Larry Johnson: My Speech in Moscow on Multipolarity

As you all may know, I have been listening to Larry Johnson for several months now.  (You should too.)

Larry is a former CIA analyst but he’s not one to buy the company line.  In fact, you could say he’s a maverick. 

How much of a maverick?   Let me give you just one example:  way back in the mid 80s, when Jonathan Pollard was caught red-handed giving naval secrets to Israel (who then, turned around and sold some to the USSR), Johnson was invited on CNN to debate Pollard’s treason against the famed attorney Alan Dershowitz.  For his part, Dershowitz defended Pollard, insisting that he wasn’t a spy.  This lie was so brazen that all Johnson could do was laugh in his face.* 

Anyway, Larry’s a stand-up guy.  Just the other day, he gave a speech on the new multi-polar world order.  It was given at the gorgeous Sretensky Monastery (and it is gorgeous!  Please make every effort to go there someday).  Here it is in full:

A lot of international bigwigs were there, so was Patriarch Kirill of Russia.  Please take the time to read his speech in its entirety.  As far as I’m concerned, the most powerful section of it is this paragraph:  

“I will do a full report on Moscow when I return to the states. But I can give you a quick summary — Russia is experiencing a remarkable religious rebirth. My visit to the Sretensky Monastery, the oldest sanctuary in Moscow (it was built in 1397) was moving and awe inspiring. Communism failed to extinguish the flames of Orthodox Christian believers, who are flocking to the resurgent church throughout Russia.”

*For those who might not remember, in 1984 Pollard sold numerous closely guarded state secrets to Israel.  Among these secrets were the National Security Agency’s ten-volume manual on how the U.S. gathers its signal intelligence [SIGINT].  In addition, he disclosed the names of thousands of people who had cooperated with U.S. intelligence agencies. Pollard admitted shopping his services—successfully, in some cases—to other countries.  In 1987, he was sentenced to life in prison for violations of the Espionage Act.  Unfortunately, he was pardoned by President Obama in 2015. 




  1. An honest (ex-) spook speaks.
    Langley will love him little for this…

  2. Tucker Carlson: Gonzalo Lira’s Father

    [Video – 19:00]

    Snr Lira asks whether there was any involvement
    by the Biden Administration in Gonzalo’s arrest…

  3. On a side note:

    Axios and many years to the saintly Met. Onuphry of Kiev and All-Ukraine! May God strengthen him and his much-suffering flock in these dark times of persecution!

  4. Tucker Carlson: Alex Jones

    [Video – 01:31:50]

    Tucker Carlson: ‘…fundamentally Alex Jones is right about
    a lot of things and in fact that’s why they don’t like him.’

    2:46 Alex Jones predictions
    15:07 Deplatforming
    21:59 Dividing us on race
    25:37 The border
    28:09 Austin
    32:12 New World Order
    42:09 Brian Stelter demon video
    50:57 Depopulation
    1:07:51 Food
    1:13:51 Whiskey
    1:16:22 Presidential election

    Mark 6:4 [KJV]

    But Jesus said unto them,
    A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country,
    and among his own kin, and in his own house.

  5. How the banks intend to steal absolutely everything:

    ‘The Great Taking’ Documentary Exposes
    ‘The Greatest Crime Ever Contemplated’

    [Video – 01:13:35]

    In “The Great Taking” documentary now airing on CHD.TV, former hedge fund manager David Webb takes the audience step by step through his forensic investigation into the legal, financial and regulatory changes that have set up “the greatest crime ever contemplated … the planned confiscation of everyone’s global securities assets.”

    “You will own nothing…”

  6. Semi related to this post, does anyone else notice the correlation between the cutting of aid to Ukraine and the mainstreaming of a Ukrainian loss while at the same time within the Church in the last two weeks, there has been a major uptick in the EP and his various bishops bolstering the muh “Mother Church of all Orthodoxy” language, most recently the other day, when Bartholomew compared himself to the crucified, Jesus? As well as the Greek politicians meeting with Bart about Elpi.

    I personally think they are tied together, something is going on in the background, and it seems to have Bart spooked

    • George Michalopulos says

      Petro, I’d say you’re correct.

      I was talking with Gail this morning and mentioned that the EP reminds me of Cliff the Mailman on the old Cheers show, always insinuating himself into the mix of things or aggrandizing his accomplishments.

      It’s quite sad if you ask me.

      • It’s quite sad if you ask me.

        It really is, you would of course know more than me, but, IMHO Bartholomew and the Ecumenical Patriarchate have done more to destroy Hellenism in the diaspora than anyone else, and for whatever reason politicians in Greece are just now starting to realize it.

        These are just a handful of articles that have been posted over the past month or two that deal specifically with Greek political officials meeting with hierarchs, which seems to have ramped up lately, along with various hierarchs of the EP discussing the “Mother Church” rhetoric.

        Again, it’s very interesting that all of this has really ramped up in the past 2 months. Of course Bartholomew has always used this flower language when referring to himself and the EP, but it has gone full-scale. It’s also very interesting that since the Greek politicians have started pushing Makarios as the next EP, he has all of a sudden found his voice on “muh Ukraine” & “muh Mother Church,” when previously he has said nothing about it, and was seemingly the most “orthodox” of the EP hierarchs.

        My guess, he’s having to prove his “worthiness” to the Greek political class.

        What else has happened the past 2 months? A definitive Ukrainian loss. It is now in the mainstream media, who controls the narrative, that Ukraine has lost.

        The guys over at The Duran have been highlighting it:

        To avoid a complete political optics loss before the 2024 election the Dems/MSM are going to be pushing for a freeze, but there is no way Russia is going to allow that and they will be pushing along. A freeze implies that the West will rearm and continue fighting Russia. Russia is going o probably finish off what is left of Ukraine, including the OCU. Notice how banning the UOC has completely disappeared from the Rada.

        The funding is about to completely stop and Friday is the cutoff for approving further funding for Ukraine and as of now it’s not looking likely.

        -> Money to Ukraine is drying up/stopping
        -> Money to Bartholomew, if I had to guess, is drying up and stopping.
        -> Zelensky has outlived his usefulness. Bartholomew has outlived his usefulness

        I also imagine that due to the loss of 72% of GOA laity over the past ~10 years that the coffers of the GOA have also started to dry up. This would partially explain why Elpi has approved the sale of a portion of the St. Basil academy.

        -> The Greeks are fleeing to other jurisdictions or no religion
        -> They are taking their money with them

        Side note: A while back I think we all remember when Bartholomew told the bishops in the GOA to spy on Russian, and other Orthodox, parishes and get political intel. I’m now very much of the opinion that this was not about politics and to see who is siding with Russia…it was a study by them to see just how many Greeks have chosen other jurisdictions over the GOA. It makes perfect sense on the timeline for all of this. My guess is that their study found a lot of Greeks who have left and that’s why you have the Greek politicians making the rounds. They are losing, and have lost, control of the diaspora and I’m sure that’s embarrassing to them. Especially since the EP is essentially only alive because of rich Greeks in the diaspora. This could also explain why the Charter revision is taking so long. Due to the catastrophic loss of laity, will there even be a GOA left to have a Charter over? It probably has to do with money and the selling of property

        • I have to laugh as I watch the Duran today. Its ad sponsor is the Biden campaign with ol Uncle Joe begging for money. Good luck with that, Joe. And thanks for supporting the Duran.

      • **Another thought**

        With the following going on: Greek politicians meeting with Bartholomew, the Charter delay, Turkey pivoting East, Erdogan’s meeting with Mitsotakis (discussing mutual interests) and Putin, Erdogan’s inevitable knowledge that Bartholomew is a CIA asset and his role in Ukraine.

        You have to wonder if they are putting the pieces in place to force Bartholomew/EP to relocate to Greece. This might explain the recent major rhetoric coming out of the EP bolstering and reinforcing the claim that the EP is first among everything. If we start seeing him talking about the “EP is the EP no matter where it is” then that’s probably a clear signal.

        Just a lot of curious things happening lately and this would certainly explain some of the more interesting moves. Also, if they’re afraid of losing control of the Diaspora, relocating the EP to Greece and having the Diaspora under the administrative control of the Church of Greece and the Greek state, rather than under Turkey, would solve political issues.

        • As we’ve suggested here, it would be a good move for the Church as a whole. The West has been influencing the EP for decades, and in the case of Ukraine, they got Bartholomew to spark a war which effectively bankrupt the world, causing a major schism in the Church in the process.

          For what? Money and pushing Russia a little further from his throne? He couldn’t care less that he pitted the Orthodox Church against a schismatic band of merry men> He gave imposters everything the Church had accumulated in Ukraine over multiple generations, with the intent to ban it altogether.

          Does he think these bandates are done? Oh, no! Epiphany has even begun to get started. He’ll push Bartholomew to the curb now that he doesn’t need him.

          Greece could be the “parent” Bartholomew (and his patriarchate) desperately need. If not managed, he’ll literally give the Church away. Do the Greeks want that as their legacy? Because the serious Orthodox won’t. We are not part of the Greek “culture” club and we prefer the Church that is committed to Orthodoxy as is.

          If something doesn’t change soon, the Greek Church and Bartholomew will become a paragraph in Wikipedia about “the guy who gave the Orthodox Church away”; and not just to Rome, but to some weird changeling of a pope. Not the “real deal” by any stretch of the imagination. No one, not even the Roman Church, disputes that.

          Moving the EP to Greece would keep Bartholomew from playing with matches in a world made of tinder.

  7. Another important read about the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

  8. As 2023 comes to a close I thought it would be pretty entertaining to do some 2024 “predictions” just for the fun of it in both the secular and religious worlds.

    -> A definitive Ukrainian loss will be solidified. America will drop Ukraine like a hot potato.
    -> Zelensky will be at the receiving end of the Zelensky curse. There will be a power struggle and ultimately a pro-Russian government will be installed.
    -> Russia will continue West and take the Black Sea coast to Odesa.
    -> The majority of the World will continue to pivot “East.” This is going to include Turkey.
    -> The U.S will keep starting bush fires across the globe trying to hold on to unipolarity
    -> The geopolitical shift/realignment will be solidified in October ’24 at the BRICS summit in Russia
    -> We will see more governments fall across Europe. Inflation, massive cost of living, winter energy crisis will cause a political shift/realignment
    -> Our domestic situation will continue to worsen economically and we will formally be in a recession.
    -> Biden will be impeached
    -> Trump will be legitimately elected.
    -> The U.S will be totally kicked out of Syria
    -> The world will unite against Israel

    -> Pope Francis will either die or resign. He has been alluding to this for while
    -> Francis will be replaced by someone either equal to, or more, radical than he is, further pushing Roman Catholicism off of the cliff.
    -> The Churches will still not recognize the OCU
    -> The Church of Russia will publish their “critiques of the EP” paper. The various Churches will respond.
    -> The Ukrainian Greek catholics will be banished in the remaining Russian acquired lands in Ukraine.
    -> The Church of Poland will initiate a council to answer the OCU question. Due to millions of Ukrainians in Poland, including laity associated with the OCU, they will call for a council to settle the situation and the strain it’s causing on the Church of Poland.
    -> More non-Russian Churches will condemn the EP. Not only over the OCU but over it’s bogus “Mother Church” claims
    -> Because of Turkey’s pivot East, we will see more political pressure hoisted on the EP.
    -> Elpidophoros will still be head of GOARCH
    -> Goarch will continue to shrink and be isolated from the rest of American Orthodoxy

    These are just a few of the things, and I’ll add to it over time

  9. The Russian armies set a “bow” for Kyiv and Odessa:
    For the first time after 2022, they are talking
    about “the liberation of Kyiv”

    Fierce Russian airstrikes on eastern and southern
    Ukrainian fronts cause heavy Ukrainian casualties

    ‘ For the first time the Russians started talking about “liberation of Kiev and Odesa” at a time when, while the operations on both sides they would have to stop due to weather conditions, as the winter in the Ukrainian steppe is particularly severe, however Russia’s military pressure is increasing daily.

    Today for the first time mass use of the Russian Air Force in a tactical role along the entire front, using guided munitions, but the most important thing is the message that Moscow is now sending: “Both Kyiv and Odesa will be liberated,” said the governor of Zaporizhia, Yevgeny Balitsky.

    During a ceremony where the cities of Mariupol and Melitopol were awarded the title of “City of Military Glory”, Balitsky argued that “historical justice has been done with the reunification of our cities with the Russian national core, but this is not enough: We must win because many more cities of Ukraine are waiting for their liberation. Then we liberate Odessa – a heroic city – we will also liberate Kiev. These are our cities.. We know they will be liberated.

    We recall that a few days ago B. Putin himself stated that “Everyone knows that Odessa is a Russian city”. … ‘

    Balitsky is not Putin, but…

    • I think the Russians (including Putin) are aware that for this to end militarily and especially politically, they are going to have to take Kiev, whether that be physically or metaphorically. With the current Ukrainian government and Rada, there is no way there will ever be peace in Ukraine. According to The Duran, Russia was waiting to see if the West was eventually going to come to it’s senses…they obviously are not.

      So, what does Russia do? They of course take Odessa in the south, and I assume taking Kiev is now their main goal, leaving either a Ukrainian rump state around Lviv (actual Ukraine), and/or taking Kiev and putting in a pro-Russian government for Ukraine.

      At this point it really seems that the Russians have realized this is the only option. Leaving anything left in Ukraine will just allow the West to re-arm them and mount another attack. For Ukraine to not become a western battering ram against Russia, Russia is going to have to dismantle the Ukrainian state

  10. George Michalopulos says
  11. George Michalopulos says

    It appears that the West is “recalibrating” its assessment of the Ukraine’s ultimate “victory.” (As well as Russia’s “faltering” economy.

    Here’s the kill-shot about Russia’s economic doldrums:

    “This merits the expletive, [BS]! Too bad Mr. Schmemann was not with me trying to walk through the crushing crowd of happy Christmas shoppers at the GUM department store. That might have awakened him from his delusional claim that the Russian economy is faltering. Schmemann ignores Russia’s burgeoning new trade with China and India. Russians now realize they do not need the West. Just the opposite. The West needs Russia’s oil, natural gas, rare earth minerals, fertilizer, aluminum and nickel, just to mention a few items. Russia is now producing its own commercial jet liners and its defense industry is firing on all cylinders.”

    Please take the time to read this piece by Larry Johnson: