Axios! Fr Alexander Webster Confirmed as Dean of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary

Fr. Alexander Webster

Fr. Alexander Webster

Source: Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

On May 3, 2017, at a regular session of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Church Abroad, the V. Rev. Archpriest Alexander Webster was confirmed by the Synod as dean of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, having been nominated by the Board of Trustees of HTOS.

A priest of almost 35 years, a retired US Army chaplain with the rank of Colonel, holding degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Harvard Divinity School, and the University of Pittsburgh (PhD in Religion / Social Ethics), author of four books and more than a hundred published articles, having taught for many years, a specialist in Moral Theology, and previously the academic dean of an Orthodox seminary, Fr. Alexander brings a wealth of academic and pastoral experience to HTOS.

Fr. Alexander was ordained to the priesthood in 1982 in the Serbian Orthodox Church. He has been married to his wife Kathleen for 44 years. They have four children and four grandchildren.

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  1. Достоин!,

    Fr. Alexander and I have had some interesting exchanges and he has always held his own and offered illumination on matters in which he is informed.

    HTOS is blessed to have him.

  2. What nationality is he? Is he a convert or a “Cradle orthodox”?

    • ChristineFevronia says

      He is neither bond nor free, Jew nor Greek, cradle nor non-cradle. He is one in Christ Jesus our Lord.

      I moved from the OCA to ROCOR about four years ago and have never looked back. In my area, there are two thriving parishes that are full of all ethnicities including Scots-Irish like me. My priest was a convert to the Antiochian church but then moved to ROCOR, and the other priest is Russian. We have many non-Slavic bishops in ROCOR and our dearly beloved Bishop is one of them. There is also a men’s monastery that was founded a couple of years ago about an hour and a half away. It is growing. In fact, it is only under ROCOR’s leadership that monasticism is growing in America.

      The term “cradle” should really be eliminated from our vocabulary because it is completely irrelevant to how God views us. At the moment of repentance and baptism or chrismation, we become joint heirs to the kingdom of God with our fellow brethren. Unfortunately we have so many ethnic divisions among the Orthodox in America, and use of the term “cradle” is another unfortunate and unnecessary divisive tool of the Evil One. I mean, really. Read the New Testament. Were not all Christians “converts”? Did their ethnicity matter?

      The Holy Synod, in their wisdom, bestowed this responsibility and honor on Fr. Alexander. I find it a beautiful thing to reflect upon ROCOR’s constant missionary work among “non-cradle” so that men like Fr. Alexander can use his talents for the building up of the One True Church here in America.

    • Monk James says

      JMC says: May 20, 2017 at 11:20 am
      What nationality is he? Is he a convert or a “Cradle orthodox”?

      What rude and unhelpful questions!

      All of the first Christians, including Jesus, His Mother and family, and His apostles, are Jews. I wonder what JMC makes of that!

      And all of us sinners who believe in the promises of Christ are converted daily, even several times a day, in repentance.

      Axios, Father Alexander! May your work at Holy Trinity be greatly blessed!

    • He is a convert from Catholicism.

    • Raised a devout Roman Catholic, converted to Orthodoxy at age 24. Same story with his wife.

  3. AXIOS! And many healthy years Father Alexander!

  4. Kentigern Siewers says

    Axios and many years! A great priest, scholar, and defender of the faith.

  5. Peter A. Papoutsis says


  6. Pat Reardon says

    Welcome news and a magnificent appointment!

  7. Why after listing the names of each school from which he obtained a degree, would it go on to say “previously the academic dean of an Orthodox seminary”? Which one? The name is well known, so why leave it out? What problem could result from naming it? Very strange.

  8. Jennifer L. Henderson says

    Jennifer saya:

    I am Very happy Fr Alexander Webster was Confirmed as Dean of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary. Axios, may you have many,many,many years. You will be a great priest and a great defender of the faith and churches here in America.

  9. Glad to hear this…good for ROCOR. Many years! ! I heard Fr. Alexander on the radio about 3 years ago, on WMAL in Washington. He called in to the Chris Plante show and was discussing the fallout from the homosexual subversion of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston, and its assault on traditional faith and culture in general. He was a great witness!