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  2. Safe and Effective: The evidence…

    Thank you, Gail.

  3. Tie the panties of the uniparty in a knot: Use civil disobedience as our Founding Fathers did. Where did they learn that? From Jesus Christ.

    Dr. Gary Khols wrote a script we can all use regarding mandatory poison shots. Save and share.

    Shame on the following groups of vaccinology-illiterate, Corporate-financed OR controlled individuals who know next-to-nothing about the many dangers of inoculated vaccines and yet urge

    1) current or past US President,

    2) US Cabinet-member (including NIH, CDC, NIAID/Fauci, FDA),

    3) Federal or State Congressperson,

    4) State Governor,

    5) City Mayor,

    6) City Councilmember (or other elected officials),

    7) Every University Professor whose institution takes Big Pharma research money,

    8) every journalist that blindly pushed Big Pharma’s vaccine agendas while simultaneously not mentioning that every vaccine being (unethically, endlessly and nauseatingly) promoted are still EXPERIMENTAL (ie, not yet proven to be either safe or effective either long-term or short-term.

    Here is a list of collaboratively-generated statements of irrefutable truths that need to be considered before some “government” agent approaches you and offers to inoculate you with a mixture of unknown ingredients that, even if known and confirmed, hasn’t yet been proven to be either safe or effective:

    I do not know what is in your vaccine, and I don’t trust ANY global, profit-making corporation to tell the truth about what is in any of them.

    I do not believe your vaccine is safe – only partly because lab animal safety or efficacy studies were never done on the product (thanks to President Trump’s, Big Pharma-generated and President Biden-endorsed, the dangerously fast-tracked Operation Warp-speed.

    I know that many vaccines have been found to contain inherently unsafe toxic adjuvants and toxic foreign materials.

    I know that toxic contamination is present in vaccines which are easily preventable with current technology. This suggests intentional contamination of vaccines with toxic agents.

    I know that many vaccines are not effective and actually cause the ailment they are purported to mitigate.

    I know that adjuvants are put into vaccines to “shock” the immune system into extreme response, and that causes biological “crisis”, stress and damage to the immune system, the blood and the whole body.

    I know that vaccine death and injury statistics and information are suppressed/ignored by the mainstream media (including PBS and NPR!) which receives billions of dollars in Big Pharma advertising annually or are actually financially-sponsored by Foundations that have pharmaceutical industry roots.

    I know that honest vaccine death and injury statistics and information are suppressed by government in which pharmaceutical regulatory agencies are largely run and controlled by Big Pharma industry executives, loyalists and lobbyists.

    I am aware of reports that vaccine experiments have caused tens of thousands of cases of deaths, sterilization, polio, autism and other diseases and injuries globally.

    I know that vaccines are so hazardous that the vaccine industry lobbied for and received (in 1986) legal immunity by the US government from the harm (including deaths and disabilities) vaccines are known to cause.

    I know that taxpayers have paid billions of dollars to families whose members were injured or killed by vaccines.

    I do not trust the profit-motivated vaccine industry or the government agencies (or international agencies) which seem to be acting on behalf of vaccine sales, share price, promotion and the suppression of information of vaccine hazards.

    I know that most vaccines have not been tested or proven to be safe – either short-term or long-term.

    I know that under current law all physicians and healthcare workers must have my fully-informed consent to administer medicine or vaccines to me. My consent is hereby denied and refused.

    I know that non-physicians, (particularly elected officials or bureaucrats), may not administer medicines or vaccines, much less “mandate” medical treatments for the general population.

    I know it is possible to mitigate and control all contagious diseases with safer and more effective means than unproven -to-be -safe vaccines.

    Anyone who claims the authority or duty to inject materials in my body without my fully-informed consent is my enemy and is attempting to commit a criminal act – and is prosecutable.

    I will treat anyone who threatens to violate my body as a criminal assailant.

    No, you may not vaccinate me or my children. If you try, I will exercise my right to self-defense against you and your accomplices to any extent I deem necessary to protect ourselves.

    Forced vaccination is not authorized or permitted under Founding Law.

    If there is a code or statutory “mandate” for forced medication, it is unconstitutional, unlawful and unenforceable.

    You may not attempt or threaten non-consensual vaccination, and if you do, you will be dealt with in a manner to restore rule of law, justice and to protect our right to personal physical security.

    Your ignorance of vaccine hazards and medical rights and your inability to understand the facts above do not give you any immunity or any license to commit the crime of forced non-consensual medication.

    Can you name every ingredient of your vaccine? Presumably not.

    Can you predict the physical effects of each of those ingredients? No.

    Can you predict the consequences of combining those ingredients? No.

    Have you offered to personally take full responsibility to pay for any harm your vaccine causes? No.

    Therefore, you do not have the slightest authority or privilege to forcibly administer vaccines.

  4. Michael Martin says

    Breaking News: Holy Trinity in Jordanville was evacuated due to a bomb threat:
    From the article:

    The threat comes two weeks after the publication of the article, “Putin’s Useful Priests: The Russian Orthodox Church and the Kremlin’s Hidden Influence Campaign in the West,” by Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, in Foreign Affairs, the official magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    An American Orthodox priest, Fr. John Whiteford, who serves in ROCOR, reacted as follows:

    Those who stoke Russia Hoaxes have an impact on innocent people in the real world. Next time it may be more than just a theat. https://t.co/j6c42HD6ha

    — Fr. John Whiteford ☦️ 🇸🇴 公 公 (@frjohnwhiteford) September 28, 2023

    • Unfortunately, this isn’t the only threat. There have been others.

    • “Those who stoke Russia Hoaxes have an impact
      on innocent people in the real world”

      …which is, of course, precisely their intention.

  5. I, for one, make vow with myself that although I have all basic medical insurance with prescription coverage to avoid all hospital / doctor visits to the greatest extent and ability I have, of course if something drastic or accident occurs I may not have choice but where and when I do have it which has been case with me throughout life so far, I vow, to just say “NO!” No screenings, no testings, no check-ups and no blood work no prescriptions and definitely no vaxxes. I have my own Rite Aid blood pressure meter. All allopathic recommendations rejected. If “everyone” or as many as can be would follow this “approach” we could put Big Pharma out of “most” business and what a better world we would be! Of course Type 1 diabetic needs insulin and people who may have bone marrow malfunction or kidney or what have you there may be things they need, that by my estimation should be about 10% of Big Pharma at the higher end, maybe just 5, all the rest is garbage, statins etc. All the ads, all those meds, people are sick with all those things in the first place because Big Pharma made them sick with all those things in the first place, vaxxes, meds etc. very very few things are really actually genetic, very few, this is the thing they do not want people to know and understand, your disease or illness may have come from Jupiter or Pluto but they had nothing to do with it.
    Let’s realize, doctor / patient relationship does not exist, this has been mostly the case pre-“Covid” and now post-covid ever more so, exponentially, the only “relationship” that exists is that between Big Pharma and the doctors / hospitals the patient is the ping pong ball, the prop, the conduit the medium for their profits and profiteering, the “Hippocratic Oath” today is a “hypocrite oath” and for me seeing and hearing all the many travesties over the past several years by way of the Medical Industrial Complex my overall trust and faith in them is nil. Now there are of course exceptions we know that but I’m just opining about “overall.” Let’s learn basic natural health, vitamins minerals especially Copper and lowering Iron,
    Vitamin D only from the sun never from the bottle, cholecalciferol literally is rat poison “but you take just a little,” no, you don’t take rat poison not even a little; one has to study diet and nutrition and there is a lot of bogus information out there but the good and right things are not so hard to find but you have to sort them out. So, this is my diatribe, PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS (!!), not completely not entirely but mostly.

    • Many things that are toxic to animals are safe for humans. Like grapes and chocolate, for example.

      Vitamin D is not toxic to humans unless you take too much of it. It may have a preventative effect, specifically with regard to COVID, so I wouldn’t skip it. 35% of adults in the United States have a vitamin D deficiency.

      No one’s going to be putting Big Pharma out of business by eliminating Vitamin D from their diet because it is dirt cheap.

      Where are you getting all this information? I’m hesitant to even post this because you’re throwing supplements under the bus with pharmaceuticals. When you said, “very very very few things are really actually genetic,” did you mean generic? Not sure what the point is.

      In any case, what I would recommend is people forget about what’s good or not good for Big Pharma. It’s what’s good for YOU that counts. Research what you’re taking. Do discuss it with your doctor. Don’t cut everything out just because. That’s crazy. And dangerous.

      • Gail, I’m sorry I think you have misinterpreted much of what I wrote, maybe I did not word some things clearly enough. First thing, I can refer you to author Morley Robbins, he is pretty big now interviews with Mercola and is peers with Stephanie Seneff and others and has written a book that has gained quite a bit of traction has large FB groups the book is “Cure Your Fatigue” there is a chapter “To ‘C’ and ‘D’ or not ‘C’ and ‘D'” it is all well documented and clearly intelligible and logical, other authors as well caution against “Vitamin D” in the bottle which we all know is not any kind of vitamin at all it is a hormone, there are complexities involved in knowing the mechanisms of “active” D and “storage” D but at any rate, what comes from the real actual real Sun and the synthetic toxic poison that is cholecalciferol in the bottle .. these are not the same thing, I guarantee you, furthermore, “D” itself actually is only a “biological marker” it is like the “ash” that remains after the logs have burned and this ash is only evidence that the logs have burned but not the heat and the warmth itself which was emanated from the logs when they were burning. I urge you to read Robbins he can shed light for you and I can also tell you the synthetic form of “vitamin” D is in fact extremely deleterious to human health in any quantity and very difficult to detox the “D” you may obtain from a manufacturer, there are also those two hour infomercials on weekend AM radio touting “D” I think that also should give one pause for concern. Absolutely I am not throwing supplements under the bus and comparing them to pharmaceuticals, I point out that Copper is a needed mineral however with Iron there is much “Iron Overload” in modern diet, this is a key thesis of Morley Robbins once again. I am merely pointing out that one should not assume that all supplements are “safe and natural” and one should research well enough what they do take, maybe I was not explicit with this enough and only alluding, but I am pro-supplement very much, I take handfuls myself with breaks but I do have basic general idea what they are and there are many that are popular that I have come to learn are really in fact detrimental and best to avoid, ascorbic acid C is another one, I only take C that is full spectrum food sourced but by no means am I comparing supplements to pharmaceuticals, maybe I did not communicate that clearly enough. As far as “very very few things are genetic” it is “genetic” not “generic” and what I mean is that there are very few illnesses, sicknesses and conditions which have a genetic root cause for the illness, sickness or condition. Modern medicine wishes to make you believe so and “bio-tech” is where they love to pour billions of dollars or trillions, but most reasons why people get cancer or heart disease or diabetes or stroke or neurological auto-immune disorders etc. is not because they were born with defective genes, maybe sometimes but rarely, all these conditions are for the most part acquired and the bad vaxxes are a prime example, not just the covid vaxxes but the 71 of them on the childhood vaxx schedule, the immune system comes under attack after day one or now even pre-natal and for BigPharma they know this and why the love vaxxes so much, they create for themselves patients for life from the get-go. We may have different opinion of Big Pharma. I most definitely see tremendous evil force there not just for our Country or the World but for all of Civilization and I have not had for myself a prescription filled by a doctor in decades and that is good for me thus far so far and I also believe too many people take too many medicines they do not need like the ones on television advertised all the time and this supports Big Pharma and now Big Pharma swallows up everything, they own the politicians, they own the Big Media and Big Tech and the doctors and the hospitals and we see where we are, today, meanwhile Big Pharma also is owned, but that gets into another discussion. For me, most definitely, I wish to support them at the very least that I can, little as can be and that is good for ME thus far so far and hope for it to remain that way for however long that may be.

        • I’m not sure we have different opinions, except what I shared with you. I primarily take Juice Plus and have for years. My blood tests and everything else is perfect (except for my back!!!). I’ll cut back on the Vitamin D just to see if there is a positive difference. I probably don’t need to take as much as I do but I don’t have any signs of toxicity. Appreciate the information.

        • If you live in a country where you can get
          sufficient vitamin D3 from the sun, fine.
          Scotland is not such a country.

          On the question of the toxicity of Vitamin D
          (on which subject you make no mention of Vitamin K2)
          I refer you Dr Mercola’s Vitamin D resource page
          where there is a more balanced review of the matter:

          For example:

          ‘ … you shouldn’t take any vitamin D supplement
          without taking vitamin K2.
          Vitamin K2 deficiency is connected to vitamin D toxicity symptoms, which includes excessive calcification that can contribute
          to the hardening of your arteries. ‘

          ‘ What your body requires is vitamin D3 and not vitamin D2,
          the synthetic form commonly prescribed by physicians.
          One microgram of vitamin D3 or 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 is
          about five times more potent in raising serum 25(OH)D
          than an equivalent amount of vitamin D2.
          Aside from being less effective, vitamin D2
          can also pose potential harm to your body. ‘

          There is much more in this resource.
          I would say it is well worth a visit.

          • And I, of course, take K2. Maybe I’ll leave my levels of Vitamin D3 alone! It’s hard to argue with good health.

  6. As all afficionados of The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy will be aware,
    the answer to the ultimate question about Life, the Universe and Everything is 42

    Well, I have just taken the tracks of a complete Handel’s Messiah
    (from 2 CDs and 3 parts) and numbered them all consecutively.
    Guess what No 42 is…
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    Ok, here it is:


  7. “Billions to hundreds of billions of DNA molecules per dose” contaminating covid vaccines. 30 page report by independent researchers