About That “Jewkrainian” Thing

Recently, several posters have pointed out a Jewish connection to the recent Russo-Ukrainian war.  

There is no doubt that several of the most prominent cheerleaders for America’s involvement in this war are indeed of Jewish descent; specifically Ukrainian Jewish descent. 

At this point, I would like to direct your attention to a perceptive essay  (an indictment, actually) of the hypocrisy of such a position by our friends over at  Helleniscope: https://www.helleniscope.com/2022/10/14/alexander-vindman-the-face-of-ukro-american-totalitarianism/

This should not be surprising.  Jews from Eastern Europe –specifically Ukraine–make up the majority of the Jewish population in the United States.  Both Ukraine, and Byelorussia to a lesser extent, came from what is called the Pale of Settlement.

First a little history.  

In 1569, at the Union of Lublin, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, formally known as the Kingdom of Poland and the Grandy Duchy of Lithuania, was established.  It was a vast, multi-ethnic, multi-confessional constitutional monarchy, ruled by kings, acting in tandem with a parliament (Sejm), in what is now Poland, Lithuania, Livonia, Byelorussia, and Ukraine.   

The actual origins of the state go back to 1386 when Queen Jadwiga of Poland married Grand Duke Jogaila of Lithuania.  It’s kings were often elected in much the same manner as the Holy Roman Emperors.

As in many European nations, the kings used the native Jewish population as administrators.  If there were no native Jews, they brought them in for this specific purpose.

The emirs of Islamic Spain and the Normans of England were among the first to do this.  Later, in 1492, when the Jews and Moors were expelled from Spain, the Grand Turk invited them to settle in the Balkans, as well.  Among their many duties were tax-collection and the minting of coins.  In order to maintain the stability of the currency, Jewish minters were given exclusive monopolies.

In 1609, the Poles tried to conquer Russia and they actually invested Moscow (and captured Tsar Basil IV Shuiski).  They were unable to consolidate their gains and driven out in 1612.  The Russians pushed them back to what is now Ukraine and Byelorussia, thereby creating the “Pale of Settlement,” also called “the Borderlands,” which in Polish is Ukrainiya.

A year later, the Romanov dynasty was established and the Poles, Lithuanians, and their Jewish agents were forbidden from settling in Holy Russia. 

Although the Poles had been driven out of Russia, for another seven decades, the Pale continued to be ruled by Polish-Lithuanian overlords.  They continued to use Jewish agents to mint coins, levy taxes, collect rents, and even gave them monopolies on taverns and inns.  An uneasy hierarchy comprised of Catholic Polish overlords, Jewish middlemen, and Orthodox Slavic peasants was born and exploitation of the peasant majority was rife. 

However, the Poles were largely immune from reprisals, as they used Jewish middlemen to collect rents and taxes (in other words, “do the dirty work”).  Given the propensity of the Slavs to drink (and having no native capital of their own), the Orthodox peasants were often trapped in an endless cycle of debt, as Jews had exclusive rights to distill liquors.  (As for capital formation, they were allowed to charge exorbitant amounts of interest for loans.)

Needless to say, there was much resentment among the Orthodox majority.

In 1666, a Cossack hetman named Bogdan Khmelnitsky organized a massive rebellion to throw out the hated Poles.  Reprisals were instigated against their Jewish agents, as well.  It was at this point that a “Ukrainian” state first came into being.  It is estimated that some forty thousand Jews and Poles were slaughtered during the war for Ukrainian independence. 

Khmelnitsky, fearing for the return of Poles as perhaps part of a greater Catholic crusade, made overtures to Moscow for these new Borderlands to become part of the Russian Empire.  The Romanov dynasty kept the existing economic system in place, essentially allowing the Polish-inspired Jewish monopolies to remain (at least for the time being).  

The situation, however, was often tense between the Christian majority and the local Jewish population.  Pogroms (sudden, violent actions) broke out on a intermittent basis against the Jewish minority.  

Contrary to popular belief, these were not instigated by the czarist government, but instead were almost exclusively “bottom-up” affairs, taking place when the local peasantry felt the burden of the endless cycle of debt and grinding poverty that resulted from the continuance of the monopolies.  

Pogroms were not one-way affairs, either.  In the 1820s, at the onset of the Greek rebellion against the Ottoman Empire (which was pioneered by the wealthy Greek colony of Odessa), a pogrom against the Greeks was initiated by Jewish competitors.  Things got out of hand and had to be put down by the Russian constabulary.  This was in fact, the first “Russian” pogrom.

By the late nineteenth century, Czar Alexander II, the “Liberator Czar,” began a process of liberalization which was based on merit rather than on heredity or ethnic origin.  Being an admirer of Abraham Lincoln and a supporter of his cause in the War Between the States, he ended serfdom in 1863, two years before the emancipation of the American slaves.

One of the other hallmarks of this program was the removal of exclusive licenses and privileges given to the Jews of the Pale.  From then on, all citizens of the Russian Empire were to be judged on individual merits, rather than ethnic identity.

This hit many Jews, particularly those who owned taverns and inns, quite hard.  Coupled with the intermittent violence against them, this resulted in a massive Jewish migration out of the Russian Empire, the overwhelming number of which migrated to the United States.

Like many immigrant groups, tales of atrocities in the “Old Country” flourished and often grew in the telling.  (The Irish and Greeks are especially prone to this phenomenon.)  What is troubling is that the overwhelming majority of atrocities perpetrated against the Jews in “Russia” actually took place in the Pale, that is to say in Ukraine and Byeolorussia, not in Russia as it is presently constituted.  

As Stamatakis points out in the essay above, the worst violence perpetrated against the Jews in Ukraine took place during World War II, specifically by natives who enthusiastically participated in the Waffen SS units (led by Stepan Bandera), which had been set up by the Nazi regime.  During this war, tens of thousands of Poles and even larger numbers of Jews were slaughtered by these Banderites

It is curious why so many American politicians, academics, and influencers, many of whom are Jewish, would want NATO to be involved in a boots-on-the-ground incursion into Ukraine.  Especially when the Israeli government recently turned down President Zelensky’s request for military aid. 

It should not be forgotten that it was Russian soldiers who liberated Auschwitz and defeated Hitler.  Being of miniscule Jewish ancestry myself (according to Ancestry.com, I’m 2 percent), it makes no sense to me that those who have a more significant Jewish identity, view the Russian people as their enemy.

In all fairness, it is not simply American Jews such as Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland alone who bear the blame for this suicidal path the West is on.  Indeed, the author of this bizarre tale is none other than the late,  unlamented Zbigniew Brzezinski, formerly National Security Advisor to President Carter and eminence grise of the American Establishment. 

It was Brzezinski’s idea to subdivide Russia into five regions, making its resources easier to exploit some 30 years ago.

It was also Brzezinski who stated that the Orthodox Church was the lone remaining obstacle to the New World Order.

What I have written above is not meant to absolve the Russian Federation as it prosecutes this present conflict.  In fact, I wish it had never taken place.  What I am attempting to do is flesh out the broader context which must be viewed through the prism of the Western hatred for Russia. 

In other words, the anti-Russian propaganda is not based on an objective  reading of history, but rather on a selective, lachrymose –and very self-serving–interpretation of certain facts.  A narrative, so to speak, which should not ensnare the American nation for any reason whatsoever.  Especially given the perilous nature of country as it is at present.

In the final analysis, it must be remembered that there is only one Orthodox Church which is protected by nuclear weapons.  This is something worth considering, in my humble opinion, especially given the satanic state of affairs that passes for “culture” these days in the West.  


Marina Abramovic and Jacob Rothschild, standing in front of a painting at the Royal Academy of Arts entitled “Satan Summoning His Legions” (by Thomas Lawrence).


  1. Joseph Lipper says

    Isn’t the Orthodox Church in America sort of “protected” by nuclear weapons also? I believe the backdrop of the 1960’s nuclear Cold War with Russia was an instrumental factor for the OCA receiving autocephaly.

    Conversely, it could probably be said that much of the Moscow Patriarchate is not protected by Russia’s nuclear weapons. How many countries outside of Russia have MP parishes? In the event of a hot war with Russia, they’re probably toast.

    • George Michalopulos says

      That would be true if the OCA believed that feminazism and faggotry were the sine qua non of Christianity. And BLM, Antifa riots, no-cash bail for murderers, a president who channels Emperor Palpatine, as well.

      Me, not so much. Episcopal priestesses who commune seeing-eye dogs, transvestites dancing down the aisles of liturgical churches, etc. You get the picture.

      I saw a meme the other day: a little 6 yr old girl wearing pigtails said that she loved playing catch with her brother. The parents said to one another, “Good! Let’s go ahead and schedule the surgery!”

  2. Very nice, and timely, George!

    Essentially, we are witnessing Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations multipolar world order coming into being. This was probably inevitable after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the capitulation of “Communist” China to mixed market capitalism. The last standing ideology against the various nationalisms is Western liberalism. “Nationalism”, or politico-ethnic solidarity, is not an ideology. It is simply an outgrowth of the patriarchy and ethno-linguistic divisions. Christian Nationalism, then, is simply classical conservatism, the old pre-Enlightenment arrangement, particularized to predominantly Christian countries.

    Fukuyama simply picked the wrong horse. He identified Western liberalism as the last man standing when it was merely the last artificially constructed “Enlightenment” political ideology standing. As a liberal, the notion that the “primitive” alternatives would overtake liberalism was unthinkable.

    Not anymore.

    It will be exceedingly difficult for Western liberals. They are atheistic, materialistic and atomized/alienated. They cannot conceive that the “lies” or “fairy tales” of traditional faiths could overtake the “truth” of modern “progress”. It’s a nightmare for them and it is not surprising in the least that it creates a fierce sense of denial, “this can’t be happening”.

    Of course, for those of us who have suffered under the liberal, feminist, matriarchal dystopia our whole lives, it is a dream come true. We are just delighted to have lived to see the beginning of the death of Western liberalism.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you, Misha!

      • You gave an excellent rundown of the history which should inform present opinions. It is all too easy to fall for ideologically driven cherry picking.

    • Wait…… you mean that when we were both implicitly and explicitly taught in high school from the ’80s and ’90s onward that legal abortion on demand without question is a *necessity in any society* in order for both women and men to thrive…. you mean that’s not true?!?

      You mean that they lied when they taught us both implicitly and explicitly that the point of life – and the way to joy – is to pursue material and carnal pleasure?!?

      You mean the Boomer leftists who taught us might not have been telling the truth?!? You mean that these “threats against democracy” that our Boomer septa- and octagenarian leaders are fearmongering us about are really only threats against “their preferred way of running the world”?!?

      Great post, as always, Misha. And fantastic history lesson, George. Thank you very much.

      How lost and miserable would I be without the light of Christ and His Church. It’s not even funny to think about, it’s terrifying.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Boomers have turned more conservative since their “hippy days.”

        According to recent Pew Studies, Millennials are the most liberal of the adult generations. They continue to be the most likely to identify with the Democratic Party or lean Democratic.

        They’re also the ones who populate universities.

      • FTS,

        It’s much deeper than that, but that’s the gist of it. Abortion is a symptom of feminism and the quasi-matriarchy.

        What do you think would happen if the entire (white) male population of the US quickly became convinced that feminism has always been a lie and that their whole lives they had been entitled by God and traditional society (including that of the Founders) to remarkably more power and less agita than they have experienced to date? Hmmm? How would that make you feel if that realization suddenly and convincingly embraced you? And how would you feel about those who imposed, embraced and supported this satanic system?

        That precious moment may be in store for a great many men when liberalism actually ceases to dominate the Great Context in which we live. Given it is America, some sort of Calvinistic poo might emerge reminiscent of the malignant patriarchy of Handmaid’s Tale fame. It would be just retribution, but I would rather avoid a reverse pendulum excess and just restore the natural order as it was, say, for most of the 19th century.

  3. Austin Martin says

    When I’m president, half my cabinet is going to be Greeks. My AG especially will be a Greek, but the very psychopathic, fanatical kind. Then I was call anyone a racist who asks if I’m some kind of Hellenophile and have the FBI raid their homes. Matt Walsh will back me up.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Austin, will you nominate me to be ypourgo tou phobou? (“Minister of Fear”.)

  4. Joseph Lipper says

    Interestingly, Marina Abramovic, who is shown in the photograph with Jacob Rothschild, grew up Serbian Orthodox, and her Grand-uncle was even a former Patriarch of Serbia. I don’t know what her relation is with Jacob Rothschild, but since she’s a performance artist, I imagine it has something to do with his patronage.

    Perhaps they’re also both fans of the painter, Thomas Lawrence, and/or the epic poetry of John Milton?

  5. Mark E. Fisus says

    There is no reason why one’s ancestry requires one to think or act a certain way.

    We all inherit ancestral sin, but we are free to choose God.

    You cite Israel’s refusal to help Ukraine as evidence of hypocrisy of Ukrainian Jewish descendants, but it is more of an example of the opposite idea – that not everything is about race. Israel declined to get involved due to its own strategic and geopolitical interests involving Russia, even as Israelis might like Zelensky’s example of being a plucky Jewish warrior leader.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Mark, I did not indict Israel for its refusal to pull Zelensky’s ass out of the fire. Quite the opposite –I commended them.

      Nor did I make this a tribal or ethnic thing; i.e. that the reason so many American Jews in high positions are supporting Zelensky is because of some ancient tribal enmity. Both Stamatakis and myself instead pointed out the obvious hypocrisy, especially given the fact that it was Ukrainians in the West who enthusiastically welcomed the Wehrmacht when it invaded their Ukraine (and then volunteered for the Waffen SS units that did a lot of the dirty work of the Holocaust).

      • Mark E. Fisus says

        What does President Zelensky have to do with the Nazi collaborators in Ukraine 80 years ago? The present government of Ukraine did not send agents through a time machine back to WW2.

        • President Zelensky was elected to make peace
          with Russia against the wishes of today’s Nazis
          (and their collaborators), who made it plain to him
          what would happen to him if he made such a piece.
          Today’s Nazis and their collaborators in Ukraine
          are in direct descent from those of 80 years ago.

        • Anonymous II says

          Many in Russia and Eastern Europe – especially in Romania – welcomed the Nazis as liberators from bolshevism. The communists of yesterday are international communists today – they are today’s globalists. The irony is that these globalists are temporarily exploiting the nationalist tendencies of Ukrainians just as they exploit the Muslims in Syria forming ISIS, etc. Zelensky is a ‘useful,’ sexually depraved drug addict like other proxy warriors. Heck, they support BLM and Antifa, openly “Marxist-trained” revolutionaries.

  6. The other thing that bears consideration is the position of the Jewish people in general in the emerging World Order. Given that it appears that religious ethno-nationalism is on the rise, the Jews, who are overwhelmingly secular, may believe that it is in their considered interest to fight for the cosmopolitan, globalist order, tooth and nail. Israel is about the only place where nationalism favors them.

  7. Anonymous II says


    “Like Trotsky, the neoconservative apologists for globalism, free trade, and American cultural imperialism find that “national bias and national prejudices had only bewildered my sense of reason, in some cases stirring in me nothing but disdain and even a moral nausea. The same vision of universal transnational brotherhood based on class—in the case of Trotsky, the proletariat; in the case of David Brooks, the bourgeoisie—was deeply appealing to Jews who grew up feeling that they were men without a country. Once the socialist revolution took place, all would henceforth be men without a country. National boundaries, tariffs, ethnic prejudice—all of this would be a thing of the past. Socialism (or global free market capitalism), in other words, was going to succeed where religion had failed in bringing about universal harmony and brotherhood. To ignore the Jewish contribution to this vision is “short-sighted,” according to Haberer, because it “prevents us from comprehending the mental processes which drove alienated men and existentially troubled individuals like Vittenberg to sanctify socialism and to commit themselves to terrorism.”

    Socialism was, in other words, a political movement with deep roots in secular Messianic Jewish thought. As a result Jews began to play a major role in socialist, and, therefore, revolutionary and terrorist activity in Russia at around the middle of the 19th century. “Jews,” according to Haberer, “were indeed attracted to revolutionary activity—and terror in particular—due to specific Jewish circumstances. They saw the Jewish mission in terms that were both Biblical and secular at the same time.

    The Jews were now the revolutionary vanguard, which resembled God’s chosen people, who were called if not by God then by their own idealism, which also had biblical roots, to bring about the salvation of all mankind or, in secular terms, “the liberation of all oppressed groups.” Salvation, in other words still came from the Jews, but now it was a different kind of salvation—utopian socialism—coming from a different kind of Jew, the underground revolutionary terrorist. Aron Zundelevich, according to Tscherikower, intentionally chose for himself the party name “Moishe,” because he saw himself as leading not only the Jewish people but all people out of bondage.

    The Czar was simply the Pharaoh in his latest incarnation. The future promised a utopia not only for Jews but for all people, who would be grateful that the Jewish revolutionaries had led them out of bondage. The revolution fulfilled the deepest longings of a group of people who had stopped waiting for the Messiah and who now felt that the revolution was going to bring about the paradise on earth which the Messiah had promised but failed to deliver. Revolution was a deeply Jewish project, both in terms of its rationale and in terms of the people who filled the ranks of its organizations. The Elizavetgrad Circle of Lev I. Rozenfeld, which helped organize the assassination of suspected agent-provocateur, Nikolai E. Gorinovich “consisted almost exclusively of Jews.” Jews, in fact, “were a major and very active component in virtually all radical circles which in the south of Russia acted as catalysts of political terrorism.

    The revolutionary movement in Russia attracted large number of Jews from predominantly Jewish areas because of the philosophical and political and religious reasons we have already mentioned, but they became prominent in the movement primarily because of their skills. Because they lived in the Pale of the Settlement on the western border of the Russian empire, Jews had close contact with Jews in the easternmost parts of both Prussia, including cities like Berlin, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    Because of their Jewish upbringing and where it took place they became adept at smuggling and other activities useful to the revolutionary movement. “It was the Jews, with their long experience of exploiting conditions on Russia’s Western frontier which adjoined the Pale for smuggling and the like, who organized the illegal transports of literature, planned escapes and illegal crossings, and generally kept the wheels of the whole organization running.’ Jews were also adept at running printing presses and forging passports and other essential documents. Jews, in other words, were much better at running illegal “underground” operations than they were in educating and mobilizing the vast army of Russian peasants at the other end of Russia, something the early revolutionary organizations tried but failed to achieve. Soon the revolutionary movement began to take on Jewish characteristics, moving away Narodnaia Volia away from education and organization of peasants and workers and toward terrorism.

    The Jews who were employed in “underground” operations as both techniky and praktiky soon learned how to put the new technologies to use as weapons of terrorism. Jews from Nikolaev were the first to produced explosives from pyroxy- lin. It was the Jewish business magnate Dmitrii Lizogub who set up a special fund to pay for the assassination of Czar Alexander II. And it was Aron Zundelevich who used that money to fund “the dynamite workshop,” which was to provide the explosives that would mine the railroad tracks which were to explode when the Czar’s special train passed over them.

    And so on.

    From, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit
    See: https://archive.org/details/the-jewish-revolutionary-spirit-and-its-impact-on-world-history-e.-michael-jones/mode/2up

  8. Anonymous II says
    • Gail Sheppard says

      The Cuban Missile Crisis was far worse because it was real; not contrived. This war in Ukraine was ONLY going to end with Russia being the victor.

      Back then we had two leaders who rarely spoke. They were both superpowers. Each was heavily committed to their own ideology and neither trusted the other. We had powerful missiles pointed in both directions. Theirs in Cuba, just miles from our coast, and ours in Turkey just waiting for launch.

  9. Constantine says

    You are forgetting some more recent historical events.

    After the Suez Crisis in 1956 the Soviets began supporting the Arabs a bit more against Israel purely because we the USA supported the Israelis. Every Jew within all parts of the Soviet Union began to be viewed with suspicion just like their contemporaries in the Arab states. Mass imprisonments and infiltration of synagogues began because, hey, the Soviets were equal opportunity enough to persecute everybody equally.

    There’s a reason why nearly 1/5 of Israel’s current population are from the former Soviet Union and there’s also a reason why despite the Russian nationalism found amongst the Soviet Jews of Israel there was negligible support for Russia in Israel: when the Russian Jews left after the fall of Communism there was no love lost for Russia. So, before y’all try and spin this into a typical “the Jews are out to get us” plot, because this piece very much comes across that way, consider how they were treated within the Soviet Union by the Communists. Despite the Orthodox Church’s narrative, especially ROCOR’s, the Orthodox Christians were not the only religious population to be persecuted by the Soviet Union; everyone was persecuted.