Breaking News: McCarthy Elected Speaker of the House After 15 Rounds

Saturday, January 7, 2023 0:47

The vote is still ongoing, but at least five of the GOP holdouts – including Gaetz, voted ‘present’ on the 15th ballot, giving McCarthy just enough votes to stumble over the finish line. 

Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge


  1. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Best episode of the Real Housewives of D.C. ever!

  2. Gaetz is very smart. In effect, he has founded a new political party within the GOP. The twenty or so, let us call them the Patriot Wing, have a hard core of five or six stalwarts.

    The thing is, to get a majority on anything the Dems don’t like, McCarthy must have this wing’s approval. It is morphing into a parliamentary system. One way to know that all of this is actually the de facto dynamic is that Gaetz was nearly accosted by Mike Rogers of Alabama after the fourteenth vote. It’s on twitter if you care to find it. The man lunged at Gaetz and another rep held him back, eventually by the face. Then the camera pans off. McCarthy was in the process of coming hat in hand to Gaetz and asking, “What do I need to do to get your vote?” When the lunge happened, he wisely walked away.

    I think Gaetz got McCarthy to agree to make him chairman of Armed Services which would have gone to Rogers.

    Gaetz seems to be the new batya over there. Hard ball.

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    • Finally. The American House of Representatives growing past the pretense that “appearances matter more than anything” and are not afraid of getting into physical altercations. It’s about time. This is very healthy.

      When one believes in something with his whole heart and believes it passionately (courage = “from the heart,” coeur = heart in French), these sort of things happen. They are natural and not shameful.

      Just ask the bishops from some of the first seven ecumenical councils, where physical altercations when arguing over the Truth of the Christian faith were not uncommon.

      This idea that physical altercations should be avoided at all costs gets you to the ECUSA, where there are no physical altercations (“everything is pretty there”), but where lesbian transgendered “bishops” are cool and where they’re fine with chopping off the penises of 8 year old boys. What lunatics.

      Give me physical altercations any day over that garbage any day.

      • George Michalopulos says

        FTS, I completely agree with you. We in the West have suffered too much under the delusion of Upper Class Niceness.

        The results are evident: toxic maternalism, matriarchy, homosexualism, transsexualism, pre-pubescent boys dressed in drag and dancing suggestively for pederasts.


        • Absolutely… “Upper class niceness” or “everybody make a show of pretending to agree because that’s most important” are basically downstream effects of feminized leadership.

          Masculine leadership is rough-around-the-edges…. people get chafed and scarred up a bit, they get chastised and corrected (sometimes roughly), but you recover and learn from it and move on.

          The fact that we value “upper class niceness” shows to what a massive degree masculine values (and masculine leadership) have been systematically marginalized and devalued in the United States for decades.

          The universal, natural masculine qualities are courage, physical strength, honor, and mastery. All of these traits have been derided for decades in our American institutions and educational system…. denounced as if they’re passé or archaic and irrelevant.

          But it’s the God’s honest truth that both men and women are starving for solid, healthy, masculine leadership. It’s no secret that God commanded men to be leaders – it’s not optional.

          Female leadership should only ever be temporary – as during WW2, when women acted as temporary leaders in some sectors while so many men were at war.

          Long-term female leadership leads to instability, crazed delusion, and mental illness. It’s just not natural. Think Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi and the effects of long-term feminized leadership in America, of where it’s gotten us…. LGBTQism, surgical/hormonal sex changes of a 9-year-old are seen as an overall “good,” while traditional Christian faith and morality is an overall “bad” for society.

          Natural masculine leadership values creating and enforcing boundaries. A country with no effective borders (like ours) only comes from a totally feminized leadership. Men build, maintain, and protect the castle walls…. women have domain over what happens inside those walls.

          It’s God’s natural order… to fight against it is insanity and a lost cause.

          Acts 9:5… Paul said, “Who are You, Lord?” Then the Lord said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for you to kick against the goads.”

          It’s a waste of time to kick against the goads…. why do we do it?

          • Gail Sheppard says

            The problem is, no one likes “solid, healthy, masculine leadership.” Especially men when when it comes to women. “Solid, healthy, leadership” in women is often viewed as “instability, crazed delusion, and mental illness.” If Rogers and McHenry were women, all hell would have broken lose!

  3. Anonymous II says

    Reminds me of watching an episode of the WWF wresting program. Or folks arging and yelling about who wants to be captain on the Titanic so they can grab best access to the lifeboats.

  4. Deacon John says

    Christ is born!
    Glorify Him!

  5. Anonymous II says

    Golden Globes 2023: Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky to Deliver ‘Special Message of Peace’

    After seeking nukes, bioweapons labs, rejecting peace talks for nearly a year, including a ceasefire in honor of Christ’s Nativity.


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