Family Affair 2.0?

Remember that show? 

Well, Hunter Biden is no Bill Davis (Brian Keith), raising his brother’s orphaned children in his luxury New York City apartment and 15-year-old Cissy (Kathy Garver) is no 14-year-old Natalie Biden satisfying her uncle’s “special needs”.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  This is really, really bad.

[Editor Note:  The following comes from one of our commentators.  Thank you, Centurion, for the background.]

Joe Biden sold out his country and used his meth head son to do it.

Here’s a story you don’t want to miss.

Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia, had three children: Hunter, Beau and Naomi. In 1972, Neilia and Naomi, died in a car accident. Joe eventually married a woman named Jill (his current wife). He already knew her because she had been Hunter’s babysitter at the time of the car accident. (Yeah, THAT seems normal, marry the babysitter). They had a daughter named Ashley. Ashley lives ‘a quiet life’ and is frequently in and out of rehab for various substance abuse issues. Now sadly, the sanest, most normal one of the 3 surviving kids, Beau, dies in 2015 from a brain tumor. He had been married to Haillie and they had 2 children, a boy and a girl named Natalie, who was 11 yrs old when her dad died.

Enter Hunter Biden, in 2015, to “comfort” his brother’s widow. Mind you, Hunter is married at the time, to Kathleen Biden, since 1993. He starts screwing around with his dead brother’s wife in 2015…his wife Kathleen finds out about it and they separate. Hunter moves in with his dead brother’s wife, Haillie,and her two kids and they have a grand old time. He ultimately gets divorced from Kathleen in 2017.

Meanwhile, he starts screwing around with a stripper, while still shacking up with his dead brother’s wife, before his divorce is finalized, and gets the stripper pregnant. Haillie kicks his butt to the curb supposedly for this indiscretion in 2018. He denies the stripper’s baby is his, although a paternity test proves otherwise and eventually he marries a woman named Melissa in 2019 after knowing her for 6 days…

Does the tale end there? Why no, no it doesn’t. That just sets the stage…

Enter the laptop from hell…loaded with emails, text messages, photos, child pornography, videos, and other sordid digital images of drug use and rampant weirdness….

Hunter Biden dropped the laptop off in Delaware, his home state, to get it repaired. It seems he dropped it in some water while in a meth-induced state of mind. He then neglected to pay the $85.00 repair fee and the laptop became the repair shop owner’s property for non-payment. When the owner saw what was on it, he was ao disturbed that he contacted the FBI. No response. The DOJ? No response.

Eventually, it landed in Rudy Giuliani’s possession and he turned it over to the Delaware State Police AFTER making 4 copies of the hard drive. Turns out, there’s quite a lot of child pornography on there…much of it involving children on Hunter’s many trips to China. The Chinese Communist Party uses this as a blackmail tactic… They supply the young girls, they film you, unknowingly, and then they can keep you “in line”, while paying you the big $$$ to do their bidding, like lucrative deals with your VP father.

Millions of dollars were paid to Hunter Biden for favors with the US Govt while Joe Biden was VP under Obama.

For 8 years Hunter made the contacts and split the money with his father, referred to as the “Big Guy” in all emails detailing how their ill gotten gains would be split up amongst all the criminals involved.

Joe Biden sold out his country and used his meth head son to do it. …

But, IT GETS WORSE. Today, on the laptop, emails were released between Beau Biden’s widow, Haillie, and Joe Biden in 2017 and more in 2018 when she and Hunter were still living together. They were casually talking about the continual “sexually inappropriate behavior” she had witnessed from Hunter toward her 14 year old daughter, Natalie, HIS NIECE!..

She told Joe that she felt she had put her children in a dangerous situation by getting involved with Hunter Biden. Joe knew his son was screwing around with his niece and he advised his daughter-in-law to go to therapy…..No one went to the police and the abuse escalated. THAT is the main reason she broke off her relationship with Hunter.

Among the pictures of Hunter having sex with young Asian children, there were hundreds of provocative pictures of a 14 year old girl, mainly topless, and hundreds more of Hunter Biden, in sexual poses with her, HIS NIECE. She was 14 yrs old and HE WAS 48!!


(Submitted 9:41 PM 10/24/2020)


  1. You know, . . .

    . . . $#! @&, I don’t even know what to say to that. Pray for ’em all.

    PS: They should never have treated Trump the way they did. Access Hollywood, Stormy Daniels, the Steele Dossier pee thing, rumors about him and Ivanka . . .

    It’s like Rambo said, “I’ll give you a war you won’t believe.”


    10 days to go . . .

    • That’s my take on it too. There are rumors (so far not proven) that Hunter is on suicide watch/has committed suicide. Sad, if true, but when you play with matches, sometimes you’re going to get burned. Never try to remove a president. Period. Stop. 
      Especially if he’s as vindictive (and rightfully so) as Trump. He’s going to ruin all these people by the time of his inauguration in January.

      • Danny K,

        Yeah, it reminds me of Michael Corleone’s revenge in the first Godfather movie when he offs the heads of the five families.  Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Sen. Tom Cotton had a dramatic moment on one of the networks where the interviewer asked him if the Republicans really expected them to report on an unverified story, making it seem as reasonable as he could, a long rant type question.  Cotton silenced him with his response:  Like the way you reported the unverified Steele Dossier?

        That should tell them something.  If the truth doesn’t matter, then the truth doesn’t matter.  It’s just dueling memes and narratives and who has the raw power to push them into public consciousness.  The Right has Fox, OANN, the Washington Times, NY Post, WSJ editorial page, etc., plus the online conservative sites. 

        Seven days and counting . . .

  2. Joe Biden, “We are about to go into a Dark Winter. A Dark Winter.”

    “And he has no clear plan, and there’s no prospect that there’s going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year.”
    “Operation Dark Winter”: 2001 Bio Warfare Simulation Predicts Vaccine Deaths, Martial Law, etc:

    President Trump refuted Biden’s comments, optimistic the US can handle the virus and open up safely by winter, but Biden’s word choice is bizarre given the many parallels between the simulated outbreak scenario and the current situation.


    “Options for martial rule include, but are not limited to, prohibition of free assembly, national travel ban, quarantine of certain areas, suspension of the writ of habeas corpus [ie, arrest without due process], and/or military trials in the event that the court system becomes dysfunctional,” the scenario states.

    Elsewhere in the exercise’s findings, which summarizes “lesson’s learned,” participants are warned, “Forcible constraints on citizens may likely be the only tools available when vaccine stocks are depleted.”

    Given the nightmare scenario laid out in the war game simulation, let’s hope this wasn’t what Biden was referencing when he used the term.

  3. Reporter to woman in pussy hat:  So will you take to the streets to defend women and young girls against an enabler of sexual abuse?
    Woman in pussy hat:  Does this have anything to do with my abortion rights?
    Reporter:  I don’t believe so
    Woman:  Then why would I care?

  4. Who has actually seen what’s on the hard drive? That’s important. Rudy Giuliani should either hand over to authorities the hard drives or destroy them. Technically if he, or anyone he gives the drives to (or copies of them) besides the authorities and what’s on the drives becomes public, Giuliani and others could be charged with distributing child pornography.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Well, the owner of the of the shop has seen it. He turned it over to FBI and the DoJ who did nothing, appratnely, so he turned it over to Rudy Giuliani and his lawyer who, again, turned it over FBI and the attorney general of Delaware. They’re scheduling interviews so it looks like they’re taking it to the next level.

  5. If this is true, the Addams Family is less dysfunctional.

  6. Hunter has the best of friends . 
    In the words of Michael Karloutsos.. 
    “My new hero!”

  7. cynthia curran says

    The girl that played Buffy on the show died at 18 of a drug overdose.

  8. Michael Bauman says

    Misha, Family Affair? I only have a vague remembrance of the title. Never saw the show. Sorry.

  9. Here’s the thing that it would be very hard to fathom for me if I were a yankee up in NY or NJ and looking at the polls:

    You have an incumbent with excellent economic record before the plague and a great recovery record running against a man who is clearly feeling his age and who has resided in DC since God was a boy. The incumbent is packing ’em in at his rallies like nobody remembers a candidate having done and he soaked up over 90% of primary votes, which is usually a very accurate indicator.

    Neither the challenger, nor his running mate can draw a crowd of more than a dozen or so anywhere. That should be the largest, reddest flag conceivable. But, moreover, the challenger was all but defeated in his own party’s primaries when the powers that be put out the word and ordered other candidates to drop out and rally behind him. And “why” one might rightly ask? Because the challenger, loaded down with known corruption and skeletons stretching back almost 50 years was the best of the bunch and most easily depictable as an innocuous centrist. I.e., the other Dems were much worse. His running mate was out before a single primary.

    All that being the case, if I were the aforementioned New England yankee, I would be asking myself how I could possibly believe the polls and not conclude that they are simply rigged, psyche warfare designed to discourage the red vote and minimize the size of the wave/tsunami about to engulf me.

    Or in any case, that is what I might conclude if I were bright, honest and I could face the incoming information, such as the early voting data which, in the battleground states, reflect nothing like what is being predicted by the polls. But the human capacity for denial is astounding. So much so that it can cause a psychological complex which creates a certain spell that can only be broken by reality intruding in undeniably material ways, and then only with a consequential emotional catharsis.

    And that’s probably what we’re looking at.

  10. Now they are selling babies:
    “Children fair for homosexuals organised in Belgium”
    ‘…the sale and purchase of babies was completely legal,
    and prices varied depending on the “quality of the goods” –
    from $ 95,000 to $ 160,000. ‘

    • cynthia curran says

      Wow, some of these gays can adopt kids in European countries I’m sure.

      • Cynthia, I have a pretty robust (if sardonic) sense of humour;
        but this story floored me completely. This is evil.

        Why must White folks, but neither Black folks nor Arabs whose ancestors might all have bought and sold slaves, have to cringe and apologise for what they themselves did not do; while woke Liberal gays can buy and sell babies with impunity?
        Panayia Trias, Eleison Imas!

  11. George Michalopulos says

    Well, one reason that Putin is such a hate figure to all the “best” people in the West is because he stopped the adoption of Russian babies to homosexual couples. One such couple in Australia molested their little adoptee and filmed it. (That’s a thing by the in some homosexual circles.)