And the Battle Goes Ever On…

You would think that the Lavender wing of the various Orthodox jurisdictions would get the hint by now that the normalization of sodomy ain’t happening. No doubt this book was planned before the election. Judging by the responses of some of our correspondents, I’d say that the loss of the uber-compentent Hillary to an oafish, garrulous billionaire was more than they could take.

So why now? Why is this magnum opus on the wonderulness of homosexuality coming out now? My guess is that there are internal murmurings amongst the Progressive set; that they got a couple of “wink-wink/nudge-nudges” from some of the attendees of the Cretan Robber Council. You know: “lay low for the time being, things are proceeding in the right direction,” “It’s only a matter of time,” etc.

Clearly, some are hoping that the eventual ratification of the Council will somehow seep into the body politic of the Orthodox Churches so that in some passive manner, the Phanariote-controlled churches will say “it’s a done deal.” The authors of this book will then point to what the Council said about “persons” and we’re off to the races.

On the other hand, I may be reading too much into any possible collusion between these authors and some of their sympathizers on the Council. It’s possible that these essayists are going off the reservation and taking it upon themselves to set things aright regarding sodomy.

I imagine anything’s possible.

Regardless, some of these names will take many of you Monomakhos readers down memory lane. Some names (Arida, Stokoe, McDowell) are familiar to us already. I’m sure you readers could point out more. It’d be interesting to see if any of these priests, theologians and activists are disciplined by their various hierarchs. Something tells me that they won’t be. I don’t think that the various primates here in America have the stomach for another go-round in the culture wars. And I’m pretty certain that some bishops are secret (and not-so-secret) sympathizers.

If you’re so inclined, please feel free to contact the bishop or primate of your jurisdiction. Ask them personally if the Church is rethinking its stances on sexual deviancy.

Or if you’re not so inclined and think that there are some pearls of wisdom ready to be mined from some of these essays, be sure and reserve your copy today.

Anyway, I guess it’s clear in these authors’ minds: some of us are “more wonderfully made” than others. [Photo courtesy of Byzantine, Texas]


  1. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    To what book do you refer?

    • Peter Millman says

      Your Grace,
      I was wondering the same thing myself.

    • Ronda Wintheiser says

      I wonder the same thing, George. What book are you talking about?

    • Precisely. There are few mindreaders out here.

      A URL perhaps would help? Some actual factual content about the book?

    • Stephanie G. Petersen says

      Yes, what is the title of the book, and the author?

    • Stephanie G. Petersen says

      Oh, I see it now. It took longer to post than the letter.

    • I was wondering the same thing, but a closer look reveals the book’s title: FOR I AM WONDERFULLY MADE. It seems they left out “fearfully.”

      A visit to Byzantine Texas reveals its author and “contributors.” Given that they include all the usual echo chamber of suspects, some of whom claim to be “Orthodox,” this is doubtless a case of a book and its cover in which the old adage concerning judgement does not apply.

      I do often wonder, Your Grace. What, exactly, is a bishop’s responsibility in the case of a presbyter in his charge who constantly colludes with heretics (both in teaching and conduct) in the academic realm?

    • The book shown in the photo: “For I Am Wonderfully Made”

  2. I know I will be labeled a simple minded fool by many here, but I don’t care I love my church too much, to worry what others think of me. My point and question to all is, why can’t our church leaders speak clearly,and to the point, why do I need a clergy scholar, lawyer, or a type of “church CPA” to understand what was accomplished at the so called “Cretan Robber Council”, or for that matter most things written by our Bishops, and Patriarchate. Even George here on Monomahkos could not put words to the Cretan council, and waited for a summary of the event by a Bishop in Greece to clarify the meeting. Yet still all we hear is rumors of what was really meant.

    My understanding is our church is not growing, and many see the church as the culture club, or a family tradition, to show up to, light a candle, and shout truly he is risen, and then scatter, before liturgy even begins. Many Democrats jumped over to Trump, because they could no longer connect with their party. I’m afraid many in our church do not connect, or find any inspiration from our leaders. I understand that the church, and our Lord should be enough, to attend, but sadly for most it’s not, and our leaders do not help.

    When our leaders get off the their high horses, and not let their crowns go to their heads, perhaps things might change. The laity needs clarity, plain and simple, not politicians.

    A simple example is if a known, and open practicing homosexual, perhaps even legally married, to the same sex, wants to receive communion, and is denied by the priest, why is there any debate at all?

    Our church needs to make their YES, YES, and their NO, NO. AND work on communicating, and inspiring the laity with the Gospel, instead of impressing each other, and abandon their insatiable love of power.

    • My son, an Orthodox priest, says with only half his tongue in cheek that this is why bishops wear the crowns of princes, meaning that we see them in their crowns at precisely the time when the Russian liturgical tradition reminds us not to trust in them. He means no disrespect by this, as any good bishop would be the first to remind us not to put our trust in him.

  3. Pat Reardon says

    Nothing will come of this book, I suspect, as long as it stays out of the bookstores connected to our parishes.

    Having visited some of those book stores, however, I wouldn’t count on it.

  4. Homosexuality is a plague sent by the Holy God to people who have entered into the great whore and live for bread alone. There actions totally disregard the 2 Great Commandments, expressly spoken by our Victorious Lord Jesus Christ. The 3 responses to temptations are the purest of Truth, concerning the Will of Our Father and the Lord’s Father. Nothing will match this Pure Divine Truth as being the Pure Will of God. There is nothing higher or greater. Do the Vision, as the Christ did, or perish. None will do it perfectly like the Christ, but don’t give up striving, to give up is perdition. Let Perfect Divine Justice uphold you and the Infinite Mercy of the Divinity of the Holy Trinity.