Boris, Brexit, Corbyn & Trump

Forgive me for sounding like I’m trying to remember some turn-of-the-century British romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and some unknown starlet but I couldn’t help myself. I’m still riding high on BoJo’s smashing victory last month. Partly because I think that it portends well for The Golden Don next November. But mostly because of what it portends for England (specifically: not Scotland) and the movement towards national sovereignty in general.

And smashing it was. It was the worst defeat ever for Labour since 1935 and the best showing for the Tories since Maggie Thatcher’s premiership. Boris Johnson won not only traditional Tory strongholds but climbed the “Red Wall” of many northern English districts. (In the UK, red is the color of Labour and blue the color of the Conservatives.) It is, in fact, a complete repudiation of the Labour Party on so many levels but most especially a rebellion among the working class against their supposed representatives from Jeremy Corbyn on down.

You see, the Labour Party (you will be forgiven for thinking otherwise) used to represent the working classes. As in America, there once was a time in which liberal political parties actually cared about working men and their families. In America it was the Democrat Party while in Britain is was Labour. It was all rather simple and to the point and because of their policies, working-class families were able to enjoy a decent living. Things like the eight-hour workday, paid vacations, etc.

That all changed sometime in the 70s. You see, then both Labour and its American counterpart started moving away from the working class, mainly because said working class was mostly white and because –you know–white people became icky (or something). Instead, everybody else became fashionable, especially if the new constituencies were not working class. Or working. Come to think of it, especially if they weren’t working. Idleness and profligacy were encouraged. It was more important to embrace the victim du jour because reasons. The weirder the victim, the better.

The natives saw this and they became restless. In order to blunt their electoral clout, the Ruling Classes invited in non-Christian, non-European peoples to replace the native electorate. And it worked. Whenever someone like Enoch Powell rose in Parliament to give a rousing speech against these idle newcomers –and the people responded “Oy Mate! wassup wi’ that?”–the ghost of Hitler was invoked in order to shut them down. “What do you want?” their Betters would ask; “To reopen the Nazi death camps?”

Never mind the fact that these same working-class people had actually liberated the Nazi death camps but as sophisticates like to respond, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. And so the intellectuals and upper classes would pat the Proles on the head and tell them to go home and play with themselves. As for the elites, they’d go spend their summers at their charming little cottages in the Provence, leaving the Proles to suffer the race riots in Birmingham or Manchester. Oh well; it sucks to be you.

Being on the “right side” of globalism was far more important than the hollowing out of the native middle and working classes and their quaint, ancient regions. That’s why entire swaths of Middle England became dormant. Same with the Upper Midwest and those charming New England towns that had thriving textile mills at one time. It became more important to the Wall Streeter and City of London types to outsource these jobs to China, Mexico or wherever else one could hire serfs and pay them slave wages. And it worked out well for the Wall Street/City of London type as the outsourcing of jobs to the Third World increased their stock portfolios.

And the chattering classes in both countries comforted themselves by virtue signaling to each other. Barack Obama, their paladin played the cultural anthropologist back in 2008 when he explained to them that these people in the Rust Belt were really vile racists who clung to their God and guns. They couldn’t abide the fact that their respective countries were being inundated with non-Christian ethnicities that had nothing in common with them. But eventually, they’d get with the program. And if they didn’t then they’d open up the floodgates to even more immigrants –legal or otherwise. Until then, they’d keep them pacified with opioids.

Because of these transnational policies, many Western countries switched from manufacturing products to manufacturing ever-more clever financial instruments which only they could take advantage of. As such, the gaps between the upper quintile and the bottom four quintiles became ever wider –and more unbridgeable. And the myth of meritocracy –especially in America–became ever more apparent.

Meritocracy, of course, had never really taken hold in Britain; after all, there was a House of Lords and a hereditary monarchy. One became rich and powerful simply because of birth. America, however, was founded upon the principle of equality before the law. And as long as it was growing and there was a wide expanse of land available to simple farmers, it could easily absorb hard-working European immigrants who could live to see the day in which their grandsons became members of the middle class. America was a meritocracy on its face. Whatever else you could say about them, the famous founders of the American plutocracy, the Du Ponts and Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts and the Carnegies, were not to the manor born. Compared to the aristocracies of the Old World, they were all arrivistes. First and Second-wave immigrants made it as well on their own merits. Unfortunately, in order to compensate for the weaknesses of the newer crop of post-1965 immigrants, quotas had to be enacted.

Still, to be an immigrant meant something. You pretty much had to take care of yourself. Before the 1960s, America had no welfare state. You swam or you sank. Or you went back home to the Old Country.

All that came crashing down when Cultural Marxism started taking over during the 1960s and 70s. The Reagan 80s were the last gasp of genuine American entrepreneurial growth, when men of merit and invention could propel themselves into the upper rungs of society. But thanks to neoliberalism and NAFTA, incredible wealth could only be had by making money overseas rather than in the heartland.

Donald J Trump, a real-estate developer, reality-TV star, and all-around rascal saw all this. Like plentiful gold political coins littering the sidewalks, he had no compunction about bending over and picking them up. I mean, hey, if nobody else is going to do it, why not? In politics, this is what is called “low-hanging fruit”. For the high-minded though, it was beneath them. And both liberals and conservatives had no surfeit of “high-minded” men running for office.

Trump was not one of them. And in the United Kingdom, neither was Boris Johnson.

Johnson, a toff and scoundrel of the first water, saw which way the winds were blowing. And he saw how utterly decrepit and beholden to the globalists were all three of the major political parties in the United Kingdom. Johnson, however, could only try to reform the Tories –the Liberal Democrats and Labour were not his problem. As such, like Trump, he is blessed with a surfeit of idiots running against him. If the best and the brightest of Labour didn’t want to help the common Englishman, well, more fool them. He would. Or at least, he would move heaven and earth to do their will. Brexit was what they wanted. Brexit was what he would deliver –or at least die trying.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Labour, played into his hands. (Actually, all of Labour played into his hands.) As mentioned above, the political Left in the modern West long abandoned the native working and middle classes. Corbyn, in particular, was a particularly odious fellow who went out of his way to alienate working people and instead concentrated on identity politics. In his drive to prove his Third-world-philic bona fides, he also went out of his way to antagonize the UK’s Jewish population, which was one of Labour’s main constituencies. (Interestingly, the Democrat Party has been going down the same path.) In any event, for reasons I can’t explain, Corbyn thought that there would be no political price to pay for such foolishness. To be sure, there is nothing wrong with being against racism and all. But when “being against racism” means that berating ordinary people –who are not racist–is your default ideological position, then you are committing electoral suicide.

Moreover, a party compounds this fracture to its political skull when it goes out of its way to ignore electoral defeats. But such a studied ignorance is ingrained, being as it is a character defect of elites. That it makes itself even more politically unattractive is beside the point. After all, the working classes are “not our kind”. The British political class did so when it ignored the Leave vote in June of 2016 and the Democrats are doing the same thing when they continue to insist that Vladimir Putin installed Donald Trump by voter fraud in November of that same year. Leave/Brexit in June of 2016 and Trump in November were merely glitches in the system, bugs as they say, not features. All will be set to right in due time.

What we are seeing in essence is the collective inability of a ruling class to see its own faults. The elites in the London periphery and the DC Swamp cannot understand why the people in the rest of their respective countries cannot see that things are alright. That’s because they are not. Oh sure, enormous wealth has been accumulated in London and the six richest counties in America that abut the District of Columbia, but that is not the picture that describes a prosperous landscape but a modern Versailles. Trump recognized that in 2015 and became The Outsider, the avatar of the forgotten. Curiously, he still occupies that position.

And the Democrats are not only conceding the same ground to him that they did in 2016, they have fielded the most inept, mediocre cast of candidates ever to stand against him.

So yeah, the smashing Tory victor of 2019 is most definitely a harbinger of things to come elsewhere in the world. Even America. And the reason is simple: working class parties should never forget the working class. Period.


  1. Precisely.

    What Corbyn learned is that despite all amounts of media and Twitter praise for being more “woke” than after 5 cups of coffee, most British citizens will not vote for a political candidate who despises his own country, cannot think of anything good to say about English history, and who hates his own people and the British electorate.

    Wow, who would’ve thunk it.

    All the leading American Democrat presidential candidate bozos should take note. But I fully expect them to keep telling me that I suck for not believing that infanticide is totally normal, and then they’ll be equally totally shocked about losing in November.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Very well said.

      • Article in Uk Guardian jumping up and down at some  so-  called research saying most females who had abortions, do not regret it. 
        I had to smile at their expectation of my stupidity. That is how we rationalise traumatised events by explaining away or doubling down on our money.  But for Guardian soon it will be illegal NOT to have an abortion. 

    • George WHAT A BRILLIANT COMMENT AND TOTALLY ON THE NAIL. And u got the Queen of woke and her  hen pecked husband, Harry coming yr way soon, who will be royal when it suits and Mr and Mrs when it suits as long as u and me in our taxes pay.   And Oh yes. As u know I no trump or J AKA Ali turk Kemal  lover ( self indulgent english toff. The sort who ended up at York town ( see the fort museum in Fort Hamilton army base NY city)but come November, expect four more trump yrs. 

    • The top fifteen Old Testament prophets all died of natural causes. Globalism defied the lessons of the Tower of Babel in favor of the constituional anarchy of nationalist particularism. Globalism slew Jesus and His prophets and stole His religion. The faces of globalist hubris include Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander, Caesar, Constantine, Justinian, Charlemagne, Suleiman, Romanov, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler and de Lors. Anyone who knows the cruel, vindictive ending of Vercingetorix, Spartacus and Carthage knows who really killed Jesus.Leonidas and his 300 Spartans begat the agrarian warrior glory of western civilization while Huntington’s Clash put Athens in the Islamo-Soviet zone. Sparta colonized Sicily hence begat Rome, while Athens colonized Scythia hence begat Russia. Alexander’s dad choked Athens by grabbing Besant to choke Scythian wheat. Athenians are the source of all leftist ideas like globalist commerce, Delian central banking, cowardly philosophers and socialist taxation. American Democracy is based on the Israeli Republic of Judges (Judges 8, 1 Samuel 8, and 1 Kings 12) not Athens.

      • Rob Roy MacGregor says

        Sorry, you are unfair to Constantine. Justinian, and Charlemagne as well

      • Michael Bauman says

        Jack Reylan: Do not forget the Iroquois Confederation and the Greek was a part of it as well. It was not taken 100% from any one source. Your dogmatic certainty notwithstanding. Plus “American Democracy is largely a product of the Progressive/Populist movement of the late 19th, early 20th century.

        I gather you are not a monarchist. Monarchy by its very nature generally seeks expansion and the early tribal societies had extensive global (for them) trade connections. The Mongol horde expanded on those connections. Frankly, Europe would have survived neither the Mongol invasion nor the Islamic conquerors without a monarchy to lead their vassals into battle.

        I think you need to go back to your drawing board.

  2. Monk James Silver says

    Corbyn’s defeat allowed British Jews a slight reprieve from what they —  perhaps rightly —  perceive as an almost inexorable wave of antisemitic rhetoric in the UK and in western Europe altogether, and its predictable effects.
    The fact that Corbyn was allowed to go on so loud and long with his anti-Jewish diatribes is a signal of danger, sort of when the canary in the coal mine stops singing.  Thank Heaven, he took his cue and bowed out of politics, at least for now.
    When the Jews are safe, everyone is safe, and when the Jews are persecuted, it’s merely a matter of time before the rest of us, especially we Christians, are persecuted, too.
    Consider every historical environment in which this has happened, especially in the twentieth century.  Better yet, look up Niemoeller’s tragic anti-Nazi poem ‘Then They Came For Me.’

    • George Michalopulos says

      Corbyn’s leftism is of a piece with all leftist ideologies in general, if you ask me. We are seeing the same corrosive phenomenon on display here in the US among the Left in general and the various fringe, minority groups that make up the Democrat Party. What is striking to me is how deluded secular, leftist Jews are to these anti-Semitic instances. One reason I believe is because they are so invested in “liberalism” that they cannot (or will not) accept the fact that these very same minorities hate Jews. To believe otherwise would cause their heads to explode because minorities are victims and precious in their eyes.

      The other reason is because the overwhelming majority of Jews who are being molested and/or murdered by these minority groups are overtly religious (and probably vote Republican). Many secular Jews have a pronounced disdain for the Haredim/Hassidim and view them as an embarrassment.

      • Monk James Silver says

        As of 015, more than two-thirds of British Jews identified themselves as members of or favoring the Conservative Party.  Corbyn, and many like-minded people with him, including many ‘non-white’ and ‘Islamist’  elements are affiliated with Labour.  They have provoked resistance not only from the Jews, but from the British government.
        Although Jewish respondents who expressed a desire to emigrate to Israel and elsewhere in various British polls over the last five years or so were reacting to an increasing sense of being unwelcome or even persecuted in the UK, there was no evident pattern of antisemitism based on how ‘overtly religious’  (by their clothing,?) they were.  It seemed enough for the people harassing and abusing them merely to perceive them as Jewish whether that was true or not.
        A slightly dated but very thorough analysis of the situation can be read here:

    • 100% authentic boomerposting.

    • This is a bizarre post. Our responsibilities to the Jews are to not kill them and represent Christ to them. When they’re our neighbors we probably need to look out for them as we do for other Christians, as part of our witness. But their safety does not guarantee our safety, and in fact Jews often go to extraordinary lengths to destroy the peace of Christ wherever they find it and to persecute the true Israel (i.e. us) when they have the chance. It is our duty not to respond in kind – to forgive those who trespass against us – and some professing Christian faith have failed at this, but this doesn’t make Jews our friends, or people we should look to for anything other than the same repentance in Christ that all are called to.

      God is able to raise up children of Abraham from these very stones – and he did. Jewish heritage is potentially a great blessing for those who have it. But Rabbinical Judaism is nothing more than a Christian heresy, and the Jewish people stand in the same need of repentance in Christ as everyone else.

  3. “But when “being against racism” means that berating ordinary people –who are not racist–is your default ideological position, then you are committing electoral suicide.”

    Which is exactly what Prince Harry and Princess Meghan are doing. They’ve insulted the whole British populace and treated the Royal family – Harry’s own grandmother and brother in particular – horribly. What selfish, spoiled narcissist they are. And there will be plenty of elites to laud them for their wokeness as they go jet-setting around enjoying million dollar parties (poor oppressed little Meghan) while preaching to everyone else about “global warming.”

    I just hope the Queen denies them the “cottage” renovated to the tune of millions for their use when they got married. The hubris of those two, wanting to still use it after giving the Queen and the whole country their middle finger. They want the fame and perks of royalty, but don’t want to do the work it entails. They are the ultimate welfare queens.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Like Her Majesty and the Prince of Wales, I too, am “incandescent” with rage against these two ungrateful brats.

      • Yes re Meghan and Harry. Let’s not make them into monsters but they like most so called liberal celebs, seem to think they are one of the people instead of the reality of one of the Versaille aristos who often had liberal views too. They do not see their charmed life style as anything but normal. They will expect to live  ‘normally ‘ with all the ease and perks of  ‘ royal family’. 
        Meghan tries to pretend she is from a poor background but Reality is other.  She also has a reputation for treating her staff badly.  And as for global warming WHICH IS A REALITY FOLKS PLEASE NOTE, she after three daysx flew back to Canada. True her baby son was there, with nanny. Yes how can we live minus nanny?  And yes uk tax payer shelled out around 2 million uk  sterling, for Frogmore renovation,  as their  uk RESIDENCE.   Yes I as uk tax payer still, am pretty woke and angry about these two self unaware wankers preaching from a life of such stressed  ease and luxury. I am sure William and Kate are truly pissed off. 

  4. Can somebody, perhaps Monk James Silver, please give me an example of Corbyn’s “anti-Jewish diatribes”?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Iain, I for one cannot. However his actions constantly had Jewish members of the Labour Party on edge. It wasn’t so much words as actions. We see the same thing here in the Democrat Party. When Rep Ilhan Omar was engaging in anti-Semitic tropes last year and there were howls of outrage, rather than condemn anti-Semitism per se or to censure her (which was the game plan), the Left got the House to condemn all types of racism, even those that weren’t in evidence. Omar skated. She was able to bend the entire House caucus to her will.

      We saw the same thing with then-Sen Obama in the final days of his campaign when The Los Angeles Times purposely sat on a story which showed Obama dining with Rashid Khalidi in which extremely anti-Jewish sentiments were said by the latter. This would have destroyed Obama’s campaign but the growing penchant for Arabic and Islamophilia among the Left was the overriding concern.

      Again, did Obama say anything hurtful? No. Did he do anything hurtful to Israel during his administration? Not really. But you could tell from his body language that he didn’t care much for Israel. I’ll never forget when PM Netanyahu arrived to visit the White House, he personally snubbed him publicly. (To be fair, Obama also snubbed Pres Clinton publicly as well at a press conference.)

      One “knows” things about people when in comes to inter-ethnic or interracial confrontations. Corbyn went out of his way to display his love for Third-world types, especially Palestinians. Now, personally, I don’t care who he met with. But that’s not the point. Corbyn not only antagonized British Jews, he antagonized the white working class of Britain with his globalist poses.

    • He opposed Zionism, therefore, according to our political and social gatekeepers, he is an antisemite.
      Supporting Palestine’s right to exist is a one-way ticket to political exile.  Corbyn comes from a tradition of legitimate left-wing anti-zionism and anti-imperialism (a field in which both left and right can find common ground), but, of course, his anti-imperialism is tied in with support for every kind of non-Western  minority group and their ‘rights’ in our countries, so he is also problematic.
      Now, if we could just find someone that wants to put America (or Britain, or any European country) first, without kow-towing to Zionists or third-worlders, we might see some progress.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Cornyn did far worse, Basil. Like all unhinged leftists, he hated his native culture. I feel sorry for the poor & oppressed foreigners alright but the duty of a statesmen is to take care of his own people.

        Corbyn’s crime was opening his country to foreigners who drove down the wages of Englishmen & encouraging these foreigners turn quaint English towns into unlivable hellholes.

      • Bill Renkins says

        So tell me, why is it ok to support a one-state solution for Israel and not Cyprus?

        • If that’s addressed to me, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Cyprus on this forum.
          For the record, I think that a one-state solution (Greeks and Turks) could possibly work under certain conditions – maybe something like the Lebanese confessional system.

      • Re Corbyn.  Yes it’s not what said but did. But really tories are just as anti Jewish u know.  We must not demonise Corbyn and yes to be fair it’s got to stage where criticism of Israel is deemed anti – semitic. Corbyn’s failure was not to clearly make the difference.  And of course on left islam is without sin and anything Christian is definitely bad. As the stupid rubbish about apologising for the crusades.  Their ignorance does not enable them to know that crusades were a byzantine requested response in 1090s to Pope  after   centuries of islamic aggression that with seljuk. Turks had rapidly increased.   In view of fact that we Orthodox suffered more from crusades,  perhaps a mistake, but it was a response to aggressive islam 
        As to immigrants in Uk. Most have made large contributions to British life.  And are we claiming here that europeans coming to work  Poles, French, Greeks, Bulgarians and Romanians and balts etc  ( massively in health service etc)  have made english cities unlivable?.  That simply is not true nor the trope about wages. Government austerity  while giving to the wealthy, yes!!!and greedy British bossess. 
        I am sorry to cut through the hype.  Yes each group initially gets a bad press   Greek cypriots did..  But if one looks at Southampton for example Romanian immigratuon has staffed health and social care and founded a thriving Orthodox church in an Anglican church about to be demolished.Brought family values and hard work. Yes there are ones who go bad but for pete’ s sake take a look at the local..   Most europeans young and english speaking and healthy and working and paying tax etc. Often BETTER EDUCATED AND MORE CULTURED THAN MANY  YOUNG BRITS. And the duty of a government is to look after all it’s people legally living and working there and paying tax and contributions. They ALL have the same needs.  
        Where there has been trouble it is an extreme pc Culture that is based against christians pushed by elites.  And it was a tory government  that brought in gay Marriage.  There is no difference with elite attitudes there., left, right and centre.  But this seems to have come from USA.  And the university woke Culture. But this is nor typical of average brit. 
        The asian gangs are in some northern cities and these were not NEW ARRIVALS but second generation etc uk citizens.   It’s their Culture and its attitude to females that is at fault and such things as faith schools where they have no  challenge or interaction with British Culture and segregated, effectively, schools.  Some Jewish Orthodox schools the same problems.   
        Over last 40 odd yrs the majority rule has been conservative and Corbyn in his own party has been an oddity on the fringes.  Never held power. 
        And not a racist.  I disagree totally  with his views but quite bluntly is right wing racism of tommy robbinson type  that is anti -semitic. Here extreme right meet extreme left.  Corbyn’s crime was to as leader, not clearly and powerfully stamp on anti semitism and make clear it had no call in Labour party. Nor anti -islamic attitude to those Muslims wanting just to live their faith as British citizens which is majority. I lived and worked and socialised with them. BUT Corbyn locked the oomph to stamp on anything, or make an impression. One reason he recently lost big!! But Johnson is, as his class, as flippantly racist as they come. He is what ever is needed to get power. You may say that is good. The coming months and yrs will judge.
        IN GENERAL IT IS NOT HELPFUL TO SEE UK CITIES IN AMERICAN CONTEXT. .  British cities are not full of no- go areas. As any cities, any century, anywhere, there are places one would not want to be wondering about late at night, but that true anywhere in any century. Read about Victorian London .  I have stayed in Derby in asian area, very Muslim area and had no problems. Why should i?   
        Making generalised statements with american assumptions for Uk is not helpful. They are VERY DIFFERENT countries.  UK has much more in common with Holland and Germany. 

        • Ps  knife crime is separate issue and a problem. but again important to put in context.  It’s not random attack where anybody at risk. It’s always defined situations to do with groups of young people and how live their lives.  They tend to know each other.  It’s not something either Mayor Khan or  now PM Johnson can wave a majic wand over, but to do with Culture,  fear of violence and self esteem.  
          And was a problem in Victorian england where they blamed the jews and in Greece in 1920s  onwards with the rembbetiko! ‘mangas’ Culture.  

        • Tim R. Mortiss says

          Like Sirach said around 2200 years back, “Do not look around in the streets of a city, nor wander about in its deserted sections”.

          • Tim. Yes exactly. Especially looking lost!! That to thugs is like a slightly slower wildebeast to a hunting lion pack.

  5. It’s not fair! No! It’s barking!
    “People are still reluctant to [sic] the idea that
    it’s not only women that experience periods.”

  6. What is going on in Russia? “Russian government resigns after President Putin’s state-of-the-nation address proposes changes to the constitution.”

    • George Michalopulos says

      A cursory reading indicates that Putin is proposing a more decentralized state, with the lower House (Duma) having the authority to appoint cabinet ministers instead of merely approving them.

      Anyway, that’s my first, cursory take.

  7. Jonas Ramiplas says

    Just before Putin came to power, Kissinger was saying “Russia needs a Pinochet”. This could be an Ataturk-Pinochet style of government with the “Security Council” acting as a Praetorian Guard, like Iran’s Guardian Council or Greece’s Epicracy Council, successor to the Greek (1844-1935), Ottoman (Divan) and Byzantine (Syncletus) Senates.


  8. George Michalopulos says
  9. George Michalopulos says

    Another example of what to expect when a Ruling Class becomes a kakistocracy that is estranged from the people it rules:

  10. ‘A police watchdog has upheld complaints from a victim of child sexual abuse in Rotherham, saying South Yorkshire Police did not do enough to protect her from abuse by Asian men, it has been reported….A chief inspector, who the paper said the IOPC had been unable to identify, is alleged to have said the force was aware abuse had been taking place for some 30 years, adding: “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out”.’

    • Brendan re asian gangs. Yes it dreadful. But as i stated elsewhere these are mostly uk citizens. Many second and third generation.  Trouble is they have not been exposed to wider British Culture so have retained attitudes from pakistan etc and let’s not forget the massive problem in Hindu India re rape.   
      Aided by the stupid. Pc blind attude that afraid to treat a crime as a crime.  As so often all it needs is common sense to deal with situation, but that in short supply. 

  11. Judging by the way she handled Harry and Megs, I expect HMQ could negotiate a better Brexit deal than BoJo…

  12. PS: Not only that but she’d, very likely,
    get us our money back. After all, HMQ knows how many pennies make a pound.