Cleaning House…

Obviously, Nicholas Chancy’s article and Fr. Robert Arida’s essay are attracting much attention. As most everybody knows, I allow free and robust discussion. Unlike OCANews, I don’t censor or prevent antithetical opinions from being seen on this blog. Monomakhos is glad to provide a forum to discuss the hotly-debated issue of corruption in the Church.

Now I need to sharpen the policy.

Earlier, I asked a correspondent named Steven to back up his accusation against a deacon by naming him. In retrospect, I believe I made a mistake. As editor, I am asking all commentators to refrain from making specific accusations against clergy and others who not advocate positions in public. Unless the person in question has taken a public stand either in behavior, speaking, or writing, I will remove all comments that names him. I hope that the correspondents will understand.

Clergymen and others who are openly sympathetic to immorality and countenance it in word or deed (even if they don’t indulge in the sin in question) will be taken to task. Monomakhos does not tolerate fools gladly and we will continue to expose hypocrisy, corruption and shabby and illogical thinking. We don’t grovel before the Altar of Political Correctness.