Update on Jerry Dimitriou

So, when we first found out about this story, we called our friend Nick Stamatakis of Helleniscope, as this is within his bailiwick.   Nick told us Jerry Dimitriou wanted an opportunity to make a statement addressing the issues and answering questions.  We held the story for a day or two and when we didn’t see […]

Court Issues Verdict for Jerry Dimitriou

Court Issues Verdict for Jerry Dimitriou, Lawyer and GOA Respond August 4, 2023 By Theodore Kalmoukos   BOSTON – The U.S. District Court – Southern District of New York ruled on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, sentencing Jerry Dimitriou to two years of probation, four months of house incarceration, and over one hundred hours of community […]

About Those Gears That Seemingly Fit Together Perfectly – Archbishop Vigano

Et inimici hominis domestici eius Pontmain, Saturday 29 July 2023 34 Do not believe that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 I have come separate the son from his father, the daughter from her mother, the daughter‐in‐law against her mother‐in‐law: 36 and one’s enemies […]

Is Sauce for the Goose Sauce for the Gander? Oh, Yes!!!!

Trump was indicted on felony charges for working to overturn the results of the 2020 election.  Somebody(s) on the other side still love this country and want to do the right thing because this particular indictment was a gift to the American people. Allow me to explain.   The indictment claims Trump interfered with the election […]

Withholding Protection for RFK Jr.

So apparently it’s not enough to try to destroy Trump by hauling him into court every other day on bogus charges, Biden is now putting RFK Jr. in harm’s way by not giving him the protection he is entitled to receive as a presidential candidate in the upcoming election. Because RFK Jr.  is a KENNEDY,  […]

There Must be a Reckoning

What I want to know is this.  If not Trump, who?  Pence is morose and unremarkable (and if what I’ve heard is true, NOT someone anybody would want as a president.)  And as far as I’m concerned, DeSantis is disloyal.   When Ramaswamy was asked if he would take the #2 spot, you know what he […]

The Truth VS. What You Get with the MSN

I saw this dress on-line and I liked it.  I wouldn’t wear it this way, exactly, (I’d button it up) but it’s a cute dress.  It’s well made and it’s a classic.  You could wear it if for years and it would still be fashionable.           Now look below. The “true” dress […]

East Meets West

Putin and Russian Duma Complete Passage of Bill Banning Gender Change By Lucy Papachristou July 14, 20234:11 AM CDTUpdated 16 days ago   July 14 (Reuters) – A sweeping Russian draft law to ban legally or medically changing gender was approved by the lower house of parliament on Friday in its final reading, part of a […]