A New Cathedral in the Ukraine

Theses pictures were sent to me by a friend of mine who’s uncle, Fr Gideon Kharon is a priest in Kiev. One of the present glories of Orthodoxy’s rebirth in the old Soviet Union, is the enthusiasm which people have for rediscovering their Christian legacy.

Here is one such example.

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  1. Lola J. Lee Beno says

    Trying to outdo Russia with their Christ the Saviour Cathedral?

    Nonetheless, this is all well and good. Maybe someday we’ll have a cathedral here in US that will be able to hold thousands of participants during regular services? One can only dream . . .

    • Geo Michalopulos says

      Lola, I should have added a little more explanation. This church is under the canonical Patriarchate of Moscow. They have the blessing of His Holiness to proceed.

    • I have visited many large cathedrals in Europe. All have been in dire need of $ to maintain them, more often than not charging to enter except in times of services. As I have wandered through them, gaping at architecture and paintings and high vaulted ceilings, etc with a bunch of other tourists, it has set me to wondering. Jesus said that when two or three are gathered in my name, I am there. What do we really need to worship God?

      PS None of them have been Orthodox.

      • Lola J. Lee Beno says

        That’s because people in these countries have stopped going to church, and thus don’t feel obligated to contribute towards upkeep of these cathedrals.

  2. But do they have the approval of the local city council to proceed? Or approval from the Department of Historic Sites and Monuments? I am asking because I do not know.

  3. Heracleides says

    George – I no longer see a link to contact you privately so am going this route. Last week an event involving the Antiochian Orthodox and their Shia Muslim pals took place up in the Detroit area – a large rally in support of Syria’s dictator. Have been waiting for one of the ortho-blogs to pick up on it, but none have so as far as I am aware. Thought I’d post the link and ask what your thoughts are on the event:


  4. Where exactly in the city is this located? It is a big sturcture to build in an old city, so I am assuming it must be somewhere in the outskirts right?