist worth their salt would agree, it’s the philosophers and ideologues that are the problem.

          • I believe in the Holocaust. I’ve also seen footage and read reports of “anti Semitic” frum Jews attending “Holocaust denying conferences.” Please keep in mind that most “Holocaust denial” does not question that Jews were systematically targeted and murdered by non-Jews. Instead, it questions the 6 million figure.
            Antisemistism is on the rise precisely because we are not allowed to have these conversations. 

          • Good job addressing the points made in the documents provided… oh, wait… never mind.
            There’s a wealth of good literature out there – scientific, historical, etc. – that addresses this issue. You just need to have an open mind and approach it without the six million boogeyman figure hanging over you, a figure, it may be added, that turned up repeatedly in publications, newspaper articles, etc. for years in the run-up to WW2, dating from the early 20th century onwards.

        • It is one thing to oppose Zionism.  It is quite another to deny reality.
          If Basil would have us believe that the concentration camps didn’t start out as factories of death, it is plausible to believe this – and this only, although one must wonder how even this can be justified in his mind.
          If, however, he would have us believe that these camps were not transformed into factories of death after the “final solution” was reached at the conference of Wansee, then his anti-Zionism has clouded his ability to see reality. 
          If he won’t believe the testimony of thousands of survivors (presumably because they are mostly Jewish) or the testimony of those who liberated the camps or the video testimony ordered by Eisenhower or the testimony of millions of German documents (as well as film footage), perhaps he might believe the testimony of a former SS officer who, although claiming personal innocence of any murders, insisted (both during his trial and after his conviction and up to his death prior to serving his sentence) on the truth of what all of us have been told about what occurred in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

          Or perhaps the testimony our fellow Orthodox Christians in Dachau…

          But I doubt he will be convinced.  When a mind is willingly poisoned, it is given over to strong delusion.
          Years ago, I watched Schindler’s List with my sons.  They asked me, “How could anyone do these things?”
          I answered, “This is where prejudice and hatred ultimately lead.  Don’t think for a moment that you can harbor them in your heart in even the smallest of ways or you will find yourself capable of justifying these very evils.”
          “Awake, O sleeper, and rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.”

          • Cultural Marxism / Occupy Wall Street / Bernie Sanders created a strong campaign against the “1%” in America, which manifests in some as a murderous rage. 
            The Internet increasingly persuades surfers that Jews disproportionately comprise the “1%,” and that Jews also control the media, the petrodollar, and the US war machine.
            The American political Left has concurrently established an atmosphere of intolerance to religious belief and expression. With Silicon Valley, the Left has also established the infrastructure of censorship and propaganda on a mass scale. 
            Can you see how this might not end well for our Jewish friends?  The situation is much more dire than a handful of people speaking up about not believing the 6 million body count that Europeans can be jailed for not believing.
            When your argument is to accuse another of being “antisemitic,” you have likely lost the argument in the other person’s eyes. There are simply too many Orthodox Jews who do not believe the official Holocaust narrative. It is illogical and absurd to claim that they too are antisemitic. Your argument simply causes the accusation of antisemitism to lose its potency. 
            I found that video on the front page of YouTube, which specifically censors such content. Living in NYC or being familiar with ultra Orthodox Jews in Isreal (1/3 of the population?), you’ll see how kind of pointless it is to throw “antisemitism” around to explain things away.
            As far as preventing a very bad situation here in the US, I think the 1st and 2nd person accounts of the Holocaust are essential (to people who don’t trust government narratives) and *especially* protecting religious freedom and the free exchange of information and ideas.
            Hope you all have a good day.

    • in the German occupation in Greece, yes the germans were frightened 18ys olds AS THE AMERICAN KIDS AT MAI LAI IN VIETNAM,  as the two German soldiers my late mother remembers coming to the house In Patras, Greece and crying (in mid 1944) that ‘Alles Caput!” 
      Yet these were the guys pouring the contents of their mess tins into the ground ignoring begging starving, literally, kids and who slaughtered all the males, over 700 in Kalavrita, my grand father’s village and, and, and. All the atrocities my late mother saw.

      • Niko,
        Where was your family’s house in Patras?

      • And we should never forget that the Republicans Party so beloved around here specifically rehabilitated and recruited Nazis from Eastern Europe and Germany as officers and operatives immediately after WWII. The Republican Party never turned up its nose at the extreme right wing politics of European emigres in order  to swell its ranks and create a firm lasting image among emigres that anti-communism covers any number of sins, including war crimes and genocide. 

        • George C Michalopulos says

          Werner von Braun I believe was smuggled into the U.S. during the Truman admin.

        • Joseph Lipper says

          I guess some things haven’t changed.  It’s been referred to as the “CIA’s worst kept secret” that after WWII the CIA employed Nazi spies and adopted Nazi intelligence techniques for the Cold War against Russia:


          • ‘The ends justify the means’. I’m sure Phanariots feel the same way as 1950s anticom Republicans. Nazis with their hateful violent racism are somehow more acceptable than Russians with their atheism (then) and now Eurasianist hegemonic ambitions (?). Paul Harvey said in the early 90s that Russia remains the enemy. Now the State Dept. has cemented the bond of common interest with the Fener. The details of chaos and destruction of communities are just not compelling in the face of the grand sweep of geopolitics. 

    • Ronda Wintheiser says

      Austin Martin huh?
      The plain definition of “holocaust” is “destruction or slaughter on a mass scale.”
      Please make the case that a holocaust of any sort is an “exaggeration”. 
      Beyond that, what’s your point? 

      • “The plain definition of “holocaust” is “destruction or slaughter on a mass scale.”
        Not exactly. It is word from the Greek transaltion of the Bible. It stands for the whole burnt offering, the most solemn sacrifice.

        • George Michalopulos says

          True that. BTW, the late Chief Rabbi of the Sephardim in Israel, Ovadiah Yosef, preached that the Jews who perished in the Holocaust did so in order to pay a karmic debt. It seems that in their past (pre-20th century) lives, they were Jews who did not practice the 613 mitzvaoth (“commandment”) that all Jews are supposed to keep. The Holocaust in other words was divine retribution for their sinfulness.

          • jim of olym says

            so some Sephardim believe in reincarnation?  I didn’t know that!

            • Monk James Silver says

              In the ninth chapter of St John’s telling of the Gospel, we read the account of our Lord Jesus Christ’s giving sight to a man who had been born blind.  The Lord’s own disciples asked Him if this man had been born without eyes because of his own sins, or because of the sins of his parents.

              Jesus tells them explicitly that the blind man’s condition was not attributable to his own sins or to those of his parents, but rather that it was an opportunity for them to witness the power of God.

              Although this seems to escape the notice of most exegetes and commentators, there’s a subtext here, which is the assumption on the part of the disciples that it was possible for the blind man to have sinned in a life prior to the one he was living at the time when Jesus came upon him.  Jesus says nothing about this, and basically deflects the substance of the question while using this encounter as a ‘teaching moment’.

              From ancient times, there is a persistent suspicion that we live multiple lives on Earth.  Hinduism and Buddhism, e.g.,  treat this notion of reincarnation as an official doctrine.  On the other hand, Jewish qabalah and pseudo-Christian Gnosticism hold a version of this teaching in which they posit  a finite quantity of human souls which are born into human bodies, live, die, and return to the ‘Well of Souls’ until the cycle is repeated.  While the Hindus and Buddhists expect an eventual end to this process as the reward for living in an increasingly virtuous manner on Earth during recurrent lifetimes,  Jewish and Gnostic sources are unclear about the cycle’s possible end.

              But as we Christians believe, in accordance with the scriptures, we die but once, after which we are raised and judged, and that’s all we know, by divine revelation, about ‘life after death’, pace proponents of other possibilities..  St Paul teaches this directly in his letter to the Hebrews (9:27), but the concept is found elsewhere throughout the New Testament.

              Let us then live in Christ, die in Christ, be raised with Christ forever!

        • Ronda Wintheiser says

          Martin…   The ENGLISH definition of that word, and English is the language we are speaking, is the relevant definition of that word.Why would you split that hair?

          • Ronda
            Ronda Wintheiser : “The ENGLISH definition of that word, and English is the language we are speaking, is the relevant definition of that word.Why would you split that hair?”
            Perhaps because English is not my first language and is not an ultimate standard to evaluate the meanings? Surprise, isn’t it? 🙂
            “If the King James Version was good enough for the Apostle Paul, it should be good enough for us”

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I don’t know that the Holocaust was an exaggeration, but I think you have a point about the scared 18-year-olds.  I am reminded of Rolf Gruber, the Austrian delivery boy who fell in love with Liesl Von Trapp and later betrayed her and her family to serve for Hans Zeller and the Nazi Party.  There are two famous studies, one called the Milgram experiment and the other called the Zimbardo study, that demonstrate how it was possible to manipulate these kids to get them to do what they wanted them to do.   

      • Michael Bauman says

        Gail, the end result of this kind of speculation often results in the justification: “I was just following orders”.

        Have you read any of Alice Miller’s work on the abusive nature of the Germanic method of raising children. Chilling. One of the points she makes is the out come resulting in the Nazis was quite and easy step due to the brutalization so many endured as children. She is probably engaging in writing the present into the past, but her documentation and description of the practices is awful. Through the prayers and intercessions of St. Alexander Schmorell may the sins be forgiven.

        Young men are always preferred for armies. They are less likely to question orders, more likely to value the present over the future more easily putting themselves in harms way, have fewer children to leave behind, etc.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          No, I haven’t! Sounds like interesting reading.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Michael, I would add that the brutalization was more pervasive than just Germany alone. Winston Churchill described his own upbringing in the boarding schools he was sent to as positively brutal.

          Now that I think about it, you give us yet another reason to execrate Marx and all his teachings. One of his planks was mandatory public education. Granted, it does’t have to be cruel but once you make something mandatory, you can always make it awful. And as a K-12 govt school product, I can honestly say that govt schooling in the US today is God-awful.

          • “Winston Churchill described his own upbringing in the boarding schools he was sent to as positively brutal.”
            He was also an enthusiastic proponent of using poison gas on Iraqi “savages”.
            mandatory public education. Granted, it does’t have to be cruel but once you make something mandatory, you can always make it awful.”
            On this issue I tend to agree with C.S. Lewis and you 🙂

            • George C Michalopulos says

              Churchill could be brutal. And racist and anti-Semitic by modern standards.
              He called Mohandas Gandhi a “half-naked fakir”.

            • Tim R. Mortiss says

              There you have it! Churchill had the tough Brit boarding school upbringing, and advocated poison gas. QED! Res Ipsa Loquitur! Ipso Facto! Cathago Est Delenda!
              All is explained. Everything good he did– boarding school education. Everything bad he did (or contemplated)– boarding school education. 
              Or [pick your causation]….

              • Tim R. Mortis: “There you have it! Churchill had the tough Brit boarding school upbringing, and advocated poison gas. QED! ”
                Yes, you said it 🙂

                I hope poison gas on “Iraqi savages” is not OK with you?

          • Michael Bauman says

            George, Horace Mann, in the public education hall of fame, was instrumental in having the German educational model imported to the US and spread. He wrote that his aim was to get control of children from their Christian parents and eradicate belief in God. The state should be the one they serve.

            That is paraphrased but taken directly from his writings. Not as if we were not warned.

            • Tim R. Mortiss says

              I should describe my mandatory public school education; post-war baby boomer style.
              I guess it was mandatory, but we walked freely to and from school and, in fact, I enjoyed most of it.
              I had many great teachers, at all levels, many of whom I remember very fondly, and several teachers from high school then who were the best teachers I ever had. I stayed in touch with many of them for years. Most are now dead, other than a couple who are very old. Most were WWII vets.
              On the math side, I went through Trig, advanced algebra, analytic geo and calculus in high school. My thesis in my 12th grade year in my Asian History course was about the Maharata Empire of  southern India. My lifelong love of poetry and English literature was inspired by my senior English teacher, a man who was badly wounded in the war.
              There was no anti-religious aspect whatsoever. We were carefully schooled in critical thinking, by men and women who knew all about the propaganda of fascism and communism from their experiences from the 1930s on.
              Just scratching the surface. Oh– yes, it was public school.

        • George one of the most chilling stories I have heard is of a the wife of  the Commandant of one of camps in  occupied Ukraine, coming across while out in car, four, I think , Jewish children who had survived an ‘action’, that is Mass shooting of Jewish villagers in large pit, and had run into the near trees, unoticed. They were about 4/6 yrs old. 
          She took them home and fed them etc, and then not knowing what to do, took them back to the  scene of the shootings and well…..SHOT THEM! 
          There is concentration on the gassings but it is not realised how many, into  over million plus, jews were killed by the groups of death squad killers,who were German soldiers and or, Ukrainians and Balts and maybe Poles,  in 1940-42. In Poland and Baltic republic and in occupied USSR 
          Over several days, 300,000 alone at Babi Yar,  Kiev in August or September 1941.In full public view. 

          • Solitary Priest says

            All true, but the Soviets were no better. I heard from a parishioner, now deceased, about a village somewhere on the front. All the people thought they would perish, so as the Germans evacuated, they went to confession and communion to the local priest.
                  When the Soviets returned, those same people killed the priest, to show what loyal Soviet people they were. One has to wonder what was going on in their heads.

        • Wilhelm Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism describes the German household as the basic unit and training ground of mass fascism, in its abuse of power and recourse to violence for the sake of ‘order’. Applies generally across societies.  

      • Very good Russian film POP, Поп,  relating to this. Can below on Amazon. 

    • Austin please dont post this utter bullsh*t about the holocaust being “extremely exaggerated” and that the nazis weren’t all that bad. It is repugnant and disgusting to see such filth posted on this forum that I like. My grandmother was a member of the French resistance and after she was captured she got to experience first hand the utter evil that a “scared 18-year old with a gun” was capable of given the putrid ideology that the Nazi party openly supported, and the millions that they murdered because of it.

      • Randy. Yes I was disgusted.  Yes not the only holocaust Sadly and who remembers the Armenians?  as Hitler, himself, said. 
        Again I had patients in London who had survived the camps  and my grandfather in Patras,Greece,  helped with local parish priest, to give jews Baptism etc certificates.  For which family later suffered. 

  2. George yes exactly. As you know the bulgars know a thing or two about being on the end of the Phanar’s games

    • Nikos, this simple statement says so much. The Fener has historically enacted some of the worst things to befall the Orthodox Commonwealth at least since the Ottoman era but also in its handling of religious affairs for the Roman Empire in its wars against the Bulgarian Empire. This geopolitical aspect of Fener legacy cannot be overlooked — it’s intrinsic to their function from time to time. It makes for a very strong argument for the permanent hobbling of that venerable but often toxic institution. 
      Our new boy in NY, suppose to be Bearing Hope and working his charm offensive successfully among the forgiving cowed, should be recognized as a potent manipulator and author of some of the worst Phanariot pseudoecclesiology currently broadcast from that cesspool of harlotry. Rather than forgiving the plow like cut worms, the Orthodox should rise in support of Metr. Amfilohi who articulated a most cogent critique of Fener repugnance. 

  3. Joseph Lipper says

    Since it was formerly deemed to be in U.S. interests to protect and employ Nazi spies in the early days of the Cold War against Russia, the current “turning a blind eye” to Nazism in Ukraine perhaps reflects a continuity in American policy and just seems to be more of the same.     

    The main threat of the Cold War was not Nazism, but rather was the use of nuclear weapons.  That’s still the case.  However, the Russian state and military no longer identify with atheist ideology.  Instead, we now have the concept of a “Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy” as Russian priests bless the nuclear weapons with Holy Water to destroy the enemy.  Icons and chapels are prominent throughout the nuclear arsenals and military stations, as most Russian soldiers are Orthodox Christians.   Thus, the current Cold War is primarily waged against Orthodox Christians in Russia, and there is now the danger of Orthodox Christianity becoming identified with the nuclear threat.  
    It’s certainly alarming and disturbing that Nazism is being protected in Ukraine.  This should be addressed.  However, because Ukraine no longer has nuclear weapons, the threat of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism is overshadowed by the larger nuclear threat in the current Cold War with Russia and it’s “Nuclear Orthodoxy”.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Joseph, all of what you say is true. My larger point remains and that is that we are taught that Nazism is an intrinsic evil. This is even to the point of absurdity. Last November, I went to the School Book Depository in Dallas. Just 1 block away was a new building, it was a Holocaust museum. Forgive my cynicism, but I wasn’t under the impression that the Texans had anything to do with the Holocaust. Did they provide a Waffen SS unit to round up Jews in North Texas and ship them to Auschwitz?

      I could go on. Several years ago, a Greek footballer (whose name escapes me) flashed a “Nazi” salute (actually, it’s the Roman salute but never mind). He was thrown off the team and he hasn’t played a lick of professional sports since. That was his livelihood. Now mind you, I think it was tasteless, I certainly wouldn’t have done it but there you go. Regardless, the State Dept not only turns a blind eye to Svoboda and Pravy Sektor but used Ustashe remnants in Croatia to fight the “evil Serbs” in the 90s.

      All I ask for is a little consistency. (BTW, I have zero problems with us using Werver von Braun for our space program.)

      • Deep Steak says

        dunno, svoboda/pravy sektor fell from 7 parliament seats in 2014 to 1 in 2019
        i guess the state dept is better at helping ukraine get its nazis out of government than the republicans are at getting them out of their own party

        • George Michalopulos says

          DS, your reliance on Wikipedia and/or State Dept-sponsored media exposes your naivete. While the extreme Right lost seats in the Rada, they pretty much control the streets (at least in the West). The “thug factor” power of these gangs is still significant and a force-multiplier which the State Dept uses to further its anti-Russian agenda.

          In addition, Poroshenko made sure to clip Zelinsky’s presidential wings when and if it came to the new president pursuing a detente with Mother Russia.

          I am glad to say however that the Ukrainian as a whole are not playing along with the globalist game. Certainly they’re not playing along with Bartholomew’s illegitimate game. Fingers crossed!

          • Deep Steak says

            mmm mmm got that hot fresh russian state media line treated as gospel just a monastic beard whisker shy of the actual good book itself
            sorry to say your propaganda about the state of the ukrainian street does not jive with what i hear but big surprise
            haha the dude who completely ignores the historical motivations for the kremlin to vastly inflate and overblow  numbers and influence of nazis in ukraine calls me naive you are such a fun egg

      • Joseph Lipper says

        George, that’s interesting about the Holocaust Museum in Dallas, TX.  The Jewish population in Dallas is perhaps 1%.  That’s below the overall U.S. Jewish population of 1.4%.  However, we do know that Texas is hotbed of “Christian Zionism”.   Just last year, there was 1,100 “Christian Zionist Leaders” who celebrated “Israel’s 70th” in Dallas, TX:

        • George Michalopulos says

          Look, I’ve got no beef with Israel. As to whether it should have been created in the first place is another matter. FDR was against it as was Sec of State George C Marshall, who was vehemently against it. He accurately predicted all the fallout back in 1948.

          But so-called Christian Zionism is a horrible heresy of the first order. It approaches blasphemy.

      • Dino Tsortanidis says

        Just curious. What is so absurd about a Jewish Holocaust museum anywhere in the United States?
        There is also an Armenian Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, in the works, and good for them.  In a current climate where society has become numb to killing in all forms, such museums are a positive, not negative. While the media, and some politicians might take advantage of, and cash in on hate, real or not, these museums are presenting a reality in history that should be known, and never be repeated. 

        Sorry not absurd at all my friend, just look at some of your posters here trying to down play the holocaust, and the feeble pushback towards their opinions, and the links they provided.  One must wonder what motivates these people to care if one, two, or  twenty million were killed. What’s the difference? It happened, and we know it did. The next step will be that it never happened at all in the not too distant future.

        • George Michalopulos says

          I’ll tell you Dino: first of all, I didn’t know about the Armenian Holocaust museum. Has it been given the go-ahead? I hope so. I do know that in years past AIPAC pulled out all the stops to get any mention of the Armenian Holocaust suppressed. Especially in Congressional resolutions. Why? Mainly because it offended the Turkish govt and at that time Israel and Turkey were rather tight, politically speaking.

          Anyway, I will await to see whether the Armenian museum is actually built.

          Having said that, why not build the Armenian Holocaust museum in Yerevan? Why should we in America have to have one erected? We didn’t perpetrate it. Israel has Yad Vashem. It’s appropriate because the Zionist cause was given impetus because of the Holocaust (and for other reasons).

          That’s all I’m saying. Here in America it’s appropriate for us to have a Museum of the American Indian on the Mall in Washington. As far as I’m concerned, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and the various Caribbean islands should have a museum documenting the Transatlantic slave trade.

          • ,George as far as I am understanding Yerevan does have a memorial and a museum.  I think they took the kardashians round  museum when they visited perking up their ethnic brownie points. She may even have got as far as lightening a candle in church. 

          • Tim R. Mortiss says

            Most Armenian churches here in the US have some kind of memorial to the organized slaughter by the Turks.
            “Why should we in America have to have one erected?” The question makes little sense. We don’t ‘have to have one’. But there are a lot of Armenians here, and if they want to sponsor one and obtain donations, what’s wrong with that? It’s a free country.

            • George Michalopulos says

              TimR, they should have a memorial service here in America. 

              My complaint is (as always) a lack of consistency. 

            • Dino Tsortanidis says

               Wealthy Armenian Americans put together 20 million and purchased the former National Bank of  Washington building, and some buildings surrounding it, just three blocks from the White House. Some legal litigation has slowed the project, but at some point the museum will be housed there.

              America is like no other nation, in that it is houses immigrants/citizens from nearly every nation on earth. If those immigrants/citizens can lobby and or obtain funding/donations, more power to them, and  I see no harm in educating the masses if they are inclined to learn from such museums. Especially genocide/holocausts by so called modern “civilized” governments.

              This death, and murder numbed climate and society we live in today, is in  desperate need of museums that educate the masses, not only how evil men and governments can be, but already have been, in just the last 100 years.

              Lord Have Mercy on us, if history repeats itself, considering the technology we have today to kill on mass scales, without even using traditional  weapons of war.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Dino, I wish them well. My stepmother is half-Armenian herself.

                At the end of the day though, I wish all immigrants and their descendants took the oath of allegiance to the United States seriously and forswore any allegiances to their former homelands. America is not “a nation of immigrants” (because all nations are nations of immigrants). America is a nation of settlers, or more accurately, a nation of people who wanted to become Americans.

                Because of our interventionism, our military budget is bigger than the next 25 countries combined. We are going broke because we feel the need to have almost 1,000 military and naval bases all over the world. Of course I realize that we need some naval bases in order to keep the sea-lanes open and free of piracy but why do we have to give so much largess to other countries? It’s more than AIPAC, they were late in the game. We first went down this rat-hole during the Great War when our Establishment became enamored of our British heritage and also our devotion to Maquise de LaFayette.

                And it’s been going downhill ever since. Sigh.

          • Michael Bauman says

            George, I would not hold your breath on a museum that actually documented the Transatlantic slave trade. Even Fr. Moses’ small family museum that both documented the reality of slavery but offered visitors a change to enter into the healing mercy of Christ at the same time, got a lot of official push back.

  4. Michael Bauman says

    George, yes it did not tell the right story.