Another Perfect Storm for the Deep State

Just when you think things couldn’t get better for The Golden Don, they get better. Or rather, things get worse for the Deep State and their media enablers. Or both. Either way, definitely better for Glorious Leader.

Historically, there has rarely been such a confluence of events –a perfect storm if you will–in which we get to see how completely inept, corrupt, evil and stupid the American Ruling Class is. No, I’m wrong: make that never in the history of our Republic has there ever been such a confluence of events.

Until now.

Where to begin? There is a veritable embarrassment of riches which fate has dumped onto our collective national lap. We could start with the Mueller Report. We’ve had nineteen verifiable Trump-haters sitting on their collective asses for two-and-a-half years and $25 million later, they have found absolutely nothing about any collusion between Puti-poot and the Trumpster. Nada. Zero. Zilch.
Still, it was worth it in watching all the liberal heads explode en masse.

And then there’s the Covington crisis. CNN and The Washington Post are being sued for $250 million each. (Note to Nicholas Sandmann’s attorney: why stop there?) Anyway, let’s hope that Bezos and Brian Stelter feel the pinch. They have to if only for the sake of future “journalists” everywhere. Maybe future “journalists” will start actually investigating stories instead of sitting at Starbucks and reinforcing each others’ prejudices about people who don’t live on the East or West Coasts.

But there’s more: who would have thought that we’d be seeing headlines like “Lori Loughlin Forced to Turn in Her Passport” or “Feds Arrest Felicity Huffman With Guns Drawn”? Certainly I couldn’t have foreseen anything of the sort. Talk about unintended consequences. The story broke because the FBI was tipped off by some low-level fraudster that the college admissions system for elite colleges is rigged overwhelmingly in favor of the rich and powerful. They’ve even got a name for it: “transactional philanthropy”.

How quickly the worm turned. Who can forget the FBI in their pre-dawn raid of Roger Stone’s house? Word has it that they were worried that his 72-year-old wife (who is deaf) was some type of mixed martial artist. Everybody on the left was ecstatic. Unfortunately, never in their wildest dreams did they think that once the police forces are weaponized that the guns of the FBI would ever be turned against them.

Speaking about privilege and how rigged the system is, one has only to look to the corruptocracy that rules Chicago to see how quickly a well-connected young, wealthy, black homosexual named Jussie Smollett was able to be sprung from the pokey. OK, so how did he get off? Easy, he told his handlers that if they didn’t do him a solid, he’d sing like a canary.

You see, Smollett’s whole act was probably planned in coordination with Sen Kama Sutra Harris and Michelle Obama’s people in Illinois. Why? Because Trump has been making significant inroads into the African-American electorate. Significant inroads. Mind you, he doesn’t need a majority, just anything north of 12 percent. And he’s riding high at 20 percent at present. If those numbers hold, the Democrats will go the way of the Whigs. Better to remind black folks that Blue states like Illinois are teeming with Klansmen who always have nooses at the ready.

Then there’s creepy Uncle Joe Biden. The latest liberal victim of the #metoo movement. I’ll just let this picture speak for itself:

Then again, Uncle Joe is an equal opportunity creepster:

Personally, I see Hillary’s fingerprints all over this one. Be on the lookout for her to make an announcement any week now (once Biden announces that he’s not running). She will say something like “for the good of the Party and because the nation must be saved from Orange Hitler, I am announcing my candidacy for the President of the United States”. Don’t laugh, she really believes that the Democrats have lurched too far to the left and that any of the candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring are unelectable. Unfortunately, she’s right.

You know the Democratic Party has gone bat-shit crazy when it looks to a fake Hispanic as the Great Multicultural Hope. Nothing screams “sanity” like a guy who looks like he’s undergoing electroshock therapy while he’s speaking before an audience.
This guy actually believes that we should tear down the Border Wall and confiscate guns. In Texas. After he lost to Ted Cruz he went to New Mexico and ate “magic dirt” in order to “rejuvenate” himself. Then we find out that Reuters sat on some explosive stories about his misspent youth in order to get him elected. Looks like he was Grand Kleagle in the Cult of the Dead Cow and that he gave his wife a green *ahem* turd to eat, which he fished out of his baby’s diaper. Seriously. The Democrats actually thinks this bozo can put Texas in play next year.

Not to be outdone, the Dems also have a fake Indian. Sen Elizabeth “Liawatha Fakajewa” Warren should have kept her mouth shut but then she did the DNA thing and proved to us once and for all that she’s whiter than the eighth Earl of Sandwich: Don’t be too hard on her though, as she is trying really hard to compete with this whack-job:

I know, she looks scary. But Occasional-Cortex is the heart and soul of the modern Democrat Party. Don’t believe me? Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell scheduled a vote on the Senate floor in which he brought up AOC’s signature legislative initiative, the “Green New Deal”. You know how many Democrats voted for it? Zero. Mind you, they didn’t vote against it, because they were told by La Passionara to vote “present” instead. So what did they do? Like dutiful little sheep they clicked their heels and did as they were told. Three Democrats and one Independent voted with all 53 Republicans and cast a “No” vote in case you were wondering.

Then there’s the charming Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) who was caught on video calling the President something that rhymes with “other” and “sucker”. She said those words to her 15 year old son. Wow. I can’t ever remember my mother (or anybody else’s mother) speaking like that to her teenage boy. Excuse me, but I thought that Muslims were more patriarchal and moral than us decadent Westerners? I’d like find out which mosque she attends and ask her imam if all Muslim women in his congregation talk like that to their children. Somehow –and I’m going out on a limb here–I think not.

Yeah, there’s something to this Trump Derangement Syndrome. It makes ordinary people do things like this to helpless old men:

And perfectly respectable world leaders do something like this:

OK, sorry for that but, hey, it is what it is.

Of course the trifecta of political stupidity is Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who single-handedly revived anti-Jewish tropes and made them socially acceptable. She has almost as much power as Occasional-Cortex and dared the Democrat contenders to show up at the AIPAC meeting the following week. None did. Did I say that what she did was stupid? She may have just put New York State into play in 2020.
Regardless, she got away with it.

Then again, who can ever forget this? As of this writing, nobody in the Virginia Democrat hierarchy has resigned. I guess wearing blackface is a right of passage for Democrats in the Old Dominion.

Tulsi Gabbard, the one sane person running for President has all but been excommunicated because she pointed out that American interventionism has lost its sweet savor. Heck, even Bush 43 realized that he’d been taken for a ride by the neocons back in 2008 and gave Vladimir Putin a pass in Georgia. “Once burnt, twice shy” as they say. Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, knows what she’s talking about and for this reason, she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere near the nomination. Too bad.

Yup, it’s going to be an interesting election cycle. Prediction: not only does Trump carry all the states he won in 2016 but he picks up Nevada, Virginia, New Hampshire and Maine. And thanks to Smollett, possibly Illinois. (I’ve got my eye on Minnesota in case you were wondering.)

But let’s not forget what kicked off all this festival of foolishness:

Remember way back in February of 2017 when President Trump tweeted out that Obama had spied on him? Remember all the outrage ginned up by the media establishment that Trump could ever accuse another president, especially one so noble, of doing such a horrible thing? I do. But I also know that Trump wasn’t wrong. In fact, now we all know that Bathhouse Barry weaponized the FBI and the FISA courts to spy on the GOP candidate.

Somewhere, Tricky Dick is smiling. And maybe wiping a tear or two.

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  1. Michael, stunning, stunning, stunning!!! Thank you for solving my mystery of how much the Mueller homework assignment cost us taxpayers: $25mil. Just another waste of yours, mine and our tax dollars.

  2. GLFarmer says

    And the blue checkmarks frothing anew over the ‘Trump called them all animals’ lie that proved false a year ago.

  3. Constantinos says

    This country has gone insane, especially the Democratic Party Is this really America anymore? If history has proven anything, it’s that socialism doesn’t work. Also, there are so many truly whacky Democratic politicians. One of the them is Corey Booker. Is he for real? This nitwit is introducing a black reparations bill in the Senate. Has this lame brain ever read the US Constitution. According to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, reparations are completely illegal. For his information, slavery was only legal for seventy six years. The US Constitution came into effect in 1789, and slavery was abolished in 1865. Get over it.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Costa, they never will. Uber-leftism and all its derivative doctrines (e.g. reparations) is the religion of the left. They can’t let it go.

      Oh sure, a few sane people will leave. Think of Communism. When Stalin shook Adolf’s hand in 1938, it splashed an ice-bucket of reality on a few committed leftists/communists. I’m thinking of Arthur Koerstler, Malcolm Muggeridge, Whittaker Chambers, et al. And these men did make a difference. Still 98.99934% of communists and communist-sympathizers remained with the Internationale.

    • Constantinos says

      As you know it says in the Psalms, “weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” Well, that’s the situation we are enduring in America. The good news is the experts are predicting a Red tsunami in 2020. They believe the Republicans will retake the House, add to their majority in the Senate, and, of course, President Trump will easily win re- election.
      The Democrats in Congress have scared the American people to death. The American people are more than fed up with all the nonsense and foolishness that has been foisted upon us. We’ve grown very tired of all this diversity nonsense; actually diversity is just childishness and immaturity. The American people are disgusted with how the liberal elites think they know better than us on how we should live our lives. We have grown weary of all this white guilt garbage, safe spaces, the lies of the left, and the Democratic push toward socialism. This next election could be a landslide of epic proportions. I don’t know who it was that said that liberalism is a mental illness, but they were, oh so, right. All I can say is for the Democrats to continue to cater to the perpetually aggrieved, and for AOC, Omar, Booker, and the rest of the miscreants to keep spewing their vitriol and hate. By the way, they need to raise the age for eligibility to run for President to fifty five. This country is full of adult adolescents.

    • Constantinos says

      With all due respect, do you think you may be spending too much time on church politics? Frankly, I think we should keep our eyes on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When you attend your local OCA church, are these issues even discussed at all?
      The reason I bring up this point is because I’m very concerned about what the Democrats are trying to do to our country. I don’t know about you, but I hate identity politics. Let’s face it; it’s open season of white males in our country.
      In the past, I’ve had great sympathy for African Americans, and their suffering, but things have gotten waay out of hand. This loathsome Cory Booker creep has introduced a bill in the Senate promoting reparations for descendants of African American slaves. With the chimera of diversity, promotion of minorities in all walks of life, and affirmative affirmation, how much help does one community have to receive? There are more black millionaires, and multi- millionaires in America than anywhere else on earth. Sixty eight percent of Americans are against reparations. Eighty one percent of white Americans are against reparations. The average Black IQ in America is seventy eight. Of course, there are a plethora of exceptions to the stupidity of the average African Americans One notable exception is Lonnie Johnson, a NASA rocket scientist who invented the Super Soaker which has given him a net worth of in excess of $350,0000,000.
      I say it is time in America for Blacks to stop complaining, and make something out of their lives with no excuses. If America is such a racist country, why do so many Blacks immigrate to this country? To the perpetually aggrieved, I say ” America- love it or leave it.”

      • George Michalopulos says

        Costa: I hear you. Unfortunately I must critique both politics as well as religion, especially as we approach the Singularity. It is becoming more obvious to me that politics and religion are intertwined and for the life of me, I can’t decide who is using who.

        In the meantime, I will continue to castigate the Marxist-Democratic Party. I leave you all with this splendid little example of what I wish I could have said had I been invited to speak before the Congress:

        Candace: You go, Grrl!

    • Constantinos says

      I attended a wake for a man who courageously fought in the Vietnam War. It made think about draft dodgers. In my humble opinion, any man who took active steps to evade the draft should automatically be disqualified from becoming President of the US. One of the reasons is that as the Commander in Chief of all US armed forces, the president has the right to inspect all service members’ rifles at any US military installation in the world.
      Joe Biden took five student deferments and then when the war was winding down, he was placed on unavailable to serve due to childhood asthma. He has to answer for that as do President Trump, Bernie Sanders, and William Weld. Bubba Clinton should have been automatically disqualified from running for the highest office in the land. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am anti- war, someone else had to fight and possibly die in place of the draft dodger. Motto: If you dodged the Vietnam War, you should have no right to run for the Presidency of the USA.

  4. George Michalopulos says

    For a more sober, academic take on the putrefaction that is our Ruling Class and their never-ending attempt to turn America into a Banana Republic, please take the time to read this piece by Victor Davis Hansen.

  5. Constantinos: “If history has proven anything, it’s that socialism doesn’t work. ”

    Not necessarily. History demonstrated that know forms of both capitalism and socialism do not work. Perhaps every system in this world is faulty and can construct a partisan propaganda to to disparage either.

    Also one needs to add a time dimension, ie a social context; in a tribal society based on hunting and gathering, introducing modern banking system and stock exchange would be as anachronistic as in the VII century Europe.

    We live in times of revolutionary technological change. There is no obvious reason why XVIII century classic liberal (free market) system would survive it without introducing significant changes at least resembling socialism.

    But no worry. Orthodoxy is not wed to any particular socioeconomic doctrine. Even as revered as one promoted by Reagan, Thatcher and multitude of talking heads.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Martin, I’ll let Costa speak for himself. In the meantime, I appreciate your perspective and would like to add to it (if I may). One of the parameters you left out as to whether any particular ideological system can work (in this case socialism) is the genetic makeup of the population. Socialism and/or social democracy can work in a small, homogeneous, Christian-based society a la Scandinavia. Same thing in Minnesota, Vermont or New Hampshire. In such a society, people are more-or-less cognizant that they are distantly related to each other and as such have no problems with voting treasure for everybody from the public fisc.

      The Achilles’ heel of course is that their prosperity invites different people into their mix in order to take advantage of their largesse. In time, this leads to a worsening condition for all. That is why I cautiously predicted that Minnesota may very well vote for Trump in 2020. The Somali influx has not added anything to the commonweal but has instead detracted from it.

      In Scandinavia, we are seeing draconian anti-immigrant laws being passed for much the same reason.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Here’s another perspective on Trump and how he has demolished seven pertinent myths about the Presidency.

        The author, Andrew Bacevich, clearly disdains Trump. However he admits that because of Trump’s boorishness, he has been able to lay bare the sanctimony of American power which has taken hold since 1945.

      • Except socialism didn’t work even in a ” small, homogeneous, Christian-based society.” I.e., the Plymouth Colony.

        In summation, though it’s a good read, human nature won out in both instances. At the beginning when all were expected to work and grow food which would then be distributed communally, they all starved. When land was given each family to work and meet their own needs there was abundance. Those who didn’t adequately apply themselves were forced to buy or barter with those who had extra.

        • Ntina: “In summation, though it’s a good read, human nature won out in both instances. At the beginning when all were expected to work and grow food which would then be distributed communally, they all starved. When land was given each family to work and meet their own needs there was abundance. Those who didn’t adequately apply themselves were forced to buy or barter with those who had extra.”

          I would recommend, rereading again what I wrote above and thinking for a moment.

          Socioeconomic system is determined (with some limited variations) by the level of technology, available resources etc … A society based on hunting and gathering will form differently than Plymouth Colony based on agriculture and crafts and differently than high tech societies with huge cities, globalized trade and domination of international corporations.

          Think, what will happen when the automation helped by artificial intelligence will make most of jobs redundant. Will XIX century model of production ownership work in the middle of XXI century? Just asking.

        • George Michalopulos says

          That’s true. That being said, the Pilgrims landed in a spot on the North American continent which had had a brutal winter and (like the Jerusalem Church), practiced an extreme form of communalism. In both cases they didn’t work. Perhaps because it was based on an agrarian economy.

          Socialism/collectivism as is found in Scandinavia can (or did) work for several decades. So to did Nazism and Fascism; far better in fact than international socialism (i.e. Communism). The reason (or so I believe) is because in the post-Pilgrim period, the nation-state arose. The modern polity can do things on an industrial scale that was impossible to conceive during the Middle Ages. This includes mass-slaughter on the battlefield among other things.

          Both Mussolini and Hitler were able to marshal the industrial capacity of Italy and Germany, respectively and force a symbiosis between the capitalist and the proletariate. Basically, “we’ll guarantee you no competition and no strikes but you have to pay your workers a living wage”.

          In both the soft, Scandinavian form and the hard, Hitlerian form, socialism/collectivism works if the right conditions are met but this includes a subjugation of the individual to the collective.

    • Martin, you said “We live in times of revolutionary technological change. There is no obvious reason why XVIII century classic liberal (free market) system would survive it without introducing significant changes at least resembling socialism”

      Would you please explain why times of revolutionary technological change need something more like socialism?

      • Steven, please do not put words in my mouth.

        I did not say that “times of revolutionary technological change need something more like socialism”. I said “There is no obvious reason why XVIII century classic liberal (free market) system would survive it without introducing significant changes at least resembling socialism”

        I posed the problem “what will happen when the automation helped by artificial intelligence will make most of jobs redundant”. Do you see “obvious reason” that such event (IF it takes place) would not require a fundamental change in redistribution of economic product?

        If you see this reason or way around, please explain me.

        • Martin

          What you’re saying seems right if the jobs that are lost aren’t replaced. If they are replaced however then perhaps things can go on more or less the same.

          Why can’t new jobs be found or created?

          • Steven: “Why can’t new jobs be found or created?”

            I guess they can be found. But not in the sector of producing basic goods needed for survival, and generating profits for the owners.

            It will be a big game changer, comparable to the agricultural revolution, when city based civilizations started to replace tribal societies.

            If it happens, if God allows it and if people show good will.

  6. Michael Bauman says

    Constantinos, the history these people study and believe teaches them that only ideas are important, not actual outcomes, not reality. In the end. thanks to the inevitable triumph of the dialectic process, their ideas will be proven correct regardless of any failure in the past (which is an irrelevant chimera anyway). BTW the Constitution and all laws must be regarded in the same light–ever changing in order to fit into the new point on the eschatological perfection of the dialectic that is always being reveled.

    Even without that most people think of history as some kind of linear cause and effect progression (especially the progressives). That is not only wrong, it is a lie originated and perpetrated to replace the Christian paradigm. Instead, it is simply another heresy. That idea became the cultural norm around WWII and has strengthened since then. Ever here the phrase “…the right side of history.” That is a ludicrous statement unless you assume a Heglian/Marxist dialectic process, i.e. , the impersonal force of “history” that drives us to perfection. However, because it is the cultural norm all of us have bought into it to some degree. The primary reason I have not to a great extent is because my parents were a generation older than most people my age. Their experience and deep intelligence created a legacy in which I knew from the earliest age that the material world, especially human beings were shaped and connected by a personal divine presence and will.

    Five things to ponder:
    1. Facts depend on context for their importance
    2. History is not linear cause and effect;
    3. Time in not linear
    4. We human beings cannot perfect ourselves or our societies.
    5. God’s Providence centered on the prayer we pray: “He is everywhere present and fillest all things….”

    I do not think that we are all that different a position than the Cappadocians during the high point of Arianism. The heresy of the dialectic has taken over most of the world and the Church. It affects us all.

    It is only by grace that the heresy of the dialectic will be defeated because it is a very well constructed heresy that is quite difficult to get outside of particularly when dealing with politics. Every single political action, thought or policy is founded to one degree or another on the heretical belief that we can and should control “history” or at least ride the wave all the way to the shore. That is why the Kafkaesque bureaucratic state persists.

    The solution: Metanoia! Fast, pray, repent, forgive, worship and give alms. Allow my mind and heart to be transformed and transfigured. Love my neighbor as myself or more. But it is so much more fun to be “engaged in the battle” on what we consider to be ‘the right side of history”. To really acknowledge the truth is not fun and many people are like C.S. Lewis who commented that when he became convinced of the truth of the Gospel, he was the most miserable of converts.

    O Lord, break my will that I may cry out to Thee of succor and submit to your love.

    • Michael Bauman

      I’m trying to understand more of what you’ve said. You said that history and time are neither lineal or a product of cause and effect. I don’t understand what this means exactly.

      Will you please go into this more, while excusing the fact that I can’t think of anything more to ask you about this theme?

      Also, would you please explain what the difference is between what seems to be the lineal progression from physical birth to physical death, as well as any other apparently lineal thing in life, and what’s really happening?


      • Michael Bauman says

        Steven, thank you for the question. I will address it more fully but one point of clarification (I hope). Time/history are not dialectic processes. The dialectic view of history is a false eschatology. That is only part of what I am trying to say. The rest will take more time than I have right at this moment. Hopefully this weekend.

        Martin, while cause and effect can and does operate in some capacity, it is incorrect to limit one’s understanding to a simple cause and effect relationships. I will attempt to address that more as well.

        As far as improvement vs perfection, it is not improvement that todays ideologues (of every persuasion) want so as far as I am concerned that is a moot point.

        The synergy that I have seen and experienced (such that it is) operates on an entirely unequal basis. We are as the Prodigal Son, any effort at genuine repentance is met with an entirely disproportionate response on the part of God.

        That is the Providential reality. Gifts of abundant mercy and grace are showered down upon us and well up within us all the time. In my case, those gifts are frequently ignored or rejected. That seems to be, judging by the Bible and other traditional testimony, the general state of mankind and what precipitated the fall.

        Only in a state of repentance can we possibly make anything better, otherwise we are still just mucking about in our pig sty. At best it is “of the Law”

    • Michael Bauman: Five things to ponder:

      “1. Facts depend on context for their importance”


      “2. History is not linear cause and effect;”

      Sometimes it is not, sometimes it is.

      “3. Time in not linear”

      Time is linear, but within it cyclical changes can occur.

      “4. We human beings cannot perfect ourselves or our societies.”

      We cannot “perfect” them, but we can improve them or make them worse.

      “5. God’s Providence centered on the prayer we pray: “He is everywhere present and fillest all things….””

      Divine will and power may work in synergy with human will and effort.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Michael, Martin, this is one of those rare occasions in which the premises which both of you posit are correct.

        The Hegelian/Marxian dialectic is indeed evil. To the extent that we have bought into it is apparent. (Are any conservatives any more against “gay marriage”?)

        This dialectic however is buttressed by nihilism. The twin engines of nihilism are feminism and faggotry. Both are juggernauts that have destroyed Western civilization. Unfortunately for them because they are ultimately chimeras (in that neither are viable without government subsidies and physical coercion), they are well on their way to collapsing on themselves.

        In other words, “tolerance” and “diversity”, are merely code-words that disguise the destructive power of egalitarianism. They are merely the process of transition between one orthodoxy (Christendom) and another (Sharia).

        • Michael Bauman says

          George, not arguing with Martin although there are some things that need to be fleshed out in my opinion. BTW the Heglian/Marist dialectic is nihilism and the engine of nihilism and its purpose Nietzsche quite clearly spelled out: “The destruction of ‘Thou shalt'” Any moral, legal, political or social prohibition against anything is simply to be destroyed if possible or better yet kept in place to control the masses, the herd, the deplorables while the Ubermenschen (How sexist of him don’t you know) are free to do as they will.

          That is why the demands for the end to restrictions is never ending. Egalitarianism is also a tool only as there is a quite obvious and necessary hierarchy within the nihilist philosophy.

          The Christian paradigm of mercy, grace, forgiveness and repentance is the ultimate evil.

          There are a lot of intertwining threads.

  7. Pat Reardon says

    George, its photographs and cartoons made this this piece very entertaining, and I have seriously needed entertainment lately.

    Thank you so much.

    • George Michalopulos says

      You’re quite welcome, Fr!

      Every now and then I get full of spit and vinegar about our smelly little orthodoxies (as G K Chesterton famously called them) and I have no compunction about pouring obloquy and mockery upon our so-called betters.

      I’ll try not to make a habit of it, but –by gum–they are in much need of mockery. (A little humility every now and then never hurt anybody.)

  8. Old Gold, new Brown, going Red... says

    Trump has gummed up the gears of Red/Leftist stampede for sure. Prez Barry nearly turned the tide to complete lunacy, socially speaking. Fake Repubs only lip service to the border, and Clinton would have sealed the deal for the swamp, if elected. Will the Trump band aid hold?

    Trouble is, forty odd years of open door southern border policy by the entire government complex has watered down the and changed voting patterns, shrunk the Republican Party, and most importantly the true right, not the fakers with (R) after their name and title. This still not enough, for leftist now want prisoners, minors, and illegals the right to vote, not to mention a push to abolish the Electoral College.

    Whether we like it, or not, sooner or later our nation will resemble California, and sooner or later California will go bankrupt. The fresh handful of 2020 Democrat hopefuls have shown their true face.

    Democrats are emboldened knowing the flood will continue, and freebies are the “IN” to the votes. Trump, in fact, has unintentionally made the flood worse . Trump mania has a hysterical rush to the border by rumors of sealed southern border. Leftists got word out of the free ride loopholes when adults come in with children, not to mention, leftist going full rogue with sanctuary cities, protecting criminals.

    Only hope politically, is that family oriented and religious Hispanics will become conservative in the long run. Trouble is that is why Dems, continue bringing fresh hordes of future left leaning voters thru our border, and Republicans look the other way, maintaining lower wages for big corps, and cheap services for the wealthy.

    No matter how well we fight against the flood of illegal border invaders true conservative numbers dwindle, theirs grow, and the flood keeps coming, wave after wave. It reminds me of the old 1960’s movie, Zulu, except we are finally defeated by the enemies outside and inside our gates.

    • George Michalopulos says

      In my opinion, Trump is playing Master Disrupter. Since the Demos and the RINOs don’t really see a problem (for their own reasons), he decided to “flood the zone”. It’s risky and strictly speaking, a dereliction of duty, but he decided to rub their faces in it.

      It seems to be working. Jeh Johnson, Obama’s Director of Homeland Security was on a Sunday chat show and he said that there was indeed a crisis on the Southern border. Mitt Romney, who is the definition of a cuckservative was on another Sunday chat show and he said that Trump has “a winning issue for 2020” as to the border.

      If Trump loses to a true Marxist (basically any Dem running right now), the situation will get so bad that America will turn into a Third-world hellhole the likes of Brazil. Like that country, armed gangs and mafias will rise up to defend tribal areas (and guess what? the white majority will become tribal as well!). No quarter will be given and the irony will be that it will be incumbent upon Trump’s successor to finish the wall and start mass deportations.

      Having said that, I think Trump has a better than 80% chance of winning reelection, especially if the economy keeps on chugging along as it is presently. And especially if the situation on the border gets so bad that even Dems running for president start admitting it. What are they going to say? Vote for me because I want the Wall to be only 20 ft high whereas Orange Hitler wants it 30 ft high?

      It’s amazing but their falling for all his traps.

      • Old Gold, new Brown, going Red... says

        Realty and some truth has finally come to surface for both parties, and those who support Trump. So much time has passed, and the spoon fed rehash has lost it flavor. Normal people want jobs and wages that can support a family, and a Goverment and military that protects it own first. The two parties lies of the past no longer fly, hence Trump.

        After all what good have all the wars done to better the nation for the middle class, and what has all the social programs done to improve the poor? In the the long run the two parties have push the middle class to poverty, and the poor from a hint of hope to hopeless perpetual hand out society, with hate for the hand that feeds them, and ammunition to keep tension high between the races.

        After all if we are all white nationalist, then no one is.

        My new favorite conservative is Candance Owens, who simply by the treatment she receives from the left, is all we need to know about the evil party. I hope she sparks a light to more African Americans.

        • Old Pilate, Now Mueller? says

          Mueller to Trump: “Do you not hear so many things they testify against you?

          Mueller to the Leftist Mob: “I find no crimes in this man, Trump!”

          Mob: “He is a false King! He colludes against our true King!

          Mueller: “But what of Hillary, and her crimes? What I should I do with her? Free Hillary or Trump?”

          Leftist Mob: “Free Hillary! We want Hillary!”

          Mueller: “And what would you, have I do with your King Trump?

          Leftist Mob: “Have him crucified!”

          And so Mueller washes his hands of Trump…

          …And the show goes on.