Behind the Decolonization of Russia. . .

Illustration: Chen Xia/GT *

The decolonizing of Russia, as it’s called, seems to be on the minds of all the elites, especially in the United States, although with each new conversation, the map changes slightly. What astounds me is the way people see this as a given, as if carving up a world power is a perfectly normal thing to do and completely within our purview.

They talk about it as if they’re planning the landscape in the spring. – “We’ll put an island here and surround it with decorative rocks. A vegetable garden on the south side would be my recommendation, as it gets good sun.”

“How much are we talking about here?”

“Oh, not much. A few trillion dollars should cover it.”

“And what about these lovely, mature trees? Will they need to be removed?”

“Oh, yeah, they’ll absolutely have to go. Their roots are too deep and they may cause problems with your new foundation. We’ve got to pull out all the vegetation so we can start over again.”

Russia is a country! A country that is not ours!!! What gives us the right to talk about carving them them up like a turkey? We’re not at war with Russia but we’re acting as if we are and a new map will fix it.

They say Russia invaded Ukraine. If any of you remember the blog 5 or 6 years ago, you might recall us writing about Congress and how it was flooding Ukraine with money and training their army in preparation for a war. I remember posting pictures of them jumping out of helicopters. Back then, Congress tried to go after Trump for holding up their money in the White House which he eventually relinquish.  Unlike other presidents, Trump never much cared for a “boots on the ground” approach or  fighting other people’s wars. That’s why the money stopped going to the Middle East.

And they want us to believe Russia caused this war with Ukraine?  Oh, please!

After Bartholomew split the Russian Church in two, NATO made their intentions known, and bioweapons started popping up all over the landscape. 

What was Russia supposed to do?

George talked about how the powers-that-be in Ukraine took a two-pronged approach to undermining Russia, putting Bartholomew at the helm.  His role was to introduced a faux church, run by deposed clergy, oligarchs, politicians, and nationalists to subvert Ukraine’s attachment to the Russian Church that’s long been the glue that held that country together.

I remember writing about the how the encroachment of the EP into Russian territory would not only split the Orthodox Church, it could turn into a world war, given NATO’s ich to get close enough to Russia to blow it up.  I also talked about the EP’s march toward the Vatican which nobody believed. One guy left the blog in a huff because he thought these ideas were preposterous!

What if the New World Order got together and said let’s break up the United States?  (Pretty sure they have.)  “If we control the East Coast, Chicago, and Portland through corrupt mayors and governors, make California indistinguishable from Mexico with an influx of illegal aliens, populate TX and AZ with a few terrorists and mercenaries, we could get rid of those stubborn Northern Europeans in the U.S.

The U.N. hates Northern Europeans. They actually say this in some of their papers. Apparently, we’re not compliant enough.

But actions speak louder than words:  They have flooded our boarders but with South Americans (did you really think those people walked up here in flip flops?), stressed our infrastructures to the breaking point, infiltrated our key watchguard groups like the CDC and FDA, and weaponized our three letter agencies.

One of their best moves, however, was to fund these color revolutions:  black against white, women against men, citizens against police, Native Americans against fracking, Asians against “slurs” (yes, that happened), hate groups against Christianity, LGBTXYZ against mainstream, and everyone against Trump. 

It’s funny how these distinctions became unimportant when we realized we were all under siege.  It’s not just us either.  Revolutions are happening all over the world.       

If they could get rid of the Patriots and remove the Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station  (where the real work is going on), they’d be sitting pretty, but they’re not so confident they can pull that off so they’re resorting to other means:  Like shutting off our fossil fuels so we can’t make our own gas & giving away our reserves, blowing up our food processing plants, poisoning our livestock, drying up our rivers and lakes through climate control, and buying up 95% of our farmland through Bill Gates so they’ll remain dormant.

In addition to starving us out, they created COVID and the “vaccines” which also took a toll and will continue to take a toll. Believing lightning strikes twice, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, have conducted yet another “Event 201.” 

Got to hand it to Bill Gates.  He’s a bonified prophet.  If he says something might happen, it usually does.

This event, however, is called “Catastrophic Contagion” and will target our kids and teenagers. They spent a lot of time talking about how they could undo what they call a “lack of trust in authority,” as if that were possible at this point.  They were the ones who created it!  Now we don’t trust anybody who meets in Switzerland and with good reason.

And just wait until animal lovers hear about their plans to target cats and dogs because of their carbon footprint.  Some states are already banning the “doggies in the window” saying it’s a powerful way to fight back against puppy mills, but the opposite is true.  Consumers are just going straight to the breeders about whom they know nothing.  At the federal level, the Animal Welfare Act sets animal treatment standards for research laboratories but exempts breeders.  

So the World Economic Forum came up with another idea!  Feed your pets bugs.  I have a long history with dogs and cats and it’s near impossible to hide a little, white pill in cottage cheese without them finding it.  They’re not going to eat fly eggs!  Animals find certain things disgusting, too.

And you know what? It’s long been the U.S. leading the charge for all these crazy things.  This is not about Democrat or Republican anymore, as there is very little distinction between them at this point.  It’s about money and control.  The only reason we vote Republican is to get into Congress so we can vote the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) out.  We get rid of the RINOs and then we can get rid of the left.  –  People keep asking me why Trump hired so many people he had to fire as if that were a stupid thing to do.  It’s a lot easier to get rid of someone when they work for you.   Otherwise they hang around forever.  There is logic behind the madness.     

Why can’t we take the resources we dump into this sort of maneuvering and reallocate them to more worthy efforts like improving the way we do healthcare so our life expectancy is more in line with other developed countries?  Or getting rid of tenure and improving our educational system so the majority of our high school graduates know we have 3 branches of government and can find Russia on a map?

Every negative thing said about our country is sadly true or becoming true. We are war mongers when what we should be doing is unraveling the mess we’ve created in our heads, beginning with the people who are stuck in the 60s thinking Russia is still the Soviet Union.  A healthier, more intelligent population focused on building bridges rather than using other countries as proxies to annihilate nations who coincidentally believe in traditional values (Russia’s real crime) might be a nice change.

Breaking up the mainstream media into teeny, tiny, nano bits with mandatory jail sentences for executives of news outlets who air lies, might also be a worthy effort.  I, too, have been a victim of their thinking.  I now know how positively corrupt they are and that goes for big tech, too. 

Did I tell you that last year FB told me was not considered a “friendly” website and I could no longer put it on my FB page? 

Yeah, that happened. 

We have allowed these people to shape our reality. Literally.  If all you hear is that things are a certain way, you’re going to believe it and assume everyone else believes it too.  Unfortunately, very little of what the MSM reports is true. That may sound like overreach but it’s not.  You can’t find the truth on any of the browsers anymore either, unless you scroll down several pages.  If you’re not familiar with alt media, you won’t be able to navigate it to trusted sources who are routinely banned from YouTube and other media sites.  That’s why we put some links on our blog: to offset the paid fact checkers who now dominate the landscape.

We are in a world of hurt unless we turn this around.  But the good news is that we are (turning it around) and not just in this country either.  There can be no other way.      

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  1. Constantine says

    If they are “decolonizing” Russia, are you saying Russia is currently a colony today?

    Bill Gates is a boomer btw.

  2. There is a certain method to the West’s madness, though you can only really see it if you appreciate the stakes of the game that is currently being played out on Chessboard Earth. The West is not fighting for democracy or for the Ukraine’s self-determination. That’s just propaganda. Treating the propaganda as if it were the real cause, even in the minds of the Western aggressors, does not get us very far. People refute, rightly, the notion that the Ukraine is democratic, or that even the West itself is democratic, or that the Ukraine is fighting for self-determination rather than being held hostage by a little fascist cult propped up by the West.

    Western Liberalism sees this as an existential crisis for Western Liberalism. The Liberals covet world hegemony and know on some level that if they don’t wipe out counternarratives, their weak pathetic narrative cannot survive the test of time and communication in an uncensored marketplace of ideas. They have to defeat Orthodox Russia, nationalist China, Hindu India, Shiite Iran, etc. These all pose civilizational counternarratives to Western Liberalism, which is a heretical ideological cult ultimately derived from Protestantism and Roman Catholicism.

    Russia is the main obstacle to their world hegemony. This is so because of Russia’s attributes, not because of any malevolence on the part of Vladimir Putin or the Russian leadership. Russia is very, very far from a gas station posing as a country. To be sure, its main exports are energy – gas and oil. However, it is also incredibly rich in other natural resources, much of which it exports as well:

    * * *

    “Russia possesses rich reserves of iron ore, manganese, chromium, nickel, platinum, titanium, copper, tin, lead, tungsten, diamonds, phosphates, and gold, and the forests of Siberia contain an estimated one-fifth of the world’s timber, mainly conifers.

    The iron ore deposits of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, close to the Ukrainian border in the southwest, are believed to contain one-sixth of the world’s total reserves. Intensive exploitation began there in the 1950s. Other large iron ore deposits are located in the Kola Peninsula, Karelia, south-central Siberia, and the Far East. The largest copper deposits are located in the Kola Peninsula and the Urals, and lead and zinc are found in North Ossetia.”

    * * *

    Estimates vary, but there is also an almost immeasurable treasure trove of resources relatively untapped in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. That is simply the situation with respect to resources.

    Geographically, Russia is the largest country on earth, almost twice the size of the United States and occupies about 1/6 of the land area of the globe.

    Militarily, Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal on earth, surpassing that of the United States, and has the fifth largest military in the world behind China, India, the US and North Korea, in that order. However, Russia has a reserve of two million men and has a year of compulsory military service for most men between the ages of 18-27.

    And since the end of 1991, Russia has become a mixed market, capitalist economy, now ranked sixth in the world when measured by PPP (ninth by GDP). Moreover, Russia has experienced a miraculous revival of the Orthodox faith with several tens of thousands of churches having been built since the demise of the Soviet Union. This has affected Russia’s internal social policy as well as its foreign policy.

    It is these last two variables which are the most significant: economy and religiosity, for they unleash the power and influence of the rest of Russia’s attributes and this is what scares the bejeezus out of the Western Liberals (and rightly so). Russia is no longer defending or exporting the dead end, evil system of socialism. While it was doing so, it was tolerable to Western Liberals inasmuch as they are simply “socialists who lack the courage of their convictions”.

    Now Russia is a Christian, capitalist power propagating a worldview at odds with the West’s secular (i.e., atheistic), materialistic, quasi-socialistic liberalism. This does not fit the West’s narrative of the End of History and the global triumph of their sick ideology. It rather isolates Western Liberalism as the sick man of the world in that it is receding demographically and now economically as the last surviving ideology emanating from the so called “Enlightenment”.

    Furthermore, Russia is not chauvinistic about its religion per se. It recognizes the legitimacy of the traditional faiths of Russia within the RF: Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. So it is not seen as a necessary adversary to other traditional religious civilizations with which it might ally. Western Liberalism is seen as such an adversary because it fundamentally undermines the religious sensibilities of all traditional religions, seeking to gut them and fill the empty rites with progressive liberal morality (chiefly feminism and LGBT), as it has done to Protestantism and Roman Catholicism in the West.

    Thus, Russia’s narrative/model of traditional nationalism has very wide appeal outside the West (about 80% of world population) as well as inside the West (20%) in opposition to the current Western model, Western Liberalism.

    That is why the Western Liberals are fighting what to them seems like WWIII with all the weapons they dare to throw at the situation – military, economic and informational. They find themselves in a worse position politically than they occupied during the worst depths of the Cold War when it seemed like the dominoes were falling left and right. This time, however, the threat is not coming from the hard left but from what they consider to be the “far-right”. That is the only vocabulary or reference point they can muster for traditional culture.

    What they are looking at in the East is the inevitable future and they can’t stand it. Thus we get delusional talk about “decolonizing Russia” when even Levada (a western poll) has Putin in the 80’s% in terms of public approval. Western Liberals simply can’t face the reality that is being handed to them. That is why you see all these CIA/FBI/NSA stories propagated in the media about Putin being on his deathbed in danger of an imminent coup, etc. They will project anything at this point other than the depressing (from their vantage) truth.

    • Hi Misha,

      I love your insights…. as usual, you are pretty much right on the money.

      This is an existential crisis for Western Liberalism — which, as I understand it, grew out of trying to find a way to make Western European protestants stop killing each other in neverending protestant religious wars. Western Liberalism is a direct descendant from relativistic protestantism, which is why Western Liberalism as a worldview often makes no sense when viewed through a non-protestant lens.

      But this is also an existential crisis for the American/NATO way of life. Economically, America has been surviving on being the world’s reserve currency, on maintaining worldwide economic dominion, on keeping our dollar be powerful worldwide…. we’ve been living off of this for years, in the living memory of most of us alive today. If America/NATO loses this war, we’re looking at the likely official loss of reserve currency, our trillions in debt will no longer be conveniently overlooked, etc.

      And if the economic lives of Americans drastically worsen, Americans fear of challenging our the western leftist elite’s authority will evaporate. Existing legal/police structures could collapse quickly, etc. It could make the Floyd riots of 2020 look like nothing. We could easily see our political/economic elite trying to escape to safe havens by helicopter or limousine, like in Sri Lanka. I’ve read that the American political/economic elite despises the American people, but I think they somewhat fear us too. Americans are the most armed people in the Western world…..

      I fully believe we Americans are scrappy and ingenious enough to rebirth our nation as a strong country, even if we lose world economic hegemony and even when if it’s no longer the job of the rest of the world to produce cheap stuff for us.

      But drastic changes like this probably terrify our political/economic elite, most of whom probably don’t know how to deal with adversity. This may be why that man-who-looks-like-a-turkey Senator McConnell said the other day that the #1 goal of the Repub party is “supporting Ukrainian victory over Russia.” (Really? There are no other pressing concerns of Americans these days? That’s insane. If only McConnell cared about his own country as much as Zelensky allegedly cares about his….)

      This is an existential crisis for the Western global-homo economic conglomerate elite, and since they control our culture, seems that they are trying to project their own existential crisis onto us.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Great comment, FTS.

        RE: “I fully believe we Americans are scrappy and ingenious enough to rebirth our nation as a strong country . . .”

        Yes, we are, and we have to be if we want to hold onto any semblance of what it means to be American.

      • Thank you, FTS. And I agree with what you’re saying. McConnell is a disgrace, but par for the course. You can identify their loyalties by the strength of their support for Ukraine. Those who feel they must defend Uniparty world hegemony are all in for the Ukies. Those who have begun to see through the bs are increasingly inclined to step back.

        I’m convinced now, however, that we’re headed for a hard landing rather than a soft one. The corruption is too deep and ubiquitous.

      • George Michalopulos says

        My considered opinion at this point regarding the Ukraine is that all of this support we’re seeing boils down to this: that country was the base of the international Ponzi scheme that kept oligarchs afloat and American princelings employed.

        Now that Putin has upset that applecart, they are desperate to get it back and (if possible) break up Russia so they can complete what they started in the 90s (and which Putin put a stop to).

        It’s always follow the money. “Democracy” is just a pretext

        • Solidarity Priest says

          Those who blubber about Jew this, Jew that; should listen to Michael Savage’s podcast right now. Savage is blasting Zelensky’s visit, and the persecution of the Canonical Church. Furthermore, he gives a hats-off to Tucker for having the guts to stand up to the Zelensky worshipping foolishness. Note that the names of those Congresspeople who didn’t stand up with the majority. How Stalinist! People need to read Solzhenitsyn. When a standing ovation for Stalin was called for, everyone got to their feet and applauded. Even people who really adored Stalin though this absurd, but nobody wanted to be the first to stop. Invariably, the first person seen to stop was arrested. That’s how the Soviets ferreted out the independent people.
          Oh, and Savage is now blasting Christophobia. One need not agree with him on everything to admire the good things he has to say.

          • George Michalopulos says

            I agree with you Fr. On all points.

          • Reporting coming out about Muslim Chechnyans using the Ukrainian situation to fight their jihadi war against Orthodox Russia:

            • Gail Sheppard says

              No surprise here.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Color me skeptical. From what we know, the overwhelming majority of Chechens are fighting for Russia. In fact, Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya is a Lt Gen in the Russian army and along with the Wagner Group, is one of the five main fighting forces that make up the Allies. (The other three are the Lugansk and Donetsk militias as well as the Russian Army. Belarus is allied but not yet committed to battle.)

              These may be part of a minority that are anti-Kadyrovites.

            • The main body of Chechens has been brought to heel under Kadyrov after the Second Chechen War. Officially, their only jihad is the greater or internal mystical jihad for self-mastery pursued in Sufism. I suspect that the Ukrainians, other than the Not-Z’s, will experience a similar transformation. It is like breaking a horse, in a way. It is a primal facet of human nature but, nonetheless, a dynamic reality that strong warlike types conquered by other strong warlike types sometimes undergo a transformation as a result of the respect they have for the prowess of their former enemy.

              • George Michalopulos says

                We saw a manifestation of this with the Plains Indians tribes who were conquered by the Federal government.

                Same thing with the Scots after their national aspirations were put down by the forces of King George II (led by his son Prince William Augustus, the Duke of Cumberland) at Culloden Moor in 1746.

                Little known fact: when it comes to Special Forces, Amerindians are represented overwhelmingly out of proportion to their share of the population.

                • “Same thing with the Scots after their national
                  aspirations were put down … at Culloden Moor in 1746.”

                  More to the point, the Highland economy was destroyed.
                  Sheep replaced cattle and the men needed to eat
                  and to earn cash to provide for their families.

                  The British Government’s opinion of the Highlanders
                  was best expressed by General Wolfe (of Quebec) thus:

                  ‘ “They are hardy, intrepid, accustomed to a rough country
                  and no great mischief if they fall.” [To which he added:]
                  “How can you better employ a secret enemy than by making
                  his end conducive to the common good? If this sentiment
                  should take wind what an execrable an bloody being should
                  I be considered, here in the midst of Popery and Jacobitism,
                  surrounded on every side as I am with this Itchy Race.”

                  ‘ The point to note here is that Wolfe actually disliked the
                  Highlanders, but that he had come to understand how
                  to make use of them. Certainly there was none of the
                  usual romantic feeling of “fighting for the flag” that has
                  been so often associated with the raising of the Highland
                  regiments, which, as a matter of fact were far from easy to
                  raise as the data about bounties in several charter chests
                  remain to prove. ‘

  3. Excellent, George.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

    What would things been like [in Russia] if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people?

    What would things been like [in Russia] if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people? To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.

    Such as it is, the press has become the greatest power within the Western World, more powerful than the legislature, the executive and judiciary. One would like to ask; by whom has it been elected and to whom is it responsible? All the celebrated technological achievements of progress, including the conquest of outer space, do not redeem the twentieth century’s moral poverty, which no one could have imagined even as late as the nineteenth century.

    If the world has not approached its end, it has reached a major watershed in history, equal in importance to the turn from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. It will demand from us a spiritual blaze; we shall have to rise to a new height of vision, to a new level of life, where our physical nature will not be cursed, as in the Middle Ages, but even more importantly, our spiritual being will not be trampled upon, as in the Modern Era

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I’m glad I don’t hate anybody.

    • Solidarity Priest says

      Solzhenitsyn mentioned in Gulag Archipelago One how Patriarch Tikhon conducted himself when on trial. He was asked if he considered Soviet Laws obligatory for himself. He said, “Yes, to the extent that they don’t contradict the laws of piety.”

  4. Moon of Alabama blog states today: (also review the map)

    December 21, 2022
    Russia Takes New Steps To Secures Its Western Border

    With NATO expanding and increasing its bellicosity Russia needed to react. One move is the integration Belarus into its defense sphere. The other is an increase of its military force to cover new threats towards its northwest.

    Belarus seems to be a small country when compared to Russia.

    But its actually of pretty decent sized country, with roughly 500 kilometer (300 miles) diameter from border to border. It has well established heavy industries and some interesting commodities like potash. Its population of 9.5 million people is highly educated. For Russia it is an important buffer state and the supply route to its enclave around Kaliningrad

    In June of 2020 we saw the first signs of a U.S. engineered ‘color revolution’ in Belarus. At the beginning of August the protests took off. But just two weeks later the attempt to overthrow the long term leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, was ended. Russia had come to the rescue of the Belorussian government after it had agreed to finally implement the Union State:

    Rest of article can be read;

      • Brendan,

        Let them all do their worst, it won’t matter. The Russian leadership has been doing the math on this thing since 2014 and the Maidan Coup. As I remarked to George when I heard of the Russian commencement of operations, they won the moment they crossed the Ukrainian border. It just has to play itself out. The fact that they dared means they knew they could take everything the West had to throw at them and still prevail.

        It may not be apparent yet, but there’s a new sheriff in town.

        • Oh, I agree. I was just drawing attention to
          a report which seems somehow to have escaped
          the attention of the entire Western media…

          It’s a child’s game. Put your hand over your eyes
          and repeat: “I can’t see you so you don’t exist!”

  5. Petros Parakoussis says

    Need Disconrusculate your Churchitude to be Copacetic

    Jerusalem Patriarch lived in Constantinople until Nesselrode sent Uspensky to de-Hellenize Antiochians and almost
    Jerusalem, eventually leading Michel Aflaq to found Assad-Saddam Ba’ath party. Nazi Balkan butcher Alois Bruner died as
    houseguest of Assads. Same Porphyry Uspensky who exposed Holy Fire Sulphur Fraud. Same Nesselrode who beat Capo d’Istria.
    Uspensky and Kapustin bought Jerusalem properties now under ROCOR to prevent Moses Montefiore (Jewish Tositsas) for
    British. (Theofanis Stavrou, Middle East J, 1963, pp. 91-103; Lucien Fray; Derek Hopwood 1969) In February 8, 1993, the
    other patriarchs decided to temporarily suspend relations with Jerusalem Patriarch and dismiss two of his bishops and
    defrock five priests for challenging Ecumenical Patriarch. Yet in April, 1990 Diodoros swindled Russian Jewish settlers by
    having Mardos Matossian sell them lands not allowed to sell and then denying their claim.

    Irineos wrote Arafat on July 17, 2001, “You are aware of the sentiments of disgust and disrespect that all the Holy
    Sepulchre fathers are feeling for the descendants of the crucifiers of our Lord: actual crucifiers of your people,
    Sionists Jewish conquerors of the Holy Land of Palestine.” Theofrictos (Attalah Hanna) said Christian Zionists aren’t
    Christian. Constantine the Great was a Christian Zionist when he recognized Gemaliel IV as Partiarch of Israel. The
    Aramaic canard is due to the monophysites who ibn Warraq exposes as protomuslims, and is debunked by the Talmudist
    Patriarch Yehuda “Why use Syriac in Eretz Israel? Speak either Hebrew or Greek!” (Bava Kama 82b-83a) Mennonite Catherine
    the Great was a Christian Zionist and Hellenist when she invited Greeks and Jews to plot their national regeneration from
    newly liberated Odessa. America’s founders were both Christian Zionist and Christian Hellenists, but Greeks lost their
    suppport when they Arabated into anti-Semites. Damick divorces Passover from Easter despite Schmemmann (HR p83).
    Mitrokin and Andropov archives reveal Orthodox Christian George Wadie Abu Hani Haddad established PLO as soviet front,
    forewarning them of September 1970 hijackings. Russians and Armenians use their ill gotten Jerusalem properties against
    Lord’s People on behalf of their phoney “Palestinians”. Why shouldn’t these Kevorkians be treated exactly how Metaxas
    treated Jews of Thessalonia after the fire? Columbus set sail with shiploads of Jews day after Spanish Inquisition
    expelled Jews. Plymouth Pilgrims were followers of Cromwell who brought Jews back to England. American Democracy (1 Sam
    8, L A Times Jan 27 1918 Rev Herbert Booth Smith, p.III-20) and Capitalism (Gen 2:12) is from the Jews. Orthodox faith
    imparts Aspergian masochism that leaves its leaders beyond reason. Castlereagh and Wellington were appalled how
    unrealistic Czar was in trying to forge a Holy Alliance in 1815 just as Merkel felt Putin was out of touch with reality in
    2014. Brenda Connors of the US Naval War College concluded in 2008 and 2011 that Putin has Aspergers. USAF General Tatsios
    wrote same about Greek leaders of 1866-97 (p. 146, Columbia, 1984). This is a natural consequence of the slave soul of
    Orthodoxy described by Rancour-Laferriere (NYU, 1995). Old calendar czar freaks of ROCOR were spawned by triple agent
    soviet provocateur “Prince” Turkul (Unholy Trinity 1998 p.152) to make them look foolish.

    If really want “old” calendar use Hebrew lunar as Jesus not of his Roman slaughterers. Czars were just as communist as
    Stalin, had free health care and education, and were intolerant of land ownership on grounds grand obschina was their
    mother Mokosh. Cardinal sins and toll houses are Persian Ishtar astrology, no different than purgatory or reincarnation,
    dharmic syncretism just like hyperventilating hallucination hesychasim. Athos has been a soviet spy base since 1839 (NY
    Times Aug 18, 1878. p. 6; Jan 5, 1940, p. E3). During American Revolution Mennonite Catherine was seen as a fellow
    masonic reformer but with Anna of Courland’s rejection of masonic Galitsine’s Magna Carta, relations soured. Lincoln
    repeatedly saw Russian serfdom as worse than Amerian slavery. Central Europeans fleeing 1848 oppression freed American
    slaves, built American industry and tamed vast farmland of midwest. Former president Ulysses Grant was one of main
    initiators of rally in New York in 1882 protesting anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia. Crimean War was seen as a Crusade
    against the Heresy of Photius, during which the predecessor Prometheus Plan neutralized Greece. Marchesini was going to
    expel the US Fleet and Macarius was going to give Breznev bases. (Clayton Fritchey, Chicago Tribune, Nov 13, 1973, p.
    14). American Indian language is two thirds Turkish. Ireland and England have Turkish lineage through the Vikings via
    Lapps and Finns. Germans via Huns. E Torrey Fuller (1979), Ursula Brosseder (2018), Willerslev (2021) and David Horrobin
    (2001) shewed the schizobipolar Altaic genes responsible for innovative progress of humanity which is why Gibbon embraced
    the young Turks against stiffling hierarchies. Winter of 1861-1862, Russia sent two fleets to USA to avoid trap by Britain
    and France but soviets front this into support for the union. (Thomas A. Bailey, Russian Fleet Myth, MVHR, June 1951, pp.
    81-90.) How can those who excommunicated Leo Tolstoy claim to be Christian? How can OCA claim to be Christian when they
    ask God to “deal with David and his sin forever”? OCA left Syossett after Kenilworth closed, need to also deport Florence
    AZ and Jordanville NY. The “Liberty Incident” was all about getting the Israelis to purge their Russian officers.
    Dadrian (1996, 250-41) showed von Pappen orchestrated the genocide of Armenians, Jews and Greeks because of their ties to
    Russia. Grecoids need to glorify America by eradicting soviet implants from 1922 Smyrna and 1975 Helsinki just as Serbions
    their Carlic pogromists. Merten Affair confirms Ponticants really Iranian Nazis. Thanks to wondrous Jewish doctors, every
    good American boy is circumcized so we can find all your Putin spies and cut it all off

    • Petros,
      I cannot make sense of your world salad…

      • Solidarity Priest says

        I appreciate George being a First Amendment absolutist, but I am not. One can say the same garbage over and over, but in my humble opinion, enough is enough. I suspect some poor souls have nothing else to do but post such craziness. One should pity them, but not encourage them.

    • My eye’s glazed over early on in trying to read this message. I skipped to the end to see where it all led. I don’t think I missed much, since the last fragment of a sentence makes no more sense that most of what I skimmed before.

      “…Thanks to wondrous Jewish doctors, every
      good American boy is circumcized so we can find all your Putin spies and cut it all off”

      huh? I get that English may be a second (or 3rd) language, but you must read English well enough to know that what you posted makes no sense at all. What point are you trying to make?

  6. A suitable text for the cartoon might be:

    I cannot tell a lie. I did not chop down the tree;
    though it was not for the want of trying…

  7. Lonnie Kefrel says

    Ruskies be the last imperialist state. We be needing to revert Petersburg and Novgorod to Sweden, Ukraine to Poland, Volga to Chazzaqstan, and Siberia to the glorious Koryo Saram pastors! This way we end the Moist And Mouldy Mokosh Mir Magog!

    • … and give New Jersey back to the Leni Lenape?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Mr Kefrel, how would you like it if a hostile power wanted to “revert” parts of America to Mexico, Russia and France?

      Please give me your considered answer.

    • Lonnie- [why do you believe that] Russian imperialism is a bad thing[?]. You prefer the EU authoritarianism more so? You prefer a supranational body that usurps nation state sovereignty and destroys local culture in order for it to confirm to something called “European values”? In the Russian federation each republic retains their identity and culture, they are not micromanaged the way EU micromanages and punishes sovereign nation states by dangling carrots. In your democracy who voted for Burrell or Von Der Leyen???

  8. Michael Bauman says

    And God bless any and all in the path of the winter storm im the center of the US

  9. 1.8 billion dollars of your taxes to continue blowing up Russian murderers. Remember, the US is killing dozens of thousands of Russians without putting a boot in Ukraine.

    • The U.S. shouldn’t be killing ANY of them. The only boot deserved is upon the neck of our own government.

    • George Michalopulos says

      And you’re proud of this, Mike?

      Where would you draw the line? Arabs? Israelis? Why not Ukronazis?

    • My guess is that Russian KIA are under or around 10,000. Ukrainians, on the other hand, could be anywhere from 80-120,000.

      And it is not Americans who are directly killing Russians, though given the escalation to include what in Vietnam were called “advisors”, there is probably some of that. But mostly it is Ukrainians using NATO weapons and old Soviet weapons to kill Russians.

      So far, NATO has not had the balls to overtly attack the Russians in the Ukraine but instead opted for a proxy war. They have been wise enough up to this point (but it could change) to avoid what could easily spiral into a much worse conflagration. That has been standard policy on both sides since the 1950’s: Russian and American forces are not allowed to come into direct, violent contact.

      • Yes, I believe your “intuitions” as divinely inspired. And yes, exactly, Americans are obliterating Russian invaders since without their weaponry Ukraine wouldnt be able to strike them. You should also be grateful to Ukrainians for geting rid of all the thousands of murderers, rapists and all the scum that Russia is releasing from its prisons and sending to places like Bakhmut. Russia sends them to die but Ukrainians are the ones that have to do the job. That scum is the one that has to build Holy Rus on that traitorous, globalist dominated land.

        • I encourage the West to pour everything it has into the Ukraine. Then they will no longer be able to fool themselves regarding the balance of power.

          • George Michalopulos says

            The problem as I see it, is that the neocons have no offramp. Both Col MacGregor and I see the US leading a coalition of Americans, Poles and (possibly) Romanians into a shooting war with Russia. Both he and I agree that the rest of NATO will not comply or at best, send only some token help –i.e. “in the rear with the gear.”

            I am of the opinion that the Russians have war-gamed this out. I certainly hope so.

            As far as the West is concerned, I don’t believe they have as everything NATO so far has done has been reactive. Also most of the House GOP did not attend the Clown of Kiev’s message to the joint session of Congress. I wished it was all but the fact remains that only 40% attended gives me some hope that the GOP can grow the anti-war faction. Or at least continue an intraparty GOP civil war.

            • George,

              One advantage of going as slow as the Russians have is that the West has been lulled into a pattern of incrementalism. If Russia is only attaining incremental gains, then the West need only take incremental measures in opposition. That these countermeasures would fail is probably a foregone conclusion since I’m sure you’re right that Russia has gamed out every scenario that they could plausibly conceive.

              Could the Russians have achieved the destruction of half or more of the Ukrainian army and a plethora of Western weapons flooding into the country were it not for the incremental approach? If they had simply sent in a larger force to capture Kiev, et al., then the West might have been more likely to send in a serious NATO force armed with all the weapons that have been expended or destroyed over the last 10 months, plus more.

              As it stands, the Ukrainians are running out of men and munitions. When that status gets low enough, there is nothing to stop the Russian army from marching to Lvov. Better to destroy the military from heavily supported positions in the East rather than chasing them all over the country. The Ukrainians are helping the Russians defeat them by feeding soldiers and arms into a meat grinder. When they run out, it’s over unless NATO puts boots on the ground.

              Six to five and you pick ’em. Part of me believes they’re stupid enough to do that rather than limit their loses. The other part of me thinks the US military would pull the plug rather than suffer another ignominious defeat.

  10. George Michalopulos says

    If Andrei Martyanov’s Reminiscence of the Future isn’t on your reading list, it should be:

    “Here is something to consider:

    “China’s imports of oil, pipeline gas, LNG, and coal from Russia have hit a total of $68 billion since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, up from $41 billion for the same period last year, as Western buyers shun or have banned imports of many Russian energy products, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    “You also heard about India, right?

    “For India, the reorientation of Russian economic diplomacy toward the Asian region presents huge business opportunities. Who would have thought nine months ago that Russia was going to be the largest supplier of oil to India, leapfrogging Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the US? According to Reuters, India purchased about 40% of all export volumes of Russian Urals grade oil transported by sea in November, when European countries accounted for 25%, Turkey 15% and China 5%. The figures speak for themselves: in November, while Russia supplied 909,000.4 barrels of crude oil to India per day, the corresponding figures were for Iraq (861,000.4), Saudi Arabia (570,000.9), and the US (405,000.5) Suffice it to say that when Modi upfront listed energy as his talking point with Putin, it reconfirms that India is giving a wide berth to the G7’s hare-brained scheme to impose a price cap on Russian oil exports.”

    Yup, them sanctions shore are hurtin’ them darn Russkies.

  11. George Michalopulos says

    This is how coalitions break apart:

    “French President Emmanuel Macron has reiterated his belief that the conflict in Ukraine will inevitably be resolved at the negotiating table, and that the West and NATO in particular will have to come up with security guarantees not only for Kiev, but Moscow as well, to secure a lasting peace. “The day of peace will involve discussions. First and foremost for guarantees to Ukraine, for its territorial integrity, its long-term security. But also for Russia, as a party that it will be to an armistice and peace treaty,” Macron said in an interview with the TF1 and LCI channels broadcast on Tuesday.
    But the term “negotiations” as perceived by Russia now has a much more menacing for the combined West connotation–a dictation of the terms of surrender. Even this event tells the story.”

    And this from Croatia:

    “Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said on Tuesday that Ukraine “is not an ally” of his country and warned against bringing “war” to the Balkans. “Ukraine is not an ally. It’s being forcibly made into one. It was cynically granted the status of an EU candidate. That’s what the EU is today: squalor, zero.” Talking to reporters, he also hit out against Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic for his proposal to have Ukrainian troops trained in Croatia. Milanovic said such a move would “bring war” to the country. “You keep pushing moral blackmail,” he addressed Plenkovic, “but you have no morals yourself. Go to Ukraine and fight.”

    So my advice to the Poles? We know you wanna fight. And that you wanna be the tip of the spear. Copy that. The problem is that for a spear to have a tip, it has to have the rest of the weapon as well. This includes the haft. From the sounds emanating from Croatia and France, I rather doubt that the rest of the EU nations are all that eager to bring up the rear.

    • Anonymous II says

      Did you hear about the Polish space shuttle? They’re trying to land a craft on the sun. We know, we know, they said. Don’t worry…we’re going at night.

  12. Michael Bauman says
  13. Glory to God! Jackson Hinkle said he recently converted to the Orthodox Church.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      He absolutely did at around 1:11:48 / 1:36:02! Yea!!!!

    • Misha Pennington says

      Yes, he even said “Russian Orthodox”. Interesting.

      • George Michalopulos says

        As Gail and I have been talking now for about 3 months, esp about deciding whether to put The Dive on our tabs, something told me he was on his way to Orthodoxy.

        Insight? Instinct? Who knows? But praise the Lord regardless!

  14. Anonymous II says


    At its session held at St. Panteleimon’s Monastery in Kiev yesterday, the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church adopted an urgent appeal to President Zelensky, calling on him to end the persecution against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and to block any bills that would ban the Church, which is by far the largest religious organization in the country.

    The hierarchs, gathered under the chairmanship of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine, remind the head of state that the UOC stands by the Ukrainian people and has always supported Ukrainian territorial integrity sovereignty, whereas the enmity against the Church only divides the people.

    The Synod also strongly condemns a recently-aired blasphemous television program from Kvartal 95, the studio founded by Zelensky and some school friends in 2003.

    “Overcoming the remnants of the communist system is impossible if we allow its methods to be applied, especially in the legal, public, and information space. In no case should we wage war against God, because this is the road to self-destruction,” the Synod states.

    Read the Synod’s full statement below:

    Dear Vladimir Alexandrovich,

    The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has more than a thousand years of history. Since the Baptism of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir, it was our Church that was at the origins of Ukrainian statehood. The ups and downs of creative thought, science, and high art were associated with its beneficial educational and educational impact. During the most critical periods of our people’s existence, the Holy Church was the force that preserved their identity and gave them the inspiration to rise from their knees and move on. We can see numerous examples of this from the pages of history during the Mongol invasion, the Lithuanian-Polish era, the Cossacks, the Soviet period and until today.

    With the beginning of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was the first among other religious organizations to strongly condemn this military aggression and express its unconditional support for the territorial integrity of our homeland. From the very beginning of military operations, our believers have been defending their country, sacrificing their lives for the liberation of their native land. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church constantly offers prayers and provides material assistance to military personnel, internally displaced persons, and other categories of the population affected by the war.

    Against this background, the numerous slanders, insults, and baseless accusations that are being leveled against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are very upsetting. They not only form a negative public opinion, but also incite religious hostility, which sets some citizens of Ukraine against others, dividing our people, who are so in need of unity in the conditions of war. The flurry of filth that is poured out on the Church creates anger and intolerance towards each other in Ukrainian society, which, in turn, leads to spiritual decline and the loss of moral values. This leads to the beating of believers and priests, the seizure and destruction of churches, and the banning of the church itself. In addition, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is still deliberately called “Russian” and “Moscow,” and believers who are citizens of Ukraine are groundlessly considered enemies just because they belong to this Church.

    Currently, draft laws are being prepared for adoption in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: register. No. 7403 of 24.05.2022, author Sovsun I. R.; register. No. 8012 of 08.09.2022, author Bogdanets A.V.; register. No. 8221 of 23.11.2022, author Knyazhitsky M. L. and others; register. No. 8262 of 05.12.2022, author I. M. Kostankevich and others. These draft laws do not comply with international law and the Constitution of Ukraine, establishing advantages and limitations that violate the principle of equality of religious organizations and are aimed at the discrimination of religious citizens of Ukraine and the liquidation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

    Moreover, for the first time in the history of our state, “personal” sanctions were illegally and unjustifiably applied against clergymen who are citizens of Ukraine. This is a gross interference in the activities of religious organizations. As a result, the activities of entire dioceses that cover tens of thousands of believers and provide large-scale social and humanitarian assistance to the military, internally displaced persons, and many other segments of the population in need are blocked. In fact, these restrictions violate not so much the personal rights of clergy, but the rights of almost a thousand religious communities.

    The systematic violation of the right to freedom of religion, the rhetoric of hatred and religious enmity against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is cultivated with impunity in Ukrainian society, leads to such negative manifestations in the media as happened on December 7, 2022. On this day, a video of the program “Bayraktar New#104” produced by Kvartal 95 was shown on the television and YouTube channel called “Official Channel Chisto News.” For nearly 14 minutes, the program contained blasphemy, mockery, and sacrilege against God and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as well as false and unreliable information, contempt, insults to the religious sensibilities of believers and incitement to religious enmity.

    Such shocking and blasphemous words cannot be repeated. This is a cynical mockery of the Holy Scriptures, God the Trinity, and the Lord Jesus Christ, for Whom thousands of people sacrificed themselves and went to martyrdom.

    Giving the commandments to the Prophet Moses on Mt. Sinai, the Lord emphasized that His holy name should not be used in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain” (Deut 5:11; cf. Ex. 20:7). Blasphemy against God and his name entailed grave consequences, up to the punishment of death: Whosoever curseth his God shall bear his sin. And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death (Lev. 24:15–16). I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me (Ex. 20:5). However, the greatest harm is suffered by man not in this world. In the Gospel, The Lord says, whosoever speaketh against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come (Mt. 12:32).

    In this regard, the clergy and laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church appealed to the management of the TV channel “1+1” and the “Kvartal 95” team with a demand to publicly apologize for the program and remove it from the information space, as well as to law enforcement agencies for a proper investigation of this shameful story. We expect that the authors of the script of this program, its presenters, and actors will draw appropriate conclusions and apologize to the Christian community of Ukraine.

    Today, our state needs God’s help more than ever. Public abuse of God is unacceptable. We respect the freedom of other citizens to profess their chosen religion or not to profess any, but in this case we’re talking about the abuse of the religious sensibilities of the faithful citizens of Ukraine, many of whom are now sacrificing themselves to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

    The current war is our common struggle for universal values: freedom, dignity, and human rights. And we believe that Ukraine will emerge from the flames of war as a country that respects the constitutional rights of every citizen. That is why there is no place in our state for those means and technologies that offend and despise the Church, and cynically offend the religious sensibilities of millions of believers. These are the methods used by the God-fighting authorities during Soviet totalitarianism. At that time, hundreds of thousands of clerics, monks, and laity were deprived of human rights, exiled, and killed, whom we now honor as martyrs and heroes. Today, Ukraine is trying to overcome the totalitarian past once and for all for the sake of the future. But real decommunization must take place in the sphere of human consciousness. Overcoming the remnants of the communist system is impossible if we allow its methods to be applied, especially in the legal, public, and information space. In no case should we wage war against God, because this is the road to self-destruction.

    Honorable Mr. President! In your person, we see the guarantor of compliance with the Constitution of Ukraine. In the 2019 elections, you showed yourself as a charismatic person, uncorrupted by the bureaucratic system. With this, you earned the trust of the faithful of our Church, who voted for you en masse. You managed to consolidate the Ukrainian people in all regions of Ukraine around the values of democracy, freedom, and dignity. That is why you are respected and supported by the whole world.

    And today we respectfully appeal to you to ensure the right to freedom of conscience and religion for the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. To protect Ukrainian society from rhetoric of hatred and intolerance on religious grounds, inciting religious hostility in the country. To unblock the activities of religious organizations that have been sanctioned together with their archpastors. To prevent the adoption of unconstitutional laws against the Church that are under consideration in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. We hope that you will be able to prevent an artificial split of the Ukrainian people on religious grounds, which is vital in the face of external aggression. Let the spiritual values that we profess and defend truly come to life, and their implementation will be a real measure of our national maturity.


    • Gail Sheppard says

      Has Rada turned against them and Zelensky is the only way out? That doesn’t make sense.

      This was a planned operation from the beginning and Zelensky was a part of it. Only maybe not the way we thought.

      In the back of my mind, I’ve long suspected Zelensky was an Alliance plant. Russia, who is part of the Alliance, had to go into Ukraine for all the reasons we’ve discussed, and like a cancer they knew they had to cut deep to ferret out every last Nazi, trafficker, launderer, etc. and drain the resources of the war mongers known as NATO and the Pentagon. The U.S. is literally out of money at this point (Federal Reserve money). We’re not going to starve. We have resources we don’t even know about yet but will soon.

      I also think the current Biden is an actor. He, too, is believable enough to fool his own party, but he did a couple of things that suggest he’s working for the other side: (1) After promising he would get rid of Gitmo, which he could have done with the stroke of his pen, he added two more courtrooms for tribunals and (2) he signed an executive order keeping Trumps emergency powers in play in 2021 and again in 2022 to address election fraud and (3) he was great at throwing money at the war. All the fiat money that has no value. We look like we’re on the brink, but that’s not the case.

      Zelensky was popular enough to win an election over Poroshenko, and believable enough to drag this war out to the Nth degree so they could accomplish their objectives and they had to do it slowly to give the Ukrainian people time to leave Ukraine and move out of harms way. At every opportunity, Russia offered the the Ukrainian people asylum. They offered the Ukrainian troops a way out as well. They’d corner them and then give them an opportunity to get out by coming under the protection of Russia. Of course the nationalists, Nazis, and hired mercenaries would never have taken them up on it, but I pray the Ukrainians did.

      Now, Zelensky is turning his attention to France. It would benefit us all if he could drain that country, too.

      It’s got to all come down to come back up.

      Why send this letter to Zelensky and not to Rada? One reason could be that it will get international attention. Then if Zelensky doesn’t make good on his threat (if he’s a plant, he won’t), it will look like he backed off because he wants to avoid negative attention. Not because he’s protecting the UOC.

      • “We’re not going to starve. We have resources
        we don’t even know about yet but will soon.”

        How nice for you. Can’t say the same for the EU and UK.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          I said “we,” Brendan. This is for all the marbles. These are the resignations just in 2022. As you can see, the UK is very well represented and this is only the beginning. Soon, I hope, we’ll be adding Congress and the Biden administration to the list. You’ve heard about the Raland J Brunson, v. Alama S. Adams, et, al. case, right?

          – Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin and his cabinet resigned on January 6, 2022 amidst protests against a sharp increase in fuel prices.[42][43][44]
          – Christopher Pincher, Government Deputy Chief Whip, Treasurer of the Household, UK Government. On 30 June 2022, Pincher resigned as a Government Deputy Chief Whip, after he admitted being very drunk the night before at the private Carlton Club, a private members’ club, in St James’s, London and having “embarrassed myself and other people” It was alleged that he had groped two men.
          – Oliver Dowden, Chairman of the Conservative Party, UK Government. On 24 June 2022, Dowden resigned as Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party and Minister without Portfolio following the Conservative defeats at the Tiverton and Honiton by-election and Wakefield by-election, saying: “We cannot carry on with business as usual” and “Somebody must take responsibility”.
          – Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care UK Government. On 5 July 2022, Javid resigned as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
          – Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer UK Government. On 5 July 2022, Sunak resigned as chancellor moments after Sajid Javid resigned as health secretary. Upon his resignation, Sunak said that “the public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously”
          – Bim Afolami, Vice Chair of the Conservative Party, UK Government. On 5 July 2022, whilst being interviewed live on television, Afolami resigned from his role as Vice Chair of the Conservative Party, owing to the recent scandals in government under Boris Johnson.
          – Alex Chalk, Solicitor General for England and Wales, UK Government. On 5 July 2022, Chalk resigned as Solicitor General, citing the Owen Paterson scandal, Partygate and the Chris Pincher scandal.
          – Will Quince, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families UK Government, On 6 July 2022, in the wake of the resignations of Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Quince resigned from government after “accepting and repeating assurances to the media [from No 10] which have now been found to be inaccurate”.
          – Laura Trott, Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Department for Transport, UK Government. On 6 July 2022, in the wake of the resignations of Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid from the second Johnson ministry, Trott resigned as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Department for Transport, citing “trust in politics is – and must always be – of the utmost importance, but sadly in recent months this has been lost”.
          – Robin Walker, Minister of State for School Standards, UK Government. On 6 July 2022, Schools minister Robin Walker has resigned from his post, saying he cannot “in good conscience” serve in prime minister Boris Johnson’s government.
          – John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, UK Government. On 6 July 2022, Glen resigned in a twitter post “…the poor judgement you [Boris Johnson] have shown, have made it impossible for me to square continued service with my conscience.” and that “The country deserves better” [45]
          – Felicity Buchan, Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, UK Government. On 6 July 2022, Buchan resigned from her PPS role, in protest against the leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his handling of the Chris Pincher scandal.
          – Victoria Atkins, Minister of State for Prisons and Probation, UK Government. On 6 July 2022, Atkins resigned sharing her letter on instagram,[46] citing issues around the Owen Paterson Scandal, Partygate, Chris Pincher scandal, and fractured values under the leadership of Boris Johnson.
          – Stuart Andrew, Minister of State for Housing, UK Government. On 6 July 2022, Andrew resigned from the role of Minister of State for Housing due to the recent scandals involving the current Conservative Party (UK) leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, citing that “There comes a time when you have to look at your own personal integrity and that time is now. Therefore, given recent events I have no other choice to resign. Our party, particularly our members and more importantly our great country, deserve better.”
          – 5 Minsters From the UK Government, On 6 July 2022, 5 members of the UK cabinet resigned together in a joint letter submitted to Boris Johnson. Julia Lopez was a culture minister, Lee Rowley was a business minister, Alex Burghart was an education minister, Neil O’Brien was a levelling up minister. Kemi Badenoch was a local government minister.
          – Mims Davies, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Employment, UK Government. On 6 July 2022, Davies resigned from her position as Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for Work and Pensions, losing confidence in Boris Johnson as a result of the Chris Pincher scandal.
          – On 7 July 2022, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom resigned from his position.
          – Chris Philip, Minister of Technology resigned from his position.
          – On 21 July 2022, Mario Draghi resigned as Prime Minister of Italy after a confidence vote in his government failed to pass with an absolute majority in the Italian Senate.
          – On 20 October 2022, Liz Truss, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom resigned from her position.
          – On 8 November 2022, Gavin Williamson, Minister without portfolio (United Kingdom), resigned after he was accused of bullying.

  15. The West knows, on some level, what the war will decide. This is a war to see who will colonize Europe. Currently, that is the US. However, if Russia can overcome NATO in the Ukraine with impunity, which seems highly likely, then all bets are off regarding the economic loyalties of the rest of Europe.

    There are already NSI and NSII completed, slightly damaged but imminently reparable. There are other avenues for Russian gas and oil to get to the rest of Europe and that supply is the most practical for Europe as well as being vital to their economic, political and even physical stability.

    Russia has decisively demonstrated two things to Europe, three really:

    1. Eastward expansion of NATO is at an end, and perhaps NATO itself is in jeopardy. They’ve done the worst they dare to no avail.

    2. Europe desperately needs Russian gas and oil, et al.

    3. Russia does not need Europe as a customer.

    That is a recipe for renewed European dependency, in time, on Russia and that is or might as well be a form of colonization. It is not quite as transparent as a military alliance (NATO, Warsaw Pact) but may be more powerful in the long run inasmuch as it is not based on ideology but on raw material reality.

    • George Michalopulos says

      All things being equal, Misha, I agree with Col MacGregor. Russia will win this, whether prettily or not.

      The problem is that our necon elite is unreservedly evil and not a little insane. Having been kicked out of Afghanistan by a bunch of pajama-wearing yahoos, I doubt they want to continue their string of humiliations that they’ve put our once proud nation through. Already, there are over 10,000 Poles fighting in the Donbass (who have taken heavy casualties).

  16. If you haven’t heard the latest coming out of Russia, it is cause for pause. The Duran did a show on it here.

    Russia has just announced a major military buildup of another half a million men in addition to the 600,000 currently being deployed to the Ukraine. That is only the half of it. They are rearranging districts and divisions with an eye toward a possible impending full on war with NATO.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    However, of course, you may actually get the war you are preparing for.

    Glory to God for all things.

    • George Michalopulos says

      The problem with the neocons (as Alex & Alex point out) is

      1. that they not only have no “off-ramp,” they don’t care about military losses for our side or collateral damage. They bear no consequences for their actions.

      That’s all true. Unfortunately, there’s more:

      2. they don’t see their mistakes as “mistakes.” Their father was Trotsky and like him, they view their mission in life as being a messianic one, no matter how terrible things turn out.

      Also, like leftists everywhere, when their efforts fail, they ascribe said failures to the fact that “don’t blame us, ‘X’ hasn’t been tried,” i.e. “true communism hasn’t failed because there hasn’t been a ‘truly communist’ state.” Just substitute the word “democratic liberalism” for “communism” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

      There’s also a third, more nefarious aspect: chaos and destruction are OK if at the end of the day they still have cushy jobs. (This is a corollary of point #1.)

      • George,

        I just want to make a note about nomenclature which I think is warranted. The two Alex’s and others (Garland Nixon, for instance) who historically come from the social democratic tradition tend to label the forces in DC as “neo-cons”. This, perhaps, is wishful thinking. They are actually neo-liberals in the Samantha Powers vane.

        Liberalism, in order to maintain peace with the MIC and the DS have had to import a sort of neo-con lite based on “humanitarian concerns” rather than overtly imperialist notions in order to satisfy the powers that be in their obsession with world empire. Neo-cons are people like John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Lyndsey Graham and John McCain (of thrice execrable memory). They are actually worse than the neo-libs and even more hawkish without the pretense of humanitarianism as anything other than a fringe benefit.

        But I suppose “neo-con” is accurate enough if they support substantially the same policies. But make no mistake, these people are par for the course Liberals.

        Garland Nixon’s latest: