Another Perfect Storm (With an Orthodox Angle)

Some of you have taken me to task for this Blog’s emphasis on politics and such and not as much on Orthodoxy. Fair enough.

Well today, you’re in luck because I’ve got a two-fer, one that includes politics as well as Orthodoxy, at least on the surface.

Please take the time to watch this short but eye-opening interview with John Kiriakou, a former CIA operative who is now spilling the beans on the Podesta brothers and their solid links to the whole false Russian “collusion” narrative.

According to Mr Kiriakou, he attends the same church that the Podestas do. What he says about them isn’t flattering. (I imagine Forgiveness Vespers is going to be very tense next Lent.) That’s interesting in and of itself. What fascinates me is how all of a sudden certain Greek-American names keep popping up. I wonder, is it possible that some of these tentacles extend to Istanbul?

That’s a stretch I grant you but the Phanar’s loyalty to the globalist paradigm is well established. Nor can we forget the Turkish angle. Kiriakou in one instance recounts how the Erdogan government met with Lt Gen Michael Flynn during the transition. They were hoping that the Trump Administration would allow them to abduct Fethullah Gulen from his compound in Pennsylvania. That’s interesting to say the least. I’m wondering what else is going to turn up?

At the very least, the Ecumenical Patriarch’s situation is a dicey one. That’s to be expected when your overlord is not an Orthodox Christian. Yet again, another reason for we Orthodox here in America to extricate ourselves from unnecessary overseas entanglements. Just a thought.

It’s all convoluted I grant you. Regardless, I don’t believe that George Papadopoulos is going to be the last Greek name we hear associated with the anti-Trump slow-motion coup taking place. (Special thanks to Peter Papoutsis for sending me the link.)

Oh, and Mike/Bonnie, you told me several months ago how I “was in for a big surprise”. So far, the only surprises are ones in which all the accusations of wrongdoing by Trump keep on blowing up in the faces of all the #nevertrumpers. The icing on the cake (this week) is how the election really was rigged –against Bernie! It’s nice to see some GOP Congressmen finally finding their cojones and demanding that Mr Integrity Mueller recuse himself. That’s only fair as it looks like he was neck deep in the exploding Uranium One scandal.

[Warning: Jimmy Dore, the interviewer has a potty mouth. Still, it’s a very enlightening interview.]


  1. Tim R. Mortiss says

    You know, it’s kind of gratifying for a latter-day Orthodox to hear that Constantinople is where the strands of world-wide conspiracy lead.

    I’m going to pack my shaving kit, my false-bottomed suitcase, and my Webley revolver,and hop on the Orient Express….

    Destination: Stamboul!

    • George Michalopulos says

      When you get there, there’s an excellent restaurant in the suburbs named Beyti. Delicious!

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        George is correct. Excellent restaurant. My family and I went there in 2006 for dinner after visiting the Patriarchate. Enjoy.

        Peter A Papoutsis

  2. P. Antonio Arganda says

    John Kiriakou is one of my heroes. He revealed the CIA’s use of waterboarding to extract confessions and was sentenced to 30 months in a federal pen for this revelation. He joined the list of early whistleblowers who were punished by the Obama regime.

  3. Yesil Sermaye says

    The arrest of Saudis is directly related to the arrest of George Papadopoulos, Greek London Oil Ship attorney, who is talking. Greeks ship most of the Saudi oil. Sfakianakis and Catsambas are the main agents between the Saudis and the Greeks and the providers of Yesil Sermaye that planted all the anit-Israel canards after Cyprus.