American Twilight? A Guest Editorial

HillaryIf the American people (that is, eligible citizens plus who knows how many duplicate and other illegal votes in Democrat districts) elect a candidate to the U.S. presidency in 2016

  • whom a solid majority, according to every political opinion poll I’ve seen, regard as a “liar, “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy,” and
  • whose countless lies to the American people over the years have woven a tangled web of blatant contradictions that anyone with ears can hear or eyes can see, except the fawning, politicized, and thoroughly corrupt mainstream media, and
  • who violated State Department requirements concerning official emails and servers, and who received and transmitted on non-government devices emails with classified information that any entry-level U.S. military officer or federal civilian official would recognize immediately and that indisputably compromised national security, and
  • whose “wiping” of the email server after a Congressional request for official emails is a classic Watergate-style cover-up in violation of specific provisions of the U.S. Code, and
  • whose rise to public office as a U.S. Senator from New York and U.S. Secretary of State was enabled primarily by her marriage to the notorious philanderer, William Jefferson Clinton, and who accomplished little to nothing in those exalted federal positions, and
  • whose scandal-ridden personal and professional history now includes dereliction of duty leading, in part, to the preventable death of two State Department officials under her care—Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith Chris—as well as two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, heroic former U.S. Navy SEALs who heroically disobeyed inexplicable stand-down orders and attempted to save other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, and
  • whose primary appeal to voters is her “gender,” as if a person’s chromosomes have any relevance to statecraft, which, in any case, does not give her pause as she champions the abortion of unborn boys and girls with no restrictions for any reason whatsoever, while requiring that American taxpayers finance that enormity through misbegotten organizations such as Planned Parenthood, with no exceptions for religious dissent,

then my respect for the U.S. Constitution and confidence in the body politic will cease.  The unique American experiment in ordered liberty will have failed, and the “last, best hope for mankind,” as Abraham Lincoln said about this nation (from a strictly secular perspective), will have vanished.

But I’m an optimist who hopes and prays that the candidate described above will be indicted by a grand jury convened by the U.S. Department of Justice after an impartial, thorough, honest FBI investigation. That would spare the nation a political apocalypse and allow all of us to “move on.”

Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster, Ph.D., is a retired U.S. Army chaplain (Colonel) and parish priest of St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia), Stafford, Virginia.


  1. Tim R. Mortiss says

    Hey, George, not to worry— the Republicans have a great lineup; everything will be fine!

  2. Now with Biden bowing out of the contest, Hillary has a clear path to the Oval Office. And this is also thanks to the Republicans (McCarthy et al) who expressed the real reason behind the Benghazi investigation, in part–an effort to disgrace her and railroad her campaign. In fact, she will use it to her advantage in the hearings which start tomorrow. And there will be no indictments; it’s all done.

  3. Francis Frost says

    Well, well, it seems that the much initialed Archpriest PhD has harrumphed again!!!

    Father Alexander, PhD is certainly entitled to his opinion about politics and political figures. If fact, I agree with him about Ms. Clinton’s failures and faults.

    At the same time, I believe in the American constitution, and I am willing to allow the America electorate to make their collective choice for the next president without threats and intimidation. Apparently, Father Alexander no longer believes in American democracy. or the rule of law.

    My advice for the reverend Father, is that if he is serious about his discontent, he might well abandon America and decamp to the glories of Holy Russia. If he purchases a one way ticket, I am more than willing to pay the fare.

    Of course, Father Alexander’s outrage is as selective as is his memory.

    Father Alexander has conveniently forgotten that his Chief Hierarch, Patriarch Kirill has been publicly exposed as a liar about his airbrushed $40,000 Breguet watch. Father Alexander has forgotten that his Patriarch is, according to public court documents, cohabiting with a woman in his apartment ‘Na Berezhye’, filled with priceless antiques and art. He forgets that his Patriarch Kirill violated the Canons of the church by using a civil lawsuit to misappropriate his neighbor’s property on trumped up charges.

    Father Alexander conveniently forgets that his heroes in the Kremlin have used Muslim mercenaries to massacre innocent Orthodox civilians in Georgia and Ukraine.

    Father Alexander conveniently forgets that his Moscow Patriarchate has repeatedly violated the Orthodox canons by invading the territory of the Georgina Orthodox Patriarchate and setting up schismatic “Eparchies” in the occupied territories. He also forgets that hiss patriarchate’s interloper bishops, standing on Georgian soil in violation of the sacred canons and in violation of the Lord’s own command, “blessed” the armaments used to murder innocent civilians, and used to desecrate and destroy ancient holy places.

    Farther Alexander forgets that these facts have been clearly and repeatedly documented here and elsewhere. He also forgets that he has never offered any rebuttal to these facts, nor any excuse for these crimes.

    Father Alexander clearly has forgotten the ancient advice “ Know yourself”.

    His diatribes say far more about him, than they do about America or “the West”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Francis, surely you jest. “Democracy” stopped existing when five justices made up law out of whole cloth. The legislated, not adjudicated. And let’s not forget, wherever gay “marriage” went before the states, it was defeated each and every time. Even in ultra-liberal states like California. It went before 32 states and every one of those 32 states voted it down.

      Not democratic any way you slice it.

      • GM:

        Not democratic any way you slice it.

        FYI: we live in a republic, not some vulgar democracy that exists only in your imagination. There’s more to it than just endless plebiscites. Google “judicial review” to begin your education on this subject.

        • George Michalopulos says

          OOM, I am most definitely aware that we live in a Republic. It’s the liberals/progressives who endlessly prattle on about “Democracy.” I was merely feeding their words back in their mouths.

          As for judicial review, that is nowhere in the Constitution. The Supreme Court arrogated fist uttered those words and arrogated unto themselves those powers in Marbury vs Madison (1800). It was a terrible day when neither the Executive nor the Legislature decided to take umbrage and strip them of those powers.

          Instead of “googling” judicial review, I would ask you to read instead The Federalist Papers and read what “Publius” thought about the Judiciary.

          One final thing: as a republican who believes in minority rights, I have no problem with the Congress and the president making/executing laws. There are enough stop-gaps in the entire process (e.g. a bicameral Legislature, presidential veto, legislative override, etc.) to ensure that constitutionality will be enforced even in the face of overwhelming majoritarianism.

          And let’s not forget, the power is even more diffused among the States. (To say nothing about the strictly ennumerated powers of the Federal govt. Which of course have been thrown aside thanks to Wilson and his successors.)

        • Daniel E Fall says

          Actually OOM, legislation from the bench is a horrible problem in America and George is at least somewhat right. Judicial fiat should only apply in the rarest of cases.

          A couple that are perfect examples would be Graham v Connor and especially Tennesee v Garner. Cases that have established the absolutely bogus rights of police to basically say ‘I was scared’ and kill anyone. In fact, these ‘laws’ are so bogus, even a good minded conservative should want them legislated.

          That said, if the populists want every third child executed for population control, the judiciary has its place (a little fun with pop). But the judiciary definitely has a place in matter, just not establishment of all our laws.

          And Ronda, below, mentions the Roe decision. The states clearly had no business defining such a law because if they made it illegal to cross the border to get a lawful abortion in another state, etc. But in Ronda’s defense, the Roe decision would have been better legislated and she may not like it, but it would have been federal to avoid the obvious problem with state variations. Unfortunately, the problem with many of these decisions is they become popular today and unpopular tomorrow. And when legislated, popular wins, or if you use the conservative Congress of late as an example, nothing happens. In the case of nothing, the courts must act, and we get the decisions that we so unlike.

          And I don’t profess to have any answer. Just see a problem. The courts defining how we police, for example, to me is bizarre. But again, the legislature has never taken up the matter.

      • Ronda Wintheiser says

        Actually, if that’s how we measure when “democracy” died, it was Roe v. Wade what killed it.

        (In 1973, abortion was illegal in 30 states and legal in limited circumstances — rape or incest — in 20 other states.)

      • Nicholas Chiazza says

        You know, George, you mentioned you like debate. However in your postings you have slandered the OCA, liberals, California and homosexuals, which seems to be your favorite sin. Do you go after Jews as well? Your unflattering picture of Hilary Clinton is unfair and only proves that your website is nothing but a smear campaign against anyone who holds views different that yours. One of these days you will go too far. I pray that day comes soon.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Mr Chiazza, like me, you paint with an overly-broad brush. I don’t “slander” any of those institutions or groups you accuse me of. I am critical –that’s a difference.

          Regarding homosexuals, I’ve made mention at least a dozen times how I care not a white about people’s private lives. I’ve also mentioned the fact that I have homosexual relatives and friends. What I criticize is that militant wing that wants to reorder human civilization around their particular fetishes. I criticize it because (1) it’s wrong, (2) because it won’t work and (3) the elevation of yet another protected class of people will only work because the majority will have to be put down. In other words it will fail –spectacularly. And when it does, homosexuals will bear the brunt of the revenge that is to come. More to come on that in the future.

          As for going after Libs/Progs, why not? Their materialist/crusading instinct made our present egalitarian system possible. Not because egalitariansm is the natural state of affairs but because the engine of the state has to be harnessed in order to make that which is unworkable (e.g. feminism, homosexualism) workable. Think of the levees in New Orleans –giant pumping stations that have to work 100% of the time otherwise nature takes over (and it always takes over).

          As for Jews, I don’t “go after them” because I admire them. That doesn’t mean that they are above scrutiny. I am 100% Greek and I’ve critiqued Greek influence in American Orthodoxy. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I’m a patriotic American and I’ve criticized American power abroad and the demolition of our civic virtue here. No person or group (and I include myself in this regard) is above criticism.

          • Nicholas Chiazza says

            “Mr Chiazza, like me, you paint with an overly-broad brush.”

            Speak for yourself, George. A brush that wide can only be used for paper hanging.

            “Regarding homosexuals, I’ve made mention at least a dozen times how I care not a white about people’s private lives. I’ve also mentioned the fact that I have homosexual relatives and friends. What I criticize is that militant wing that wants to reorder human civilization around their particular fetishes. I criticize it because (1) it’s wrong, (2) because it won’t work and (3) the elevation of yet another protected class of people will only work because the majority will have to be put down. In other words it will fail –spectacularly. And when it does, homosexuals will bear the brunt of the revenge that is to come. More to come on that in the future.”

            Now, now, George, I thought people on this blog were getting tired of a display of credentials. I’m very happy you have gay relatives and friends. So do I. I have also lost gay relatives and friends. As for the “militant wing” as you call it, under the The Bill of Rights people have the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. This was done with a view to limit excess of government, which I’m sure is as dear to the heart of every conservative as it to mine. “The militant wing?” I would hardly call a gay pride parade “militant.” The only way gays can become militant is to join the armed forces as many have.

            I’m afraid, George, your language betrays you. The demeaning language you use toward so-called militant gays shows you hate gays at heart, especially if you believe they will bear the brunt of mythical vengeance. Gays will serve and prove you wrong.

            And what really breaks my heart, George, is that you keep coming back to the old timeworn topics again and again. I just got through reading your essay on Canon 28. Enjoyed it very much. I’d like to see more on Orthodoxy and less on politics. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to run out and buy your book.

        • Estonian Slovak says

          George doesn’t have to “slander” the above-mentioned groups. Many of them do a finr job of discrediting themselves. As for Jews, most of the Antisemitism today seems to be coming from the left.The lef, for the most part, wants Israel wiped off the map. Although relgious Jews oppose the gay lifestyle, Israel is the only country in the Middle East which tolerates it. Perhaps someone could explain why one can support gay rights and at the same time, want the destruction of the only Middle Eastern country which grants those rights.

          • Nicholas Chiazza says

            “George doesn’t have to “slander” the above-mentioned groups.”

            Then he shouldn’t.

            “Many of them do a finr job of discrediting themselves. As for Jews, most of the Antisemitism today seems to be coming from the left.The lef, for the most part, wants Israel wiped off the map.”

            Really? Where do you get this from?

            “Although relgious Jews oppose the gay lifestyle, Israel is the only country in the Middle East which tolerates it. Perhaps someone could explain why one can support gay rights and at the same time, want the destruction of the only Middle Eastern country which grants those rights.”

            Well, the liberals I know don’t want the destruction of anything. I dismiss your information as hearsay.
            The reason they tolerate gays is because they remember the Holocaust when both went into the ovens.
            And remember, Hitler slandered before he killed. You have the hatemongers who slandered, and the dimwits who believed. The dimwits were the ones that made Hitler possible. Think about it. Or at least proofread.

            • Estonian Slovak says

              My source is my brother, ultra-liberal, not gay, but pro-gay marriage. He’s not anti-Semitic per se; we had a Jewish Great-Grandfather. He just wants Israel destroyed or neutralized. Source number two, a co-worker, both gay and liberal. I remember clearly on 9/11, he said these words exactly, “Even if we find out that Moslem/Arab terrorist group is responsible, we should TAKE OUT Israel, because they are a destabilizing force in the Middle East”.
              As for the brother, he rarely met a Moslem or gay he didn’t like, and rarely met a Christian or Jew he did like. Not surprisingly, his favorite church is the Episcopalian church, though he’s never been baptized anywhere, thanks to our leftist parents.

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Estonian Slovak speaks of wiping Israel off the map as meaning the destruction of it!
            THE USSR HAS BEEN WIPED OFF EVERYONE’S MAPS, while the Russia Federation and, e.g. Ukraine live on. Israel could also be wiped off everyone’s maps tomorrow without physical harm to the place. Why not call it Herzlstan, or Meirstan? Or Einsteinia? Bibi is a great grand-stander about this map-wiping.
            Iran has a good-sized Jewish community that has managed to live in the region for millennia and is represented in the Iranian parliament (Majlis)-has its synagogues and Hebrew schools.

            I’m not sure why Frost thinks map-wiping is extermination. The country that faces extermination is Palestine (Philistia), as always….

            As a liberal of no mean magnitude, I don’t understand Frost’s allegedly “liberal” support for all kinds of nationalism and jingoism either.

            • Michael Warren says

              I suspect that another Soviet Union will emerge within the next 25 years during a period where the American empire will collapse due to its debt and become a confederation of regions on the verge of dissolution due to a Weimar reality of malaise and poverty.

            • Estonian Slovak says

              I understand, Your Grace, that there was a proposal in 1948 to name the new state “Irving” because Israel sounded too Jewish!

        • cynthia curran says

          Yeah, George is probably not that friendly about jews since he is a paleo-conservative.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Cynthia, kindly re-read my response to Mr Chiazza.

          • Nicholas Chiazza says

            “Yeah, George is probably not that friendly about jews since he is a paleo-conservative.”

            My fault for not noticing his club.

  4. Daniel E Fall says

    The most interesting thing for me is how the Democrats failed to hold Cas Weinberger and Reagan responsible for either the deaths of 200 servicemen or the failure to take any action afterwards, but the Republicans have taken Hillary to the bank on Bengazi.

    You gotta do what you gotta do, but Ronnie did nothing.

    • I just read her opening statement and she laid it out in a professional and empathetic manner. Wondering if she will bring up the Republican partisan efforts (McCarthy et al) that tried to bring her down. Republicans have again paved the way for her to the Oval Office, thanks also to Trump and his machinations. Go Repubs!

    • Nicholas Chiazza says

      “You gotta do what you gotta do, but Ronnie did nothing.”

      That, Daniel was his platform.

      • Daniel E Fall says

        For a hawk to do nothing in response to the Beirut bombings was a travesty.

        It was the Dems that needed to force his hand and give him the deserved shame for nonaction.

  5. “… my respect for the U.S. Constitution and confidence in the body politic will cease”

    While I can understand the erosion of respect for the “body politic,” I cannot, in any way, agree with the cessation of respect for the U.S. Constitution.

    It would be analogous to ceasing to respect the Ten Commandments because people break them and use them to wield power of others.

    That would be a ridiculous conclusion.

    The fault does not with the Constitution, but the blatant mishandling and disregard for it.

    • The fact that it’s possible for the constitution to be so badly manhandled without any realistic recourse is proof the constitution is flawed. It is self-evident.

      • The recourse for the manhandling of it is contained in the Constitution. The legislative branch has the power to pass legislation for that purpose, among others. What is more, there provision for a convention of the states when those legislators and those who hold office in the other two branches, refuse to abide by the Constitution. I will say that one amendment to that document, the election of senators by the electorate rather than the state legislatures was, in my opinion, a mistake.

        Yet another recourse is the education of the body politic regarding the nature of liberty and the living out of that liberty in the context of a constitutional republican form of government. To quote one of the founding fathers:

        “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” –Thomas Jefferson to William C. Jarvis, 1820.

        What?! Have we given up “Civics” or “Government and Economics” in High School? I would suggest taking the online courses offered by Hillsdale College in this regard.

        There is no realistic recourse for the breaking of the 10 commandments either according to your logic. They are therefore flawed ?? Not…

        The recourse for our misappropriation of the Constitution is the situation we are in right now !! We are suffering the consequences of our own actions not the flawed nature of the Constitution.

        The awe-filled fact is, the best system yet conceived by man, the constitutional republican form of government, provides the freedom for the beneficiaries of it, the body politic, to mishandle the system that provides them with the very freedom they were created to enjoy.

        I suppose, by your logic, the best system would remove the risky freedom of the body politic to mishandle its governing document. A system that, mysteriously, disallows the misappropriation of human freedom, is an essentially flawed system. A governing document that controls the body politic in that manner is tyrannical and the worst of systems.

  6. The constitution was flawed from the beginning. Patrick Henry and certain others were right when they argued, “We should have amended the old fabric, the reason for which the convention was called.”

    • Patrick Henry Reardon says

      Ages believes, “Patrick Henry and certain others were right”

      Thank you, Ages. I intend to quote you to my wife and other doubters.

  7. USA has a Potemkin democracy, it is really a plutocracy where the rich put on a reality show much like American Idol where the people can choose between candidates pre selected by the plutocrats and who are beholden to them rather than the people.

    It really doesn’t matter who wins – the result will be the same

  8. Reverend Webster, PhD:

    If the American people … elect [Hilary Clinton]… then my …. confidence in the body politic will cease.

    We already know that Reverend Webster, PhD, is more Catholic than the Pope. Now we learn that Reverend Webster, PhD is in danger of losing his confidence in the political judgment of the rest of us poor slobs. We thank Reverend Webster, PhD, for condescending to let us know how much we all fall short of his very high standards!

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      OOM, it’s recognizable as a certain kind of retentiveness—industrial strength. It was blamed in my long-ago youth, on too tight a corset.

    • Every nation gets the leaders it deserves. ~ Edmund Burke

  9. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald says

    “whom a solid majority, according to every political opinion poll I’ve seen, regard as a “liar, “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy,”

    Just name any two political opinion polls which report that “A SOLID MAJORITY” (of what?) regards Mrs. Clinton as a liar.

    • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

      Here are three polls:

      RE Quinnipiac poll of voters in Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia as early as April:

      RE CNN/ORC poll in June:

      RE Quinnipiac poll in August:

      Specifically, in the recent Quinnipiac poll:

      46. “Would you say that – Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy or not?”
      FL OH PA

      Yes 32% 34% 32%
      No 64% 60% 63%
      DK/NA 4% 6% 5%

      So what is your point, Vladyka?

      • Daniel E Fall says

        The reason people think that way is related to a couple of underlying facts.

        Bill lied about Monika.
        Hillary’s email scandal (the one created by the other side, borne by her wanting advice from others not in the room).
        The idea that she is something of a pollster.

        And let’s not forget the inherent question. How honest do most people consider politicians?

        At the bottom of the scale-politicians, clergy were above politicans, but well below nurses, doctors, and police, just to point out your own reflection. I guess I’d be an accountant, which is below clergy a bit.

        So, here is the follow up.

        Would you rather have the politician (no one trusts any of them) Hillary Clinton for President or 5x deferment Don,3x bankruptcy Don,2x divorcing Don for President?

        And the answer landslide for the more believable, non-New York blowhard.

        You can’t make this stuff up. Jeb Bush must be having trouble sleeping at nite.

        And I can’t stand the notion of dynasties, so I don’t even want to vote for Hillary.

        Fr. Webster, you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. Using statistics to lie. But perpetrating it? I’m going to give you a pass for getting tricked.

        Media loves a story. Sometimes you gotta see there is nothing there.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        Well, Fr Alexander YOU referred to polls whose results showed a majority characterizing Mrs Clinton as a “LIAR”. “LIAR,” Father. YOU even used quotation remarks. Tell us why that’s not FALSE WITNESS by a retired chaplain and ROCOR Archpriest! That’s MY point, since you ask.

        YOU provided the specifics, which show ONLY a characterization as not honest and not trustworthy.

        One may be, as I’m sure you have the intelligence to recognize, dishonest and untrustworthy without EVER telling a lie or being a “LIAR” Impostors and thieves need NEVER utter a lie in order to be such.

        I just wish you’d not be so careless with your language and WITNESS., especially in view of your beloved credentials..
        Does that answer your question?

      • Terry Myles says

        Interesting stats, but a bit selective Father.

  10. Only two comments: Webster and ROCOR. This is truly a credible post from a crazed convert. Oh, and after yesterday’s Benghazi hearing, “Howdy Gowdy” handed the Presidency to Hillary while proving the GOP are just a bunch of buffoons.

  11. Chris Banescu says

    If Hillary was a Republican, given the Benghazi debacle, the national security violations and disappearing emails scandal, and many other abuses, she would be serving a 15 year prison sentence right about now. Instead she is cheered and celebrated by the Democrats.

    Pathologically lying, obstructing justice, abusing political power, being incompetent, violating national security laws, allowing innocent Americans to be murdered, and endangering America, while becoming a multi-millionaire by giving political favors by virtue of your office are celebrated and cheered now! What else can we expect from a party that still adores and honors her husband the serial abuser and exploiter of women. He was even a guest of honor at 2012 Democratic Convention: “Former President Bill Clinton received a hero’s welcome on the second night of the Democratic National Convention, where he spoke issue by issue to try to make the case for President Barack Obama’s re-election.”

    The heroes and “champions of women” of the Democrats and the left! The Clintons’ “systematically abuse women and others – sexually, physically, and psychologically – in their scramble for power and wealth.” Hillary “denigrates, degrades and threatens those women who are unlucky enough to be the sexual assault victims of her husband.”

    Book documents:

    – Bill’s series of sexual assaults on Eileen Wellstone, Juanita Broaddrick , Carolyn Moffet, Liz Ward Gracen, Becky Brown , Helen Dowdy, Paula Jones, Kathy Fergusen, Christy Zercher and Kathleen Willey among dozens of others.

    – The details of Bill’s rape of 19-year-old Emily Wellstone, for which he was thrown out of Oxford.

    – Hillary’s use of heavy-handed private detectives to collect information on Bill’s victims and then silence them.

    – The Clinton’s association with convicted pedophile and ‘Friend of Bill’ Jeffrey Epstein.

    – The identities of wealthy donors to the Clinton Presidential Library, including the Sultan of Brunei, who maintains a harem of under-age girls in the country he rules.

    • Daniel E Fall says

      Bill Clinton is a hick cad.

      Throwing Hillary into his foolishness with women is just wordplay.

      The Sultan of Brunei? Look at his wealth, the harem is a sideshow. They could have turned the money down, but would that change a thing?

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      “Breitbart?” Nuff said.

      • Heracleides says

        Lee Roy Fitzgerald? More than enough said.

        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          Oh, no, Heracleides Pompikos–your vision is too narrow. It’s Tikhon Stephen Lee Roy Willard Howard Fitzgerald.
          Tikhon is the name of a saint bestowed on me when I became stavrophore monk. Stephen is the name of a saint bestowed on me t my Crrismation at the Lackland Orthodox Chapel in 1960/ Lee is the name my father picked after a childhood friend in Saskatchewan; Roy is my grandfather’s first name, Willard is my great grandfather’s first name, Howard is a name my mother picked Fitzgerald is an anglo-norman/Irish family namre indicating descent from Gerald, the first Earl of Kildare.

          I notice that, though shallowly pompous, you are ashamed of your own name. I hope you’ll come up with the courage many homosexual men have shown by coming out. Don’t let them put you to shame. Tell us who you are. We won’t beat you up…honest.

  12. Carl Kraeff says

    “A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows Hillary Clinton hitting new lows on measures of honesty, favorability and trustworthiness, the latest evidence of Democratic frontrunner slipping in the polls.

    The Quinnipiac poll found that 51% of voters have an unfavorable impression of her, her worst score ever on that measure. The poll also found that 61% of voters say she is not honest and trustworthy, another record low.”

    PS: Methinks “not honest and trustworthy” is mighty close to “Liar.”

    Here is the second poll you asked for:

    “Clinton’s early state honest and trustworthy numbers follow what a CNN/ORC poll released earlier this month found: 42% of Americans consider her honest and trustworthy, while 57% don’t.

    This sure makes it an equation: not honest and trustworthy=liar.

  13. Carl Kraeff says

    I think Father Alexander paints with a broad brush. There are two nations that live side by side in the USA. The coasts and big cities are one; the rest of the country is another. The first one is anthropocentric, politically liberal and increasingly irreligious. This nation is where Hillary will do well. The other nation is still a lot like the United States of old–that is, before things started to go to hell in a hand basket after the 1960s. This nation is where a Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina will win.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      Yes, Carl, a Ben Carson/Carly Florina element has ALWAYS been present in American politics.
      I must confess that I find your perception of things STARTING to go to hell AFTER the sixties to be wonderful!

  14. Michael Kinsey says

    The state of the Union is corruption unrestrained. He will cause deceit to prosper. The simple fact that the 1% have all the money, and will kill anyone the feel like, and buy off the rest of the politicians, and make sure they stay bought. They systematically go after do gooder’s as a matter of policy. We will hear about the dirty dealings 50 years or so too late to do anything effective about it. Allen Dulles was co author of the Versailles Treaty fining Germany 250 trillion, then he became Fritz Thiessen’s ( Hitler’s financial minister), personal lawyer, then CIA chief, Kennedy assassination mastermind cover up too,, Operation Paper Clip director and Bay of Pigs loose cannon, who damned near caused WWiii.Hey, these new chimps today, still can’t match the death and destruction these old boys caused, but give them time. You can pretend like your doing something with this election thing. My ex wife is the director od all UN sponsored schools in Africa. She was a dumb as a post, but she is Allen Dulles granddaughter, in more ways then one.I love the Constitution, but these cretin’s of corruption got all the money already, and they will not allow a fair and honest election. I wish I am wrong about this, but the only dominoes falling are the Bill of Rights and articles of the Constitution.

  15. Thomas Barker says

    During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton played a key role in the mass destabilization of North Africa and the Middle East, and the concomitant acceleration of the war on Christianity in those regions. Under her command the State Department became the right hand of the Muslim Brotherhood. Have you ever seen a public figure who lacks humanity in her demeanor as thoroughly as she? When Hillary Clinton speaks or smiles, or laughs and waves, her feeble gestures of warmth are utterly unconvincing. The public relations folk of the Clinton machine are well aware of this, but the blue contact lenses they have put over her dark orbs cannot conceal the frigorific gaze of the perfectly possessed. Consider the unborn child, the American soldier, the Christian of the Middle East; anyone who casts a ballot for Hillary is voting for death.

    • Daniel E Fall says

      The interesting thing about your post is I thought you were talking about George Bush Jr. He was the most destabilizing force in the middle east in the last 40 years. And Jr was responsible for some 4000 US soldier deaths. Not sure what history book you are reading Mr. Barker. You don’t have to like Hillary, but you can’t revise history, credit Hillary for the Arab spring, etc.

      I suggest you go back to the drawing board and recognize which US leader started the concept of democratization (theocratization [sic]) of the Middle East. The sad fact is the US has not rejected Bush Jrs. foolishness.

      And for my truthful dislike of Trump; he has been truthful on this matter and has had the wise recognition that democracy is a failed science among butchers.

      No nation building, remember that dishonest bit?

      Sorry, but Bush Jr owns far more of your death blurb than H. Clinton could ever imagine.

      • Great points, Daniel! How often some people “forget’ reality to promote their agendas.

      • Thomas Barker says

        Mr. Fall,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I did not credit Hillary Clinton exclusively with the Arab Spring, but she has played her part, for example in Libya. There is no question that the actions of Bush43 got thousands of soldiers and civilians killed by misleading the American public about WMD, created the vacuum of power, set the stage for the Arab Spring, et cetera, et cetera. My disgust for the Bush dynasty is every bit as strong as it is for the Clinton clan. I’m no Republican. But the comparison to George W. takes nothing away from Hillary’s participation in the evil Obama administration. Nor does it suggest that any part of her is remotely presidential, in the best sense of the word. Although you do not promote Hillary Clinton’s candidacy explicitly in your comments, I would like to know if you favor her for President. If so, what do you find compelling about her?

        • Daniel E Fall says

          Thanks for asking.

          I am frankly disappointed Hillary is running. I lean left, but only because I worry the other side won’t fund the beast.

          I see nothing special about H. Clinton other than her gender.

          The idea of dynasties-Bush or Clinton or any of the other father son jobs are not my idea of how a democracy ought operate. Well, they know how to get elected.

          Americans always vote the lesser evil.

          It will be Madam President. It has nothing to do with what I desire.

          I’d like a government that didn’t operate on debt. Paid its way. So, taxes are too low for my liking as well. The gains tax should be ordinary income if it exceeds other sources. Romney’s tax rate of below 10% for 2011 on income of 13 million is too low.

          So, call me a disgruntled liberal.

          Sanders is too liberal, but the cap off cap on for fica is a sound idea to cover the underfunded issue. Poverty insurance is going to be costly if there are a growing number of poor.

          Hillary is in good with the bankers. That could be a problem, but not for getting elected.

  16. Ashley Nevins says

    If America had only been based upon church/state and not freedom of religion none of this would be taking place. We need a theocratic government with Orthodoxy as its theology. All we have to do is look at success of that in Russia and Greece to know that our form of government is archaic, obsolete and backwards. Since this is the Orthodox century for America all of this democracy back and forth debate will soon stop. Nothing to concern ourselves with. Orthodox church/state triumphalism will soon prevail! The king and the foreign ruler patriarch’s of Orthodoxy need to rule our country to stop this democracy debate and save our country.

    Pan Orthodoxy Unity does not go far enough. We need to become church/state. Once we do Orthodoxy in America will see a revival and its demise in America will be reversed. It will usher in the collapse of the heretic and apostate Protestant evangelical church that has become the mission and evangelism leader in the Christian world and so that the Orthodox can take their rightful place as number one form of Christianity practiced in America.

    I wouldn’t trade what we have as a form of government for church/state. Count your freedom blessings Orthodox. Our country’s basis of freedom starts with freedom of religion that is not church/state. I thank God that the patriarch’s of Orthodoxy do not rule our country and so we can have western rational modern democracy debate. I thank God that the Russian and Greek patriarch’s do not rule our country. They are basically irrelevant to American’s due to our Constitution.

    Personally I am thankful to God that our country’s basis is freedom of religion in democracy and not autocratic and dictatorial church/state. I thank God that the Orthodox had nothing to do with our revolution against King George. I know which side they would have landed on in that revolution. I know the thinking of the Orthodox during that period of time.

    Martin was the first giant step in breaking the autocratic rule of church/state in the west. It was a revolution and without it we most likely would still be church/state in the west. The separation of the state and religion by freedom of religion is not Orthodox thinking. The Orthodox are basically still anti west, anti rational and anti modern. They are obviously anti any church that is not their church that they believe is Gods only right belief and worship in their closed isolation in America that is primarily under foreign patriarch rule power and control.

    Now Orthodoxy in America finds itself dying here. The props that once held it up have collapsed and it has fallen to the floor and its props can’t prop it back up. What it came here based upon has failed. The foundation has collapsed and the church is found corrupt, failed, irrelevant, abusive, incompetent and dying by a wrong foundation.

    Freedom of religion is freedom to choose among options and where there is freedom to choose there is comparison and where there is comparison there is competition to Orthodoxy that is not being chosen and anyone with a brain that can think for itself and eyes that can see can see and know why this has taken place. In church/state there is no real freedom to choose and the only way the Orthodox can compete is where there is no freedom to choose and where they are basically the ONLY option.

    This is a good political debate among you and you can thank freedom of religion that is not church/state for that.

    As the Orthodox in America debate among themselves why their church is in a dying state it is obvious why it is. It is a top down centralized church structure of authoritarian power and control in a closed system that is dictatorial and whose history is church/state and foreign patriarch rule. How a church thinks determines its real world outcome in freedom of religion America and the Orthodox outcome in America is obvious. You simply cannot compete with your thinking that has determined your real world outcome.

    I personally believe that churches that represent freedom in Christ can compete and the Orthodox do not stand a chance against them because of that. Freedom not under church/state rule successfully competes against authoritarian, dictatorial and autocratic church/state thinking that is led by foreign patriarchs. The Orthodox can disagree with that and watch their church collapse right under their feet and that is exactly what is taking place.

    The freedom in Christ evangelical church is leading evangelism in the greatest mission field Christianity has ever seen, China. The Orthodox can’t even cut in America with their mission here let alone leave here and lead an effective evangelism mission to China.

    The Orthodox church here in America is so dysfunctional, incompetent, corrupt and chaotic it can’t lead evangelism in America. Gods only true church of right belief and right worship can’t effectively evangelize in comparison to the freedom in Christ evangelical church. When Christ in the Gospels is your basis and center you will evangelize and therefore compete. When you will follow His example and not the example of your church that is a failure at evangelism here you will then be able to evangelize compete. How a church thinks Christ determines its real world evangelism outcome.

    Bondage cannot compete with freedom in Christ. A closed system church cannot compete with an open system church. A exclusive church cannot compete with an inclusive church. A top down church cannot compete with a bottom up church. Self centered church cannot compete with other centered church.

    Freedom of religion exposes the EOC in America by the comparison freedom allows. Freedom from dictatorial exposes dictatorial and it does not work the other way around.

    I liked Carl’s statement, before things started to go to hell in a hand basket. So, then what is the cause of the EOC in America going to hell in a hand basket? I know this for a spiritual Biblical fact, when hell leads a church it goes to hell in a hand basket.

    All church growth and relevancy development principles are found in the Bible and so is what can kill them dead. Gods Word spiritually directly speaks to what corruption can do to a church. Google search, what the Bible says about corruption. Lose the truth and authority of Gods Word and a church goes corrupt. Corruption that is bondage cannot freedom in Christ evangelism compete. Period.

    The revolution of our Constitutional democracy is still alive today. We have the freedom to debate. As irrelevant as the Orthodox in America are I am still glad they are part of the political debate. If they were as serious about stopping their church corruption as they are about debating the politics of our nation their real world outcome in America might change.

    Freedom of religion that is not closed system church/state allows the Orthodox to be here and participate in the open system political debate. I am glad to see you participating in the political debate that freedom of religion allows and creates. All of our freedoms in America have their basis in freedom of religion and not in the kings and patriarch’s of church/state. We are a country of we the people freedom in democracy and not the dictatorial authoritarianism of church/state.

    I know Orthodox in America who still believe in church/state. They want an Orthodox theocracy to rule our nation state. If you think the politics of our nation are dysfunctional today it would all be far worse if we were a theocratic church/state. I cannot imagine our country paying the salaries of Orthodox priests like they do in systemically corrupt Greece and I cannot imagine our country under the control of the fascist like expansionist and dictatorial Putin and the enabler of Putin the dictatorial Russian patriarch. I am grateful to the Lord even with all of our political problems that we are not Orthodox Russia or Greece.

  17. Peter A. Papoutsis says
  18. George Michalopulos says

    Yeah, I’m wondering who shot that one down? ISIS? I’m sure it wasn’t Egypt.

    • Gregory Manning says

      From what I’ve been able to discern from reading RT, Russia Insider, and Sputnik, Russia is keeping it’s cool. They think IS is trying to grab the lime light. The jet was flying at 30K feet and IS’s manpads don’t shoot higher than 15K feet. Still, they’ve recovered the black boxes and will wait for the investigation to complete. Ukrainians are bring flowers to the Russian Embassy in Kiev. Everybody’s being very helpful.

  19. Given what we know, my best guess is a bomb planted before takeoff. Missile is unlikely since IS is not known to be equipped with missiles that can reach that high. The plane seems to have disintegrated with little or no warning at around 30,000 feet. Twenty minutes into a flight everything is probably on autopilot, one of the least likely times for a technical screw up. The plane split in two.

    The stories about the pilot having problems and requesting permission to land, etc., is disputed by Egyptian air-traffic control. May be disinformation to muddy the waters until the Kremlin decides whom to blame and what to do about it.

    Could be IS planted a bomb and wants the world to think it can reach that high with missiles. Could be another culprit.

    Also, the same plane suffered structural damage to its tail section back in 2001 during and rough landing. It was thought to be repaired, but who knows?

  20. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    It just doesn’t pass the smell test. It may be IS but my money is on someone else. Let’s wait and see. Still why do this? The Russians are not stupid. They will find out who it was that did this and the Russians will strike back hard.