King Constantine II of the Hellenes: May His Memory Be Eternal

Last night we found out that His Royal Majesty, Constantine II, King of the Hellenes, reposed in the Lord, surrounded by his family.   The late king, whose health had been declining for the past few years, was 82 years old and had been admitted to the hospital due to breathing difficulties.  You can read the […]

When Ideologies Collide

Are we seeing the beginnings of a civil war in the making?  Given the increasing fragility of our nation, I think it’s entirely possible.  Not desirable, mind you, but possible.  A few years ago, I wrote that we were in the midst of a “Long, Cold Civil War.” You can access Part I of III […]

Breaking News: McCarthy Elected Speaker of the House After 15 Rounds

Saturday, January 7, 2023 0:47 The vote is still ongoing, but at least five of the GOP holdouts – including Gaetz, voted ‘present’ on the 15th ballot, giving McCarthy just enough votes to stumble over the finish line.  Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge

Is the Dam About to Break?

The other day, William Walker, the Sargeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives, stepped in it big time.  When asked about the so-called January 6th insurrection, he said he believed the outcome would have been different had the “rioters” been predominately black.  (The protesters were overwhelmingly white.)    Does he mean that the response would have […]

Talk About Bad Optics

For those who believe in the myth of St Zelensky, the glorious Kiev regime, and the heroic foreigners who have gone to fight against those wascally Wussians, the following video’s gonna hurt.  Col Andy Milburn (USMC-Ret), the former head of the Mozart Group, an American-led consortium of foreign mercenaries who are training raw Ukrainian recruits, […]

Love American Style

You see, America doesn’t really “love” Ukraine.  In fact, most Americans couldn’t find it on a map.   I’d say nobody wants to send their sons there or shed their blood on their behalf.  This includes the Evangelicucks who still believe that we need to hurry up and build the Third Temple so JAYZus can come […]

Fr John Slays all the Secular Myths about Christmas

The other day, I had the honor to cohost Fr John Peck’s Ecclesioclasm podcast.*  That particular episode dealt with all of the silly –but pervasive–myths that have been peddled about Christmas (and Christianity) for decades now.   You know the ones:  Jesus wasn’t born on December 25, Christmas was really a pagan holiday, Constantine created the […]

In Wartime, It’s Shop Till You Drop

What’s a busy and beleaguered First Lady to do? If you’re Mdme Zelenska, photo shoots for Vogue magazine are one thing but the optics can be dicey.   Especially now, with all the bombs going off and people having no electricity or running water.  Nor should we forget that modelling is hard work (all the supermodels […]

Is Kirill a “Pan-Slavist”? No. Any More Ridiculous Questions?

In the political sphere, one of the signs of a losing a campaign is when the candidate starts flailing around.  He can do this physically (with his arms) or he can do this rhetorically, with ridiculous arguments.   We have known for years that His Holiness has an abiding animosity towards the Russian Orthodox Church and […]

On Civil Discourse

Over the past decade, we’ve had to issue a “time out” every so often.  Not many, mind you, but enough; I’m thinking maybe three or four. Well, now’s the time for another.  Lately, things have been getting a little contentious on the blog and I can understand why.  Even the old Firing Line debates on […]