Breaking: Tulsi Gabbard Leaves the Democrat Party!

In my humble opinion, this is huge:  Tulsi Gabbard, the last sane Democrat has left the Democrat Party.

Now, I’ll be honest with you.  I wish she had done this two years ago, I wish she had spoken these Trumpian words then, as they would have made a difference.  If nothing else, they would have spared us two of the worst years of this planet’s life. 

I’m not naive.  She is a politician and whatever she does, she does with her future in mind.  That’s the way this game played.  Still, the words that she spoke are powerful; they condemn the present globalist cabal of elitists in words that would get Marjorie Taylor-Greene thrown out of the Halls of the Congress.  She pulls no punches.  

She calls Joe Biden a divisive figure.  She blames him and his party for persecuting people of faith, for anti-white racism, and for violating our First and Second Amendment gun rights.  As for the J6 protesters, she “goes there.”  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With this act, she’s pushed the Overton Window so far to the right that she might as well have called the Establishment a bunch of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who traffic in narcotics.  (It’s that bad.)

These words, once spoken, cannot be unspoken.  There is no turning back, certainly not for her.  Having said that, I believe that she is creating a path for other disgusted Democrats to follow.  

As to whether she will join the Republican Party, no one knows at this point.  She would certainly be a good fit with the MAGA wing of that party.  Perhaps she is opening up a path for a third, America-first, non-interventionist movement.  Certainly there is a future for such a party.

In any event, here she is in her own words:



  1. It’s a rare day when I can honestly say that I am proud of one of our politicians here in blue Hawai’i. This is one of those days. Today’s Democratic Party is truly demonic, as James Jatras calls it. Any Orthodox that insists on supporting it would do well to review his priorities before voting next month.

    I’ve shared your blog post far and wide. I hope that others will do the same.

    (By the way, George, the beginning of Tulsi’s video here doesn’t seem to begin at the beginning of her podcast.)

  2. Her words about the modern Democrat Party were spot on, cheers to Tulsi.

  3. She was behind the scenes and spilled the beans!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  4. Austin Martin says

    She’s not a Republican. She supports gays, abortion and communism. Which, okay, maybe that’s the 2022 Republican Party, but she’s not this kind of closet conservative patriot religious right people think she is. And she’s a Hindu.

    Conservative, Inc. has this recurring pattern where a radical liberal will back off a few talking points, and then that person gets invited to all the talk shows and conferences like to tell their conversion testimony. It has a weird religious dimension.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Austin, at this point, it doesn’t matter. You gotta fight with the army you got.

    • I understand how you feel, Mr. Martin, but you have to realize that Hawai’i is the most liberal state in the union. Any Republican politician who seeks to get elected here has to demonstrate moderation. Take for example Linda Lingle, a moderate Jewess who won two terms as our governor while George W. Bush was president (2002-2010). She was quite popular and effective as our chief executive. In regard to moral issues of interest to us Orthodox, Lingle directed the state against emergency abortions for rape victims and against civil unions for gay couples. Despite having beaten Mazie Hirono in the gubernatorial race in 2002, Lingle lost the senate race to Hirono in 2012. It wasn’t even close. Now we’re stuck with that foul-mouthed, radical Hirono representing our state in the U.S. Senate.

      I remember demonstrating at the state capitol with Tulsi’s father, Mike Gabbard, back in 1998 for a constitutional amendment to give the state legislature “the power to reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples”. That was successful in stemming the sodomite tide until Gov. Neil Abercrombie called for a special session of the legislature to get them to pass a bill to legalize gay pseudo-marriage in 2013.

      When I learned that Tulsi disagreed with her father about gay marriage, and that Mike, even though elected as a Republican to the state senate switched horses a year later, I lost interest in the Gabbards. Fast forward to 2022. Especially since Tulsi came right out in February with prophetic words of caution against escalating the conflict in Ukraine lest the U.S. and Russia go nuclear, I’ve taken a renewed liking to her common sense stances. She has opposed the totalitarian Democrats as a Democrat, so she has my admiration. Surely I wish Tulsi were more conservative on moral issues, but we’ve got to be thankful for all the cool-headed leadership we can get in a country whose top politicians seem to have lost their minds.

    • Austin Martin says

      Let me clarify.

      I appreciate many of the things that Gabbard has said. She has shown courage and integrity. Tucker’s commentary on her departure is worth watching. However, she’s not a Republican or a conservative or a traditionalist in any sense.

      Although at this point, the Republican Party is as degenerate as the Democrats. I will vote for whichever party is opposed to children becoming transexuals. Which party is that? Which party will not prop up the EP’s schismatic sects? Which party will not steal a quarter of my paycheck for income tax to give to Israel and Ukraine? Which party will save the dying Midwest towns with rotting mainstreets?

      Last year the governor of ARKANSAS!!! voted down a bill that would outlaw cross sex hormones for children. Was he a Democrat? Remind me.

      • George Michalopulos says

        You’re right, Asa Hutchinson is a RINO. However the Arkansas Legislature overturned his veto. And they are overwhelmingly Republican.

  5. George Michalopulos says

    I realize that this news-story is tangential but it does indicate for me that the Globalists are experiencing hiccups on several different levels:

    • The UN is covering its posterior. It saw the abuse heaped upon the UOC for years and said nothing. The damage is long done. To issue a statement today comes at no cost and signals an utter lack of sincerity. The time to have raised concern was years ago.

  6. George Michalopulos says

    Meanwhile, this puppet abases himself before his Globalist masters:

    I guess he didn’t get the memo. Seriously, given his previous love for the Metropolitan Onuphriy, you would think he’d be glad. Perhaps say a word or two expressing his gratitude to the UN (of all people).

    • He also spoke of the U.S. President as a man of faith.
      Lies of omission are still lies. A man of faith? Lol.

      • Faith? Perhaps…
        But faith in what?

      • Jane,

        I was thinking along similar lines. “A man of faith” in what (or whom)?

        • It was hypocritical to call Biden a man of faith. I am sickened by this false statement!

          • Gail Sheppard says

            I think the point was that he is a man of faith but in what? Faith in the Central Banks, Khazarian Mafia, the Dems, etc. Certainly not faith in God.

            • George Michalopulos says

              I laugh every time I hear Biden being called “a devout Catholic.” With Christians like these, who needs lions?

    • I find it extremely ironic that Bartholomew & Co., have stated how much the Moscow Patriarchate is co-opted by the Kremlin…yet they do stuff like this.

      They cozy up to the Globalists meanwhile the Greek Church is being oppressed by its own government and a priest from Patras is being thrown in jail for celebrating liturgy during the Coof.

      The dichotomy between the Greeks is really interesting to me. On one end of the spectrum you have Bartholomew, Theodoros and on the other you have the faithful priest in Patras and Met. Neophytos.

    • I find these Greek Orthodox leaders such as the Patr of C’ple, the Patr of Alexandria, the Abp of the GOA, etc., who hitch their wagons to the leftist, secular world leaders like Biden and Liz Truss — those leaders who care little about or who even despise God no less — I find these Orthodox leaders ridiculous and amusing at the same time.

      It’s as if they think that the Western/secular “rules-based order” imposed by the D.C. and London political elites is permanent. Oh man, how they cannot read the tea leaves. Said “rules-based order” has been as dead as a slug in a salt mine for a long time. It’s just that for too many secular westerners, it’s too painful to fully digest the reality that their days of “running the world” are gone.

      What’s more telling is that these Greek Orthodox leaders seem to love the God-despising secular West more than they love their Orthodox brothers and sisters in the Slavic world — this is the true, deep pain, in my opinion.

      Wonderful recent piece from the WorldWarNow substack on Africa as the most substantial burgeoning Orthodox mission field and how the Russian Orthodox Church intends to missionize Africa as much as God will allow. If only the Patr of Alexandria could learn to work with them.

  7. Robert the Bruce was a politician too. He didn’t just want Scotland free. He wanted it free with his family at the helm (which he felt they had been screwed out of). So he played the game. But we see the true character of the man in the end. He had his “no turning back moment” as well when he killed John Comyn in a church altar. But he picked up the ball and ran all..the..way. Hopefully Tulsi will do the same.

    Now I will say I wonder if we’re making too big a deal out of this. We’ve known for awhile she was particularly sane for a Democrat. I’m not that surprised she did this. The question is, now that she has, what can she do? A case could be made that a sane person within the Democratic party might have been more useful than another Republican. And if she does try to join/create a third party, it will be a long time before it gets any traction, if it ever does. And historically, third parties tend to hurt the Republicans in elections, not the Democrats.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Seraphim, it’s more than mere “sanity.” She said things that only black-pilled rightists have been saying. Things like “we’re a banana republic,” that the Democrat Party is ruled by “an evil cabal of warmongers,” and so on.

      As far as I’m concerned, this is a John Comyn-slaying-in-church kinda moment.

      Is she being self-serving? I don’t care at this point. If Gomer Pyle had been president for the last two years we’d have been better off. Things are that bad.

  8. steve knowlton says

    Her very first sentence: “democrat war mongers.” Everyone knows that we live in a world now where that means “what she wants her new supporters to think that she is against “war” in the same way Trump meant it.” Otherwise it makes no sense at all.

    the remainder of her statement is the same.

    Just another grifter migrating to populism, and waving her new flag loud and proud.

    We don’t have to live like this.

  9. Rats leaving the sinking ship.

    There are those who can see what is about to happen to the Demorat Party and those who cannot. Michael Moore, for instance, still resides in la la land and believes the overturn of Roe will result in a blue wave. Dream on.

    Tulsi is cute, and she’s eloquent. She has s brave steak or she wouldn’t have done what she has done. But she’s a metrosexual. She doesn’t “get it”. She knows that the Democrat Party is a dead man walking but she doesn’t fully understand the “why“.

    Nonetheless, God willing, it will become a stronger trend. Not just retirements but actual defections, either to independent status or to the Republican Party. Either way, she who is not against us is for us. If she’s turning on the “woke elite” then her cannon is pointed in the correct direction.

  10. She could have switched earlier. Why now? She saw the political winds change and adjusted her sail.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Now that is the question. Why now? Almost seems timed.

      • As in stand-up comedy and war, it is true in politics, as well, that timing is everything. As Russell states above, Tulsi could have switched earlier. She had made every indication that her heart was no longer with the Democrat junta, especially after this whole-hog saber-rattling over Ukraine. Nevertheless, Tulsi kept her powder dry until her one-chance announcement would have its maximum effect. My assumption is that Tulsi waited until four weeks before the mid-term elections so that she could persuade as many voters as possible to reconsider the folly of casting their ballots for Democrat candidates nationwide.

        Note that right after her announcement, Tulsi flew off to New Hampshire to stump for Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc in his bid to upset incumbent Dem. Sen. Maggie Hassan, a leftist who has slinked away from her debate with him. The Republican Party may credit Tulsi with helping to swing some tight national races like the one in N.H. and reward her with warm welcome in their big tent.

        Added benefit: the fall colors are spectacular in New England this time of year!

        (My godfather is a political scientist, so some of his shrewd way of thinking has rubbed off on me.)

        • Gail Sheppard says

          What this reminds me of is something I did in high school with my father. We had to lead 40 girls and their fathers in a star formation waltz. Very complicated. A lot of moving parts.

          I think that’s what we’re seeing here. A star formation waltz for taking back our country. Timing is everything. Certain things have to be in place for other things to happen. This was Tulsi’s time to be center stage.

          It sure is fun seeing all this play out.

        • George Michalopulos says

          I agree, New England is spectacular in the fall!

          You’re correct however. I, too, had wished that she had made this announcement two years ago but timing is (as you say) everything.

          Regrettably, our people had to have their faces smeared in the mud in order to see how astonishingly crapulent the Democrat Party is.

    • William, Earl of Ross could have switched earlier,
      before he handed over King Robert Bruce’s wife
      and daughter over to the English – but he didn’t.
      But when he did, none proved more loyal than him.

    • I agree. Why now?

  11. The UN is covering its posterior. It saw the abuse heaped upon the UOC for years and said nothing. The damage is long done. To issue a statement today comes at no cost and signals an utter lack of sincerity. The time to have raised concern was years ago.

  12. George Michalopulos says

    Saker’s take:

    “A few comments first. For starters, I lost any trust I might have had for Tulsi Gabbard when she endorsed that ultra-fake liberal Bernie Sanders. Second, I have taken the decision not to comment on US internal politics on this blog, but in this case I think that rather than seeing Gabbard’s video as an internal US politics phenomenon, I see it as a sign of the amazing state of decay of the USA as a nation: when a (supposed) left liberal takes on the talking points of (supposed) conservatives, something major is happening, especially when you have a (supposed) liberal President in the White House. Finally, Gabbard is way, waaaaaaaay too smart not to see that the Dem Party is a political Titanic and no matter how loud the “propaganda orchestra” plays, that ship is sinking very, very fast. Time to leave it!”

  13. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s another gem from Andrei:

    “Again, I am not interested in internal US politics which I describe as a useless fistfight between pilots for the control of a flight deck in an aircraft with no engines or even wings! However, the fact that the pilots are fighting shows that they realize that their situation is desperate. Can you recall another instance of a well-known politicians slamming the door on his/her party while that party controls both Congress and the White House?”

    • If this was a British metaphor, it would refer to
      an aircraft carrier (either of the two)
      with no planes…

  14. I have just read a biography of the Bruce
    which contains the following assertion:
    “It is not known whether Comyn’s death
    was intentional or was an accident.”
    Chris Brown: King and Outlaw
    The Real Robert the Bruce

    Two men arranged an unarmed meeting.
    One came with a knife, one did not.
    The unarmed man was stabbed with said knife,
    then finished off by one of the other’s supporters.

    I repeat:
    “It is not known whether Comyn’s death
    was intentional or was an accident.”

    Not known by whom?

  15. The Dems seem to have screwed themselves royally. You have to consider that it is entirely possible for the Republicans to get 53-54 seats in the Senate and 250 or better in the House.

    That’s just this year.

    Part of this is due to the coup in 2020. But part of it is also due to Biden’s abysmal job performance since then. Yet for 2023-2024 it’s going to be either Biden or Harris, who may well be worse. Some red pollsters are openly stating that the Dems will lose the Senate in perpetuity. 2024 looks worse for them than 2022. And it doesn’t really get better after that.

    Of course, the sky’s the limit in the House. If it goes and stays red and that becomes the perpetual trend then that’s all she wrote. This was the indication we were getting from the 2020 indicators before the Steal. 18 of 19 major indicators favored Trump, as did the subsequent down ballot performances of Republicans. In reality, Trump’s claim to have won the popular vote is not as far-fetched as Conrad Black seems to think. It just goes to show the degree to which the Dems cheated in their coup.

    But they can’t do that to the entire Republican Party, only to one candidate that the Republican Establishment disliked and thus were prone to double cross. Though Uniparty Republicans have tried to limit funding to MAGA candidates, this has not proven effective. Republican election workers will be more vigilant and record everything fishy that happens. I assume there will be cheating but I doubt it will be on the scale that it affected Trump in 2020 with respect to the whole Republican field.

    It might, but that would be cause for a real revolution.

    Assuming that it won’t, Democrats have made their bed in the most awful manner. One shudders to think what possessed them to run a senile old man and a slutty idiot on the same ticket when this guarantees four years of Keystone Cops style incompetence contributing to the other side’s electoral chances. The swing toward registered Republicans has been historical. Rats are diving off the SS Tammany.

    I would say that it is simply going to be a normal low point for the Dems, but there are indications otherwise. Hispanics and even black men are defecting. They can’t afford to lose much of either vote. They have lost the working class vote and even non-college “educated” women. What leads me to believe that the Dems are heading the way of the dinosaur is that they have steadily pushed toward libertarian social policy out of necessity to widen the tent but they have now exhausted their room in this direction. Flirting with pedophilia and transgenderism in kids is a clear sign that they have run out of road.

    My guess is that America only gets redder from here on out.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, as usual you have painted with bold colors a very good picture. I don’t doubt it for a minute.

      The only caveats I see are three:

      1. the DS launches a nuclear false flag in the Ukraine which will “postpone” the elections next month,
      2. they will be able to steal 2-3 Senate seats thus preventing a GOP takeover (or get some traitor like Mittens Romney and/or Susan Murkowski to switch parties (you know, “for the good of the nation”), or
      3. the GOP, even if emboldened with huge majorities, will revert to their inner cuckery.

      It is even possible that the GOP could get even more bellicose than the Dems when it comes to the Ukraine because, you know, ‘Murica. I can even see some arch-heretic like John Hagee telling them that “JAYzus says we got to invade Russia because of Gog and Magog.” This would cause Miss Lindsey to get week in the knees.

      God help us.

      • George,

        I agree that the Dems are still dangerous in the US and within the US’s sphere of influence (see Haiti). However, I’m becoming less and less concerned regarding their antics in the Ukraine. They’ve run out of juice except for nukes and they lack the balls for that. The Ukrainian army was trained to NATO specs and has been armed to the extent NATO could manage it. And the Russians have gone through them like boo boo through a goose using fifteen percent military capacity to date.

        The Pentagon knows it is outgunned and is not going to go toe to toe conventionally. Even if they did, Russia would prevail. And that would make Biden the lamest of ducks.

        I suspect they’ve been out finessed on all fronts.

  16. George Michalopulos says

    It’s official! Now that Tulsi has left the Dems, the title of “hottest looking female in the Democrat Party” reverts to Nancy Pelosi. (According to The Babylon Bee.)

  17. No, can’t agree. AOC has always been hotter than Tulsi. She’s mad as a crack house rat, but still quite attractive. You couldn’t marry her though unless she agreed to stay on her meds and that was part of the prenup.

  18. Well, I respect women, kind of, . . . but she’s still a girl. Also, she doesn’t really present herself in a light to be taken seriously with the monologues during makeup. She’s engaged now, which I take to be the point of her political career – i.e., to find a hubby with deep pockets. Roberts is a millionaire, but just barely. And he is younger than she is. She could do better but whatever . . .

    . . . with her personality – the shrew – perhaps she’s not settling after all. As a Latina, I’m sure she hears her clock ticking at 31.

    But enough about demons, cute as they may be.