Remember When Drag Queens Were Fun?

Seriously.  Drag shows used to be hilarious. I’m too young to remember Milton Berle’s Your Show of Shows but he was “must-watch TV” in the 50s and people especially liked it when he dressed up as a woman.  I’ve seen some clips on YouTube and they’re quite funny. Then in the early 70s we were […]

Cracks in the Western Coalition: To What End?

One way you can know that support for a movement is starting to fracture is when you read stories like this in the prestige press:   Admittedly, you’ll have to  read very carefully between the lines (and ignore the Western talking points) to  see that some people in the commentariat are starting to unfurl the […]

Pope Tells Russians to “Be Proud of their Heritage”

It looks like Pope Francis has gone off-script as far as the anti-Russian/NATO script is concerned. <–The Russian Military Cathedral, “Resurrection of Christ”, now that’s  something to be proud of! According to Zerohedge, “Pope Francis is once again under fire, this time for telling ethnic Russians that they should be proud of their heritage”.  (Click […]

Are We the Byzantines?

The eminent historian, Victor Davis Hanson, asked this question six months ago.  You can read it for yourself here (and I highly recommend you do so):  Are We the Byzantines? ( Hanson a well-known historian, is a Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor of […]

Ragnarok, or Why Trump?

This is the look of defiance.   Sure it’s a miscarriage of justice, we all know that.  But here’s what we also know:  the mask of American Civics 101 has been stripped from the face of the Deep State once and for all. These guys have the tiger by the tail and they’re going to regret […]

The Times They Are A-Changing

Every now and then, especially when things are intolerable, something breaks which brings things to a head.  Sometimes it’s a political event, other times it’s a military defeat.  And then other times, it’s something from the cultural sphere.   In 1770 for instance, five Americans were shot to death in Boston.  It became known as the […]

Many Years, Metropolitan Onuphriy!

As you can see from the photos to the left and below, it is obvious who is the real Metropolitan of Kiev.  The occasion was the ninth anniversary of Metropolitan Onuphriy’s accession to the primatial throne of Ukraine.  For the full story, please click on here: His Beatitude was congratulated on during the Divine […]

The Assembly Stands Firm: AXIOI!

Last week, Archbishop Elpidophoros informed the Assembly of Canonical Bishops that he was going to go forward with the ordination of Alexander Belya to the episcopate.  As a concession to their very real concerns, he assured the bishops that Belya would not be allowed to sit on the Assembly, even though this was a clear […]