Abba Moses Berry: Memory Eternal

We found out Sunday that Fr Moses Berry had reposed in the Lord on Thursday, Jan 11th, when his name was  commemorated during the Great Entrance.  (I had heard earlier in the week that he had entered hospice care.)  (

As for myself, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Fr Moses some twenty years ago, when he came to my former parish to speak.  There were many things fascinating a bout him –he was a descendant of Daniel Boone, for one–but it was his journey to Orthodoxy that enthralled us.  That and the fact that he curated a museum in the Ozarks that was devoted to keeping the memory of slavery alive.  

Seeing and handling the leg-irons, balls-and-chains and other accoutrements of chattel slavery was eye-opening to say the least.

All that was fascinating to be sure, nor should it be forgotten.  However, the thing that struck me more deeply was the sheer joy that he exhibited.  It radiated from his person and if you ever met him, you would know what I’m talking about.  

Since that first meeting, our paths would cross every now and then, albeit not as often as they should have.  He invited me to his parish and I always wanted to go but for whatever reason, I didn’t make it, something I truly regret.  Hopefully, I’ll rectify that. 

In the meantime, keep Abba Moses and his family in your prayers.  And may his ministry continue as well.  

Memory eternal, Father.  –Geo


  1. One of my favorite priests! I always admired him and I always hoped I would one day get to serve with him. A true example of the Christian Faith! May the Lord God remember him in His Kingdom!
    Memory Eternal!

  2. Michael Bauman says

    I knew Fr. Moses for 50 years. We met on the day we joined an independent Christian brotherhood. We took many steps together toward the Church.
    The story of his ancestry and his museum is fascinating and IMO creates a link to Holy Orthodoxy that imbeds it in this land as nothing else.
    As George says, Fr Moses was full of joy–even in the midst of failing health. That joy only comes from a deep and abiding presence with Jesus Christ.

    May his memory be eternal indeed..

    Please pray for his Mat. Magdelena and their children.

  3. I had the honor of knowing Father Moses; in fact, he officiated my wedding in 2016 when I was living in Missouri. After moving back to Ohio I had to invite him to my parish to speak… here’s his lecture in full. This couple hours changed my life.

  4. May his memory be eternal.
    I, too, had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Fr. Moses, some 17-18 years ago when he came and lectured at our parish and several universities and community colleges in the area, while promoting “Unbroken Circle.” I recall his worry and concern of missing his daughter’s Bday-at the time, he was looking for a local jeweler to purchase birth stone ring for his daughter in order to give it as a gift for her birthday, on his return. We had 3 lectures/presentations at our parish over the weekend and we had at least 90- 100 people at each. The Civil War/slavery memorabilia he brought and displayed was amazing- at least 4 dinning tables long. Check out his past writings and reflections on his blog and SMBB
    My prayers go out to Matushka and the kids.
    May his memory be eternal.
    Doxa to Theo, John D.

  5. Lola J. Lee Beno says

    The lectures at St. John Orthodox Church? I noticed that part 1 doesn’t have captions enabled … is there any way to turn the captions for that part on? Thank you.

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