As the Dust Begins to Settle . . .

…the only thing that we can say at this point, is that the election of 2020 is far from over. The dust however is beginning to settle.

So what do we know (other than the fact that the election is being stolen in broad daylight)?

1. It’s clear that President Trump won reelection. A blind man could see that. All you had to do was look at the faces of the correspondents on the cable news networks. They were totally flummoxed by the massive numbers Trump was getting in the Upper Midwest. Worse, the ultralibs like Van Jones were crying in their beer because they believed their own hype (and the polls but I repeat myself) that Trump and his supposed “racism” would be thoroughly repudiated. Let’s go with their delusional argument for the moment: it wasn’t. That’s how we know that Trump really won.

2. There is no “Blue Wave”. Not only did the Senate remain in Republican hands –Susan Collins, who is hated beyond all measure for her defense of Brett Kavanaugh–handily won reelection in Maine. As of now, the GOP has picked up seven new House seats. It’s possible that they are within striking distance of retaking the entire House. Even down-ballot, the GOP increased their numbers in the State legislatures: of the ninety-nine State chambers (Nebraska has only one chamber), the GOP controls over half of them.

3. The corporate media is completely corrupt. We’ve always known they were gaslighting us. Now they’ve gone off into total propaganda. To call them biased is an insult to bias. Bias is what happens when you tell everybody at the Christmas pageant that your little girl was the cutest little snowflake. Propaganda is what happens when a reporter on CNN is telling you that the “protest” you’re seeing with your own eyes is “mostly peaceful” (all the while you can clearly see buildings burning in the background). We are now in “propaganda” territory when it comes to the major news networks. The appearance of neutrality has been cast to the wind. Even FOX.

4. The level of corruption in the polling industry stinks to high heaven. Now don’t get me wrong, don’t misunderstand –they did their job (believe it or not). And if you think that the job of a polling firm was to survey the opinions of people, you are sadly mistaken. Their job has always been to shape the narrative and if necessary, to demoralize the Right. So are they going to change and be more objective in the light of such manifest failure? Not a chance. If anything they will double down on their malfeasance.

5. The American elite has now taken off the mask. They act and think in ways that are no different than the elites of Third-world countries. We’ve always known that there were two sets of laws for “us” versus “them” but (outside a lout like Ted Kennedy) they’ve always been circumspect and moderated their behavior in order to not draw too much attention to themselves. Now they feel free to act with impunity. Why? Because they hate us and they don’t have to hide their feelings. An early indication of that was Hillary’s comment back in 2016 that one-quarter of the country was “deplorable” and “irredeemable”. Even John Calvin wasn’t that Calvinist. (At least he believed in God.)

6. Expect more riots. It doesn’t matter who occupies the Oval Office on January 21. If Trump is successful in stopping the theft, antifa/BLM will riot like nothing seen before. If Biden somehow succeeds in stealing the election, the rioting will continue. Why? I’ll give you three reasons: one, because if you’re a loser who has no prospects in life, it’s fun; two, because it’s effective (politically speaking); and three, because Biden will betray the Left and they’ll go absolutely ape-shit. This is a short list of his upcoming betrayals: no end to fracking, no expansion of Obamacare, no forgiveness of student debt, no bail-out of the destroyed Blue cities, and no withdrawal from foreign military adventures. Look for major American boots on the ground in Syria because “muh democracy”.

7. The electoral process is completely broken. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be reformed however. As far as the Deep State is concerned it worked just as it was supposed to. Just like the polling firms, the mail-in ballots came in and saved the day for the Democrats. How come California (which is the largest State in the nation) can count all their votes in less than six hours but Pennsylvania had to call it a night at 3:00 am? ‘Nuff said.

8. Either The Swamp will be drained or the Republic will be lost. If Biden/Harris succeeds in stealing the election, then expect the Swamp to become invigorated. It will all be for naught as their incompetence will continue to be exposed. Eventually, any central government that is as corrupt as ours will collapse. Because we’re a federal Republic though, the collapse of the American nation won’t be as terrible as the collapse of (say) Russia during the Time of Troubles or Weimar Germany. Things are pretty sedate in Fly-over Country. Think of the fall of the Roman Empire: things sucked in the West but the East survived for another one thousand years. Which lead us to:

9. The States will become more estranged/independent from the central government. The incentive for virtual secession will exacerbate. Look for many governors to declare their States “sanctuary states” when it comes to the Second Amendment. Dictates and Executive Orders issued by Biden will be ignored with nary a thought.

10. The Democrats have created a desert and they call it peace. My apologies to Suetonius aside, how in God’s name do Leftists think that they are going to rule over the burning hulk that has decimated close to a hundred American cities? Think the normal, productive people in them are going to come back? Oh sure, Soros and his ilk poured billions of dollars into reliably liberal cities in order to further communize them, but the hundred million dollars that Bloomberg spent to turn Florida blue backfired magnificently.

Bottom line: there will be no legitimacy to the Biden Administration. No matter how much the talking heads on the cable networks (FOX included) say otherwise, most of America will not view this new regime as a “return to normalcy”. That ship has sailed. American republicanism is in its end-stage. That’s not good for Sleepy Joe and I almost feel sorry for him. You can say many things about Trump but one thing you could say for sure was that he loved the American people. Joe and his bunch? Not so much. (See number 5 above; it’s going to become even more obvious as time goes on.)

So where do we go from here? The courts will not likely step in, even if (when) manifest vote fraud is proven. Instead, the legislatures of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona will have to step up to the plate and decertify their slate of electors. It’s happened before, back in 1876, when the slates of four Southern states were switched from the Democrat (Tilden) to the Republican (Hayes). Will they do it? Anything is possible. This is 2020.

Personally, I don’t think there’s a downside for Trump to fight to the bitter end. After all, the Left has done everything within its power to delegitimize the American nation and its history for decades now. The riots of 2020 were just the violent culmination of that multi-generational anti-American project. If I were Trump and the state GOP legislatures, I would go for it. Who needs the approbation of the talking heads? After all, this is the Republic we’re talking about.


  1. Great piece, George.  Fantastic.  Thank you so much!!
    The main media (all major networks and cable news channels, the NYT, the Washington Post, Facebook, Twitter) are only used anymore by the elite, ruling classes as a mirror.  They are entirely corrupt, and totally beyond saving.  They work to de-platform anyone who has a differing point of view. 
    There is absolutely zero incentive anymore for any of the main media to work toward truth or accuracy, or to “investigate” things they don’t want to investigate, since the goal is no longer truth or accuracy.  They are performing for their own small audience who is tuning in for their particular performance.  It’s a circular production, and anyone else outside of it can go to hell as far as they’re concerned.  Anyone outside of the performance is completely irrelevant.
    Thank God for sending His Son to us as a refuge — “the Father is my hope, the Son is my refuge, the Holy Spirit is my protection; O All-holy Trinity, glory to Thee!”  This prayer is so comforting during these dark days – as it always is.

  2. The key is to always bear in mind that half the country knows what actually happened and won’t forget it. So even if they “win”; i.e., succeed somehow in causing enough electors to vote for Biden to have him declared President, they lose.

    Because if you thought we’ve been having a “resistance” and insurrection so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  If Trump pulls this out, there will be turbulence greater than what we’ve seen over the summer and fall, no doubt.

    But if Biden and the Demsheviks manage to steal this, I am absolutely certain there will be widespread violence.  Real violence, not angry blacks and overeducated wannabe revolutionaries.  Angry citizens with guns creating corpses stacked up like cordwood.  You can count on it.  Americans are like that.  They have seen the videos of the widespread voting fraud, boarded up windows, expelled observers, magically appearing boxes of all Biden ballots.  They will not stand for it. 
    Let it play out before the inauguration.  Trump is still in the White House til then, which means until then he is commander and chief of the military.  He may have to seize power and we may have encourage him to do so and back it up with force in the streets.

    If he’s not re-elected this is going to get extraordinarily ugly, like none of us have ever seen before in America in our lifetimes.

    Lord, have mercy.

  3. When the dust settles Pandora’s Box will be renamed Trump’s Box. Yes, Fox News is NOT your friend. Time to pull the plug.
    2020 was  Graduation day, the great awakening! Out with the old!
    Imagine in 2020 so much is gone from our lives, from all major sports, to Hollywood. Next is all major television, and news sources. Organized “traditional” Church is not far behind. Getting spit on, and slapped in the face over and over, decade after decade, gets old. We may forgive, but we will not continue to accept the abuse and insult.

    • I removed Fox News from my bookmarks.

      • How long will Tucker survive?

        • George Michalopulos says

          Good question. Same thing with Hannity.

          Tucker is under no illusions. Hannity (bless his heart) still believes in the fundamental goodness of gummint workers, like in the FBI. Basically, our elite are Leninists. How far and how deep this rot can seep into the Red States is still an open question.

          Silver lining: Leninism and its attendant progressive ideologies (BLM, feminazism, homoglobalism, etc) cannot last long, even if they have all the levers of power.

      • George Michalopulos says

        It’s amazing, isn’t it? FOX had the best production values, the glitziest sets, the handsomest hosts and hostesses, and the right center-right politics. They didn’t talk down to their audience. And like most normal, productive Americans, we were starved for a news channel that catered to us (or at the very least didn’t hate us).

        And we got sucked in. Totally. They had us right where they wanted us. And so for Decision 2020, they hired a fellow named Aaron Mishkin –a hard left supporter of Hillary–and had him call all the shots. It was a brilliant psy-op.

        The delay in calling Florida, then teasing out that Texas was a “swing state” made us wonder. When AZ closed the polls and FOX immediately called it for Biden, millions of us were rattled.

        Well played, Mr Soros, well played. You have your reward.

        We should have known from last month when Newt Gingrich was told that he couldn’t mention George Soros. I saw the wheels in Newt’s head turning while he sat there in stunned silence, wondering “what the hell?”

        So what will I do? I’ll catch Tucker on the back end, on YouTube. Probably Gutfeld as well.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Dino, I hear ya’ Bro’ and I’ll raise you: like you, I see not only the collapse of Sportsball and Hollyweird but the end of Big Tech, Academe and Big Pharma.

      In the meantime, I’ve been calling my Senators, Congressman and Majority Leader McConnell –their phone lines are burning. I’ve left messages and dropped e-mails. I imagine they’re having major headaches right about now.

  4. Trump and his legal team need to fight, as I’m sure they will. Good to see Guiliani and Bannon going for the jugular. I have a hard time seeing how this does not escalate into some sort of civil conflict, war, or whatever you want to call it, especially now that they are calling for the forced removal of Trump from the White House no matter what happens
    If the Dems get into power, and especially if they are able to steal the Senate, you can kiss goodbye any chances of Republicans ever holding office again. They will abolish the Electoral College (as has always been their plan), stack the Supreme Court, and then it’s adios any rights we have left and hello to the new Authoritarian States of America. 
    I can almost guarantee that they will work to abolish any individual states’ rights, they will do this under the auspice of having everyone “on the same page.” 
    As much as I hate to say it, if that is the case then the dissolution of the U.S and a realignment of Red states would be a good thing. There is no way that I am going to be governed by a group of people who are for abortion up until birth and who think that an 8 year old can choose their gender. On top of that, we will be economically (and possibly) literally steamrolled by China. They have the dirt on Biden, they know he is weak, and they have possibly all the Dems in their back would literally take no effort at all for them to bring their Belt & Road Initiative to America wholesale and soft colonize us. 
    In the mean time Poland, Hungary, Georgia and Russia are looking pretty appealing right about now…but, if the U.S falls and China fills that void, it is a futile effort to run I suppose 

    • “In the mean time Poland, Hungary, Georgia
      and Russia are looking pretty appealing”.
      Georgia. Not the peanut one, I think?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Petros, one way that you can be sure that Trump won more votes (than either Biden or Obama in 2008) is look at how he expanded the demographic subsets that voted for him. That and the fact that the GOP still controls the Senate and may –just may–flip the House.

      As to what they will do with this expanded power if Biden succeeds in stealing the election, I haven’t a clue. Perhaps just stalling actions and/or wrenches thrown in the works. If Trump’s reelection is not upheld, I imagine that Mitch McConnell is going to be the most powerful man in Washington, DC.

      Because government will be divided, we can say for sure that the stock market will continue to soar. Of course, all that means is that the gap between rich and poor will continue to grow. So that’s why I see a collapse, the United States cannot survive as Third-world countries do. Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan can maintain their vitality despite the huge disparities in wealth but they don’t have the overseas military obligations that we do. I imagine under such circumstances our military will be hollowed out in short order.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Yet more evidence of fraud. This is an example of votes automatically “switching” from Trump to Biden.

      • That would be the smart thing but I doubt the military budget will decrease. It’s how all those elite cronies make their money. We will probably invade a country to distract the populace further. The American people will get no investment even though everyone saw bottom up economics working.
        We as Orthodox need to create our own schools and hospitals to give some relief to the suffering in this country. We can’t trust the Masons anymore to provide stability to this country.

  5. Need to add this important, highly timely quote of C.S. Lewis:

    “Where men and women are forbidden or forget to honour a King such as Christ, they honor, millionaires, politicians, athletes, or film stars instead; even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served. Deny it food, and it will gobble poison.”

    As inheritors of that terrible phenomenon called western rationalism and Calvinism, American culture is fully dualist and denies our spiritual nature. Our society worships politicians and athletes and film stars because we neglect the King whom we were designed to worship: Christ.

  6. Chris Banescu says

    To win the long-term war the left has unleashed against truth, freedom, and law and order, we must start our own Revolution! We must educate and free as many people as possible and fight against all companies, organizations, and institutions who actively destroy freedom and enslave people.

    If we don’t begin to fight on every front today, the gulags await us all. It may take decades, but at least we tried. The status quo is deadly to our freedom and lives. It’s also the greatest threat to our children’s and grandchildren’s freedom and lives.

    I talk about some of this in my new book Pursue Your Freedom and Happiness:

    Chapter 2 – This is a Revolution, Not Just a Book
    When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear. ―Thomas Sowell

    I want to start a Revolution, not just sell you a book. It’s a creative revolution, a peaceful revolution, with no violence, no mayhem, and no killing. A revolution to free you from the abuses you endure at work and the lies you’re constantly told. A revolution to liberate yourself from the fears and falsehoods that undermine your self-confidence and success. A revolution to bring truth, meaning, hope, and joy into your life, all of your life; at work and at home. A revolution to let you taste liberty and happiness as they should be experienced. A revolution that ultimately starves dysfunctional and toxic organizations of their resources, and leads to their demise. A revolution that rewards healthy organizations, great businesses, and vibrant companies by allowing them to hire more employees who escape from toxic workplaces. A revolution that helps decent organizations and good people succeed and thrive.

  7. Christopher Keller says

    Huh? The counting isn’t done, and it looks like Biden is leading.What evidence to the contrary are you seeing?

  8. Anonymous II says

    Has anyone mentioned the fact that Peter Zuckerman, Mark Zuckerberg and the ACLU successfully passed legislation to ‘decriminalize’ cocaine, heroin, meth, etc?? 

  9. WOW!  My mind is boggled at how much energy I see being expended on this blog on conspiracies and paranoid thinking. My extensive history of working in the mental health field (30+years and over 10,000 psychosocial assessments of people with major mental illness) has all sorts of alarms going off in my head. And no, I don’t like Biden and I certainly didn’t like Hillary!

    • Yes, because it’s paranoid to question suspicious activity.

    • Even paranoiacs have enemies.

      • Michael Bauman says

        Even people with teal enemies can be unbalanced. Nonetheless we have entered the world of Ken Kesey world. The role of Nurse Ratched played by the media.
        When the culture lionizes and rewards and gives power to sociopaths: who are the crazy people.

    • Dear Yamato:
      Please specify what you consider paranoid etc.  I find that many in the US tragically are ignorant of the facts of Patristic Orthodoxy and actions in government and the world including world history. Ditto on the mental health field experience for me. Generalizations must be backed by facts so please share.  Since ad hominem attacks on a person or a blog or group often reveal a weak position with an effort to avoid open debate,  please help us know if that is not yours and what your positions on Orthodoxy and politics are.  Thank you for considering.  

      • Yannaro, I apologize for autocorrect .  I looked at it carefully and it was not Yamato when I clicked on it, so sorry.  I’ll never forget the time a priest emailed and texted  a death notice and said the person had been “marinated” instead of whatever he meant!  Sigh!   My content stands so I hope you will answer.  

        • Autocorrects really are a pain. I hate them.
          In this case, Yamato was a Japanese WWII battleship
          (the biggest battleship ever built), which was sunk in 1945.
          It seems transliterations from Japanese to Latin letters
          are better known to geeks than transliterations from Greek.
          O tempores, o mores!

    • Matthew Panchisin says

      Dear Yannaro,

      You’ve drawn some conclusions about the good Orthodox Christians speaking on Monomakhos and have announced your expertise.

      “WOW! My mind is boggled at how much energy I see being expended on this blog on conspiracies and paranoid thinking.”

      Do keep in mind that during Bolshevik revolution people with your type of expertise spoke to Orthodox Christians in a very similar manner.

      Could you explain to us the purpose behind your en masse admonitions?

    • Hi Yannaro,

      Your post has compelled me to post an oft quoted oldie but goodie:

      “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us'”.
      St Anthony the Great

  10. Michael Bauman says

    Always the contrarian I must link to this excellent little meditation on the third Beatitude: “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. ”

    Not knowing Greek I cannot comment on the key point that the English word “meek” is not a good rendering for the Greek in the Gospel.

    I hope Fr. Farley is correct in that.