The Assembly Stands Firm: AXIOI!

Last week, Archbishop Elpidophoros informed the Assembly of Canonical Bishops that he was going to go forward with the ordination of Alexander Belya to the episcopate.  As a concession to their very real concerns, he assured the bishops that Belya would not be allowed to sit on the Assembly, even though this was a clear […]

Doubling Down on Irresponsible

It appears that despite the fervent warnings of the other bishops who are on the Assembly of Canonical Bishops (ACOB), Archbishop Elpidophoros is going to go ahead and ordain Alexander Belya to the episcopacy. Belya, a controversial figure within ROCOR, was defrocked by their Holy Synod last year.  That much is clear; yet he claims […]

Is Kiev Waking Up to NATO’s Abandonment?

It would seem so. As usual, Larry Johnson gets right to the point: Take a look at this cartoon which some Ukrainian critics have put out.  It’s quite humorous or should I say, it would be humorous if so many Ukrainian soldiers weren’t being killed. As I said to a dear Ukrainian friend of […]

The Tradcat Emotional Rollercoaster

This is a piece I didn’t really want to write.  Mainly because Gail and I have a soft spot in our hearts for Tradcats (also known as Radtrads).  You know, traditionalist Catholics who are bewildered by the changes wrought by Vatican II and Pope Francis.   <—The graphic for this piece was borrowed from Orthodox Reflections […]

The Scandal Spreads

You know the one I’m talking about.  And you don’t have to wonder from where it arose.  At this point, the Phanar churns them out like clockwork, so when I write “scandal”, it’s clear it’s the one that happened the other day (as opposed the one that came out the month before).  Next week there […]

Elpidophoros Doubles Down

According to Orthodox Times, the Orthodox Church of Albania is none too happy with the ordination yesterday of Fr Theophan Koja that took place yesterday at the Phanar. For those who may not know, Koja was consecrated as Bishop of Philomelion, an ethnic Albanian eparchy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.   It has two parishes.  (The […]

Is FOX News OK with Satanism?

It would seem so.  Given what Eric Boling just broke, it’s hard to believe otherwise.  (See the video below.) Truth be told, I started having my doubts about FOX a few years ago.  For all the good that Tucker and Greg Gutfeld were doing, there was the news desk, which was decidedly anti-Trump.  Still, we […]

Podcast: The Sound of Freedom, Go See It!

Folks, there’s a lot to say about this movie, so instead of writing about it, I decided to make a podcast.  It was just too intense and I was too angry to sit down and write about it.   There’s much to be angry about:  the sabotaging of the movie theaters, the fact that it took […]