Can Somebody Find Out What the Serbs are Drinking?

There’s a famous story about General Ulysses S Grant.  It was about his heavy drinking.  During the War Between the States, Lincoln was confronted about this by lesser men who were envious of Grant.  Lincoln cut them to the quick and retorted “find out what he’s drinking and send a case to the rest of my generals”.

It is in this spirit that I say find out what it is that the Serbs are drinking and send a case of the same thing to other patriarchs (especially one in Istanbul).

God bless this nation, may it be an example to the rest.  As for myself, it’s further proof that Jesus was telling the truth when He said that “the gates of hell will not prevail.”  There will always be a sacred remnant that will uphold the faith.

In our day and age, I’d say it’s the Serbs.

(Courtesy of Byzantine, Texas)


  1. George: Lincoln cut them to the quick and retorted
    “find out what he’s drinking and send a case to the rest of my generals”.

    He also said: “I can’t spare this man. He fights.”

    Not a Thoroughly Modern Milley then…

    • Not at all.

      In thinking about Milley, I am reminded of the Roman generals who served under (and themselves became) the Barracks Room Emperors (ca AD 235-284). A degraded sort of soldier with semi-barbarian ancestry and who knew little of the Roman generals of the Republican period.

      It may be that this degradation of our own Republic is inevitable and that even our armed forces cannot escape the moral degradation of the society around them.

      With Rome however there was hope: Christianity restored a sense of moral propriety, both in the Mediterranean population as well as the Germanic barbarians. This became complete when Constantine the Great was able to establish the Christian order (although he had to remove the capital from the Tiber to the Bosporus).

  2. The Serbs are very conscious of the two dragons of our age. They live in close proximity to Western backed Catholic Croats and Muslim Bosniaks, proxy representatives of Liberalism and Islam, the devils of whom we speak. They see their endgame in all its satanic ugliness.

    It is important to see Catholics, Uniates, Phanariotes and Ukrainian and Montenegrin nationalists as all part of the same Liberal order. That is why it is inspiring to see an Orthodox bishop get off a chopper and be greeted by armed military/paramilitary who kneel reverently in respect before escorting him on to the church.

    They know we are at war.

    God bless the Serbian nation!

  3. Correction, should have written “Serbian patriarch” rather than “bishop”.

  4. Our motto should be, “To Protect and Serb.”

  5. George,
    The link didn’t work. What is it the Serbs are doing that’s so good?

  6. Antiochene Son says

    The loss of religious faith is surely the reason for the COVID madness. This is the first major pandemic in our atheist-dominated era which has left people with nothing to live for. When the meat bag of their body expires, it’s oblivion. That is a terrifying thought, so people have naturally gone mad to try to eke out every second of life they can, at all costs. (Troubling that so many of our bishops have taken up this mindset!)

    Those who have Christ know that life goes on for eternity, so we are not so concerned with the particular timing or circumstances of our bodily demise. We are much more worried about whether our next stage of life will be in the joy of our Lord or not. We’ll get our bodies back in good time. What is there to be afraid of?

    Since we’re quoting Civil War generals, here’s a good one from Stonewall Jackson. It’s quoted in “Gods and Generals,” but I understand it was an authentic statement, perhaps from a letter or diary:

    Smith: General, how is it you can keep so serene and stay so utterly insensible with a storm of shells and bullets raining about your head?

    Jackson: Captain Smith, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.

  7. It sure isn’t a drink that causes”delusion”.

  8. God willing, this act of courage will prompt other, slightly less courageous, bishops to stand up and be counted. Sadly, I am hearing reports of parishes returning to masking, social distancing, and, in some cases, drastically limiting the number of the Faithful who may attend. It is shocking that the majority cannot see through this soft-tyranny that continues to be imposed on the Church. The Lives of Fr. Roman Braga, Fr. George Calciu, the newly released Saint of the Prisons should be mandatory reading for all Orthodox Christians. Fr. Seraphim Rose’s statement: “It’s later than you think!” is ringing true. The time to resist these mandates both within the Church and within the Culture is now.

    • “ The time to resist these mandates both within the Church and within the Culture is now.”

      This has been very difficult to do in my parish. I don’t know how to do it any better. Now I’m told I ‘have a spiritual problem’ – this from the priest’s mouth. He’s stepping up the verbal hostility.

      At least 30% of our parishioners haven’t returned to Liturgy. Yet those with children, who say they are afraid to come back, see no problem going to baseball games or karate instruction

      Frankly, I am at a loss.

      • Anastasia:
        I feel for you but don’t succumb to disillusionment! As difficult as it may be, search for a parish that is open and a priest that isn’t fearful! There are faithful priests and parishes out there.

      • Athanasia,
        When all the restrictions were still in place, my wife and I found a parish that was doing everything normal. It was 5-6 hours away and we knew we would only be about to go once every few months, but we were ready to do it.

  9. anonimus per Scorilo says

    When I saw the title I thought the article was about the Serbs inviting the “Archbishop of Qatar” of the Jerusalem Patriarchate to the enthronement of the Metropolitan of Montenegro, and the implicit finger thus showed to their Antiochian friends.

  10. Antiochene Son says

    I’d like to know what Elpi is drinking. He wished the Deicides a blessed Yom Kippur on Twitter today.

    Now, if I were a bishop – and I never will be – I would say instead:

    On this Day of Atonement, let us remind ourselves that Christ’s blood alone has atoned for the sins of the world. May the Jews come to faith in Him, that their prayer, fasting, and almsgiving may not be in vain.

  11. Dear monomakhos-
    See below. Doxa to Theo, John D.
    How to Survive the End of Comfortable Christianity
    September 4, 2021 by Orthodox Editors
    How to Survive the End of Comfortable Christianityby Fr. John Moses –
    This time persecution will come under the banner of equality, uniqueness, and freedom.

  12. Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

    “Antiochene Son,” your proposed prayer of Orthodox Christians for Jews on Yom Kippur is excellent. I hope and pray, however, that you would refrain from using–at least here and in public generally–a term like “Deicides,” which anachronistically and uncharitably imputes personal moral guilt to all Jews, dead or living, since the Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I agree Fr.

      When all is said and done, many people will be surprised at how many Jews converted to Christ and wrote some excellent Christian apologetics. Even Observant Jews as well. (I recommend The Resurrection of Jesus: An Orthodox Perspective, by Rabbi Pinchas Lapida, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi.)

      • Fr James Bernstein’s Surprised By Christ is a book I recommend to almost all non-Orthodox who ask about our faith. A great introduction.

  13. Fr. Turbo Qualls provides insight into the Serbian Orthodox phronema in this video on The Demonic Origins of BLM. Definitely worth a watch:

  14. One positive observation I will make about the American Constitution as one who favors autocratic government: it is constructed in such a manner that unless a bold leader, or series thereof, weights the High Court and manages to get broad majorities of party loyalists elected in both houses of Congress, it is a prescription for disfunction and gridlock. I assume this is by design. Either obtain strong, homogenous consensus and leadership or spin your wheels in a war of all against all (so called “checks and balances”) and leave governance to the states.

    What we need is a young American Putin and a plan to do away with presidential term limits.