Boy, I’m Really Having too Much Fun with this Whole Wall Meme

I’m also feeling my oats after last night’s demolition of the GOP establishment. I pray it continues. I’m saddened however that Bernie Sanders’ momentum got derailed. I guess you can’t have it all.

So here goes another “in your face” thingamajig against Pope “Who-am-I-to-judge?” Francis and those who think like him. It’s really quite hilarious. It’s funny on so many levels, which makes its especially delicious, not the least of which is the whole concept of a barrier itself. (Say, did anybody catch Bibi Netanyahu last week who inspected the wall encircling Israel? He said that “this wall would keep the wild beasts out.”)

All disrespect aside, I really like sticking it to sanctimonious proglibs. There’s nothing more that gets my goat than moral preening. So I’m going to enjoy this for as long as I can. I hope you do as well.


  1. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Just don’t overdo sanctimonious jabs against progressive liberals. Remember that President Obama did much WORSE in Nevada against Mrs Clinton than Senator Sanders just did—much worse! Enjoy!

    • That is true, but Obama had the black vote in the South. Blacks aren’t fond of Bernie and he will be crushed by Clinton down there.

  2. Michael Warren says

    I never thought that getting rid of Emperor Palpatine AKA Benedict XVI would be such a mistake. But this Francis does an awful Paul VI impression: he makes papists something repulsive, tacky and pathetic in an unashamed pander to every liberal constituency hypocrisy.

    Won’t be too long before Conchita Wurst gets top billing at World Youth Day with Elton John doing Candle in the Wind as “a special introit for the victims of homophobia with the special intention of calling China to respect transgendered Uighurs.” Maybe that will prompt Raymond Arroyo to come out on a special episode of The World Over. Guess Catholic Answers is working on a packet of prayer and scripture for Eastern Rite Catholics Engaged In The Holy Crusade Of Ethnic Cleansing. And Scott Hahn has found it scripturally consistent to say papal infallibility amnesties papal inconsistency: the chair must be right even when it flushes. For some reason this pope reminds me of C Everett Coop: waiting on his Urbi et Orbi speech where he says “if you have gay sex, it is your moral responsibility to wear a condom, especially if you are communing that day. Condom use merits a 5 year plenary indulgence. While wearing the pink scapular and reciting a gender neutral novena to the sacred toe of JPII it becomes 10 years if done daily for 7 weeks.” I guess this is what heretical movements look like when they put their “church” in hospice.

    But as long as they keep the checks coming, we can at least see that they want our attention. And Hilarion Alfeev does have his eye on a new S class. The only question begged is can papal hubris find the necessary humility to begin repenting and restoring Orthodoxy before it is too late? Out of Christian charity I hope they do.

  3. I really thought “the Bern” was going to beat Hillary in Nevada…..seeing that so many are embracing socialism in this country. I suppose if the primaries can continue to cut cards and flip coins for delegates, Hillary will be a shoe in…….before she goes to federal prison.

  4. “this wall would keep the wild beasts out.”

    Well said.

  5. M. Stankovich says

    As someone who lives approximately 15-miles from the Great Wall that is the US-Mexico, let me point out that is not a “wall” at all. It is a 13 or 14 foot high (I don’t recall exactly) metal fence with bars, extending approximately 6-feet above the fence, and bent forward Mexico, as a further deterrent. It is broken into numbered sections (so La Migra, the Border Patrol) knows where to go to catch illegals. The problem is the fence is like a sieve. I went last night to hear the author, Kimball Taylor, discuss his new book, The Coyote’s Bicycle: The Untold Story of 7,000 Bicycles and the Rise of a Borderland Empire. The guy found a trail of abandoned bicycles leading him to canyon outside Tijuana where he 7,000 used, but newer bicyles, and spent a year investing how and why they to be in the canyon. A “coyote” is someone who leads illegals across the border into the US for a fee, and one made his fortune employing bicycles. Why? He was told that are thousands and thousands of buried motion sensors on the US side of the border that are calibrated to sense walking and running, but “rolling,” in order for the Border Patrol to patrol & transport. Likewise with bicycles. In any case. You can stand on the enclosed bridge over the highway (if you are so inclined) and see individuals make it over and through the fence, or individually or as groups, run against the traffic in the highway coming into Mexico and then scatter. You can bet that the Mexican border agents will not pursue them, and while you can wait in line for hours to enter the US – walking or driving – not so for Mexico. And at night, it is somehow ironic, noting the post above, to see both humans and wild beats enter through the same breaks in the wall… um, fence. Now if you didn’t see this coming, you don’t know your memes…