Bamopoly: Wanna play? Too bad, you’re already playing!

The object of the game is to destroy American capitalism by having the government take over everything!

Wanna play? No? Too bad, you’re already playing! And in this game, nobody wins!


  1. cynthia curran says

    Well, I think the Republicans weaking the west has destroy the economy and lead to Obama. People today complain about how liberal California is? Well, Ronald Reagan legalization lead to Cal becoming heavy hispanic, in fact Calif according to Mark Krikorian-an aremaian Orthodox who sometimes writes for Natioanl Review online had the 7th best educated workforce in 1970 while Texas was about 37th. Calif went down to 50th and Texas to 49th. Also, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado all had better educated workforces in 1970. Also, free trade might also have a negative impact, granted factory jobs have been automatic but both the Bushes were heavy free traders and China made out like gangbusters. Republicans forget that increasing poverty doesn’t help them against Democratics and importing poverty and causing poverty by exporting not that I’m saying that you have to do all your business in the states but the us doesn’t practice tariffs to encourage business that don’t always care for the american worker looked at illegal immirgation use to replace poor whites, blacks and hispanics that are born in the us. Repubicans think thaey can get away with it like they do in states like Miss which has had the highest poverty rate because of its high number of rural blacks.