As We Approach the Great Fast

…I would like to beg each and every one of you to forgive me.

For any hurtful word or thought or any action or inaction on my part and for any acknowledgment of bad actions as well as unacknowledgment of good actions on anyone else’s part.

For all this and more, I bow down before each and every one of you and ask for forgiveness.

Rising, I wish to kiss you on the cheek three times and say the words: “God forgives and I forgive”.

And during Lent, I ask that we abstain from the tongue as well as from animal products. And to remember the poor who you see as you go to and from your jobs.


  1. You did say I was splitting hairs one time .. but I forgive you. And if I was splitting hairs I also ask forgiveness. Now its beans and rice and rice and beans.

    • An inspiration for fasting would be Arnold Ehret. He holds the documented record going 49 days without food as a fast. He proved points. His seminal book was “Rational Fasing.” His main point was that when you stop eating it is not the hunger initially that causes pain discomfort however toxins being quickly released into the blood system. Once digestive apparatus goes down system goes into detox mode and starts clearing the pipes.

      If someone fasts two weeks and coming off the fast they eat starch
      the sugar can ferment with released toxins still not flushed out and cause fatal shock. Ehret teaches how to clear your system coming out of an extended fast, spinach, juices, and medical science knows the No.1 cause of free-radical formation is excess calorie consumption. The process of converting calorie to energy is number cause of free radicals. Eat less live longer.

      • Billy Jack Sunday says


        Life is like a box of chocolates

        It doesn’t last as long for fat people

        • I like that one Billy Jack Sunday.

          Indeed, gobbling up all the chocolates takes its toll on expectancy. I think where I myself have misfired with lent in past is that I think well if I am giving up the salami and bologna I can eat all the tofu I like, or chips, or whatever well I do healthier than that however you can wind up with a high carb diet and gaining weight doing a lent. I mean sometimes when I see portly clergy people of which there are not so few without being too judgmental I pretty much think they observe the fast, strictly. Grains, beans particularly, very dense source of sugar, sure, it has fiber and vitamins and minerals, but still dense sugar. Spikes blood sugar and insulin, then the sugar goes to the fat cells and you have craving. Always hungry. I have to try to do my lent really paying attention to portions of starch, treating it just like animal fat.

  2. Yes George,

    Forgive me, a sinner, brothers and sisters. Watching the tongue/cursor will also be my policy, when I’m around.