BREXIT! The Brits Get Their Own Independence Day!

Thank God for the common sense of the British people! After years of being screwed over by the Oligarchy, they still had the right demographic makeup necessary to regain their sovereignty. We’ll see if this is still the case with America. I have a feeling that the ground is shifting under our feet.

Speaking of America, the Supreme Court struck down Obama’s imperial overreach when it upheld a lower court ruling. This happened earlier today and I thought this would fire up the nationalist base. With the news from London, I’m now sure of it.

All in all, a historic day. A turning point for both Europe and America.

If you will permit me to go on a tangent, I knew something was afoot when I got on this morning. The day before, the polls were showing the “Leave” proposition ahead. This morning however, I read that some of the prediction markets were making a dramatic reversal in favor of “Remain.”

This looked suspicious to several people as there was a massive infusion of money for “Remain” at the last minute. Basically, good, old-fashioned market manipulation. The reason of course would be to depress voter turnout or the “Leave” faction. In much the same way that the Associated Press declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee the day before the California primary.

A word to the wise: keep an eye on the prediction markets if you will, but do take them with a grain of salt. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that the global elites are manipulating them as well.

In the meantime, grab a tankard of ale and toast Her Majesty. God grant her many years!


  1. Perhaps London, which is an international city already, could decamp from the UK and join the European Union by itself?

  2. Rule Britannia!

  3. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    It is about time. Now it is America’s turn to break the Globalist control over our Nation. Go Trump!

  4. It’s inspiring to see that thousands of lies and millions of dollars were unable to separate the British from their God-given freedom. It’s sad, however, to see how many voters were prepared, out of ignorance or heedlessness, to vote for their own enslavement.

  5. Michael Kinsey says

    Interesting fluxuations of half measures, which will in no way effect a return to a stable moral culture, inwhich the father does not deliver the son unto death, in abortion and war. The son does not ( still coming with health care costs.)deliver up the father unto death in euthanasis, and the secular-humanist value system does not lead all to do what is right in his own eyes. Thus each man is always in conflict with his brother, brother against brother. Every man doing what he thinks is right in his own eyes. Note most of this post is Holy Scripture. There is no right or wrong in secular-hubrus-ism.

  6. Michael Kinsey says

    This is a little off topic, and might not include Britian, if it is no linger a EU member. 3 ribs in the mouth of the bear, are wars inwhich Russia plays a the most significient role. WWI WW2 WW3. devouring much flesh. Tensions between Russia and the West are the highest since the Cuba missle crisis. The Project for a New American Century are mostly to blame. There will be a WWIII, but it will be a limited war, at least enough to keep the global communications system operational world wide. The mark of the beast has to have the system intact, inorder to facilitate internet electronic interfacing via the RFID chips. to collect the 666 taxes. The IMF could attempt to reboot the fallen world reserve currency, with SDR’s backed by inescapable 666 taxes, exactly like US Federal Income Tax,( which was never legally ratified by the 50 states was employed to back the Fed dollar. This will allow the World Central Bank to print fiat money like the Fed has done. It will allow continuance of fractional reserve banking, the principle means by which the 1% ers gained 99% of all then money in the world. World wide facist socialism, with a character like Pauly in Good Fellows, serving the same function he did. He keeps the greedy thieving thugs from killing each other, because it’s bad for business. But, thieves fall out, which shows the wisdom of these spiritual dodo’s I though I would post this here as Alex Jones read my posts and said, ” He looks like Gandalf, but you ought to read what he wrote on one of his shows. It might be the reason the Adopho Nicholas ( the Black Pope) was checking me out, at the Ledding Library, here in Portland. I told him, ” The Command of God is Life Eternal, and nothing is going to stop it”

  7. Congratulations, Britons!

  8. G Farsalas says

    I’m going to wait and see how this exit ends up being structured. Might be one of those divorces where Dad’s clothes never quite leave the closet.

  9. This is good news. Now I feel like taking in the English countryside never
    gone there before. Strawberry Fields forever ….

  10. I was reading a commentator who disdainfully noted that the over 65 demographic voted most heavily to leave, while the younger and more open British voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU.

    But then another British commentator wrote in another article that the over 65 crowd who voted for Brexit were the very same British citizens who had voted Britain into the Common Market in the 1975 referendum when they themselves were young. His take? Not to worry that the youngsters voted for the EU — they, too, will someday grow up.

    Reminded me of the old wag during Soviet times, when the only people who went to church were the old women in headscarves. “What will we do when the babushkas die off?” some would lament. The answer: “There will be another generation of babushkas to follow — and there always were, and still are.

    I certainly hope that this is the case. Regardless, this vote was, for me, a little light of hope in a dark time.

  11. Terry Myles says

    Scotland will vote for independence within the year and Mrs. Windsor will keep a low profile when she visits her estate in the Highlands of the Republic of the Scots. So much for little England and Wales. The north of Ireland will reach a deal with the now secular Irish Republic because they need the EU more than they will ever need Westminster. Alas, the last remnant of empire slides into the sea.

    • Your attempt to tell the future reminds me of the soothsayer in William the Conqueror’s expedition to invade England. When informed that his was the only ship that sank crossing the Channel, William said, “No great loss. He couldn’t foretell his own fate.”

      • Terry Myles says

        The chief minister of Scotland has already moved to propose a new referendum in Scotland. Scots voted 1.6 million to remain in EU, 1 million opposed. End of the UK.

        • Anonymouse says

          Scotland enjoys being overrun by foreigners, much like Sweden.

          • Actually, unless something has changed recently, Scotland has been quite untouched by immigration compared to England. I wouldn’t be so confident in betting that Scotland’s voters will choose to be the main repository for refugees seeking to move to the island of Great Britain via Merkel’s EU.

            So far the Scots have had the privilege of talking big about welcoming increased immigration, since England has had to absorb nearly all of it, not them. My guess? Scotland’s leadership will milk this for internal political advantage, but won’t be rushing to schedule another referendum on independence anytime soon.


    One of the most savvy Western policy analysts I know did not think that the Brits would leave the EU. He thought the simple fact of the vote was ominous, but he thought that leaving was a minority view. It wasn’t.

    That tells me that something extraordinary just happened

  13. Gregory Manning says

    I am tempering my enthusiasm for this result. Many are attributing the poor turn out of the “Remains” to the heavy rains. If that’s true, the election results may not accurately reflect the actual sympathies of the nation as a whole. Still, the only votes that count are the ones made–not the ones folks intended to make.

    • It has always been a source of a sort of ‘telling’ amusement to me that people who act as though the world will come to an end if Socialist agendas are not enacted (or in this case preserved) can be kept from the polls by the inconveniences of things like rain, having to register, bringing an identification card, or having to vote on a specific day if they don’t think ahead enough to request an absentee ballot..

      My life depends on it, but by George, it’s just too hard! Those bastards are intent upon suppressing my vote!

    • 72% voter turnout is hardly an unrepresentative sample. And since when have Englishmen been unaccustomed to rain? That’s like saying that an election in Seattle was affected by rain, that one in Louisiana was affected by heat and humidity, or that one in Manhattan was affected by crowded streets.

  14. Michael Bauman says

    Celebration too early. With both parliment and Scotland making veto noises and the attempt by the stay forces to force a re-vote the whole leave sentiment could be just a flash in the pan.

  15. Michael Bauman says

    This whole thing reminds me of the movie: Network

  16. Anonymous says

    It is amusing. The UK still has NATO. The concept of a unified Europe without it being tied to military support is bizarre. Meanwhile, the world will get burps of the foul taste as it unwinds.

    Nationalism is not without its own issues.