BREAKING: The Greeks Stand Up to the Globalists!

All is not lost!   The Church of Greece did the right thing!  Finally!

According to our friends over at Helleniscope, the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece voted unanimously against the Greek government’s proposal to legalize skittles marriage!  (A special shout-out to Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia for leading the charge.*)

This is huge –on so many levels.  Personally, my gut tells me that this will totally derail the  the Greek Parliament’s plans to proceed with this insane proposal.  Even if it does not, it is a massive middle finger to the globalists everywhere and places the Church of Greece back in the right place as far as Orthodoxy is concerned.  

Is it too much to expect that they will “revisit” their pseudo-recognition of Bartholomew’s schismatic contraption in the Ukraine?  Regardless, their globalist puppets in the Phanar are no doubt having a severe case of indigestion.  (So much for Elpi’s “triumphant” visit to Mt Athos.)


As for the State Department’s plans to take away our faith, let me quote what King Leonidas of Sparta told the globalists of his day when they told his army to surrender their weapons:  Molon labe

*BTW, “mesogaia” is Greek for Middle-earth.




  1. Joseph Lipper says

    There was never any threat that the Greek Holy Synod would approve of same-sex civil unions, or even heterosexual civil unions for that matter. The same goes for the Greek Archdiocese in America.

    Any perceived threat has been completely made up and imagined, and recognizing the OCU has absolutely nothing to do with the recognition of civil unions.

    • Any perceived threat has been completely made up and imagined, and recognizing the OCU has absolutely nothing to do with the recognition of civil unions.

      Looking at this with cold pragmatic eyes for a moment, as Mr. Lipper does with Russians on a regular basis…

      Recognizing the OCU is a game of political appeasement and is most certainly easier to pull off than such an indisputably flagrant act of canonical defiance as recognizing gay marriage.

      There are limits to how far you can go, and the unanimity of the vote also makes clear that nobody wanted to be seen as the underdog in this situation. Nobody wants to be on the losing team.

      What concerns the OCU, it was framed as an allegiance issue, not as a canonical issue. The Greek public doesn’t gain or lose based on who’s name is uttered in the diptychs and they could care less which Slavic bishop with the white hat occasionally pops up for service with the Achbp of Athens. And all you have to do is add ‘This big Slavic country is attacking Hellenism” and those not inclined toward critical thought will swallow it. I’ll never forget how when this was all going down, a friend who was always far from the church said “Is it true that the Russian church is seeking to displace the Ecumenical Patriarchate?”

      On the other hand when you have a Kasselakis situation happening that gets very personal for people. And the old calendarists of Greece would suddenly become a major denomination if there was a push towards accepting gay marriage from the GoC. Even the globalist minded crowd in the Greek church didn’t want to take that chance.

      Either way, bravo to the Greek Synod. As for what was on each bishop’s mind, let that be a matter between them and God.

    • For once I agree with Mr Lipper, but with a qualification. What the Church is Greece is doing is more than what might have been expected. One can say “no” quietly, or one can say it very “loudly”. From what I hear from friends in Greece is that the Church is saying it loudly. And I was told the same things that Petros reports in his comment, below.

      Members of parliament with districts that include many churchgoers have said that they cannot vote for the same-sex “marriage” legislation. This is true not only for members of New Democracy but also Syriza and Pasok. About 60% of Greeks oppose the legislation, and in some parliamentary districts, particularly outside of major urban areas, the percentage is higher.

      Either Mitsotakis stepped in it, or he needed a distraction from serious issues pertaining to Greek-Turkish relations, including matters having to do with the defense of Aegean islands. Or so I am told.

    • It’s not a question of “threat”, but of “negotiation”….Archbishop Christodoulos successfully delayed legislation on National IDs for many years because he collected signatures from the citizens when the government refused to enact a referendum.

      Ieronymos, his successor was selected simply because he is the exact opposite of Christodoulos. A barking dog is harmless if the chain is not long enough to allow the dog to bite you…

      As a result, the “chain” stops short of a Church of Greece-sponsored referendum…”barking” won’t stop the law from passing…a referendum would have more success in doing so, but the Synod stopped short.

      It’s clear that the Synod and the government have negotiated the “reactions” and outcomes behind the scenes.

  2. Glory to God!

    Not only did the Holy Synod give a resounding “OXI,” which would in itself be enough, but, they’re sending out the encyclical to be read in every parish in Greece and letters to every member of the Hellenic parliament. That’s huge and goes to show the Church still is a major force in Greece.

    Can’t wait to see what the ever vocal Frau Bousis has to say about this. She’s already chided Athos (unthinkable), I’m sure she’s not above calling out an entire Synod.

    I also wonder how long it’s going to take for the Brussels “EU values” commission to sanction the Church of Greece. Me thinks Blinken will be meeting with Mitsotakis & Ieronmios soon…

    Is it too much to expect that they will “revisit” their pseudo-recognition of Bartholomew’s schismatic contraption in the Ukraine?

    From your words to God’s ear, George! I still maintain the Church of Greece gave itself wiggle room to get out of the OCU predicament since they were not recognized my the entire Holy Synod, only a small number on the permanent synod.

  3. BTW, it looks like Arb Elpidophoros received a “laodicean” type of reception on Mt Athos:

    “Following the developments regarding the visit of His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America to the Holy State, the Sacred Supervisory is in the unpleasant position of expressing its sorrow for the inaccuracies and untruths of the various publications on various websites. Following this, it clarifies that there was a unanimous decision of the Sacred Community of the representatives of the twenty sacred monasteries, so that there would not be the customary reception of the hierarch by the Holy Epistasia, and the sacred monasteries would act on the matter according to their judgment.”


    • Look like Ieronimos met with Elpi and spoke about what to do with the children of gay couples. It appears the Church of Greece has decided that when those children grow up and choose to be baptized then they will:

      Though I have to be honest, I’m a little puzzled by this part:

      Answering a question on the subject of baptism, His Beatitude Mr. Hieronymos emphasized that “we must return to tradition again. If children are baptized at an early age, it is because within the Church the feeling was created that the child grows up in an environment of Christian principles. Therefore there was no need for indoctrination, because it took place within the environment. Now that things are changing, we are not against children. We love and care about children more than anyone else. The Church will wait for these children to reach an age and when they grow up and wish to be baptized they will be baptized” .

      Is he speaking just of those children of gay couples? Or, of all children? He seems to imply infant baptism should not be the norm?

      • Very simple…if a pagan or muslim couple show up saying “we want to baptize our children Orthodox, but raise them with our non-Orthodox belief system”, what is the Church supposed to do?

        Infant baptism is done because of the associated supposition that the parents are also Orthodox, and committed to raising their children to become “good” the ancient Church, catechism was a long process, and not this “luke warm” stuff that we see nowadays with chrismations of people who have not truly abandoned their Protestant or pagan mindset…

        So Ieronymos is actually consistent with ancient Church tradition in his statement, but it was Serapheim of Pireus that first wrote this opinion a couple weeks ago…of course there are metropolitans that disagree, too


    Well…they might have done it just under the buzzer, but, better late than never I guess.

    Interesting how bishops from the “New Lands” who are under the EP but functionally part of the Church of Greece were at the Synod meeting this week and were completely against gay marriage, plus Athos who is under the EP, guess they didn’t want to appear too “out of touch” with their flock.

  5. Constantinople has also affirmed marriage between a man and a woman.

    At least one good thing came out the council in Crete.

    • This reminds me of the response of Benjamin Disraeli
      (one of the many UK Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria)
      when asked what he proposed to do in a national crisis:
      “What shall I do? I shall follow the people of course.
      After all, I am their leader…”


    [Video – 04:38]

    I find little to disagree with here.

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