As We Prepare for Holy Week…

…please take the time to watch this short video.

It’s about the life in a men’s monastery in Abkhazia. Serenity abounds. The silence, the sounds of nature permeates everything. It’s life as it should be (instead of the interminable white noise of our electronic devices and roar of motors going off non-stop).

No wonder men and women are flocking to the monasteries, whether as pilgrims or as novices.

With this post, Monomakhos goes dark until after Easter.

Kali Anastasi! to all. You are my brethren. Forgive me for any faults or missteps I have made along the way.


  1. Christ is risen! says


    Христос воскресе!

    Thank you for posting this. I loved watching this video of the monastery life. So amazingly peaceful and pure.

    One question for you or anyone else: this monastery is in Abkhazia, which is in Georgia in the Caucuses. Why, then, at the end of the video when they are showing the liturgy, is the liturgy in Greek? Do monasteries in that region have their services in Greek?