Assange Wins the Right to Appeal His Case to Fight Extradition!

This just in:  Julian Assange wins an appeal!  This is good news: 

Before we pop the champagne corks, all that has happened (as of today) is that he won the right to appeal his case to the Supreme Court of the UK.  Also, his extradition to the United States has been put on hold, pending that hearing.

Now, as I understand it, he has no guarantee that the Supreme Court will hear his appeal.  At that point, I imagine he would lose his battle and be extradited to the U.S.  Where, of course, under the present Department of Justice, I’m sure he’ll receive a fair trial.  

Oh, and all the liberals who cheered Daniel Ellsworth of the Pentagon Papers fame will come rushing to his defense.  Because you know, they don’t like war.  (The possible war with Russia over Ukraine is different because of shut-up.)

Well, it’s a win.  And it’s bought the poor guy some time.

Praise the Lord for tender mercies.  


  1. Never forget that Papa Trump could have pardoned him. It would have taken no effort at all to sign the papers. We spent 2017 expecting a pardon. Then 2018 went by, and we got a little anxious. Then 2019 and 2020, and finally in 2021 when Donald Trump admitted defeat and denounced his followers as terrorists, he had two more weeks to pardon every speech criminal or flee to Russia and declare himself president in exile or declassify every conspiracy hidden in the FBI vault.

    Kennedy said that he will “splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” Last January Trump had the opportunity.

  2. In other news, Uncle Joe has announced that the next Supreme Court nominee will be an African woman of color. These are the issues working people care about. It matters. Equity.

    • An ‘African woman of color’?
      As opposed to a white South African woman?
      What about an ‘African-American woman of color’,
      as opposed to a ‘white(South?) African-American woman’,
      who may perhaps identify as a ‘woman of color’?
      And what about a white man who identifies as any or all of the above,
      depending upon whichever particular phase the moon is in?

      Equity? See where it gets you…