All Signs Point to Yes

Someone asked if Biden is an actor.  If I had a “Magic 8 Ball” it would probably say, “ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES.”  Here  &  Here

I’m using the old school version.

I need to confess, there is a Mandela effect going on here, because if you look up the image of the 8 Ball, the word “all” is no longer there.  Even another writer using the image remembers it like I do.  Here

The real Joe Biden purportedly had a formal funeral right before the second fake Biden’s inauguration.  I think there have been at least 2 actors IMO, but the first may have  died at a local hospital when he unexpectedly skipped the G-20 gala in Indonesia and returned early to his hotel room for the night (maybe for good).  

The plan was/is for the “Biden” to run for re-election until the end of the year.  He will leave office before he’s found guilty of any crimes.  They want the American people to know what Joe Biden did but not weaken the country with indictment proceedings. It will keep his legacy as a president, were he alive, intact.  (How could they put an actor portraying a deceased president in jail!?)  Whoever Biden is, he will be leaving center stage soon.

And before you think I’m crazy:

  • I was right about Iran distancing themselves from Hamas attack.  Israel being part of the plan. Hezbollah lining up on the Northern border not as a secondary front, but to protect Lebanon. I was also right about it being a “rescue” effort. There are some pretty nasty things going on in those tunnels in Israel, as well as on the Palestinian side; some of the oldest in the world.
  • I was right about the biolabs in Ukraine, producing invoices to the Pentagon to prove it. I was right about Russia pacing the war in Ukraine to deplete NATO which they have essentially done. I was right that Ukraine would not/could not win that war.
  • I was right about COVID and the vaccines.
  • I was right about January 6 not being a insurrection because the cops in the room with “buffalo guy” had barely visible shields they weren’t able to completely hide and dress shirts you would normally wear to a job (as opposed to a rally) with their sleeves rolled up to look a little less “business like.”  (This week you’ll be hearing and seeing the cops going into the bathroom to ditch their cop gear, putting on brand new MAGA hats.)  Here

And you know what else?

  • I am right about Ashley Babbitt, too, but it hasn’t come out that she was<em> NOT</em> shot in the video we saw. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the poor woman is dead. She just wasn’t kill in the videos we saw.  She was a crisis actor who had no idea she wouldn’t be able to walk away with a fist full of dollars.  Here
  • I am right about Trump being the Commander and Chief which you will all know fairly soon. I was right about him federalizing the National Guard who were subsequently sent all over the world. They estimate we have between 500,000 and 1M around the world.  Here
  • I am right about the military, particularly those in Space Force. I told you they were not like the woke “General Milleys” of the world and they’re not. If they can pull this off, it will be the biggest sting the world has ever seen, and I will be right about that, too.

Finally, I’m probably right about theses things, too, because it just makes sense:

  • Those military-men coming across our border <em>are </em>soldiers. . . only they work for us and are being trained to fill in for the National Guard when the sh%^ hits the fan.  The black/white hats are probably working both sides of the fence as we get closer to some kind of manufactured crisis that will test our loyalty to each other and to our country.  Let’s not fail the test.  We have ruffled a LOT of feathers, not just here but around the world. Threats have been made, that may or may not come to fruition, but I’m quite sure it will only make us stronger.  We’ll get through this more united than ever, regardless. They ma just skip it because   The next time we see these military age “migrants,” I hope they’re wearing uniforms. . . ours.
  • In terms of the military age Chinese, <em>look at their luggage</em>. Those aren’t suitcases for clothes. Those are <em>aluminum</em> cases are used for transporting expensive equipment.  Same with those leather backpacks.  Those are IT people.   Here
  • And when they say there are “Gotta-Aways,” MIA, I find that difficult to believe.  How hard is it to track a guy with a cell phone using an ATM card courtesy of the “bad guys”?  Yes.  There sleeper cells.  And, yes, we may not survive this ordeal unscathed.  But no, we are not without our resources and there are no “Gotta-Aways” on either side unless they’ve ditched their phones and debit cards that were probably equipped with tracking devices.
  • We’re going to have to get over this “Russia and Chinese bad,” thing. China may have turned a corner when they unceremoniously removed their long-time head of the CCP.  You’ve really got to see this:  Here   Ever since Putin passed the ball to Trump ( Here ) to address space (cyber space) concerns, Russia has been doing the lion’s share of the work on the ground.  Ukraine had become a money laundering, trafficking, biothreat to the world.  The U.S. conducts more bio-military activities than any other country and we have a propensity to do them somewhere else.  In the case of Ukraine, we were operating out of hollowed out, old buildings, with enough pathogens to kill the world several times over.  This, coupled with the corrupt government of Nazi sympathizers, and a rouge patriarch who tried to eclipse the legitimate Church, culminated in a disaster that didn’t have to happen.  But the elites wanted Ukraine.  Ukraine was to be their “forever home” once they defeated Russia.  As it turns out, they won’t be moving to Ukraine anytime soon and they are wearing out their welcome where they are, especially the elite wannabe in Turkey.   
  • I said the Bronson case wasn’t over and it’s not over.  Not by a long shot.     
  • I said that we would be ferreting out the people responsible for the vaccines and we are.  A retired Swiss banker, son of a World Economic Forum (WEF) co-founder, is calling for justice in Switzerland against those responsible for releasing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” worldwide.  He wants the New World Order agencies kicked out of his country.  Here   And then there are 12 members of the parliament in Japan that have officially resigned (read “been arrested”) over the vaccine issue.  (I will be writing a piece about the U.S. this week.)     

So are you ready to hear more?  Or do you need a chance to catch your breath?    


  1. TheRoadKing says

    Agreed up through Ashley Babbit. But you lost me after that. Last bullet points, too little too late.

    • When you’re talking about in the past, it’s usually too late unless it portends the future.

      You’re right about Ashley Babbitt. There is too much to say for me to write about. I’ll talk to George about a podcast.

  2. Is this Election Plan B…?


    [Video: 39:26]

    ‘ The Federal Register shows th[a]t in 2023 HHS Secretary declared
    a public health emergency for Marburg, an infectious disease with ZERO
    cases in USA and less than 10 in Africa. Are they planning something? ‘

    • More so than Marburg what I’m concerned about for the election in November is the Biden White House, starting and all out hot war. Look at Zielinski and look at Netanyahu, they are holding onto power by war either by canceling elections or remaining empower due war.

      I personally think that is more likely than another pandemic, because people have wise up to Covid, but an actual hot war would be much more effective at this point

      • It’s a possibility, but the pandemic has already been declared,
        even though there are no cases and it’s not a pandemic disease.
        It’s another tool in their locker and it’s well to be aware of it.