Ashli Babbitt: Say Her Name

The Corporate Media won’t.  Except to somehow blame the MAGA crowd for her death.   Even though it was a cop who shot and killed her.

An unarmed woman.  An unarmed white woman.  A 14-year veteran of the Air Force.  With four –count ’em–four tours of duty in Iraq.  The neocons’ favorite “war for peace”, or “on terrorism”.   The ones Joe Biden voted for. 


Several of my acquaintances on Fakebook are having a case of the vapors about the “riot” at the Capitol.  (Even though it was “mostly peaceful”, come to think of it.)  Strange, but they were deadly silent when antifa tried to burn down a Federal courthouse in Portland.  As they were when the “mostly peaceful” BLMers burned down the 3rd police precinct in Milwaukee.  And when malefactors started a dumpster fire and tried to wheel it to a  nearby gas station in Kenosha.  (Thank you Kyle Rittenhouse for doing the heroic thing and stopping them from causing even more fatalities.  Yes:  you are a hero and deserve a medal.) 

And now Creepy Joe and Kommiela Whorris want to make this about race.  Yeah, right.

Folks, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that there’s something amiss about the whole Capitol Hill fracas.  All you have to do is look at the photos and videos (which the lovely Mrs Monomakhos had the presence of mind to save).   Capitol Hill cops taking selfies with rioters?  Seriously?

But that’s a story for another day.   For now, I want to talk about the late Ashli Babbitt and the complete hypocrisy of the Left and the cuckservatives, as they clutch their pearls. 

Where was all this outrage during the Summer of Floyd?

But I repeat myself.

Is Archbishop Elpidophoros Lambrianides going to march with the MAGA crowd in mourning?  Is the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese going to add a special drop-down button on their website for Babbitt like they did for George Floyd? ( 

Can we at least expect an encyclical condemning her death?

Not holding my breath.

What’s that you say?  She was a trespasser?  Well, slap my wrist and call me Sally!  George Floyd was a long-time felon who was apprehended during the actual commission of a crime.  (Passing a counterfeit bill:  it’s a Federal crime, you can look it up yourself.)

As was Rayshaud Brooks when he was apprehended in Atlanta, passed out drunk in the drive-thru lane of a Wendy’s.  (That’s against the law too.)

Then there was that charmer, Jacob Blake, in Kenosha, who had the eminent good sense of grabbing a knife and charging the cops.  Why, you ask?  Because he was being served a warrant due to an earlier sexual assault.  (Yep, thems there’s crimes as well, folks.)

Yet when BLM and assorted SJWs went ape-shit and burned down houses and businesses, and when they actually took innocent lives. . . not a peep from anybody in the Establishment. 


We were told that we “needed to have a national conversation” about all this.  You know, grievances and all.  Police brutality.  You get the drift.

So, yes, Ashli Babbitt.  Say her name.  And while you’re at it, condemn each and every instance of murder, mayhem, and mob action that took place last year, in every instance in which they took place, in every city.

Until then my liberal friends, please shut your pie-hole.

And just to add a little bit more fuel to the rhetorical fire, here’s good old Nancy Antoinette, inciting violence two years ago, almost to the day:

Apologies accepted.


  1. Say her name properly: it’s Babbitt

  2. Does anyone really know yet why she was shot? The matter is under investigation, and the police officer is suspended. I understand there was only one shot fired, and it sounds like the police officer was shooting through a closed door. Perhaps it was meant as a warning shot. I don’t know. It sounds like Ashli Babbitt was trying to break in through the door, and the police officer was trying to stop an unknown intruder, protecting those in the room with him.

    Yet why was Ashli Babbitt trying to break into the Capitol Building? No, she wasn’t Antifa. To even suggest that she was part of an Antifa plot just seems insulting to her name. She was a Trumpist, and it does appear she was trying to stop or hinder the electoral process somehow by force of breaking into the Capitol Building.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Rufus, if you read very carefully, I never said she was antifa. I said that the initial breach into the Capitol was antifa. What I didn’t say (because I didn’t know it then) was that several MAGA people in the ensuing melee, also swarm the Capitol.

      That seems to have been the case.

      The point however is this: whether Ashli was pro- or never-Trump is beside the point. She was an unarmed woman who was killed by a gunshot fired by a police man. The point that follows is this: there was no subseqent rioting, looting, or mayhem by the millions of Trump supporters throughout the nation.

      The third point is that while Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, et al, are screaming bloody murder, their collective silence during the Floyd Festivities was bone-crushingly deafening.

    • The video shows her trying to enter through the smashed window of the door leading into the House Chamber all while a gun inside the House Chamber is quite visibly being pointed at the door. When she enters the window of the door, the police officer moves toward her and fires:

    • This video is probably even more disturbing, but shows it was outside the Speakers Lobby where Ashli Babbitt was shot:

      It was an angry mob, but it doesn’t look like Antifa.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I hesitate to comment on this, but shortly after the event happened, a video popped up online. Ashli was standing to the right of the crowd. She had her shoulders covered with a flag and was holding it around her neck with her left hand. She was pointing toward someone in the crowd with her right hand. There was a single shot. She stood for a fraction of a second before she began to collapse. The men beside her lowered her to the floor. On the floor, her thumb had slipped between her index finger and her long finger and her hand slightly unfolded. It shaking as if she had a tremor. The cameraman got closer to where she was laying. I don’t know if it was her trachea or her spine, but all the flesh to the left side of it was gone. Her hair was flayed out on the floor soaked in blood.

        There were NOT multiple shots like in subsequent videos.

        She was not climbing into another room when the event happened.

  3. Racism? When I had the misfortune to walk past a television that family was watching, I noticed that there was a silly Fox News reporter on camera who was covering the event on the Capitol grounds. In the background were annoyed protesters (who know an enemy when they see one). Among them were several black folks with signs that said, “Blacks for Trump.” Various white protesters could be seen shaking hands and hugging these black men. While ignorant people might interpret such actions as gestures of fellowship, camaraderie, and brotherhood, what we really saw was that they were trying to harm those black bodies (oops — I mean Black Bodies) because they were not properly masked. They were actually committing genocide with those breaches of social distancing. You just can’t ever trust those murderous, thuggish, Trumpy Klansmen. But their evil intent was to no avail. For we know that those fake People of Color were no such thing. They couldn’t be. They support Trump. QED.

  4. Johann Sebastian says

    It gets better:

    Now I had a bit of trouble following the article, but it seems to me that they’re smearing the character of a dead woman on account of her having been angry that her husband was an adulterer.

    Seems a reasonable reaction for a wife upon discovering her husband to be a philandering cheat.

    Where’s the “Me Too” crowd?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Truly unbelievable.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Great analogy, JS.

      Our Oligarchy will still not get the message that it was their malfeasance which brought us to this point. (The other point being that this was an unarmed woman who was shot by a cop but there are no calls for “reconciliation” or “mostly peaceful protests”.)

  5. George Michalopulos says

    Rufus, if you read very carefully, I never said she was antifa. I said that the initial breach into the Capitol was antifa. What I didn’t say (because I didn’t know it then) was that several MAGA people in the ensuing melee, also swarm the Capitol.

    That seems to have been the case.

    The point however is this: whether Ashli was pro- or never-Trump is beside the point. She was an unarmed woman who was killed by a gunshot fired by a police man. The point that follows is this: there was no subseqent rioting, looting, or mayhem by the millions of Trump supporters throughout the nation.

    The third point is that while Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, et al, are screaming bloody murder, their collective silence during the Floyd Festivities was bone-crushingly deafening.

    • George, the FBI is saying there is no indication that antifa was involved in the storming of the Capitol Building:

      I think we would all like to believe it was otherwise, but the evidence just doesn’t support the theory. I can’t even find a single antifa member that was arrested in the storming of the Capitol. Not saying they weren’t there, but it looks like they were perhaps more interested in just observing what the Trumpsters would do, like BLM activist John Sullivan who was there video documenting the riot.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      The third point is that while Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, et al, are screaming bloody murder, their collective silence during the Floyd Festivities was bone-crushingly deafening.

      Add to that the fact that all three of them were telling everyone last January that there was no reason to worry about COVID, that the flu is worse (yes, they were saying that), and that travel restrictions were “racist and xenophobic.”

      I know I beat this like a dead horse, but it’s a truth that has somehow gotten buried underneath everything else that’s transpired over the last year.

      I am perfectly willing to admit where we’ve made missteps along the way because we have, but these three have perverted the narrative so much that any fair reckoning must necessarily involve them. They are murderous thugs who have lived far too long.

  6. George Michalopulos says

    First sentence: “Disturbing video taken during the storming of the US Capitol shows five police officers apparently standing by doing nothing as throngs of President Trump rioters stream through a side entrance to the building.”

  7. Linda Lawson says

    Ashley Bobbit illegally entered a restricted and secured government building. That’s called Trespassing!!! If BLM protestors did the same thing to the White House, you would have called domestic terrorists. The hypocrisy written on this blog can no longer be looked over and ignored.

    You applaud when a private company is permitted to refuse services to certain groups of customers because of their beliefs (i.e. a bakery refusing to make a cake for gay weddings), but then get upset when a different private company refuses to offer a service to a different group of customers based off their beliefs/policies (i.e. Trump being banned from Twitter). The authors of this blog are so hypocritical! And no, there is no difference to the situation. This isn’t a restriction on free speech, because free speech isn’t deliberating lying to the American people and then forcing them to take action in their own hands based on a lie.

    Here is a clear example: Rep. Gaetz (a Republican from Florida) went on the U.S. House Floor after the riot at the Capitol and said that a Facial Recognition company allegedly identified Antifa members doing the destruction. Fact-checked: HE LIED!

    Republicans are lying to the Americans and it needs to stop!
    Please, do some due diligence and stop promoting lies!

    • Gail Sheppard says

      If someone hadn’t shot her, she would be tried for trespassing, which I’m guessing she probably prepared to do since she was TRESSPASSING!

      It was the Washington Times that reported this story, not a republican from Florida.

      The moral of this story is NOT “Republicans are lying to the Americans.” The moral of this story is THE MEDIA IS LYING TO AMERICANS and people like Gaets repeat what’s been written. That’s not lying. It’s being stupid.

    • It’s Ashli Babbitt, not “Bobbit.”

      Maybe you’re thinking of Lorena Bobbitt, who is infamous for a very different reason, dating back to 1993.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Linda, that’s very naive. Let’s leave aside the fact that videos of this event are being memory-holed, let’s also leave aside the fact that this was a staged event (whether by the DS or by the Patriots is immaterial at this point). Leave all that aside and re-read what I wrote: that this was an unarmed woman who was shot by a cop and that there have been no outbursts of mayhem, rioting, or murder anywhere in the US by MAGA patriots.

      Yet when criminals and thugs such as George Floyd die in police custody (remember: Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose, not asphyxiation), the entire northern tier of major American cities erupt in flames.

      Because grievances.

      • Nate Trost says

        Well, as long as you leave aside the MAGA patriots who killed a police officer and injured dozens more in mayhem and rioting, and had an eye on lynching the VP and senior members of Congress. Just because they haven’t killed more cops yet doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen!

        You’re not going to be able to blame it on leftists or antifa, you’re just going to be stuck on a futile quest to No True Scotsmen them out of your movement.

        Your hyperbole over the extent and nature of what did happen over the summer in response to the Floyd killing results you in undermining yourself. But recognizing that would require a level of self-awareness I’m not sure you possess.

      • Gregory Allen Kierchoff says

        I don’t know how I stumbled across this cesspool, but George, it must be pointed out you are deluded, brainwashed and hypocritical. Ashli was shot in the act of violently trying to get through the last protection of the government officials, and she was with a group of people intent on finding and harming Pence, Peolosi and others. The officer that shot her saved many lives that day, as the shot stopped them from pouring through that broken window. She was not a victim, and she was not unarmed. She was part of a riotous mob intent on harm. You need to stfu about any relation or relevance to BLM protests, with the sole exception to acknowledge that if this was a mob of BLM protesters storming the Capitol, they mostly would be dead at the hands of the police, instead of just one. You need to be deprogrammed from the cult of lies that led you here.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Mr Kierchoff, unless I hear similar condemnation from you for all the mayhem and murder perpetrated by BLM, then I will adjudge you to be a hypocrite. And one acting in bad faith.

          Ms Babbit was an Obama voter. She was unarmed. She was trespassing. She did not deserve to be shot to death.

          Unless you apologize to her memory and condemn the Floyd riots, you will not be welcome back to this blog. I simply cannot abide people who argue in bad faith.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Oh, cut it out, Ms. Lawson.

      The BLM RIOTERS basically got a free pass to cause mayhem, destruction, and–to top it off–act as DISEASE VECTORS at the height of a global pandemic, all to avenge a petty criminal who himself was COVID-positive at the time of his death and thus was likely spreading the disease when he should have been at home quarantining.

      To beat a tired and worn-out drum of perpetual grievance at a time when millions are suffering, to offer multiple lavish funerary ceremonies attended by thousands while hundreds of thousands in this country could not offer any final respects or were forced to do so in the most makeshift of ways WAS DISGUSTING.

      The social justice crowd used a global tragedy to engage in a disruptive and histrionic temper tantrum. In so doing, they spat on the graves of those who were murdered by an act of biological warfare committed by the communist Chinese, and enabled by politicians across the globe who were more concerned about keeping up appearances, virtue-signalling, maintaining the status quo, and of course the almighty dollar. As they always do, they act as if suffering is exclusive to those whose causes they champion, and trivialize the very real suffering of others.

      I don’t necessarily like what happened on Wednesday and I do find many of the things people on “our side” do to be questionable and discrediting to our position, but cut it out with the double standards, the gaslighting, the mindf**king. Anyone who condemns what happened Wednesday while pretending the BLM mayhem was somehow excusable is SICK.

    • Trespassing? Secured? They opened the doors.

    • Ms. Lawson, I wonder what interest this sight holds for you.

      • Johann Sebastian says

        My guess is to poke around, stir the pot, and to spritz some water on the deep fryer so it splatters mightily.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          So what are you doing here if it’s a BS SM echo-chamber? Honestly, it is shocking how rude people can be. Let me invite you to leave.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Because you violated the rules of the blog. You can talk about the issues but you can’t insult people. Trashing the blog and calling it a “BS echo-chamber” insults all of us. You can post elsewhere.

  8. Interesting how many liberals are now shrugging and saying “well, she was trespassing , she deserved it “ (deserved to be shot and killed!) . Rod Dreher (who claims he still opposes the totalitarian left) wrote: “these terrorists deserved to be shot”. (and he has doubled-down on that position even when people have challenged him on it. )

    Let me be clear: I have NO SYMPATHY for the storming of the Capitol building on Jan. 6. That was a stupid, ill-considered action by an out of control mob. (yes, perhaps being egged-on by Antifa infiltrators in the crowd … that doesn’t seem far-fetched to me, although it does seem true that the majority of the people who actually invaded the Capitol were Trumpists.) As a Christian and a conservative I absolutely reject adopting the violent agitator tactics of the Left. That’s a dead end. Going down that road will be the end of the conservative movement. (indeed it has now given the Left a ready-made bludgeon to suppress conservatives for the foreseeable future. It was handed to them on a silver platter by the Trumpist mob. The conservative movement in the USA is perhaps not quite dead , but is on life support at this point. ) The storming of the Capitol building was illegal , and the people who participated should be prosecuted … for trespassing and vandalism … which does not warrant the use of lethal force. Why do many on the left now seem to think trespassing deserves death?

    George wrote:

    “Until then my liberal friends, please shut your pie-hole.”


    • Gail Sheppard says

      Great comment, David.

      • George Michalopulos says

        David, this is a great comment, in this I agree with Gail.

        As to the vibrancy of the conservative movement (which you say is on life-support), that is immaterial at this point. Why? Because the things that gave rise to this act –indeed the entire Trump phenomenon–are still alive and well. And as I’ve noted already, the Oligarchy has not learned its lesson. Then there’s the fact that the US was founded in acts of violence such as this.

        Then there’s the fact that Biden will never be considered legitimate and Trump has laid landmines for him which will cause him great heartache. (Not that he had to, Joe’s a walking, talking time bomb of maladroitness anyway.)

        In other words, what happened at the Capitol will happen again, sooner or later, only next time it will be far worse. Indeed, the Left will probably be the instigators. I listen to leftists on YouTube and I can assure all of you that they are spitting mad at Biden. And AOC and her “justice Democrats”, and –get this–even at Bernie Sanders, whom they consider to be a sell-out.

        The Oligarchy was able to navigate the tumult of the 1960s with somewhat skillfully (like when Nixon abolished the draft: suprise! no more student protests). And the carefully-considered assassination attempt against George Wallace. Robert Kennedy was assassinated to prevent his elevation to the Presidency where he could ferret out all the details of his brother’s assassination. Martin Luther King was clearly not a DS operation, his assassin (James Earl Ray) really hated him.

        Then there was the fact that Oligarchy gave away a lot of Federal largess to the public to pacify them. (Welfare, FDIC, SSI, Medicare, GSLs, etc.)

        But I digress.

        This time around, the Oligarchy has fewer goodies to spread around to quiet the masses. Plus the financial bill is coming due. Plus there’s the fact that even during the 60s, there was a high residue of the population that still believed in the legitimacy of the Federal government. There were still two viable political parties. Both the Dems and the GOP are fissuring right before our eyes (each for different reasons).

        Anyway, the American panoply of “representative government” is now gone. Trump has peeled back the curtain.

        I will write more about this soon.

    • cynthia curran says

      Good Point. Some of them were into the John Birch society in their youth and then into Qanon in their old age. The worst one of the rioters was a 70 year old man with explosives worst then younger people than Ashi Babbitt or the guy with the viking costume which were much younger in their 30’s. As for Babbitt, I think I know who she was. There was a conservative blogger in San Diego area that was also into ancient Egyptian history and had a business. Its kind of sad since she was smart.

    • I was never fond of Dreher, but he has gotten much worse with his rabid TDS. He is having the vapors over what happened at the Capitol and of course he won’t even consider that Antifa was a big part of it. It is always Trump’s fault in his narrow mind, despite evidence to the contrary. Then ironically he whines that leftist “Orthodox” at some university (I forget which one) are trying to get him banned from giving a lecture at the university. Maybe he should spend more time fighting against these leftists than people who are trying to save the country from Marxism.

  9. I was listening to an Orthodox podcast, on part of the show they were talking about how intentional communities are starting to form around more rural Orthodox parishes and monasteries due to what is happening, and because of what is likely to happen.

    Another thing that was mentioned is that two well known Orthodox people (one a layman and the other a priest) are starting a non-profit organization, one on the East (West Virginia?) and one in the West (Montana?) that will be intentional communities built around mission parishes. This non-profit will assist people in moving to the area and finding employment.

    There are already communities like this in Alaska, Washington, California (I think), and possibly other places. I think this is going to start becoming extremely common due to the bleak outlook of the upcoming presidency. Their advice was essentially get out of cities and try your best to be self-sustaining and be near people of a like mind so that you can support each other. With the new gender laws Biden has promised to pass, and I’m sure several others, it will become increasingly harder to live in the secular world. I am not a fan of Rod Dreher, but, I think he might have been on to something with the Benedict Option.

    The Georgian monastery in Oklahoma may want to think about doing this. Especially since they have like 80 additional acres next to the monastery.

    If I do stay in the United States, I think this is going to be what I will do.

    Gail & George, if you can you should do a post about this

    • Gail Sheppard says

      We’re actually talking to people about another property which has already been purchased. More to follow.

    • Philip Sells says

      I would very much like to hear more about this, as it’s something I feel a great need to support. Petros, do you know if that podcast recording is still out there somewhere?

      • Yep. They only touch on it briefly as something we will need to do. More will be released when the bishop gives approval:

        I forgot what part it was but I think it was towards the end. The whole thing is worth a listen though

    • If one is an active member of a traditional Orthodox parish, I’d argue that many of us are doing this already and have been doing so for quite some time.

      One of the benefits of being an overwhelming minority in the United States is that Orthodox Christianity is (most of the time) simply ignored. Most of us who have been sacramentally participating in the Church for decades know how to navigate American culture while trying to be faithful Orthodox Christians. I or others don’t do this perfectly, but it is indeed possible.

      I say this simply because it is not possible for many to uproot and move to a monastery community. Or perhaps that may be an option in years to come, but it is not an option currently. If this is the case, one should not become overwhelmed by despair or be despondent.

      Find a local faithful Orthodox parish (in a jurisdiction that is faithful to Orthodoxy, i.e., a jurisdiction that agrees with the Russian Orthodox Church) and actively participate. Sorry to say, but the GOAA is sold out to the Leftists. Leave that jurisdiction at once, or convince your parish/pastor to switch to a faithful jurisdiction.

      Continuing to love God above all and loving our neighbor as God loves us remains paramount. We cannot desist into “hating” those who hate us. That defeats the purpose of the Christian life. We can realize that they are deluded and stupid, but we cannot “hate” those who hate us.

      I do not think that all is lost, at least not yet. The Left is not behaving as a confident victor. Rather, the Left is behaving as an insecure temporary victor who is deathly afraid of his enemies – sort of like Japan after they bombed Pearl Harbor. Winning a battle definitely does not constitute winning a war.

      A confident victor does not go for an information blackout among his enemies. He simply ignores them because he knows they are defeated. The Left knows the power of their opposition. 75 million Americans who did not vote for you is not nothing. The Left is working to silence their opposition because they realize their opposition’s numbers, grit, and power.

      President Trump is not the “cause” of the Left’s problem — he is simply a manifestation of it. Many on the Left and in the American Uni-party delusionally believe that if they can make Trump go away, then all will be fine in their world again. I don’t think so.

      We are not a people who has a tradition of passive deference to our leaders. We are a people who insist that our Leaders perform or else they need to get out of the way. It’s only recently that Leftists have been OK with having leaders who are performative above all but who do nothing. Now comprised mostly of only wealthy coastal elites, the subsidized victim class, and “woke” college students, the Left’s numbers simply don’t equal most Americans.

      If the SHTF ever and, say, the Left begins doing things like outlawing traditional Christian beliefs because the Christian faith “persecutes” the protected classes of self-identified transgendered or homosexuals, then I think, at that point, a real movement toward national partition is far more likely than persecution across the continent.

      Thank God that regional differences remain in America. Living in Oklahoma or Texas ain’t like living in New Jersey or Washington D.C. The Left doesn’t control our military, and while some career opportunist generals may lick Biden’s rear end, most of the real soldiers and servicemembers come from places where family and faith remain honored in American life. Vermont is nowhere near as lucrative a military recruiting locale as Alabama or Texas is.

      Most Americans are too fat, happy, and iPhone numbed-out to be willing to fight for what they believe in. The fringes on the far Left and far Right are willing to fight, but most Americans are not. And there are no longer any societal pressures to fight lest one be called a coward (that went out with the Vietnam War). This is a major difference between now and 1860. There won’t be war battles across America.

      So if the SHTF, I think partition is far more likely than outright war or a mass Leftist mobilization to ship all who disagree with them to concentration camps. The Right has far more weapons anyway, and as I’ve detailed above, the Left is scared sh**less now. I think Wednesday’s Capitol building drama hit home to the Left that they don’t have a monopoly on rioting and inciting violence.

      If I were able to, moving to a remote monastery location sounds idyllic. But it isn’t realistic, and I ain’t about to abandon my parish, my family, my friends, and where God has placed me in the world. Those who escaped the USSR to start Orthodox parishes and communities in the free West, while they did great things and brought Orthodoxy to the world, weren’t more virtuous than those who could not escape the USSR and did their best to live in Christ under communist oppression. I’ve read many stories of these people, and they are amazing, harrowing, and inspiring all at once. I love ROCOR, but I am not a fan of how some in the Russian expat community became judgmental of those who were stuck behind and could not leave the USSR.

      Sorry for the long post, but I feel strongly about this stuff, and I suppose I had a lot to get off my chest.

      And on Rod Dreher: I like his writings and his books, but let’s be honest, he is often an uberly-emotional 14-year-old girl. Sorry, but he is. He is best from behind his laptop screen writing a book. Rod doesn’t like how life is played out in reality. Take him with a grain of salt. When the SHTF, Rod won’t be a leader of the Resistance. He will more likely be its scribe or the one who writes the history of the Resistance 10 years later. The world needs people like Rod, but he is not a leader. Don’t expect him to act like one.

      One final note, remember that the Left, atheists, and secularists are ultimately not wise and are quite stupid. Yes, they are conniving and Macchiavelian, but they reject God and God’s wisdom. Especially the American Left… they are an incredibly stupid bunch, I’d argue far more stupid than the communist leaders who took over Russia and Eastern Europe 100 years ago. Come on, Nancy Pelosi? Kamala Harris? Women should not be leaders (sorry, I love women, but I’m brutally honest; our meritocratic way of thinking that we’ve all been indoctrinated with in America isn’t used to these “crazy” ideas. God did not intend for women to be leaders, even if some might make make better leaders than men would. I believe this is why the Church does not bless women being leaders of our Christian communities, and when our homes are blessed every Theophany season, the priest insists that the man leads they way around the house with the candle.).

      Anyway, when you have a Leftist movement being led by angry women, yes they can inflict pain, but they are not wise people. A wise Orthodox Christian who’s familiar with American society and who grew up here should be able to navigate this world and remain faithful to Christ.

      Blessings to all as we approach Theophany in 10 days. Christ is born! (And if it isn’t obvious, all serious Christians need to abandon the “new calendar.” With every month, it is more and more associated with the “Leftist” Orthodox churches who will become Roman Catholic soon. Sorry, more brutal honesty. Convince your parish and priest to start following the older calendar. Many jurisdictions, like the OCA and ACROD, allow both.)

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Thank you, FTS.

      • FTS, re the partition, I am wondering if our divide may actually be Big Cities versus Small towns/Countryside. In Texas that seems to be the case…We are no longer firmly Red overall, and Blue dominates Dallas and Houston…

        • cynthia curran says

          But Babbit was from San Diego. Not a small town girl, but about 10 years ago San Diego was still more Republican.

          • George Michalopulos says

            I believe the high point of Blue-domination of the Blue Cities has been reached. Productive people are fleeing them and what is left are soy-boys and unattractive lesbians as mayors.

            While I do believe that blighted cities can come back thanks to gentrification, that train has left the station. Now, thanks to the Floyd Festivities, Detroitification is inevitable in the minority-majority cities. (Portland and Seattle will escape this but still, their real estate values are going in the wrong direction.)

      • Michael Bauman says

        FTS, et. al. Take a look at The Tenth Amendment Center

    • Greg W Coogan says

      Please give the name of the podcast thanks

  10. Jane Tzilvelis says

    Memory Eternal for Ashely Babbitt. I say her name with tears. ☦️

  11. Sad for her family that she died but frankly her shooting by the security guard/police offer was justified.

    I have seen the videos especially the behaviour of the people (including her) at the barricaded door. She tried to break into a place where you had various people under protection from the guards. You play with fire, you get burned.

    And as for the criticisms about Trump being banned from Twitter, a good analogy would be if Twitter was a bakery and Trump was a gay couple wanting a cake.

    • The trouble with that analogy is three-fold:

      1. The tradcons/libertarians lost that argument in court.

      2. The Capitol is a public bldg.

      3. Twitter/Facebook/etc are platforms, not publishers. They have special immunities which publishers don’t have.

      As for #3, the double standards are glaring: they say that they don’t want to incite violence and/or engage in hate.speech yet they allow public figures to wish death to America or Israel. They also question the historicity of the holocaust. Both of these proclamations violate their own terms of se4vice.

      In other words there is no consistency.

    • It is unfathomable that there are Orthodox Christians who think the shooting ofAshli Babbitt is justified. She was climbing through a window and was executed. That is not a defense of her being in the Capitol but that is what the video shows. So much for all those people who claim to be concerned about creeping totalitarianism. They’d rather whine about it from the comfort of their couches and smear the dead.

    • cynthia curran says

      The police could have done something else to prevent her breaking in. The Same gang upset over Jacob in Kenosha that pulled a knife usually think Ashi deserve it As for Trump , twitter has a double standard. Lots of dictators like the one in North Korea can see use twitter

  12. Perhaps “they deserved it” is the wrong thing to say, in any circumstance.

    Ashli Babbitt (I said her name quite easily, may God rest her soul) didn’t deserve to die.

    George Floyd (may God rest his soul) didn’t deserve to die.

    This isn’t an either/or proposition.

    As for Trump’s Twitter ban, the man has been violating their terms of service for YEARS (to put it mildly). The only reason he got a pass was he is the sitting President, and Twitter was reluctant to act. The Capitol incident was the last straw.

    Inflammatory rhetoric is not free speech. I’ll give you an example:

    OK: There are questions about the integrity of the last election, so we are doing everything we can to address those issues.


    It’s like yelling fire in a crowded theater. Not all speech is “protected,” nor should it be. That doesn’t necessarily mean I support jailing people, but “speech” like that should not be acceptable. It’s the same with “Stolen Election!” Ms. Powell and the Trump legal team are about to learn a VERY expensive lesson on this point.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      The left started the fire. In a crowded theater where there is a fire what do you expect people to do?

      • Radicals burned our cities. Radicals charged the Capitol building. As I posted to George, the Democrats condemned the violence and Antifa multiple times. Why are the Capitol protesters a “few bad apples” and do not reflect the Trump movement, and the BLM/Antifa violence is somehow indicative of the ENTIRETY of Liberal America.

        That doesn’t pass the smell test. As I have said multiple times, Donald Trump could have addressed issues of Fraud well before the election. The fact that he didn’t demonstrates negligence or cynical politics (why make it easy for those 18 year old liberals living in their mom’s basement?)

        He thought a landslide defeat was in the wings if he allowed the mail in process to go forward and be solidified, so he decided to undermine it. The fact that it was so close and that the GOP actually had gains shows those fears were overblown, but Trump is paranoid about “enemies” (we’ve had that in the White House before too).

        If Donald Trump thought that the election was “stolen” from him, he could have done what Andrew Jackson did in 1824, and Nixon did in 1960 (both elections had “shenanigans”) to just name two. The difference here, is that both Jackson and Nixon believed that the Union and the institutions of our Republic deserve respect and cannot be undermined, no matter what (well, in Jackson’s case maybe not the Supreme Court). To undermine faith and confidence in our institutions is far more dangerous than any one election conflict.

        The sad thing is, electoral reform is something that is greatly needed. The writing was on the wall in the 2000 Election, which was probably the first election of our Hypermedia era…neither party wanted to touch it, because they thought they could game the system in their favor. Perhaps now in the sad aftermath of all of this, the GOP can muster up some bi-partisan support for Electoral reform, to put an end to this sad chapter.

    • cynthia curran says

      George Floyd commuted several crimes prior in the past like having a knife at a pregnant woman stomach when he robbed her. Granted, the last time he didn’t deserved to die but neither did Ashi Babbit. The cops could have done something else. She was unarmed which is different from Jacob of Kenosha who had a knife. In fact Twitter has not taken accounts from the leader of Iran which has put several innocent people to prison in his country or put gays to death.

  13. Nicholas of New York says

    I tbink the time has arrived to bring back the guillotine.
    Everything old is new again!
    If statues of American, generals, explorers, et al can today be toppled similar to that of King George of American Revolution fame then
    Hoi polloi can clean house and eat their cake as well.

  14. Brian Sicknick, say his name!

  15. The cancel culture for this whole incident in DC is beginning. And the hypocrisy is thick. Just read through the comments section on this WGN news piece.

  16. Arnold Schwarzenegger comes down hard on Donald Trump, calling him “worst president ever” and comparing the Proud Boys to Nazi’s:

  17. Jason Moore says

    I’m glad she was shot and killed. Shows her right. She is a disgrace to be called a veteran. What you think was going to happen?

    • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

      RE “I’m glad she was shot and killed. Shows her right. She is a disgrace to be called a veteran. What you think was going to happen?”

      Mr. Moore, I have never seen on this blog a comment as shocking, odious, immoral, and, frankly, sinful as yours above.

      George and Gail: How did Mr. Moore’s remark wend its way onto this blog?

      • Gail Sheppard says

        So you could tell this ass%^&* exactly what you did! – There is another reason that kept me from trashing this, and it is something George and I continue to disagree on.

        In the Kyle Rittenhouse case, many said something to the effect that the two men who died at the hands of Kyle Rittenhouse deserved it. I heard people say, “What did they expect when they tried to jump on him to get his rifle?” “I’m glad those guys were killed. They could have hurt other people.”

        Nevermind that Rittenhouse had an AR15 that is associated with other mass shootings and they may have thought if they didn’t take him down, he’d kill everybody in sight included them!

        People on the blog still said, “It serves them right. What did they think was going to happen? I’ve heard MY HUSBAND say that!

        How can I permit these same comments in the Rittenhouse discussion, especially if they were made by George, and not permit the one that was submitted today?

        IMO, that woman was only trespassing. The last time I checked, trespassing is not a reason to shoot somebody. If Congress wanted to protect themselves from this massive crowd they knew was forming, they could have armed their security guards, taken the police up on their offer to help police the premises and allowed the national guard to be there. They didn’t want to do that. I think they may have been expecting (translate: hired) some people to “break in” to embarrass the right, which is why their security guards were seen motioning people in. They just didn’t think people would be flooding the gates!

        In the video of the shooting I saw (it has since been taken down) Babbitt wasn’t going through the window. They say she was shot in the chest. If her back was to the shooter, as they claim, how could they shoot her in the chest? – She was shot in the neck as you can see in every video. If she had been shot going through the glass, there would have been blood spurting all over the glass. There is no blood on the glass. Why? Because she wasn’t going through the door.

        However, it’s hard to defend someone who sees a sea of guns pointed at her and continues to do whatever she was doing. I think she bears some responsibility in her death for putting herself in harms way. – If I deliberately step in front of a fast moving car and I’m killed, is it the driver’s fault? No.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Fr, you deserve a reply from myself as well as from Gail.

        Basically it’s all based on a running discussion that the lovely Galina and I have had regarding Rittenhouse. And free speech.

        Monomakhos has always been very committed to free speech and as long as the language is not defamatory then I tend to look the other way. Also, I like to watch Leftists walk into rhetorical and/or emotional traps. The death of Mrs Babbit is one such trap which many Leftists have gleefully jumped on. If you will permit me to put on my amateur psychologist hat, I have noticed that the Left engages in projection. When they accuse somebody of something then you can take it to the bank that they are themselves guilty of the self-same thing.

        In the case of Babbit, the Left has long been on the lookout for what the late Tom Wolfe called “The Great White Defendant” (The Bonfire of the Vanities.) After thousands of hours of rioting, mayhem, murder and destruction, the conscience of many Leftists is pricked and they want to lay all of their sins on a scapegoat of the Right. Ashli Babbit fits that bill. They know that they are guiltier of far worse crimes and so they try to elevate a Great White Defendant to mythic status.

        Regardless, they walked right into it. In their heady condemnation of the Capitol Hill riot, they are unwittingly acknowledging their own culpability in what has transpired in the past. And unfortunately for them, will be forced to account for any future riots by their supporters.

        A caveat: the GOP Congressmen who evinced high dudgeon over the Capitol Hill incident will find that whatever kudos they get now from their Democrat colleagues, will evaporate when they (cucks that they are) assume that Democrats will join them in condemning any future riots by BLM/SJWs. (And they will come, especially when Biden doesn’t deliver the leftist goodies.)

    • George Michalopulos says

      Mr Moore, I could be charitable and ask you if you would characterize what happened to George Floyd (or Rayshaud Brooks or Jacob Blake) in similar fashion? But the inflammatory nature of your assessment is beyond the pale.

    • Natalie a Veteran says

      She was veteran turned domestic terrorist. She breached the last line of defense, was warned that lethal force would be used and she went in anyways. Don’t compare a knee on the neck for eight minutes over a $20 and an act of insurrection.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Natalie, the dearly departed Mr Floyd was committing a Federal crime. Having said that, I as a cop probably would have looked the other way but for this salient fact: he was a career criminal and a thug.

        Now, let’s leave that aside and consider the charming Mr Jacob Blake and compare the actions of the late Ms Babbit to that of Mr Blake. Do you not see the difference between trespassing and charging a cop with a knife? I do.

        I could (for the sake of argument) say that I should have no sympathy for Ms Babbit as she was an Obama supporter. But then I would be hypocritical. Should she have trespassed onto Capitol Hill? No. Was she trespassing on Capitol Hill? All indications was that she and the rest were ushered in by the Capitol Hill police. The doors were literally held open for them and they were waived to come in.

        It’s very possible that she and the others thought that they were not trespassing.

        Still, why are you and others (particularly in the Congress) so unnerved by the trespassing on Capitol Hill? Where was the same type of high dudgeon during all those months in which Federal buildings and police precincts were being destroyed?

        In Milwaukee, a young girl named Althea (sp?) Bernstein was caught trying to set fire to a jail. How humane is that? Would you have liked to have been one of those inmates who burned like rats in a dump had she been successful? (For reasons I don’t want to get into, this one hits very close to home for me.)

        I guess it’s just a matter of which foot the shoe is on. It’s OK to cause mayhem and murder if you’re on the Left but if you trespass onto the Capitol (with only a lectern pillaged) it’s the End of Civilization as We Know It.

      • “She was veteran turned domestic terrorist. She breached the last line of defense, was warned that lethal force would be used and she went in anyways. Don’t compare a knee on the neck for eight minutes over a $20 and an act of insurrection.”

        It doesn’t take much to be a domestic terrorist these days. Since you’re posting here, communicating with known Trump supporters, you’re already a domestic terrorist, already guilty of insurrection. When they come to arrest us, you can take the bullet, and I’ll gladly take the knee to the neck; since I won’t already be dying from a massive drug OD, and no amount of time with a knee anywhere other than directly on my windpipe would do anything, but give me a sore neck.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Touche, Myst!

          Anybody to the right of Jesse Jackson is a “domestic terrorist” these days.

  18. Black Lives Matter Activist Who Stormed Capitol on Jan. 6 Charged

    ‘ Videos showed Sullivan and others breaking through a barricade, with the Utah man shouting: “There are so many people. Let’s go. This [Expletive] is ours! [Expletive] yeah. We accomplished this [expletive]. We did this together. [Expletive] yeah! We are all a part of this history. Let’s burn this [Expletive] down.” ‘

    Not Trump, then?

  19. Why impeachment will never happen: timeline of “sedition” must be considered. Trump’s rally began at the Capitol Ellipse at 12 noon. Walk from Ellipse to Capitol building takes 35 minutes on foot minimum. Rioters who broke thru the barricades at 12:40 pm and began to clash violently with police at 1 pm and start breaching the building could not have been present at Trump’s speech at the Capitol Ellipse, which is a 35 minutes walk (minimum) away. Trump’s speech went from 12 – 1:10 pm. He didn’t say anything even remotely seditious until his now famous “walk with me peacefully and patriotically down to the Capitol” statement, which he said at 1:10 p.m. The barricades were broken and violent clashes with security had already started an hour before the tens of thousands of folks at Trump’s rally walked from the Ellipse to the Capitol. The article below has a good diagram of the timeline if anyone is interested, and before LifeSite gets completely erased from the internet.

  20. Before I start this let me say, I am netiher a Democrat nor a Biden supporter. we can go tit for that for months on every detail, and let our minds slip into what could have been and every speculation possible. What we know for sure,. she was there, at the capitol, she was trespassing a federal building, associating herself with a violent mob, even if she did not plan on being violent. should she have been shot and killed? no. did she put herself in harm’s way? yes. was what she was doing illegal and a felony? yes. did she understand everything that was happening and the repercussions? I don’t think so. Should we compare this to other situations not involving the riot? NO. Why? Because the time/place/reason are all different. And so is this person. I know George Floyd was not a stand-up citizen and obviously, there were things he did that accounted to the police even interacting with him that day. This woman knowingly breached a federal building and violated the law in a felonious way. People who have been innocent their whole lives have been convicted of things much less than this. To say she did not know she would be subject to the consequences of her actions is illogical. especially considering her professional history. I do not want to group her with the extreme actors of that fateful day and say that was her intention or plan. I have a military family. And I am not saying she was not allowed to feel angry, and again not saying she should have been shot or died. You can clearly tell the officer was not pointing directly at her. There were so many people in that doorway it could have hit anyone. This is why mob mentality is terrible and fatal. Regardless of your own intentions and views, when you participate in such a vile act, unfortunately, you will be grouped with the worst offender. As a vet she may have known this but also emotions will get the best of any human sometimes. It is tragic and terrible.