And How Did You Celebrate St George Floyd’s Day?

Myself, I took a pass.

By the looks of it in Minneapolis, ground zero for the Passion of St George Floyd, things went off with a bang! At George Floyd Square, no less!

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Anyway, let’s take stock of Year 1 of the Georgian Age of Racial Reconciliation, shall we?

The murder rate in the United States is up 34.4 percent.  That’s the national average.  To get a clearer picture, contrast this with the murder rate in urban areas, which is up a whopping 53 percent!

Let’s break down the first number: in the 365 days prior to Floyd’s death (from a fentanyl overdose), there were 13,024 murders. In the 365 days since then Floyd’s death, there have been 17,499 deaths, an increase of 4,475 fatalities. The overwhelming majority of victims have been African-Americans.

For a stunning perspective, contrast this with the number of blacks who were lynched over the last three centuries.  According to the NAACP, that number comes to 3,446.  (This would include the 23 blacks who were killed during the Tulsa race riot a hundred years ago where yesterday, Biden addressed a hundred or fewer people.)

Clearly, the movement officially known as Black Lives Matter isn’t working to improve black lives, much less save them. Perhaps Black Lives Murdered would be a more accurate appellation?

In the meantime, 2020 was the deadliest year on record for the killing of policemen (some of whom were black). And the property values of those American cities that enjoyed weeks on end of the Floyd Festivities have plummeted. Unlike the last half-century, when gentrification came in decades later and revitalized some of the urban areas blighted by the 60s race riots, I don’t see how things are going to get better this time around.

None of this was necessary.  And it sticks in my craw they are using the very people with painful connections to this event to do it.  In a better world, we would empower the Federal government to root out those people and institutions (e.g. George Soros, the Corporate Media, Hollywood, etc) who were responsible for ginning up this carnage.

But we don’t live in a “better world”.  We live in an upside-down world where the truth doesn’t matter.

Biden stated:  The events we speak of today took place 100 years ago.  And yet, I’m the first President in 100 years ever to come to Tulsa — (applause) — I say that not as a compliment about me, but to think about it — a hundred years, and the first President to be here during that entire time, and in this place, in this ground, to acknowledge the truth of what took place here.

There he goes again; channeling someone else’s experiences.  Trump visited Tulsa almost a year ago to the day.  He spoke to a huge crowd whose numbers were grossly understated.  How do I know?  I was there.

BOK seats 19,199.  Here’s a picture I took during the event.  Sure looks like there were more than the 6,200 participants the media reported, right?


Fox News recorded an average of 7.7 million viewers that night (peaking at 8.2 near the 9:00 p.m. EDT hour), which it stated was its highest Saturday primetime viewership in network history.

Joey Boy loves stealing other people’s stories, doesn’t he?  Even Trumps.

And so, barring a miracle (like Trump running again in 2024 and getting reelected), we can say this about our great cities: “stick a fork in them, they’re done”.  The question is will these imploding cities and their lying cronies take down the rest of the nation with them?

Lord have mercy.



  1. Jane Tzilvelis says

    Biden is a race baiter.
    Biden is an instigator.
    Biden is a nasty sob
    Biden is burying Americans in debt
    Biden licks the boots of the central banks
    Biden has compromised our military
    Biden….(add to the list if you wish)

    • George Michalopulos says

      I wouldn’t say he’s a “race traitor”. “Traitor”, CCP bootlicker, grifter, that’s enough to put on anybody’s demonic resume.

  2. Jane Tzilvelis says

    Paul Craig Roberts
    Without Truth There Is No Freedom

  3. You see some members of BLM are getting out of it. What does that tell you???

  4. Only if we allow them to do so.

  5. “I don’t see how things are going to get better this time around.”

    They’re not meant to.

    • George Michalopulos says

      The problem with that Brendan is that the goal of anarcho-tyranny is to constantly cause anarchy so that the tyrants can sleep safely in their beds. Ultimately, this is an impossibility: the anarchy will eventually catch up with the tyrants.

      On the other hand, wise oligarchs use ideological revolutions to implant a new master class/race. That can work assuming that the new overlords are capable themselves of offering something superior to the people. Think of it this way: when the Spaniards conquered Central and South America, they imposed a colonialist system that was superior in many ways to what obtained before. Same with the Normans who conquered the Anglo-Saxons, Scots, Welsh and Irish. These were not nice people but they created –and could sustain–a superior civilization. (You can go down the line: Rome, Islam, the Mogul in India, the Manchu in China, etc. and see that this is so.)

      Forgive me, but the ideologies of BLM/antifa/SJW are built on lies and wishful thinking. They cannot sustain the American Empire. That is because their inherent contradictions cripple them from the outset.

      Let me give you an example: it’s clear that Biden has no legitimacy. The other day, he was in Tulsa to inaugurate a new dispensation. Our local newspaper printed out that “crowds” attended this event. Do you know how many people showed up? 120.

      Even the grievance mongers who always have their hands out did not bother to show up. They know that despite the daily, weekly, monthly protestations of the local news media, the entire “Tulsa Race Massacre” thing was a hoax.

      It’s only a matter of time before everybody takes a peek behind the curtain and sees that everything we’ve been told over the last couple of decades was an illusion. We are even seeing this in the Orthodox Church, wherein most of us can plainly see that the Phanar has lost all credibility.

      • My only disagreement with any of this is that
        the Normans did not conquer either the Irish or the Scots.

        However, ‘anarcho-tyranny’ seems to be
        another name for ‘perpetual revolution’.

  6. Seraphim says

    A couple, sincere, questions:

    1. Would Trump getting re-elected really change anything? I mean he was in office all of 2020 and he didn’t do anything about the riots/murders. It seemed he was trying to go by the federalist system we’re supposed to be abiding by, which I applaud. Leftists tried to draw all these parallels between Trump and Hitler. Yet for a guy who had plenty of opportunities to push for greater federal control, he didn’t take them.

    2. You spoke of empowering the federal government to go after these big corporations. But couldn’t that be a “sauce for the goose” situation? Seems like most of our leaders are as corrupt as the corporations.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Seraphim, good questions. Let me address them as best I can.

      First question. Trump redidivus would be better a better fit because now he knows where the bodies are buried. In certain instances (say, Afghanistan), he was boxed in by the neocons who had Lt Gen H R McMaster and John Bolton in charge as agents-in-place. Also, things are spinning out of control at the Pentagon (and pretty much everywhere else). The entire neoconservative/neoliberal paradigm is losing all legitimacy. In addition, a Trump who could not stand for reelection would feel empowered to clean out the Augean stables as much as they can be. Also, I see the various States increasing their sovereignty as we speak so the central government will be weaker in 5 years than it already is.

      Two. I get your point about “empowering the federal government”. That is indeed a two-edged sword. One we should be very wary of. Having said that, the demonic enterprise that is the current maladministration going about its business should not shy good people from doing that which is justified, both by morality and the Constitution.

      Two additional things give me hope. Recently 124 retired generals and admirals wrote an open letter to Biden which questioned his mental stability, the manifest election fraud, and warning him that we are at the brink of civil war. They would not have done this had they not had support from withing the still sane parts of the Pentagon. The same was done earlier in France, with their retired top brass and then again with several active-duty military brass.

      In the last two months, the Supreme Court handed down no less than four (4) unanimous rulings that were sympathetic to earlier Trumpian actions.

      Both of these actions are clear shots across the bow to the Deep State that they’ve gone too far.

      • George,

        Yes, I expect Trump 2.0 to be a bit different. The fundamental reason being that he need not stand for election ever again. That, actually, is what the Left most feared about him. They thought all stops would be out and he would wage unbridled war on MSMFBICIADNCCP/Big Tech without concern as to consequences.

        Someone needs to, that much is certain. DeSantis also seems like a guy with mojo. He would make a good VP and if he ran against Trump, I would be hard pressed to make a decision, given Trump’s earlier failures at trigger pulling. He was not sufficiently ruthless while being needlessly bombastic.

        That being said, maybe you need a psycho-bull to sustain a war against the Establishment and reject compromise. And you can’t micromanage the focus of a psycho-bull, you just let him rampage and take out everything he despises and then it is left to the rest of MAGA to wipe out any surviving remainder. And you just thank God that he got 80-90 percent of it done for you.

        • George Michalopulos says

          DeSantis is the gold standard when it comes to governors. I can envision a scenario in which Trump so cleared the field and upset the swamp applecart that someone like DeSantis could come in and finish the job.

          One thing is certain, we’re not going back to the bad old days.

  7. I wonder when GOARCH will officially canonize George Floyd. Would not surprise with them contributing to this bologna:

    • Jane Tzilvelis says

      The Archbishop must obey the power brokers who give away free loans and other “ goodies.”

      • I’ve never understood why some Orthodox hierarchs seem to think that the Orthodox faithful are impressed by virtue signaling.

        All of my Orthodox Christian friends know how flaccid and ridiculous this pandering and virtue signaling is. We’re much more impressed by the “real deal” — the St Johns of Shanghai and S.F., the St Sebastian Dabovich’s, the St Tikhons of America.

        Who is Abp E’s intended audience with this virtue signaling? Is it American Orthodox Christians? Or is he virtue signaling to Houstonian protestant/secular “leaders” like Joel Osteen in the hopes that they are impressed by the GOAA?

        If it’s the latter, then it’s the same thing all over again — the GOAA reflexively coming from a place of need and shame, doing anything it can to curry acceptance, affirmation, and attention from secular American culture. Why oh why does the GOAA always fall back into that pattern?

        • I’ve never understood why some Orthodox hierarchs seem to think that the Orthodox faithful are impressed by virtue signaling.

          Your last paragraph sums it up nicely, FTS. It is not the faithful they seek to impress. It is an endless search for a kind of relevance to this world that is irrelevant to the Gospel. Or, to put it another way, a useless attempt to impress precisely those who are unfaithful.

          The GOAA is not alone in this. It seems to be the primary modus operandi of the patriarchate to which they belong.

  8. While I would have much preferred Trump/Pence to the Biden/Harris freak show we’re living with now I would rather see someone else emerge as the conservative standard bearer in 2024 . Too much baggage with Trump. I don’t see him as the miracle cure.

  9. George Michalopulos says
  10. George Michalopulos says

    Um, OK (?):

    I used to think that no matter how bad liberalism destroyed colleges, that the STEM fields would at least be immune from their nonsense. Because, you know, 2+2=4, velocity is 32 ft/s, if you have an XX chromosomal pair, you’re a woman; if on the other hand, you had the XY configuration, then you’re a man.

    I mean, it’s science, isn’t it? How could the libtards possibly screw that up?

  11. “Because, you know…velocity is 32 ft/s…
    I mean, it’s science, isn’t it?”

    Err… not exactly…
    32 feet per second squared is the acceleration of an object due to gravity.
    Velocity, however, is speed in a specified direction…

    “We normally think of velocity as the speed at which an object is traveling. But in physics, velocity and speed are not the same. Like speed, velocity refers to the rate at which an object is moving—the distance per unit of time. But velocity in physics also includes the direction in which the object is moving, whereas direction has no bearing on an object’s speed. For example, if two cars were driving at a rate of 50 miles per hour, and both headed due north, you could rightly say that they were both traveling at the same speed and at the same velocity. But if one of the cars were to turn west at a certain point, continuing at the same rate of 50 miles per hour, you could only say that they were traveling at the same speed, not at the same velocity. Similarly, traveling around a curve, a car may maintain the same speed throughout, but its velocity will be constantly changing. This change in velocity over time is called acceleration.”

    • What you are attempting to express is acceleration due to gravity, which is 32 ft. per second, per second. I.e., the velocity of an object in free fall begins at 32 ft. per second and adds an additional 32 ft. per second for every second it continues to fall. Eventually, in an atmosphere, that force is substantially countered by wind resistance.

      Climate Change is the corruption of science for political purposes. It is baseless and contrived solely to provide a pseudo-scientific rationale for reductions in carbon and CO2. – i.e., green issues, as well as a club with which to bludgeon capitalism. So scientists have no hint of a reluctance to lie for power. It is fallen human nature. Especially when there is grant money on the table. The easiest way to settle the question in the scientific community of whether X exists is to heavily fund the study of the effects of X.

      “Of course, it exists!”

      Never argue with the devil. He is not interested in the truth. He already knows the truth and has rejected it as an obstacle. Argument to him is the process of obfuscation, confusion and exhaustion. It is undertaken to waste the opponent’s time, move him toward perfectionist self-critique, and to reduce all things to absurdity.

      Preach to the choir, but grow that choir. Shun the devil.

      • Tu: “What you are attempting to express is acceleration
        due to gravity, which is 32 ft. per second, per second.”

        Moi: “32 feet per second squared is the acceleration of an object due to gravity.”

        I see no difference between the two statements.

        • No offense intended. I noticed there was back and forth about it and thought I’d flesh it out as a segue way to the rest of my comment. I.e., I was replying more to the exchange than to your particular comment.

          I should have been less aloof, I wasn’t remarking on you as a commenter at all, just expressing general stuff. Rereading it though, I see where one could assume I meant all of it directed to the person to whom I replied. I apologize for any confusion on that.